Authorized Form of NameGoodwin; Harvey (1818-1891); Bishop of Carlisle; mathematician
EpithetBishop of Carlisle; mathematician
SourceNational Register of Archives

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LC 12 ff. 83-4Letter from GOODWIN (Harvey), bishop of Carlisle.1877LC/1878/12/83-4
LC 26 ff. 159-60Letter from GOODWIN (Harvey), bishop of Carlisle.LC/1888/26/159-60
MS 2029, p. 90Autograph of Harvey Goodwin, Bishop of Carlisle1869MSS/2028-2029/2029/90
LC 7 ff. 243-5GOODWIN (Harvey), bishop of Carlisle.1878LC/1878/7/243-5
LC 27 ff. 130-1, 180-3, 219-20Letters from GOODWIN (Harvey), bishop of Carlisle.LC/1888/27/130-1, 180-3, 219-20
MS 3437, no.26Goodwin (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle.19th centuryMSS/3437-3440/3437/26
MS 3064 no. 27Goodwin (Harvey), Bishop of CarlisleMSS/3064/27
Tait 272 ff. 287-90GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle1881Tait/161-296/272/287-90
Tait 246 ff. 203-4GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle1879Tait/161-296/246/203-4
LC 17 ff. 28-42, 243-5GOODWIN (Harvey), bishop of Carlisle 1888LC/1888/17/28-42, 243-5
Benson 55 ff.390-6, 403-6Letters from GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle on the Cathedral Churches Bill1888Benson/55/390-6, 403-6
Benson 51 ff.360-3Letter from GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle, on the Wychling rectory, Kent1887Benson/51/360-3
MS 3120, f.272Goodwin (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle.19th centuryMSS/3120/271-279/272a
Tait 283 ff. 183-8GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle1882Tait/161-296/283/183-8
Benson 92 ff.320-3Letter from GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle on the Rev. H.C. Baldwin1891Benson/92/320-3
Tait 98 ff. 51-3GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle1878Tait/76-104/98/51-3
Tait 210 ff. 398-401GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle1875Tait/161-296/210/398-401
Tait 239 ff. 375-9GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle1878Tait/161-296/239/375-9
Tait 226 ff. 229-30GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle1876Tait/161-296/226/229-30
Benson 44 ff.223-4, 227-8Letters from GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle on the Cathedral Churches Bill1887Benson/44/223-4, 227-8
Tait 222 ff. 273-4GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle1876Tait/161-296/222/273-4
Tait 210 ff. 201-2GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle1875Tait/161-296/210/201-2
Benson 18 ff.341-2Letter from GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle on the Rev. F.H. Reichardt1885Benson/18/341-2
Benson 34 ff.4-5Letter from GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle on the Clergy Pensions Institution1885Benson/34/4-5
Benson 152 ff.198-9Letter from GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle on the Church Discipline Bill1888Benson/152/198-9
Benson 32 ff.61-2Letter from GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle on the English Church in Rome1885Benson/32/61-2
Benson 107 ff.321-5Letter and paper from GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle on the doctrine of the Church of England1890Benson/107/321-5
Benson 1 ff.405-8Letter from GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle, on the cathedral establishments1883Benson/1/405-8
Benson 17 ff.151-4GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle1884Benson/17/151-4
Benson 152 f.204Letter from Lord Grimthorpe to The Times on GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle1888Benson/152/204
Benson 100 f.410Letters from on the appointment of GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle, as referee for Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge1891Benson/100/410
Benson 62 ff.82-4, 105-9GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle1889Benson/62/82-4, 105-9
Benson 56 ff.24-5Letter from GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle on Canon E.W. Chapman1888Benson/56/24-5
Benson 160 ff.358-9Letter from GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle on the Bishopric of Natal1884Benson/160/358-9
Tait 185 ff. 290-1, 312GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle1872Tait/161-296/185/290-1, 312
Tait 184 ff. 184-5GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle1872Tait/161-296/184/184-5
Benson 28 ff.162-3Letter from GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle on Sunday opening of museums.1884Benson/28/162-3
Davidson 29, f.20Appreciation of GOODWIN (Harvey), bishop of Carlisle.1891Davidson/27-217/29/20
LC 9 ff. 9, 82-3, 198-9, 201-2, 220-2GOODWIN (Harvey), bishop of Carlisle.1878LC/1878/9/9, 82-3, 198-9, 201-2, 220-2
Tait 246 ff. 199-202GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle1879Tait/161-296/246/199-202
Benson 47 ff.358-65Letters from GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle on the insurance of ecclesiastical buildings1887Benson/47/358-65
Benson 77 ff.279-81GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle1889Benson/77/279-81
MS 2158, f.17vPhotograph of Harvey Goodwin, Bishop of Carlisle19th cent.MSS/2156-2163/2158/17v
MS 1823 f. 81GOODWIN, Harvey; Bishop of Carlisle1884MSS/1822-1824/1823/81
Tait 93 ff. 325-6GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle1874Tait/76-104/93/325-6
Benson 57 ff.191-2Letter from GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle on the secretary of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners 1888Benson/57/191-2
LC 8 ff. 366-7, 275GOODWIN (Harvey), bishop of Carlisle.1878LC/1878/8/366-7, 375
Benson 7 ff.385-6, 389Letters from GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle on the central agency for foreign missions1883Benson/7/385-6, 389
MS 1978, ff.65-66vFowlmere, Cambridgeshire[1840]MSS/1977-1993/1978/65-66v
MS 1984, ff.47-50vEltisley, Cambridgeshire1841MSS/1977-1993/1984/47-50v
LC 34 ff. 222-230Letter from Harvey Goodwin, Bishop of Carlisle, forwarding the report on the organisation of the Anglican Communion together with an amendment.28 July 1888LC/1888/34/222-230
LC 18 ff. 37-44, 208-11, 230, 251, 258-937-44, 208-11, 230, 251, 258-91888LC/1888/18/37-44, 208-11, 230, 251, 258-9
LC 37 no. 26Photograph of GOODWIN (Harvey), bishop of Carlisle 1888LC/1888/37/26
Benson 102 ff.363-6, 371-2, 379, 282-3GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle1891Benson/102/363-6, 371-2, 379, 282-3
Benson 104 ff.142-423 passimLetter and papers from GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle, on Bishop C.F.P. Blyth and the Church Missionary Society1891Benson/104/142-323 passim
Tait 268 ff. 39-40GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle11 November 1880Tait/161-296/268/39-40
FP Jackson 26Surnames Linklater - Lyne1869-1884FP/Jackson/D/26
MS 4936/18Photograph of Harvey Goodwin, Bishop of Carlisle[late 19th century]MSS/4936/18
FP Jackson 14Surnames Cleaver - Cooper1869-1884FP/Jackson/D/14
FP Jackson 24Surnames Isaacson - Kernahan1869-1883FP/Jackson/D/24
FP Jackson 31Surnames Roper - Spencer, A1869-1884FP/Jackson/D/31
FP Jackson 34Surnames Weldon - Young1868-1884FP/Jackson/D/34
Benson 7 ff.355-8Letters from on the appointment of GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle, as referee for Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge1883Benson/7/355-8
LC 19 ff. 55, 58-60, 106, 124-5, 138, 143-4, 155, 162-73, 206-34 passim, 307-8, 324GOODWIN (Harvey), bishop of Carlisle 1888LC/1888/19/55, 58-60, 106, 124-5, 138, 143-4, 155, 162-73, 206-34 passim, 307-8, 324
SSJE/9/2/3/7Correspondence re. Fr. Puller and the Bishopric of Zululand1891SSJE/9/2/3/7
MS 2912 ff. 84-85vGoodwin (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle, Stubbs (William), Bishop of Oxford, and Wordsworth (John), Bishop of Salisbury[1889-1890]MSS/2908-2925/2912/1-85v/84-85v
MS 2330, ff.1-4v"A declaration concerning the doctrines and principles of the Church of England, and of other churches in communion with her throughout the world, made by bishops of the said Churches, in the year of our Lord 189-," by Wordsworth and William Stubbs, Bishop of Oxford, with assistance from Harvey Goodwin, Bishop of Carlisle.[1889-1890]MSS/2327-2340/2330/1-4v
MS 1947, ff.56-81Papers of Edward White Benson, Bishop of Truro, and (1883) Archbishop of Canterbury, concerning the Lambeth Conference, 18781878MSS/1947/56-81
FP Jackson 23Surnames Hill - Hutton1869-1885FP/Jackson/D/23
FP Jackson 53Anglican churches and clergy in Canada; India; New Zealand; Australia; Africa; the West Indies; Hong Kong; Japan; Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America1869-1885FP/Jackson/F/53
FP Jackson 58Ritualism, including Society of the Holy Cross, sisterhoods and brotherhoods1869-1884FP/Jackson/H/58
FP Jackson 59Penitentiaries; Hospitals; Schools; Gardner's Charity for the Blind (Gardner's Trust); Burial; Marriage1857-1885FP/Jackson/H/59
Benson 62 ff.210-11GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle1888Benson/62/210-11
Benson 90 ff.40-5Letter from BROWNE (Edward Harold), Bishop of Winchester, on his resignation as bishop1890Benson/90/40-5
Tait 98 ff. 248-9GOODWIN (Harvey), Bishop of Carlisle: Letters from on legislation on ritual1878Tait/76-104/98/248-9
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