Authorized Form of NameLambeth Conference; 1897
Corporate NameLambeth Conference

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F. Temple 7, ff. 270-2LAMBETH CONFERENCE, 1897.1897F.Temple/7/270-2
F. Temple 4, ff. 372-9LAMBETH CONFERENCE, 1897.1897F.Temple/4/372-9
F. Temple 4, ff. 60-117LAMBETH CONFERENCE, 18971897F.Temple/4/60-117
F. Temple 7, ff. 42-9STUDENT VOLUNTEER MISSIONARY UNION1897F.Temple/7/42-9
F. Temple 3, ff. 151-5GRAY (William Crane), Missionary Bishop of Southern Florida, U.S.A.1897F.Temple/3/151-5
Davidson 50, ff.222-3Arrangements for LAMBETH CONFERENCE, 1897.1897Davidson/27-217/50/222-3
F. Temple 4, ff. 392-403PERRY (William Stevens), Bishop of Iowa, U.S.A.1897F.Temple/4/392-403
Davidson 282, ff.232-394 passimLAMBETH CONFERENCE, 1897.Davidson/218-516/282/232-394 passim
Davidson 73, ff.162-211LAMBETH CONFERENCE, 1897.1901Davidson/27-217/73/162-211
MS 5062 f. 1vPhotograph of the Bishops at the Lambeth ConferenceJul 1897MSS/5062/1v
Douglas 1, ff. 1-27Papers concerning arrangements for the 1897 LAMBETH CONFERENCE1897Douglas/1/1-27
MS 4541 ff. 3-73Henry Montgomery: the Lambeth Conferences of 1897, 1908 and 1920, and the Pan-Anglican Conference of 1908.MSS/4537-4543/4541/3-73
MS 4730/2-9Photographs10 July 1897MSS/4730/2-9
LC 38-64bLambeth Conference 18971897LC/1897
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