Authorized Form of NameDwelly; Frederick William (1881-1957); Dean of Liverpool
ForenamesFrederick William
EpithetDean of Liverpool
ActivityDean of Liverpool, 1931-1955

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LC 152 ff. 195-8Correspondence with DWELLY (Frederick William), canon of Liverpool.1930LC/1930/152/195-8
Bell 202, f. 33Correspondence with Frederick William DWELLY, canon, and (1931) dean of LiverpoolBell/184-368/202/33
Ramsey 2, f. 7Letter from Frederick William DWELLY, dean of Liverpool, on the appointment of the sub-warden of the Bishop's Hostel, Lincoln1930Ramsey/1-3/2/7
Bell 205, f. 112DWELLY (Frederick William), canon, and (1931) dean of Liverpool Bell/184-368/204-218/205/112
Bell 203, ff. 5-22, 34DWELLY (Frederick William), canon, and (1931) dean of LiverpoolBell/184-368/203/5-22, 34
Bell 198, ff. 194-200Correspondence with Frederick William DWELLY, canon, and (1931) dean of LiverpoolBell/184-368/196-201/198/194-200
W.Temple 55, ff. 279-389WAR 1939-4513 Oct 1942-1 Nov 1944W.Temple/1-62/55/279-389
MS 3578 ff. 116-118v, 174Dwelly, Frederick William (1881-1957), Dean of Liverpool1934, 1936MSS/3578-3581/3578/116-118v,174
Lang 106, ff. 368-77Frederick William DWELLY, Dean of Liverpool1931Lang/1-186/106/368-77
W.Temple 18, ff. 209-32Frank William DWELLY, Dean of Liverpool27 Nov 1942-2 Sep 1943W.Temple/1-62/18/209-32
CM 53/3Memorial 27 Dec 1933CM/53/3
Ellison P/14/1/4Loose letters1940-1943Ellison/P/14/1/4
MS 3580Sermons, articles and broadcasts1910-1948MSS/3578-3581/3580
Ellison P/16York1943-1946Ellison/P/16
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