RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoW.Temple 52
Extent374 ff.
TitleWAR 1939-45
Date6 Jan 1943-31 Jan 1944
DescriptionPapers relating to the recruitment and supervision of chaplains to the Armed Services, including material on chaplaincy work among prisoners of war. Correspondents include: Herbert Pike Pease, 1st Baron Daryngton (f. 3); Albert Augustus David, Bishop of Liverpool (f. 10); Edward Sydney Woods, Bishop of Lichfield (ff. 12, 282); Maurice Henry Edwards, Chaplain-in-Chief to the Royal Air Force (passim); Leslie Owen, Suffragan Bishop of Jarrow (ff. 32-3); Charles Douglas Symons, Chaplain-General to the Forces (passim); Sidney Ernest Swann, Hon. Canon of Bristol (ff. 43-4, 113-14, 174-5, 183); Clifford Salisbury Woodward, Bishop of Bristol (f. 52); Douglas Henry Crick, Bishop of Chester (f. 61); Geoffrey Francis Fisher, Bishop of London (ff. 67, 73, 179, 272, 289, 361); John Macleod Campbell, Secretary of the Church Assembly Missionary Council (ff. 68-70, 271, 367); Lilias Marjorie Lunt, wife of Bishop Geoffrey Charles Lester Lunt (f. 84); Robert Hamilton Moberly, Suffragan Bishop of Stepney (f. 85); Richard Edward Parsons, Canon of York (ff. 87, 129, 178, 225, 305-6); Thomas Crick, Chaplain of the Fleet (ff. 94-5, 101, 111); William Wilson Cash, Bishop of Worcester (ff. 107-10); John Percy Hales, Archdeacon of Newark (f. 119); Harold Evelyn Hubbard, Suffragan Bishop of Whitby (ff. 125-6, 168-9); Geoffrey Charles Lester Lunt, Bishop of Ripon (ff. 147-64); Eric Symes Abbott, Warden of Lincoln Theological College (f. 181); Henry Herbert Williams, Bishop of Carlisle (f. 182); Christopher Maude Chavasse, Bishop of Rochester (f. 185); Ernest Neville Lovett, Bishop of Salisbury (ff. 192-3); Michael Bolton Furse, Bishop of St. Albans (f. 195); Charles Henry Lambert, Canon of Blackburn (ff. 210, 215); Thomas Grigg-Smith (ff. 218, 357-9); Alfred Edward John Rawlinson, Bishop of Derby (f. 227); Harold Jocelyn Buxton, Bishop of Gibraltar (ff. 238-9); Ronald Ralph Williams, Director of the Religious Division of the Ministry of Information (f. 253); Hugh Christopher Lempriere Heywood, Dean of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge (f. 257); John Kenneth Wilson, Chaplain to the Fleet (ff. 258, 264); Sir Richard Granville Hylton Howard-Vyse (f. 266); Ernest Cyril Gepp, Director of Prisoners of War (ff. 269, 355); Lemprière Durell Hammond, Suffragan Bishop of Stafford (ff. 283-5); John Baillie, Moderator of the Church of Scotland General Assembly (ff. 290, 312); Oswald Constantine John Phipps, 4th Marquis of Normanby (f. 291); John Victor Macmillan, Bishop of Guildford (ff. 292-3); David Colin Dunlop, Provost of St. Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh (f. 302); Archibald Henry Macdonald Sinclair, Secretary of State for Air (f. 304); and James Grove White Tuckey, Canon of Ripon (f. 368). Also includes papers concerning Church of Scotland chaplains to the forces (ff. 103-6), alternate forms of services for use with the forces (ff. 130-46), and a joint pastoral letter to the forces from Archbishop Temple and Cyril Forster Garbett, Archbishop of York (f. 299).

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Related name records
GB/109/14204Pease; Lord; Herbert Pike (1867-1949); 1st Baron Daryngton; Third Estates Commissioner; Treasurer of Queen Anne's Bounty1867-1949
310David; Albert Augustus (1867-1950); Bishop of Liverpool1867-1950
DS/UK/5564Woods; Edward Sydney (1877-1953); Bishop of Lichfield1877-1953
GB/109/13828Edwards; Maurice Henry (1886-1961); Chaplain-in-Chief to the R.A.F.1886-1961
DS/UK/5803Owen; Leslie (1886-1947); Bishop of Lincoln1886-1947
GB/109/13826Symons; Charles Douglas (1885-1949); Chaplain-General to the Forces1885-1949
GB/109/14416Swann; Sidney Ernest (1890-1976); Hon. Canon of Bristol1890-1976
DS/UK/5565Woodward; Clifford Salisbury (1878-1959); Bishop of Gloucester1878-1959
DS/UK/3724Crick; Douglas Henry (-1973); bishop of Chester-1973
12Fisher; Geoffrey Francis (1887-1972); Archbishop of Canterbury1887-1972
DS/UK/3642Campbell; John Macleod (fl. 1937-1961); secretary of the Church Assembly Missionary Councilfl. 1937-1961
131Moberly; Robert Hamilton (1884-1978); Suffragan Bishop of Stepney1884-1978
GB/109/14252Crick; Thomas (1885-1970); Chaplain of the Fleet1885-1970
DS/UK/3655Cash; William Wilson (1880-1955); bishop of Worcester1880-1955
GB/109/14422Hales; John Percy (1870-1952); Archdeacon of Newark1870-1952
DS/UK/5794Hubbard; Harold Evelyn (1883-1953); Suffragan Bishop of Whitby1883-1953
DS/UK/5746Lunt; Geoffrey Charles Lester (-1948); Bishop of Salisbury-1948
DS/UK/3439Abbott; Eric Symes (1906-1983); Dean of Westminster1906-1983
DS/UK/5821Williams; Henry Herbert (-1961); Bishop of Carlisle-1961
106Chavasse; Christopher Maude (1884-1962); Bishop of Rochester1884-1962
DS/UK/4902Lovett; Ernest Neville (1869-1951); Bishop of Salisbury1869-1951
101Furse; Michael Bolton (1870-1955); Bishop of St. Albans1870-1955
GB/109/13706Lambert; Charles Henry (1894-1983); Canon of Blackburn1894-1983
DS/UK/3499Rawlinson; (Alfred Edward) John (1884-1960); Bishop of Derby1884-1960
280Buxton; Harold Jocelyn (1880-1976); Bishop of Gibraltar1880-1976
DS/UK/3472Williams; Ronald Ralph (1906-1979); Bishop of Leicester1906-1979
GB/109/7857Heywood; Hugh Christopher Lempriere (1896-1987); Dean of Southwell1896-1987
GB/109/13839Wilson; John Kenneth (1890-1949); Archdeacon for the Royal Navy1890-1949
DS/UK/4977Hammond; Lemprière Durell (1881-1965); Suffragan Bishop of Stafford1881-1965
GB/109/8007Baillie; John (1886-1960); theologian1886-1960
GB/109/14425Phipps; Oswald Constantine John (1912-1994); 4th Marquis of Normanby1912-1994
DS/UK/3498Macmillan; John Victor (1877-1956); Bishop of Guildford1877-1956
78Garbett; Cyril Forster (1875-1955); Archbishop of York1875-1955
DS/UK/3775Dunlop; David Colin (1897-1968); dean of Lincoln1897-1968
GB/109/14426Sinclair; Archibald Henry Macdonald (1890-1970); 1st Viscount Thurso; politician1890-1970
GB/109/14431Tuckey; James Grove White (1864-1947); Canon of Ripon1864-1947
NA1288Church of Scotland
GB/109/14533Parsons; Richard Edward (1888-1971); Canon of York Minster1888-1971
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