RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoW.Temple 69
Extent450 ff.
TitleSermons and speeches
DescriptionTranscripts of Sermons and Speeches by W Temple

ff1-39 The sermon preached at his Enthronement in Canterbury Cathedral - 1942
ff40-47 Address by the Archbishop of Canterbury - Service of Intercession for China - July 8 1942
ff48-55 Canterbury Diocesan Conference - July 1942
ff56 The Archbishop Replies - answers to question put to him by the armed forces - The listener Aug 1942
ff57-58A Message of Comfort Sympathy and Hope - The Daily Mirror
ff59-62 Sermon at the British Council of Churches - Sep 1942
ff63- Speech by the Archbishop of Canterbury at a meeting of the Industrial Christian Fellowship - Sep 1942
ff71-88 The Church Looks Forward - Sep 1942
ff89-94 Canterbury Diocesan Conference - The Ecumenical Movement - Oct 1942
ff95-102 Britain and Germany after the War - St Jude’s Gazette Nov 1942
ff103-110 With Freedom did Christ set us Free - Czecho-Slovak Independence Day Oct 1942
ff111-124 The Church Looks Forward - Birmingham town hall meeting Nov 1942
ff125-128 Sermon at St Paul's Cathedral - Nov 1942
ff129-133 To English Speaking People - Dec 1942
ff134-136 Address by the Archbishop of Canterbury - Broadcast Dec 1942
ff137-143 From the Old Year to the New - Dec 1942
ff144-148 The Message of the Church Today - 1942
ff149-152 Dr Mansbridge and the WEA - 1942
ff153-155 Town and Country Planning Association. Canterbury - Outline - Jan 1943
ff156-165 The Churches Approach - An address delivered to a conference convened by the Central Council for Health Education - Feb 1943
ff166-179 The Church Looks Forward - Feb 1943
ff180-189 Nazi Massacres of the Jews and Others - Some Practical Proposals for Immediate Rescue - March 1943
ff190-191 The Three Hours Devotion
ff192-199 Notes for Sermons
ff200-205 The Church in the World - The British Council of Churches July 1943
ff206-209 Wakefield Cathedral Prayers - For Use During the Invasion 1943
ff210 Notes for a talk on service
ff211-213 Sermon preached at the WVS Service in Canterbury Cathedral - Sept 1943
ff214-219 Women's Voluntary Services - Civil Defence - Sept 1943
ff220-228 Sermon preached in St Paul's Cathedral on Battle of Britain Sunday - Sept 1943
ff229-231 Memorial Service to Dr William Paton - Address by the Archbishop of Canterbury - Sept 1943
ff232-241 Young Christian Looking Forward - Speeches delivered at the Central Hall Youth Meeting - Oct 1943
ff242-251 The White Paper on Education - Canterbury Diocesan Conference - Oct 1943
ff252-273 Thomism and Modern Needs - Aquinas Society Oct 1943
ff274-283 Archbishops Christmas Sermon - Dec 1943
ff284-288 Christmas Address at St Stephens for the New Year
ff289 The Divine Intrusion - A sermon preached in Canterbury Cathedral on Christmas Day - Dec 1943
ff290-292 Archbishop of Canterbury - Recording at Lambeth Palace on Friday February 4th 1944
ff293-308 The Archbishop Speaks to the Forces - Feb 1944
ff309-311 A copy of a talk by the Archbishop in the Talk to the Forces that was not used - Feb 1944
ff312-313 A discussion with the BBC for further broadcast talks - and reply - April 1944
ff314-316 The Archbishop on the Faith of Christians - April 1944
ff317-333 Further talks by the Archbishop for the Genera Forces Programme - BBC Aug 1944
ff334-335 A letter To the Members of the Conference Held at Canterbury February 25-28, 1944
ff336-337 Waiting - A talk by the Archbishop - BBC Home Service April 1944
ff338-341 Good Friday: Postscript - 1944
ff342-344 Empire Day 1944
ff345-346 Religion and Life Week Bournemouth - 1944
ff347 Damascore Society - May 1944
ff348-353 A Service Before Battle - May 1944
ff354 The Address - By the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury
ff355-360 A Talk at the YMCA - June 1944
ff361-364 Invasion Day speech
ff365-380 In memorandum for the Archbishop Oct 1944
ff381-384 Service of Prayer for China - July 1944
ff385-386 The Spiritual Issues of the War - Service of Prayer for China in St Paul's Cathedral 1944
ff387-389 National Day of Prayer - Address by the Archbishop of Canterbury Sept 1944
ff390-393 Address by the Archbishop
ff394-397 The Archbishop preaching at an open air lunch
ff398-405 The Pillars of Freedom - A series of talks by the leaders of Christian Churches Oct 1944
ff406- Draft of a Presidential Address to Convocation - 1944
ff409-415 In What Sprit are we to Approach God - notes on a sermon
ff416-420 Notes on education
ff421-429 Notes for a sermon
ff430-431 Order of service
ff432-437 Christmas Speech
ff438-450 The Sealed Book
ff451-457 Talk for the BBC

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13Temple; William (1881-1944); Archbishop of Canterbury1881-1944
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