Authorized Form of NameBurge; Hubert Murray (1862-1925); Bishop of Oxford
ForenamesHubert Murray
EpithetBishop of Oxford
SourceNational Register of Archives

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MS 3578 ff. 32 ,38Burge, Hubert Murray (1862-1925), Bishop of Oxford[1916], [1921]MSS/3578-3581/3578/32,38
Bell 190, f. 383BURGE (Hubert Murray), bishop of Oxford1920Bell/184-368/190/383
LC 108 ff. 15-19BURGE (Hubert Murray), bishop of Oxford.1920LC/1920/108/15-19
LC 109 ff. 64-8BURGE (Hubert Murray), bishop of Oxford. 1920LC/1920/109/64-8
LC 107 f. 155BURGE (Hubert Murray), bishop of Oxford.1920LC/1920/107/155
LC 143 no. 163Photograph of BURGE (Hubert Murray), bishop of Oxford.1920LC/1920/143/163
Bell 191, f. 199Letter from Hubert Murray BURGE, bishop of Oxford1924 Bell/184-368/191/199
MS 3235, ff.18, 32Burge (Hubert Murray), Bishop of Oxford (1919).[1910-1911]MSS/3229-3255/3235/18, 32
Davidson 216, ff.382-5 passimAppointment of bishop of OXFORD1919Davidson/27-217/216/382-5 passim
MS 2348 ff. 285-287vBurge (Hubert Murray), Bishop of OxfordMSS/2343-2411/2343-2348/2348/285-287v
MS 2160, f.2Photograph of Hubert Murray Burge, Bishop of Southwark, and (1919) Oxford20th cent.MSS/2156-2163/2160/2
MS 2627 f. 129Burge (Hubert Murray), Bishop of OxfordMSS/2615-2650/2627/129
MS 2347 f. 172Burge (Hubert Murray), Bishop of OxfordMSS/2343-2411/2343-2348/2347/172
MS 2623 ff. 37-40, 84Burge (Hubert Murray), Bishop of OxfordMSS/2615-2650/2623/37-40, 84
LC 105 ff. 53-60BURGE (Hubert Murray), bishop of Oxford.1920LC/1920/105/53-60
LC 106 ff. 145-7BURGE (Hubert Murray), bishop of Oxford.1920LC/1920/106/145-7
MS 3438, no.38Burge (Hubert Murray), Bishop of Oxford (1919).20th centuryMSS/3437-3440/3438/38
MS 2158, ff.6, 14v, 27vPhotographs of Hubert Murray Burge, Bishop of Southwark, and (1919) Oxford20th cent.MSS/2156-2163/2158/6, 14v, 27v
MS 2617 ff. 149-52, 162, 211Burge (Hubert Murray), Bishop of OxfordMSS/2615-2650/2617/149-52, 162, 211
Davidson 174, ff.49-63Appointment of the bishop of SOUTHWARK. 1911Davidson/27-217/174/49-63
LC 110 ff. 33-87 passim, 107-56 passim, 205, 222BURGE (Hubert Murray), bishop of Oxford.1920LC/1920/110/33-87 passim, 107-56 passim, 205, 222
Davidson 5/102Appointment of the bishop of SOUTHWARK.1911Davidson/1-26/5/102
LCC 5 ff. 137, 152-4Correspondence with BURGE (Hubert Murray), bishop of Oxford.1924LC/LCC/5/137, 152-4
Davidson 11/7-13BURGE (Hubert Murray), bishop of Oxford - Appointment as bishop of Oxford; TEMPLE (William), archbishop of Canterbury (1942). - Appointment as a canon of Westminster; WARMAN (Frederic Sumpter Guy), bishop of Truro - Appointment as bishop1919Davidson/1-26/11/7-13
Davidson 488, ff.340-90Conferences of clergy and doctors on SPIRITUAL HEALING. Davidson/218-516/488/340-90
Davidson 489Spiritual Healing1920-1924Davidson/218-516/489
Ramsey 72, ff. 311-14Hubert Murray BURGE, bishop of Oxford - correspondence on the dissolution of the trust to commemorate; Sir Kenneth George GRUBB, chairman of the House of Laity, Church Assembly - correspondence on the Burge Memorial Trust1965Ramsey/4-287/1965/72/311-14
ACSCHOArchbishops' Committee on Supply of Candidates for Holy Orders1924ACSCHO
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