Authorized Form of NameCampbell; James Colquhoun (1813-1895); Bishop of Bangor
ForenamesJames Colquhoun
EpithetBishop of Bangor
SourceNational Register of Archives

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MS 3120, f.276Campbell (James Colquhoun), Bishop of Bangor.19th centuryMSS/3120/271-279/276b
MS 3064 no. 32Campbell (James Colquhoun), Bishop of Bangor19th centuryMSS/3064/32
LC 4 ff. 301-2Letter from CAMPBELL (James Colquhoun), bishop of Bangor.1867LC/1867/4/301-2
MS 3437, no.15Campbell (James Colquhoun), Bishop of Bangor.19th centuryMSS/3437-3440/3437/15
Tait 210 ff. 146-147CAMPBELL (James Colquhoun), Bishop of Bangor1875Tait/161-296/210/146-147
Tait 93 ff. 161-2CAMPBELL (James Colquhoun), Bishop of Bangor1874Tait/76-104/93/161-2
Tait 233 ff. 343-344CAMPBELL (James Colquhoun), Bishop of Bangor1877Tait/161-296/233/343-344
Benson 82 f.31CAMPBELL (James Colquhoun), Bishop of Bangor1890Benson/82/31
Benson 38 ff.443-6CAMPBELL (James Colquhoun), Bishop of Bangor1886Benson/38/443-6
Benson 22 ff.120-1Letter from CAMPBELL (James Colquhoun), Bishop of Bangor on the Marriage with a Deceased Wife's Sister Bill1883Benson/22/120-1
Benson 28 ff.152-3Letter from CAMPBELL (James Colquhoun), Bishop of Bangor on the Sunday opening of museums1884Benson/28/152-3
Tait 87 ff. 259-60CAMPBELL (James Colquhoun), Bishop of Bangor1870Tait/76-104/87/259-60
Tait 290 ff. 172-173CAMPBELL (James Colquhoun), Bishop of Bangor1874Tait/161-296/290/172-173
Tait 211 ff. 121-33ROBERTS (William Anwyl), Rector of Llanddyfnan, Anglesey1875Tait/161-296/211/121-33
Tait 259 f. 227CAMPBELL (James Colquhoun), Bishop of Bangor[1880]Tait/161-296/259/227
MS 2029, p. 58Autograph of James Colquhoun Campbell, Bishop of Bangor1859MSS/2028-2029/2029/58
LC 37 no. 14Photograph of CAMPBELL (James Colquhoun), bishop of Bangor.1888LC/1888/37/14
MS 1375 f. 186CAMPBELL, James Colquhoun; Bishop of BangorMSS/1374-1388/1375/186
Benson 55 ff.41-2, 66-7CAMPBELL (James Colquhoun), Bishop of Bangor1888-1889Benson/55/41-2, 66-7
MS 2944 f. 2Bromby (Charles Henry), Bishop of Tasmania; Campbell (James Colquhoun), Bishop of Bangor; Scott (Charles Perry), Bishop in North China; Titcomb (Jonathan Holt), Bishop of Rangoon19th centuryMSS/2944/1-40/2
Benson 78 ff.372-3, 380-1Letters from CAMPBELL (James Colquhoun), Bishop of Bangor on the shortened Welsh service.1889Benson/78/372-3, 380-1
VB 1/17/478Campbell, James Colquhoun1859V/B/1/17/478-a1
Longley 3 ff. 142-143vJames Colquhoun Campbell, Bishop of Bangor22 December 1862Longley/3/142-143v
MS 3120 (f. 111)Letter1878MSS/3120/111
Tait 268 f. 55CAMPBELL (James Colquhoun), Bishop of Bangor1880Tait/161-296/268/55
Longley 9 f.3vJohn Thomas Pelham, Bishop of Norwich; James Colquhoun Campbell, Bishop of Bangor; Henry Philpott, Bishop of Worcester; Charles John Ellicott, Bishop of Gloucester and BristolLongley/9/3v
FP Jackson 55Other Churches; the diocese of London; the Lay Helpers' Association1869-1887FP/Jackson/G/55
FP Jackson 24Surnames Isaacson - Kernahan1869-1883FP/Jackson/D/24
MS 5077/22Photograph of James Colquhoun Campbell, Bishop of BangorMSS/5077/22
Benson 39 ff.191-4, 206, 215, 220, 254-5CAMPBELL (James Colquhoun), Bishop of Bangor1886Benson/39/191-4, 206, 215, 220, 254-5
Tait 413 f. 253Letter to the Rev. H.E. Dicker on building an Anglican church at Dunkirk, France1865-1867Tait/409-442/409-424/413/253
FP Jackson 22Surnames Headlam - Heywood1869-1884FP/Jackson/D/22
FP Jackson 53Anglican churches and clergy in Canada; India; New Zealand; Australia; Africa; the West Indies; Hong Kong; Japan; Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America1869-1885FP/Jackson/F/53
FP Jackson 59Penitentiaries; Hospitals; Schools; Gardner's Charity for the Blind (Gardner's Trust); Burial; Marriage1857-1885FP/Jackson/H/59
Benson 60 ff.429-32CAMPBELL (James Colquhoun), Bishop of Bangor1888Benson/60/429-32
Benson 171 f.176Report to the bishops on the TITHE agitation, [1887]Benson/171/176
Tait 245 ff. 86-92CAMPBELL (James Colquhoun), Bishop of Bangor1879Tait/161-296/245/86-92
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