Authorized Form of NameWhitgift; John (?1530-1604); Archbishop of Canterbury
EpithetArchbishop of Canterbury
ActivityBishop of Worcester May 1577, Archbishop of Canterbury 1583-1604
SourceNational Register of Archives

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CM IV/152Bond to the Queen to appear before the Archbishop [John Whitgift]. Francis Burgh gent., of Trelegg, Monmouth. 9 April 1595CM/4/152
CM I/15Grant by Archbishop Whitgift to Christopher Wormall, of keepership of Croydon. 17 April 1588. Endorsement of surrender, 13 Nov. 1594.17 April 1588, 13 Nov. 1594CM/1/15
CM I/16Grant by Archbishop Whitgift 11 May 1585.CM/1/16
CM VI/104Two receipts for archiepiscopal rents, 1593-4, and a bill for building work done at Lambeth 'after the great wind at Twelfstyde last' i.e. Jan. 1589-901590-1594CM/6/104
CM VI/86cMiscellaneous vouchers for the Archbishop [John Whitgift] 1583 and 1593. (velvet from Thomas Cutler at the sign of our Lady in Cheapside, loan of £100 by Richard Bancroft.) 1583, 1593CM/6/86c
CM VI/61Restitution of temporalities of see of Worcester to John Whitgift.10 May 1577.CM/6/61
CM VI/86bBill for glazier's and smith's work in the Archbishop's [John Whitgift] new house at Bekesbourne1591-1592CM/6/86b
CM I/87F. Philips to the Archbishop, . He will send his man, being reluctant to travel while the ways are so infected. Oulton.30 October 1592CM/1/87
CM VI/52Appointment by Archbishop John Whitgift of Richard Bancroft as his domestic chaplain. 29 Aug. 1584CM/6/52
MS 1308 pp. 1-36Statuta sive Ordinationes Iohannis Whitgift, Cant[uariensis] Archiepiscopi, Croydon28 July 1587MSS/1308/1-36
CM IV/139Bond to the Queen to appear before the archbishop [John Whitgift]. Hugh Mason, yeoman, of Monmouth.9 April 1595CM/4/139
CM XII/41Royal exemplification of the new ordinances for Eastbridge Hospital, Kent, issued by Archbishop John Whitgift and confirmed by Act of Parliament. The exemplification is made at the request of Thomas Lawse, master of the hospital. 9 April 1585CM/12/41
CM IV/23Bond to procure learned divines to confer with his wife Marie and to bring her before the Archbishop of Canterbury [John Whitgift]. 24 April 1593CM/4/23
CM VI/84Household accounts and memoranda (? steward's vouchers) for the Archbishop's [John Whitgift] houses and estates 1583-93, fish, plate, repairs at Bekesbourne, Hollands1583-1593CM/6/84
MS 1727 f. 100Letter from Archbishop Whitgift to Nathaniel Bacon, son of Sir Nicholas Bacon, asking him to arbitrate in a dispute between Symon Pecock, clerk, and Laurence Webster. 1589MSS/1727/100
CM I/29Appointment by Archbishop Whitgift of John Allen sen. and jun. and Edmund Whitinge as keeper of woods24 Nov. 1589CM/1/29
CM II/22Counterpart lease of Wastells in Alvechurch, co. Worc., by John Whitgift, Bishop of Worcester, to Richard Cosyn D.C.L. 25 June 1583CM/2/22
MS 648, f. 151WHITGIFT (John), Archbishop of Canterbury.1593MSS/647-662/648/151
MS 1355 ff. 12-13vDecree and letter of Archbishop Whitgift forbidding the admission of children to the Hospitals, with a note of other orders concerning the same20 May 1591MSS/1355/12-13v
CM VI/160Archiepiscopal voucherCM/6/151-176/160
MS 647, f. 194WHITGIFT (John), Archbishop of Canterbury.1585MSS/647-662/647/194
CM VI/112Archiepiscopal receipts, 1588-93; cloth, collections, Whalley school, scholars at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, building repairs at Bekesbourne. Thomas Dunscombe, preacher to the Kent contingent of H.M.F. Dec. 1590. 1-12. 1588-c1620CM/6/112
CM II/25Counterpart lease of 2 leas of meadow in Kempsey, co. Worc. John Whitgift, Bishop of Worcester, to Thomas Turwell. 25 June 1583CM/2/25
MS 577 pag. 245Answers of Archbp. Whitgift to 16 Petitions preferred by the Nonconformists about the year 1585. MSS/577/70
MS 577 pag. 237Two Petitions of Nonconformist Ministers in Prison to Archbp. Whitgift, desiring his favour, and professing that they never meant to separate from the Communion of our ChurchMSS/577/69
MS 577 pag. 248Orders of the same Archbp. [Archbishop Whitgift]MSS/577/71
MS 577 pag. 249Reasons of the same Archbp. [Whitgift] against the Bill then exhibited in Parliament against Pluralities of Benefices, &c. MSS/577/72
MS 652, f. 325Letter from DEVEREUX (Robert), 2nd Earl of Essex, to WHITGIFT (John), Archbishop of Canterbury (copy).1595MSS/647-662/652/325
CM I/108The Lord President (Henry Sydney) to John Whitgift, Bishop of Worcester, vice president, concerning the circuit of sessions of the Council of the Marches. From the court.14 Aug. 1579CM/1/108
MS Film 21Microfilm copyn.d.MSFilm/21
CM IV/68Bond to the Queen to appear before the Archbishop of Canterbury [John Whitgift]. Robert Gray esq. of Martin, Norfolk. 11 July 1597.CM/4/68
CM I/22Appointment by Archbishop Whitgift of Michael Murgatroyd as master of faculties. 14 Feb. 1597-8.14 Feb. 1598CM/1/22
CM IV/129Bond to the Queen to appear before the Archbishop of Canterbury [John Whitgift] etc. Robert Lylesse gent., of Canterbury and John Swetson, apothecary, of Canterbury.2 Nov. 1595CM/4/129
CM XII/46Petition to William, Lord Burghley, and other barons of the Exchequer, by John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury, for the recovery of Long Bech Wood, which was wrongfully seized by Sir James a Croft during the vacancy of the see after Archbishop Parker's death.c. 1585CM/12/46
CM II/61Conveyance by Robert Morer, silkweaver of Southwark, to John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury, of land in Crowhurst near Croydon. 29 Nov. 1602CM/2/61
CM II/79Commission by Edmund Grindal, Archbishop of Canterbury20 Jan. 1583CM/2/79
CM I/25Appointment by Archbishop Whitgift of Richard Cosin as auditor, vicar general and official principal2 Oct. 1588CM/1/25
MS 952MISCELLANY1349-1756MSS/952
MS 655, ff. 85-6, 91Letters from BACON (Anthony), Secretary to the Earl of Essex, to WHITGIFT (John), Archbishop of Canterbury (copies).1596-[1597]MSS/647-662/655/85-6, 91
MS 655, f. 133LAWSON (Thomas), servant of Anthony Bacon.[1597]MSS/647-662/655/133
CM I/101Draft letter to the Privy Council about the difficulties and poor results in the campaign against 'Romish rogues' CM/1/101
MS 661, f. 203SELWIN, SELWYN (Edward), agent of Nicholas Fount and Anthony Bacon. [1597]MSS/647-662/661/203
MS 1075bCORONATION OF JAMES IEarly 17th centuryMSS/1075b
MS 938Printed Material1662-1710MSS/929-942/938
CM V/2Letter. Martin Fotherby, Cambridge, to the Archbishop, on account of John Whitgift's expenses, n.d. but c. 1590.c. 1590CM/5/2
CM XIII/37Survey of all clergy in the archdeaconries of Coventry, Stafford, Salop and Derby, diocese of Coventry and Lichfield, giving information about degrees, life, learning, date and place of ordination and /or institution. [c. 1600]CM/13/37
MS 2872 ff. 13-14Letter [from Archbishop John Whitgift] to Hermannus Rennecherus, German theologian (copy)[1592] MSS/2872/13-14
CM II/23Counterpart grant of wardship of John Whittington, son of Alex. Whittington of Holme Lacy, co. Hereford, by John Whitgift, Bishop of Worcester, to Thomas Handford. 30 June 1581CM/2/23
CM I/98Draft of a letter to 'my singuler good Lord' attacking a proposed renewal of the religious visitation in the Marches. CM/1/98
CM II/59Letters patent of John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury.19 May 1597CM/2/59
CM II/67Bond for the performance of a will. Alex. Brickenden gent, to John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury. 19 June 1586CM/2/67
CM I/11Grant by Archbishop Whitgift of the offices of chief auditor and receiver of manors to Thomas Wiseman and Roger Bringborne3 Feb. 1591CM/1/11
MS 661, f. 98Letter from BACON (Anthony), Secretary to the Earl of Essex, to WHITGIFT (John), Archbishop of Canterbury (copy).MSS/647-662/661/98
CM I/84Petition from Thomas Atkyns to John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury.15 May [1592]CM/1/84
MS 656, f. 87Letter from BACON (Anthony), Secretary to the Earl of Essex, to WHITGIFT (John), Archbishop of Canterbury (copy).MSS/647-662/656/87
MS 661, f. 66Letter from HOWARD (Henry), 1st Earl of Northampton (1604), to WHITGIFT (John), Archbishop of Canterbury (copy).[1597]MSS/647-662/661/66
MS 555ARMORIAL OF THE ARCHBISHOPS OF CANTERBURYlate 16th century-early 19th centuryMSS/555
MS 2010'Epistolae virorum doctorum de rebus ecclesiasticis tempore Elizabethae reginae', containing correspondence principally between the English Bishops and the continental Reformers.MSS/2000-2019/2010
CM VI/90Petition to the Archbishop [John Whitgift?] of the principals of the four Inns of Court, the Ancients of the Inns, various counsellors and attorneys at Law, and other inhabitants of St. Andrew's Holborn, on behalf of Mr. Heaton, their 'retained preacher'. No date but perhaps c. 1600. [c. 1600?]CM/6/90
MS 4246Bales, Peter (1547-?1610)1594MSS/4246
CM II/58Bond by the lessee (Sir John Byron of Newstead) to John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury.12 Dec. 1590CM/2/58
LR/F/62/45-51WHITGIFT REGISTER: INDEX1760LR/F/62/45-51
CM I/21Appointment by Archbishop Whitgift of Michael Murgatroyd as master of faculties. 14 Feb. 1597-814 Feb. 1598CM/1/21
CM V/15Petition to John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury, by the inhabitants of Halecourt and Beaverley.Late 16th centuryCM/5/15
MS 935Miscellaneous Papers1594-1708MSS/929-942/935
CM V/9Petition to John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury, by Thomas BostockLate 16th centuryCM/5/9
CM VI/86aLetter to the Archbishop [John Whitgift] from John Heigham concerning an attempt to reconcile a married couple (Edward Warner and his wife), Barrow, . Note that he has sent off 'a box ensealed of obligacions which I toke to her Majesty's use of the 9 recusentes of late commytted to my costedy - in the bishopes pallace of Ely'. 9 Oct. 1599CM/6/86a
CM VI/51Commission from John Whitgift, Bishop of Worcester, William Awbrey, Doctor of Laws, vicar-general of Archbishop of Canterbury, and Ralph Griffyne, commissaries for visitation of the diocese of Coventry and Lichfield28 Feb. 1583.CM/6/51
CM XIII/3Royal letters patent 11 Feb. 1604CM/13/3
CM II/26Counterpart lease by John Whitgift, Bishop of Worcester, to his brother, George Whitgift, of a coney warren on Hartlebury Heath. 29 Dec. 1579CM/2/26
CM I/24Appointment by Archbishop Whitgift of Thomas Byng as auditor of causes in Canterbury Court of Audience. 19 July 1595CM/1/24
MS 2019Letter from divines to Archbishop Parker, Edmund Grindal, Bishop of London, Robert Horne, Bishop of Winchester, Richard Cox, Bishop of Ely, and Edmund Gheast, Bishop of Rochester, Commissioners for Causes Ecclesiastical, asking them to show forbearance in things in-different[20 March 1565]MSS/2000-2019/2019
CM VI/70Inhibition addressed by John Whitgift, Bishop of Worcester, to Dean and Chapter for visitation of Worcester. 7 March 1582-3.7 March 1583.CM/6/70
CM IV/53Bond to the Queen to frequent divine service and to bring a certificate of conformity to the Archbishop [John Whitgift]. William Kirkham of Pynne, co. Devon.14 April 1590.CM/4/53
MS 3563Miscellaneous Papers1600-1943MSS/3563
MS 2014Miscellaneous Papers15th century - 16th centuryMSS/2000-2019/2014
MS 2006Notes on church government[1547-1603]MSS/2000-2019/2006
CM XII/15Articles objected against David Blake (Black), schoolmaster, of Kilkhampton, Cornwall and accusing him of attacking episcopacy, before the Court of High Commission. Signature of Archbishop Whitgift. Post 1583CM/12/15
CM IV/41Bond to the Queen not to hunt game in Ford Park, nor to conceal similar hunting 17 Dec. 1596CM/4/41
CM 39/5Petition of John Rhodes1602CM/39/5
MS 2008Letters from the Privy Council to Archbishop Whitgift, unless otherwise stated, mainly about recusants24 December 1589-24 June 1593MSS/2000-2019/2008
MS 2218 f. 2Letter from John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury, to John Boys, steward of the liberties of Canterbury, protesting against a proposal to muster the singing-men of Canterbury for military duties in time of peace. 2 June 1599MSS/2218/2
MS 2003Replies by Bishops and others to an inquiry by Archbishop Grindal into Puritan 'prophesyings' in English and Welsh dioceses, with papers concerning the Archbishop's suspension1576-1577MSS/2000-2019/2003
MS 3475Drafts of Acts of Parliament and copies of legal papers collected and bound by Sir Matthew Hale1376 - 1660MSS/3470-3533/3475
TB 1Lease Bookc.1605T/B/1
CM XIX/7List of those subscribing, on ordination and admission to benefices, before Gervase Babington, Bishop of Worcester, 1597-8, with certificate of the bishop, addressed to Archbishop John Whitgift. 1597-1598CM/19/7
MS 3200Talbot Papers1583-1600MSS/3192-3206/3200
MS 3199Talbot Papers1570-1599MSS/3192-3206/3199
MS 3471Letters and papers on Scottish affairs1572-c.1612MSS/3470-3533/3471
MS 447SERMONS AND OTHER WORKS16th century-17th centuryMSS/447
MS 3996Autograph Letters1558-1987MSS/3996
MS 3470Letters and papers mainly on ecclesiastical affairs, 16th-17th cents.1547-1601MSS/3470-3533/3470
MS 3152 (ff. 4-5)Contemporary copy28 March 1603MSS/3152/4-5
MS 3408 (ff. 1-18)Letters to Matthew Hutton (1529-1606), successively Bishop of Durham and (1596) Archbishop of York1565-1600MSS/3408/1-18
MS 2872 ff. 51-74Papers mainly concerning Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex. Early 17th centuryMSS/2872/51-74
MS 2002Miscellaneous Papers1536-1601MSS/2000-2019/2002
MS 2004Miscellaneous Papers1577-1640MSS/2000-2019/2004
MS 2007Papers concerning the Archpriest controversy, and in particular the appeal by the secular priests to the Pope in 1602.1553-1603MSS/2000-2019/2007
MS 2009Letters and papers concerning musters of the clergy.1580-1601MSS/2000-2019/2009
MS 374SERMONS AND TREATISESlate 16th century-early 17th centuryMSS/374
MS 4267Further papers collected by James Fairhurst1589-20th centMSS/4267-4269/4267
CM IV/199Draft letter from John Whitgift, Bishop of Worcester to Edmund Grindal, Archbishop of Canterbury.[c. 1580]CM/4/199
CM IV/183Worcester recusants[c. 1580]CM/4/183
CM V/5R. Baker to John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury, concerning his title to the advowson of Kingsnothe or Eastkingsnothe12 March 1594. CM/5/5
CM IV/27Bond to remain in England and to appear before the Privy Council and the Archbishop [John Whitgift]. 11 June 1594CM/4/27
CM I/111List of outstanding debts due to be paid from the fines of the Council of the Marches.1577-1579.CM/1/111
CM I/90Draft of a letter (? from Whitgift) to Lord Buckhurst.10 Jan. 1593CM/1/90
Reg. Whitgift 1Register of John Whitgift1583-1592V/A/19Whitgift1
Reg. Whitgift 2Register of John Whitgift1592-1597V/A/19Whitgift2
Reg. Whitgift 3Register of John Whitgift1598-1604V/A/19Whitgift3
MS 113MISCELLANEOUS PAPERS16th century - early 17th centuryMSS/113
MS 178MISCELLANEOUS PAPERSlate 16th century-early 17th centuryMSS/178
MS 941Miscellaneous Papers1603-1715MSS/929-942/941
Benson 64 ff.205-8Correspondence and papers on the restoration of the archiepiscopal tombs in CROYDON, Surrey, St John the Baptist1888Benson/64/205-8
Benson 79 ff.23-5 Correspondence and papers on the restoration of the archiepiscopal tombs in CROYDON, Surrey, St John the Baptist1889Benson/79/23-5
Benson 90 ff.1-8Correspondence and papers on the restoration of the archiepiscopal tombs in CROYDON, Surrey, St John the Baptist1890Benson/90/1-8
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