Authorized Form of NameChurch of England; Province of Calcutta: Diocese of Lahore; 1877-
Corporate NameChurch of England
SubordinateProvince of Calcutta: Diocese of Lahore

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Tait 234 ff. 191-270Letters and papers on the foundation of the Diocese of LAHORE1877Tait/161-296/234/191-270
Davidson 283, ff.35-6Ordination of deaconesses in diocese of LAHORE.1900Davidson/218-516/283/35-6
Tait 226 ff. 52-88Letters and papers on the foundation of the Diocese of LAHORE1876Tait/161-296/226/52-88
Benson 142 ff.22-37MATTHEW (Henry James), Bishop of Lahore1895Benson/142/22-37
Davidson 66, ff.202-5Status and functions of DEACONESSES. 1900Davidson/27-217/66/202-5
MS 2170, ff.1-4Diocesan reports of the mission by George Herbert Westcott, Bishop of Lucknow, Eyre Chatterton, Bishop of Nagpur (ff.2-3), and Henry Bickersteth Durrant, Bishop of Lahore (ff.3-4) (copies).[1923] MSS/2169-2171/2170/1-4
FP Jackson 53Anglican churches and clergy in Canada; India; New Zealand; Australia; Africa; the West Indies; Hong Kong; Japan; Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America1869-1885FP/Jackson/F/53
Benson 52 ff.330-3Correspondence on the foundation of the diocese of LAHORE1877Benson/52/330-3
Tait 96 ff. 126-9Correspondence on the foundation of the Diocese of LAHORE and the increase of the episcopate in INDIA 1876Tait/76-104/96/126-9
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