Authorized Form of NameChurch Missionary Society; 1799-
Corporate NameChurch Missionary Society
OtherFormsOfNameCMS; C.M.S.
RelationshipsLater renamed the Church Mission Society
SourceMundus website

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MS 3122, ff.8-14vChurch Missionary Society.1942MSS/3121-3128/3122/8-14v
LC 176 ff. 34-6Church Missionary Society.1948LC/1948/176/34-6
LC 178 ff. 25, 32Church Missionary Society.1948LC/1948/178/25, 32
LC 34 ff. 43-46Church Missionary Society.1888LC/1888/34/43-46
Benson 57 f.342Notes on administration costs of CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1887-1888Benson/57/342
Ramsey 127, ff.296-7, 299-302Correspondence on the presidency of the CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1968Ramsey/4-287/1968/127/296-7, 299-302
Tait 208 ff. 279-280CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1875Tait/161-296/208/279-280
MS 2981 ff. 348-349v'C.M.S. News-letter'September 1949 MSS/2965-3015/2981/348-349v
Davidson 81, ff.104-9CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1903Davidson/27-217/81/104-9
Fisher 137, ff. 200-27Annual meetings and rallies of the CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1954Fisher/1-271/134-151/137/200-27
F. Temple 59, ff. 279-82CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY.1901F.Temple/59/279-82
Fisher 81, ff. 130-9Annual meetings and rallies of the CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1951Fisher/1-271/79-93/81/130-9
F. Temple 20, ff. 253-4CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India.1899F.Temple/20/253-4
F. Temple 33, ff. 168-9CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Africa.F.Temple/33/168-9
F. Temple 34, f. 265CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY.1900F.Temple/34/265
F. Temple 59, ff. 11, 103-4CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Egypt1902F.Temple/59/11, 103-4
F. Temple 19, ff. 17-22CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY.1898F.Temple/19/17-22
Tait 210 ff. 379-80CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India1875Tait/161-296/210/379-80
Tait 272 ff. 1-51, 339-349CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India1881Tait/161-296/272/1-51, 339-349
F. Temple 50, ff. 364-5CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Egypt1901F.Temple/50/364-5
Tait 288 ff. 79-80CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Africa1882Tait/161-296/288/79-80
Tait 265 ff. 108-111CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: China1880Tait/161-296/265/108-111
Ramsey 162, ff.285-8CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1969Ramsey/4-287/1969/162/285-8
Longley 3 ff. 67-68The Church Missionary Society to Lord Stanley4 December 1866Longley/3/67-68
Tait 218 ff. 323-324, 332-335CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1876Tait/161-296/218/323-324, 332-335
Fisher 216, ff. 164-6CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1959Fisher/1-271/213-234/216/164-6
LC 195 ff. 324, 327Correspondence with Warren (Max Alexander Cunningham), secretary of the Church Missionary Society.1958LC/1958/195/324, 327
Tait 182 ff. 147, 157-158CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1872Tait/161-296/182/147, 157-158
Ramsey 44, ff. 91-4CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1963Ramsey/4-287/1963/44/91-4
Ramsey 186, ff.113-15Correspondence on the funding of the CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/186/113-15
Tait 185 ff. 140-143, 178-179CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Hong Kong1872Tait/161-296/185/140-143, 178-179
Tait 234 f. 133CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Ceylon1877Tait/161-296/234/133
Tait 287 ff. 76-77, 84-85, 116-117CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Africa1882Tait/161-296/287/76-77, 84-85, 116-117
F. Temple 11, ff. 417-19CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY.1898F.Temple/11/417-19
Benson 113 ff.125-32CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1892Benson/113/125-32
F. Temple 7, ff. 195-8CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Africa.1897F.Temple/7/195-8
F. Temple 3, ff. 350-3CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Japan.1897F.Temple/3/350-3
Tait 214 ff. 56-59, 70-71CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India1875Tait/161-296/214/56-59, 70-71
Tait 195 ff. 275-276CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Palestine1873Tait/161-296/195/275-276
Ramsey 195, ff.56-60CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/195/56-60
Tait 194 ff. 70-75CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Canada1873Tait/161-296/194/70-75
Ramsey 135, ff.15, 87-8, 91-2CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1968Ramsey/4-287/1968/135/15, 87-8, 91-2
F. Temple 7, ff. 317, 338-46CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Hong Kong1896F.Temple/7/317, 338-46
Benson 39 f.156Letter from CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY on the Rev. E. Weil1886Benson/39/156
Ramsey 127, ff.40, 42CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1968Ramsey/4-287/1968/127/40, 42
Davidson 92, ff.237-40Annual general meeting of CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1904Davidson/27-217/92/237-40
Tait 225 ff. 223-224CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Falkland Islands1876Tait/161-296/225/223-224
Ramsey 172, ff.6-7CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1969Ramsey/4-287/1969/172/6-7
Benson 141 ff.256-437 passimCHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Japan1895-1896Benson/141/256-437 passim
Tait 288 ff. 136-143CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: China1882Tait/161-296/288/136-143
Tait 200 ff. 90-9CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India1874Tait/161-296/200/90-9
F. Temple 8, f. 53CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY.1897F.Temple/8/53
Tait 182 ff. 163-176CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India1872Tait/161-296/182/163-176
Ramsey 89, ff. 81-107 passimCHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1965Ramsey/4-287/1965/89/81-107 passim
Tait 208 ff. 333-334CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India1875Tait/161-296/208/333-334
Tait 226 ff. 139-140CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India1876Tait/161-296/226/139-140
Tait 272 f. 222CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY[1881]Tait/161-296/272/222
Davidson 92, ff.241-2CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1904Davidson/27-217/92/241-2
Ramsey 127, ff.286-95Correspondence on the constitution of the CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1968Ramsey/4-287/1968/127/286-95
Benson 18 ff.207-10Correspondence and papers on dioceses in THE CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Canada1884Benson/18/207-10
Tait 214 ff. 148-149CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Egypt1875Tait/161-296/214/148-149
Tait 261 ff. 365-366CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India1880Tait/161-296/261/365-366
Benson 41 f.423Letter from CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY on Bishop H. Cheetham1886Benson/41/423
Benson 104 ff.9-17, 48-51CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1891Benson/104/9-17, 48-51
F. Temple 7, f. 312CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: China.1897F.Temple/7/312
Ramsey 181, ff.205-6CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/181/205-6
Tait 265 ff. 51-58CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: South Africa1877Tait/161-296/265/51-58
Benson 10 ff.325-6Letter from CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Africa on the consecration of the bishop of Sierra Leone1883Benson/10/325-6
F. Temple 32, ff. 2-8, 14CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Africa.1899, 1900F.Temple/32/2-8, 14
F. Temple 56, ff. 231-2TOOP (Arthur James), C.M.S. Missionary, Cairo, Egypt.1902F.Temple/56/231-2
F. Temple 51, ff. 142-3CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Africa.1901F.Temple/51/142-3
Tait 98 ff. 91-2PERRY (Charles), Bishop of Melbourne, and Metropolitan of Australia (CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY)1878Tait/76-104/98/91-2
Tait 243 ff. 237-248CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India1878Tait/161-296/243/237-248
Tait 185 ff. 219-226CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India1872Tait/161-296/185/219-226
Tait 108 ff 1-2CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY FOR AFRICA AND THE EAST?1858Tait/105-160/108/1-2
Tait 265 ff. 262-263CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Palestine1879Tait/161-296/265/262-263
Tait 234 ff. 227-8CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India1877Tait/161-296/234/227-8
Benson 86 ff.162-3Letter from CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY on reunion1889Benson/86/162-3
Tait 191 ff. 258-261, 263-264CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1873Tait/161-296/191/258-261, 263-264
F. Temple 18, ff. 396-7CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY.1898F.Temple/18/396-7
Benson 19 ff.8-11Letters from CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Korea - on proposed mission to Korea1884Benson/19/8-11
Tait 242 ff. 200-203CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Ceylon1878Tait/161-296/242/200-203
Tait 265 ff. 112-159, 164-165, 178-193, 197-198CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Hong Kong1880Tait/161-296/265/112-159, 164-165, 178-193, 197-198
Benson 54 ff.272-8 CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India1887Benson/54/272-8
Fisher 54, ff. 330-5CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1949Fisher/1-271/51-66/54/330-5
Benson 91 ff.171, 224-44CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Egypt1890Benson/91/171, 224-44
Benson 32 ff.232-5Letters from CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India on the Zenana medical mission1882Benson/32/232-5
Davidson 191, ff.166-175CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1914Davidson/27-217/191/166-175
Davidson 148, ff.285-300CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1908Davidson/27-217/148/285-300
Benson 91 ff.376-89 passimLetters from in higher education in CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India1889Benson/91/376-89 passim
Ramsey 159, ff.210-12CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1969Ramsey/4-287/1969/159/210-12
Davidson 61, ff.177-222CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1899Davidson/27-217/61/177-222
Davidson 132, ff.416-29CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1906-1907Davidson/27-217/132/416-29
F. Temple 41, f. 369CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: China.1900F.Temple/41/369
Ramsey 190, ff.73-5, 101, 109-10, 123, 154CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/190/73-5, 101, 109-10, 123, 154
Benson 41 ff.370-3, 375-6Letters from CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Palestine on Bishop H. Cheetham1886Benson/41/370-3, 375-6
Tait 265 ff. 204-208CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: China1880Tait/161-296/265/204-208
Tait 256 ff. 322-335CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Japan1879Tait/161-296/256/322-335
Tait 266 ff. 298-302CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Africa1880Tait/161-296/266/298-302
Tait 279 ff. 300-306, 311-314CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Africa1881Tait/161-296/279/300-306, 311-314
Tait 257 ff. 195-6CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India1879Tait/161-296/257/195-6
Tait 279 ff. 104-105CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Palestine1881Tait/161-296/279/104-105
Tait 202 ff. 206-207CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Canada1874Tait/161-296/202/206-207
Tait 288 ff. 144-145, 150-159, 164-167CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Africa1882Tait/161-296/288/144-145, 150-159, 164-167
F. Temple 7, ff. 291-3CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY.1897F.Temple/7/291-3
Benson 42 ff.192-3Letter from CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY on Archdeacon W.C. Pinkham1886Benson/42/192-3
Benson 65 ff.314-15CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Palestine1888Benson/65/314-15
Tait 194 ff. 70-71, 175-181, 209-212CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India1873Tait/161-296/194/70-71, 175-181, 209-212
Tait 208 ff. 351-353, 371-372CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India1875Tait/161-296/208/351-353, 371-372
Tait 234 ff. 181-2CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Japan1877Tait/161-296/234/181-2
Tait 257 ff. 157-64CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Africa1879Tait/161-296/257/157-64
Tait 266 ff. 210-11CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Burma1880Tait/161-296/266/210-11
Benson 103 ff.488-9, 493-4Correspondence and papers on dioceses in THE CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Canada1891Benson/103/488-9, 493-4
Ramsey 181, ff.163-7, 184TAYLOR (John Vernon), bishop of Winchester (1975).1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/181/163-7, 184
Fisher 74, ff. 154-61CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY - work of C.M.S. in east Africa1950Fisher/1-271/67-78/74/154-61
Benson 62 ff.29-40, 79-81, 101-13CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1887-1889Benson/62/29-40, 79-81, 101-13
Benson 34 ff.110-14CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Africa1886Benson/34/110-14
MS 2230, f.201Letter to C.M.S. (copy)MSS/2227-2237/2230/159-223/201
Benson 141 ff.273-4Correspondence and papers on dioceses in THE CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Canada1895Benson/141/273-4
Benson 124 ff.141-9CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Hong Kong1892Benson/124/141-9
Benson 141 f.272CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Hong Kong1895Benson/141/272
Benson 41 ff.338-9Letters and papers from CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Japan, on the church of England in Japan1886Benson/41/338-9
Benson 67 ff.52-7, 62-7CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1884Benson/67/52-7, 62-7
Benson 148 ff.204-5, 211, 217-19, 232-4, 240CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India1896Benson/148/204-5, 211, 217-19, 232-4, 240
Benson 64 ff.280-8Diocese in JERUSALEM1888Benson/64/280-8
Benson 133 ff.319-28 passimCHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Palestine1894Benson/133/319-28 passim
MS 2250 ff. 267-286Memoranda by Bishop Willis for the C.M.S. on the government, commerce, and missions of tropical Africa, and an account of Uganda in the same period.1900-1938MSS/2245-2320/2250/267-286
Ramsey 272, ff. 76-82Church Missionary Society 1974Ramsey/4-287/1974/272/76-82
FP Howley 10, ff. 309-11CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY.1827FP/Howley/6-21/10/309-11
F. Temple 8, ff. 189-93CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Africa.1897F.Temple/8/189-93
F. Temple 7, ff. 488-91, 499-501CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Japan.1897F.Temple/7/488-91, 499-501
Ramsey 316, ff. 138-140Sermons, addresses and articles5 May 1964Ramsey/314-320/316/138-140
MS 3793Newsletters and Annual Reports1938-1988MSS/3779-3827/3793
Ramsey 216, ff.1-4Taylor, Canon John1971Ramsey/4-287/1971/216/1-4
Coggan 70, ff.358-372Pirouet, Dr Louise16 Mar-5 Jul 1978Coggan/4-220/64-76/70/358-372
Ramsey 217, ff.1-6United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel1971Ramsey/4-287/1971/217/1-6
Benson 1 ff.100-1Letter from CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY on Dr. Anet1883Benson/1/100-1
Ramsey 170, f.63CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Letter to David Paton on 'positive discrimination' in election of bishops1969Ramsey/4-287/1969/170/63
Benson 5 ff.415-19Letter and papers form CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY on juvenile mission associations1883Benson/5/415-19
Coggan 187, ff.44-54Church Missionary Society Missionaries and Staff Conference1983Coggan/183-232/187/44-54
Coggan 74, ff.1-23South India, Church of19 Jan-24 Oct 1978Coggan/4-220/64-76/74/1-23
Coggan 61, ff.116-131Sudan7 Jan-7 Jul 1977Coggan/4-220/47-63/61/116-131
Coggan 29, ff.240-243Church Missionary Society (CMS)2 Mar 1976-4 Jan 1977Coggan/4-220/26-46/29/240-243
FP Porteus 37Church Missionary Society.1799FP/Porteus/37
Benson 1041891 Foreign J3, J4Benson/104
Benson 1661892 special packet: Bishopric of the Niger TerritoryBenson/166
Benson 126 ff.94-5, 108Correspondence and papers on translations of the Book of Common Prayer for use in CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: IndiaBenson/126/94-5, 108
FP Blomfield 20, ff. 10-12BRAMSTON (John), Vicar of Witham, Essex1839FP/Blomfield/1-60/20/10-12
Benson 43 ff.282-5CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1886-1887Benson/43/282-5
Benson 14 ff.224-5Letter from CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Palestine on recommendation of Bishop I. Hellmuth as bishop in Jerusalem1884Benson/14/224-5
Coggan 70, ff.300-311Pakistanis in England7 Oct-6 Nov 1978Coggan/4-220/64-76/70/300-311
Benson 9 ff.88-95Letters on Dr. S.D. BHABA's application to be a medical missionary in CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India1883Benson/9/88-95
Benson 31 ff.212-316 passimLetters from on jurisdiction over missionaries in CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Japan1884Benson/31/262-316 passim
Benson 141 ff.147-60, 313-14 passimCHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: China1895Benson/141/147-60, 313-14 passim
Benson 124 ff.141-79 passimCHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: China1892Benson/124/141-79 passim
Benson 126 ff.115-16, 119, 126-40, 142-5CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: IndiaBenson/126/115-16, 119, 126-40, 142-5
Davidson 191, ff.161-5Outbreak of WAR1914Davidson/27-217/191/161-5
Ramsey 177, ff.199-201Correspondence on a special conference of the CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/177/199-201
LC 63 no. 12The Church and the C.M.S. in 1837; The Colonial and Missionary Episcopate; More about the memorable year 1841, articles by Eugene Stock, Editorial Secretary of C.M.S., reprinted from the Church Missionary Intelligencer, with letter from the Secretary of the C.M.S.June-August 1897LC/1897/63/12
Fisher 185, ff. 207-22CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY - union with the CHURCH OF ENGLAND ZENANA MISSIONARY SOCIETY1957Fisher/1-271/183-194/185/207-22
Ramsey 88, ff. 209-29, 231, 238-48, 251, 253-6, 258-61CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1965Ramsey/4-287/1965/88/209-29, 231, 238-48, 251, 253-6, 258-61
Ramsey 191, ff.50, 123CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/191/50, 123
Ramsey 193, ff.195-217CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Correspondence on Uganda1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/193/195-217
Ramsey 168, f.114CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Correspondence on Uganda 1969Ramsey/4-287/1969/168/114
Ramsey 244, ff. 25-55United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel1972Ramsey/4-287/1972/244/25-55
Ramsey 171, ff.20, 28-33CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Correspondence on the Student Appeal for Refugees in Africa1969Ramsey/4-287/1969/171/20, 28-33
Tait 226 ff. 19-20, 69-74, 85-88, 313-341 passimCHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India1876Tait/161-296/226/19-20, 69-74, 85-88, 313-341 passim
Coggan 79, ff.100-109Church Missionary Society (CMS)17 Jan-14 Dec 1979Coggan/4-220/77-93/79/100-109
Ellison P/18/1 f. 58Letter from Hurbert Laurence Higgs, Church Missionary Society21 Jul 1950Ellison/P/18/1/58
Tait 178 ff. 21-22CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India1871Tait/161-296/178/21-22
Tait 178 ff. 87-8VENN (Henry), Secretary of the CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1871Tait/161-296/178/87-8
Runcie/MAIN/1983/86Church Missionary Society1983Runcie/MAIN/1983/86
BCC/7/1/12/5Correspondence with Church Missionary Society, also copies of their Newsletter (1961-1962) 1958-1962BCC/7/1/12/5
JEMA/H5012/65Microfiche copy1920-1924JEMA/H5012/65
Davidson 83, ff.378-468MALABAR CHRISTIANS - Relations with the Church of England 1903Davidson/27-217/83/378-468
MS 2334, ff.155-162Papers and correspondence concerning C.M.S. and other schools, including a memorandum of a conversation between the British ambassador and British missionary societies in Turkey, with a list of schools in the Palestine mission (155-156v).22 March 1892MSS/2327-2340/2334/155-162
Tait 249 ff. 232-233CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1879Tait/161-296/249/232-233
CFR G 30Syria: Christian minorities in1950CFR/1/4/30
FP Blomfield 40, ff. 21-4aGRAY (John Hamilton), Vicar of Bolsover, Derbys.1844FP/Blomfield/1-60/40/21-4a
LC 47 ff. 214-215Letter from the Secretary of the C.M.S. to John Wordsworth, Bishop of Salisbury, on episcopal jurisdiction in Shanghai.19 July 1897LC/1897/47/214-215
FP Jackson 54Anglican churches and clergy in Australia, Pacific islands, Hawaii, New Zealand, China, Japan, Java, South America and the Falkland Islands1869-1884FP/Jackson/F/54
MS 4573 ff. 188-189'Travancore travel'. Representing the Church Missionary Society at the 150th anniversary of the arrival of C.M.S. missionaries in Travancore, India. November 1966MSS/4573-4575/4573/188-189
F. Temple 23, ff. 120-5CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India.1899F.Temple/23/120-5
Longley 3 f. 55Minute of the Church Missionary Society proposing the appointment of W.A. Russell as Bishop of Ningpo, China8 October 1866Longley/3/55
Fisher 201, ff. 217-45CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY - work of C.M.S. in east Africa1958Fisher/1-271/199-212/201/217-45
Fisher 210, ff. 244-11 passimCHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1958Fisher/1-271/199-212/210/244-11 passim
Ramsey 223, ff.1-6Church Missionary Society1972Ramsey/4-287/1972/223/1-6
F. Temple 32, ff. 229-36, 241-5, 247, 249-50CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Africa.1899F.Temple/32/229-36, 241-5, 247, 249-50
Longley 8 ff.218-219Church Missionary Society9 November 1868Longley/8/218-219
Ramsey 93, ff. 333-41CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY; SOUTH INDIA1966Ramsey/4-287/1966/93/333-41
F. Temple 25, ff. 185-90MISSIONS, Foreign Missions; ORDINATION, Anglican: Ordinands' training; CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY.1899F.Temple/25/185-90
Tait 185 ff. 117-120, 127-130, 140-143CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: China1872Tait/161-296/185/117-120, 127-130, 140-143
Ramsey 172, ff.131-3, 147, 163-71, 173, 205, 214CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1969Ramsey/4-287/1969/172/131-3, 147, 163-71, 173, 205, 214
Ramsey 49, ff. 159-60Correspondence on the appointment and tenure of the general secretary of the CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1963Ramsey/4-287/1963/49/159-60
Tait 169 ff. 225-378 passimCHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: China1870Tait/161-296/169/225-378 passim
Tait 290 ff. 197-200CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: South Africa1881Tait/161-296/290/197-200
Tait 257 ff. 262-263, 283-284, 299-300CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: China1879Tait/161-296/257/262-263, 283-284, 299-300
Tait 222 ff. 335-336CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Canada1876Tait/161-296/222/335-336
Ramsey 109, ff. 57-62, 68, 70-6, 86, 90-2, 95-6CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1966Ramsey/4-287/1966/109/57-62, 68, 70-6, 86, 90-2, 95-6
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Benson 65 ff.246-51CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India1888Benson/65/246-51
LC 14 ff. 58-64Memorandum of the committee of the Church Missionary Society on the resolution of the Conference of the province of India and Ceylon on the rights and duties of bishops (printed). Also, modification of the C.M.S. regulations on relations between bishops and missionaries (printed with annotations).LC/1878/14/58-64
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Fisher 54, ff. 336-54Annual meetings and rallies of the CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1949Fisher/1-271/51-66/54/336-54
Benson 142 ff.65-6Correspondence and papers on a Marathi Translation of the Book of Common Prayer for use in CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India1895Benson/142/65-6
Ramsey 191, ff.79, 111-12CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/191/79, 111-12
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Tait 417 ff. 62-3WALSH (William Perceval), Vicar of Stanton Harcourt, Oxon.1856Tait/409-442/409-424/417/62-3
FP Creighton 5Correspondence1896-1897FP/Creighton/5
FP Jackson 52Anglican churches and chapels in Europe: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland1866-1884FP/Jackson/F/52
Ramsey 93, ff. 328-332CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1966Ramsey/4-287/1966/93/328-332
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Ramsey 146, ff.297-302CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1968Ramsey/4-287/1968/146/297-302
Ramsey 250, ff. 44-59Church Missionary Society 1973Ramsey/4-287/1973/250/44-59
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Benson 133 ff.353-5Letter from CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY on the translation of the Book of Common Prayer1893Benson/133/353-4
Benson 10 ff.279-98CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Africa1882-1883Benson/10/279-98
Benson 92 ff.149-50CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: INDIA1888Benson/92/149-50
Benson 146 ff.269-72, 275-6, 285-6Correspondence and papers on translations of the Book of Common Prayer for use in CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India1896Benson/146/269-72, 275-6, 285-6
MS 2250 ff. 233-234Minute of the presbytery of the Church of Scotland in Kenya recording appreciation of Bishop Willis, 16 February 1934 (f. 233); resolution of the executive committee of the C.M.S. on the retirement of Bishop Willis, 11 April 1934 (f. 234).MSS/2245-2320/2250/233-234
MS 2333, ff.45-52vCorrespondence concerning Bishop Blyth's dispute with the C.M.S.1887-1889MSS/2327-2340/2333/45-52v
Bell 200, ff. 19-21CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1927Bell/184-368/196-201/200/19-21
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FP Jackson 56Diocesan Lay Readers, the London Diocesan Home Mission, and to other missionary societies1869-1884FP/Jackson/G/56
Coggan 14, ff.279-308Islamic Festival7 Mar-25 Nov 1975Coggan/4-220/4-25/14/279-308
Ramsey 249, ff. 189-194China1973Ramsey/4-287/1973/249/189-194
Tait 178 ff. 391-2VENN (Henry), Secretary of the CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1871Tait/161-296/178/391-2
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LC 75 ff. 26-8Church Missionary Society: correspondence/papersLC/1908/75/26-8
FP Porteus 37, f.9WILBERFORCE (William), philanthropist - A founder governor of the Church Missionary Society1799FP/Porteus/37/9
Benson 2 ff.279-80Letters from CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY on licensing of missionary students in England1883Benson/2/279-80
CFR PB 3CFR Publications Bureau: Administration: Correspondence: Church Missionary Society 1967-1972CFR/1/7/1/3
TDS/5/13/10Most Rev Marcus L. Loane15 Dec 1990-7 Jan 1991TDS/5/13/10
Carey/MAIN/1991/99Church Missionary Society1991Carey/MAIN/1991/99
Benson 10 ff.1-209 passimSOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE GOSPEL IN FOREIGN PARTS: Japan - Correspondence on missionary bishops in Japan1883Benson/10/1-209 passim
BSR/EXT/CMSChurch Missionary SocietyMar 1983-Dec 1985BSR/2/2/16
BSR/RACE/EXT/7The Church Missionary Society1980-1983BSR/8/7/7
MS 1383 ff. 69-72Letter from Ashurst Turner Gilbert, Bishop of Chichester, president of the C.M.S., and the Revd. Henry Venn, honorary secretary of the same, to Edward Cardwell, Colonial Secretary, 18 January 1866MSS/1374-1388/1383/69-72
Runcie/MAIN/1987/409Partnership House1986-1987Runcie/MAIN/1987/409
CFR AC 10Anglican Provinces and Dioceses in Africa1950-1977CFR/1/5/10
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Benson 18 ff.147-73Correspondence on the appointment of Bishop of EASTERN EQUATORIAL AFRICA1884Benson/18/147-73
Ramsey 150, ff.25, 27-34, 58-60CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1968Ramsey/4-287/1968/150/25, 27-34, 58-60
BCC/7/1/12/4Correspondence with Church Missionary Society (CMS)1951-1953BCC/7/1/12/4
Benson 18 ff.382-433THE CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Ceylon - Correspondence on the Rev. A.S. Amaraskara and the bishop of Colombo1884Benson/18/382-433
Benson 52 ff.373-404JAPAN, Japanese Holy Catholic Church1886Benson/52/373-404
Benson 147 ff.362-75 passimLetters and papers on missionary work in CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: China1896Benson/147/362-75 passim
Benson 145 ff.395-6, 400-5CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1896Benson/145/395-6, 400-5
F. Temple 46, ff. 181-3, 214-15CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY - Letters from on the Rev. A.F. Painter and the Rev. A.K. Finnimore1901F.Temple/46/181-3, 214-15
Ramsey 164, ff.51-3, 60, 62-4, 66, 68, 98-100, 102, 104-5, 113CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Correspondence on the Archbishops' Liaison Officer on Community Relations1969Ramsey/4-287/1969/164/51-3, 60, 62-4, 66, 68, 98-100, 102, 104-5, 113
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Tait 171 ff. 114-115VENN (Henry), Secretary of the CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Africa1870Tait/161-296/171/114-115
Tait 185 ff. 266-405 passimCHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Africa1872Tait/161-296/185/266-405 passim
MU/OS/6/135Papers relating to Mothers' Union Overseas Workers1953-[1970s?]MU/1/OS/6/135
MU/OS/5/3/22General file for the Diocese of Western Tanganyika1963-1969MU/1/OS/5/3/22
MU/OS/5/3/5General file for the Diocese of Maseno1963-1969MU/1/OS/5/3/5
MU/OS/6/56Correspondence relating to the Church Missionary Society [C.M.S.]1976-1980MU/1/OS/6/56
STOTT/4/1World Council of Churches Assembly, Uppsala5 Jan 1968-29 Oct 1970STOTT/4/1
STOTT/4/2/5/3/6/dA report by Graham Kings for CMS, with an exchange of letters with John StottSep 1989STOTT/4/2/5/3/6/d
STOTT/6/1/24Travel diary 198616 Jan-22 Nov 1986STOTT/6/1/24
STOTT/6/1/14Travel diary 1976Dec 1975-20 Dec 1976STOTT/6/1/14
STOTT/6/1/27Travel diary 1989-1990Dec 1988-22 Jun 1990STOTT/6/1/27
Fisher 24, ff. 282-325 passimAnnual meetings and rallies of the CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1947Fisher/1-271/23-38/24/282-325 passim
STOTT/5/19MissionApr 1966-Mar 1992STOTT/5/19
MS 2250 ff. 103-133A chronological calendar of events in Uganda covering the period, by George Knyfton Baskerville, Archdeacon of Uganda. 1844-1921MSS/2245-2320/2250/103-133
MS 2968 ff. 61-67Papers concerning the transfer of the Bhil (Church Missionary Society) Mission from the diocese of Nagpur to Bombay, including (ff. 61-2) a memorandum by Eyre Chatterton, Bishop of Nagpur (printed) 1915MSS/2965-3015/2968/61-67
MS 2250 ff. 147-196Pamphlets, etc., concerning the jubilee of the C.M.S. in Uganda1927MSS/2245-2320/2250/147-196
MS 2304Scrapbooks of newspaper and other cuttings1927MSS/2245-2320/2285-2305/2304
MS 2228BLYTH PAPERS1888-1912MSS/2227-2237/2228
MS 2229BLYTH PAPERS1887-1906MSS/2227-2237/2229
Benson 1651892 special packet: Bishopric of the Niger TerritoryBenson/165
FP Blomfield 9, ff. 74-75LIPSCOMB (Christopher), Bishop of Jamaica1834FP/Blomfield/1-60/9/74-75
FP Blomfield 54, f. 217Letters to VENN (Henry), Prebendary of St. Paul's, and Secretary of C.M.S. on episcopal jurisdiction over the missionaries CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETYFP/Blomfield/1-60/54/217
FP Jackson 18Surnames Edgington - Finch1863-1884FP/Jackson/D/18
FP Jackson 53Anglican churches and clergy in Canada; India; New Zealand; Australia; Africa; the West Indies; Hong Kong; Japan; Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America1869-1885FP/Jackson/F/53
LC 250Lambeth Conference 1968: Post-conference: Missionary & Liturgical Consultations, 27-28 August 19681966-1969LC/1968/246-251/250
Benson 40 ff.1-4Correspondence on the appointment of Bishop of EASTERN EQUATORIAL AFRICA1886Benson/40/1-4
Benson 65 ff.57-64CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Africa - Correspondence on the appointment of Bishop of EASTERN EQUATORIAL AFRICA1888Benson/65/57-64
Benson 79 ff.209-12Letter and paper from CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Africa
Benson 79 ff.390-4CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India - Letter on grant to a non-conformist college, Madras1888-1889Benson/79/390-4
Benson 79 ff.420-1Letter from CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India on the foundation of the bishopric of Chota Nagpur1889Benson/79/420-1
Benson 80 ff.392-411CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Africa1889-1890Benson/80/392-411
Benson 90 ff.74-9Correspondence on the appointment of Bishop of EASTERN EQUATORIAL AFRICA1890Benson/90/74-9
Benson 90 ff.269-71Letter and paper from CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: China on episcopal jurisdiction in China and Japan1890Benson/90/269-71
Benson 91 ff.1-287CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Palestine1888-1891Benson/91/1-287
Benson 91 ff.369-75CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: INDIA1890Benson/91/369-75
Benson 92 ff.156-262 passimCHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India1888-1890Benson/92/156-262 passim
Benson 95 ff.331-6CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Africa; correspondence and papers on the missionary diocese of the NIGER TERRITORY1891Benson/95/331-6
Benson 106 ff.376-8CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1892Benson/106/376-8
Benson 112 ff.250-70CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Africa1892Benson/112/250-70
Benson 125 ff.196-9, 20-5, 208, 215-18, 221-4, 237-8, 24102, 245-6, 251CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Japan1893Benson/125/196-9, 20-5, 208, 215-18, 221-4, 237-8, 24102, 245-6, 251
Benson 133 ff.342-3BLYTH (George Francis Popham), Bishop in Jerusalem 1894Benson/133/342-3
Benson 133 ff.355-6, 386-90Correspondence and papers on translations of the Book of Common Prayer for use in CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India1894Benson/133/355-6, 386-90
Benson 142 ff.295-6, 298-301, 372, 375-80CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: India1895Benson/142/295-6, 298-301, 372, 375-80
Benson 147 ff.376-81, 391-2Letters and papers from CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Japan on the appointment of the bishop of Hokkaido1896Benson/147/376-81, 391-2
Benson 174 ff.41, 165, 208, 217-18, 240-2, 252-3, 256, 273-5, 280, 293-4, 300-1, 309, 356, 376, 458, 498-501, 504-5CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Palestine1887Benson/174/41, 165, 208, 217-18, 240-2, 252-3, 256, 273-5, 280, 293-4, 300-1, 309, 356, 376, 458, 498-501, 504-5
F. Temple 5, ff. 335-7ORDINATION, Anglican: Ordinands' training1897F.Temple/5/335-7
F. Temple 50, ff. 373-83HOARE (Joseph Charles), Bishop of Victoria, Hong Kong, 1898.1900-1901F.Temple/50/373-83
W.Temple 10, ff. 338-418CHINA26 June 1942-19 Feb 1943W.Temple/1-62/10/338-418
W.Temple 28SOUTH INDIA6 Jan 1942-30 Oct 1943W.Temple/1-62/28
Tait 97 ff. 120-1COPLESTON (Reginald Stephen), Bishop of Colombo, and (1902) of Calcutta1877Tait/76-104/97/120-1
Tait 162 ff. 73-4PELHAM (Henry Thomas), 3rd Earl of Chichester, and VENN (Henry), Secretary of the C.M.S.1869Tait/161-296/162/73-4
Tait 170 ff. 261-70ALFORD (Charles Richard), Bishop of Victoria, Hong Kong1868-1869Tait/161-296/170/261-70
Tait 178 ff. 383-384, 393-394, 403-404CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: China1871Tait/161-296/178/383-384, 393-394, 403-404
Tait 185 ff. 339-43CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1872Tait/161-296/185/339-43
Tait 225 ff. 78-152COPLESTON (Reginald Stephen), Bishop of Colombo, and (1902) of Calcutta1876Tait/161-296/225/78-152
Tait 234 ff. 126-33COPLESTON (Reginald Stephen), Bishop of Colombo, and (1902) of Calcutta1877Tait/161-296/234/126-33
Tait 242 ff. 200-207COPLESTON (Reginald Stephen), Bishop of Colombo, and (1902) of Calcutta1878Tait/161-296/242/200-207
Tait 264 ff. 66-7CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Canada1880Tait/161-296/264/66-7
Tait 277 ff. 116-379COPLESTON (Reginald Stephen), Bishop of Colombo, and (1902) of Calcutta1881Tait/161-296/277/116-379
Tait 277 ff. 393-6BURDON (John Shaw), Bishop of Victoria, Hong Kong1881Tait/161-296/277/393-6
Tait 278 ff. 1-4JOHNSON (Edward Ralph), Bishop of Calcutta, and Metropolitan1881Tait/161-296/278/1-4
Tait 288 ff. 136-7, 144-5CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY: Japan - Correspondence and papers on episcopal jurisdiction in Japan1882Tait/161-296/288/136-7, 144-5
Tait 410 ff. 362-72GRIBBLE (Charles Besley), chaplain in Constantinople1865Tait/409-442/409-424/410/362-72
Tait 423 ff. 353-4, 361-4VENN (Henry), Secretary of the CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1864, 1868Tait/409-442/409-424/423/353-4, 361-4
Ramsey 36, ff. 237-9Correspondence on the patron of the CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY; Sir Kenneth George GRUBB, chairman of the House of Laity, Church Assembly - correspondence on the C.M.S.1963Ramsey/4-287/1963/36/237-9
Ramsey 36, ff. 240-2Max Alexander Cunningham WARREN, general secretary of the Church Missionary Society - correspondence on the appointment and tenure of the general secretary of the CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1963Ramsey/4-287/1963/36/240-2
Ramsey 67, ff. 226-34, 248-9, 267-72, 277-81CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY - correspondence and papers on the persecution of Christians in the Sudan; John Vernon TAYLOR, bishop of Winchester (1975) - correspondence and papers on the expulsion of Christian missionaries from the Sudan1964Ramsey/4-287/1964/67/226-34, 248-9, 267-72, 277-81
Ramsey 112, ff. 230-1Correspondence on a meeting of the CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY; Sir Kenneth George GRUBB, chairman of the House of Laity, Church Assembly - correspondence on the C.M.S1967Ramsey/4-287/1967/112/230-1
Ramsey 148, ff.59-61CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY; UNITED SOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE GOSPEL: Correspondence on the training of missionaries 1968Ramsey/4-287/1968/148/59-61
Ramsey 149, ff.26-7, 30-1, 39-40, 43-4, 49, 69-70, 88, 117-18, 123, 140, 163-9, 172-7, 219-22, 257-8CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY1968Ramsey/4-287/1968/149/26-7, 30-1, 39-40, 43-4, 49, 69-70, 88, 117-18, 123, 140, 163-9, 172-7, 219-22, 257-8
Ramsey 156, ff.251-5Letter and papers on the employment of CLERGY returning from overseas1969Ramsey/4-287/1969/156/251-5
Ramsey 177, ff.208-210Correspondence on the work of the INCORPORATED GUILD OF CHURCH MUSICIANS1970Ramsey/4-287/1970/177/208-210
JEMA/H5001/47-48Microfiche copy1958-1973JEMA/H5001/47-48
JEMA/H5001/48-51Microfiche copy1959-1975JEMA/H5001/48-51
JEMA/H5001/51-56Microfiche copy1961-1973JEMA/H5001/51-56
Runcie/ACP/1985/5Burundi, Rwanda and Zaire1984-1985Runcie/ACP/1985/5
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