RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoW.Temple 62, ff. 55-308
Date30 Sep 1935-Oct 1944
DescriptionPapers relating to the development of the Church of England's policy and organisation concerning youths. Includes a report of a deputation to the President of the Board of Education on 29 July 1940 (ff. 162-9), a proposed constitution for the Church of England Youth Council (ff. 249-51), and a copy of the first annual report of the Council for 1943 (ff. 302-5). Correspondents include: Martin Linton Smith, Bishop of Rochester and Chairman of the Sunday Education Committee of the National Society (ff. 57-8, 97); Alan Campbell Don, Chaplain to Archbishop Lang (ff. 76, 78, 119); the Oecumenical Youth Commission (ff. 82-3, 116); Ralph Ellis Burlingham (f. 108); Thomas Jones, Secretary of the Pilgrim Trust (f. 110); Godfrey Scott Smith, Archdeacon of Furness (f. 111); Basil Staunton Batty, Suffragan Bishop of Fulham (f. 117); Roland Harry William Roberts, Canon of Guildford (ff. 118, 125); Geoffrey Charles Lester Lunt, Bishop of Ripon (ff. 124, 203-6, 217); Geoffrey Francis Fisher, Bishop of Chester and (from 1939) London (ff. 126-7, 264, 284); Alfred Lambert Woodard, Vice-Chairman of the National Society (f. 142); Richard Edward Parsons, Director of Religious Education for the National Society (f. 144); Henry Townsend Vodden, Bishop of Hull (ff. 145-6, 219-20); Alfred Walter Frank Blunt, Bishop of Bradford (f. 153); Frederick William Thomas Craske, General Secretary of the Church of England Youth Council (passim); Herwald Ramsbotham, Minister of Education (f. 170); Sir Maurice Gerald Holmes, Permanent Secretary of the Board of Education (ff. 178, 183); Tom Longworth, Suffragan Bishop of Pontefract and Vice-Chairman of the Church of England Youth Council (f. 181); Frank Barraclough (f. 182); Richard Austen Butler, Minister of Education (ff. 210-11, 233-7, 241, 257); Sir Harold Wilberforce-Bell (ff. 214-16); Frederic Sumpter Guy Warman, Bishop of Manchester (ff. 221-2); Harold F. Peerless, General Secretary and Chaplain of the Church Lads' Brigade (ff. 231-2, 242-3, 245); Robert George Frederic Wyatt, Canon of Blackburn (f. 244); Percy Mark Herbert, Bishop of Blackburn (f. 247); Paul Thomas Radford Rowe Kirk, General Director of the Industrial Christian Fellowship (f. 253); Mary Irene Curzon, 2nd Baroness Ravensdale (f. 254); John Harold Stanley Burton, Head of Cambridge House (f. 255); Edward Michael Gresford Jones, Suffragan Bishop of Willesden and Chairman of the Church of England Youth Council (ff. 261, 293, 296, 298); David Herbert Somerset Cranage, Dean of Norwich (f. 269); Arthur Groom Parham, Suffragan Bishop of Reading (f. 278); Hugh Gerard Gibson Herklots, Youth Secretary of the British Council of Churches (f. 295); and Richard David Say, General Secretary of the Church of England Youth Council (f. 299).

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Related name records
107Smith; Martin Linton (1917-1950); Bishop of Rochester1917-1950
DS/UK/3769Don; Alan Campbell (1885-1966); Dean of Westminster1885-1966
GB/109/14564Jones; Thomas (1870-1955); economist1870-1955
GB/109/14565Smith; Godfrey Scott (1878-1944); Archdeacon of Furness1878-1944
123Batty; Basil Staunton (1873-1952); Suffragan Bishop of Fulham1873-1952
GB/109/14566Roberts; Roland Harry William (1894-1951); Canon of Truro1894-1951
DS/UK/5746Lunt; Geoffrey Charles Lester (-1948); Bishop of Salisbury-1948
12Fisher; Geoffrey Francis (1887-1972); Archbishop of Canterbury1887-1972
GB/109/13874Woodard; Alfred Lambert (1880-1971); Hon. Canon of Ely1880-1971
GB/109/14533Parsons; Richard Edward (1888-1971); Canon of York Minster1888-1971
DS/UK/5997Vodden; Henry Townsend (1887-1960); bishop of Hull1887-1960
DS/UK/3593Blunt; Alfred Walter Frank (1879-1957); bishop of Bradford1879-1957
DS/UK/3722Craske; Frederick William Thomas (1901-1971); bishop of Gibraltar1901-1971
GB/109/14567Ramsbotham; Herwald (1887-1971); 1st Viscount Soulbury1887-1971
DS/UK/4340Longworth; Tom (1891-1977); bishop of Hereford1891-1977
DS/UK/6117Butler; Richard Austen (1902-1982); Baron Butler of Saffron Walden; politician1902-1982
DS/UK/5811Warman; Frederic Sumpter Guy (-1953); Bishop of Manchester-1953
GB/109/14568Wyatt; Robert George Frederic (fl. 1907-1948); Canon of Blackburnfl. 1907-1948
DS/UK/4038Herbert; Percy Mark (1885-1968); Bishop of Norwich1885-1968
DS/UK/3692Church of England; Youth Council
DS/UK/4370Central Youth Council of the Church of England
GB/109/13881Kirk; Paul Thomas Radford Rowe (-1962); Prebendary of St. Paul's-1962
DS/UK/6253Curzon; (Mary) Irene (1896-1966); Baroness Ravensdale, and Baroness Ravensdale of Kedleston; welfare worker1896-1966
DS/UK/5796Jones; Edward Michael Gresford (1901-1982); Bishop of St. Albans1901-1982
307Cranage; David Herbert Somerset (1866-1957); Dean of Norwich1866-1957
DS/UK/5174Parham; Arthur Groom (1883-1961); suffragan bishop of Reading1883-1961
GB/109/8867Herklots; Hugh Gerard Gibson (1903-1971); moderator of the Church Colleges of Education1903-1971
105Say; Richard David (1914-2006); Bishop of Rochester1914-2006
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