RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoW.Temple 48, ff. 1-175
TitleWilliam TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury
Date22 Feb 1945-4 Aug 1949
DescriptionReminiscences of Archbishop Temple (22 Feb-23 Aug 1945 and 3-4 Aug 1949, with some undated). Correspondents include: Robert Richmond Raymer, British chaplain in Greece (ff. 24-5); John McIntosh Swift, Canon Emeritus of Liverpool (f. 26); Thomas Whitehead Taylor, Hon. Canon of Manchester (f. 35); Charles Hugh Egerton Smyth, Hon. Canon of Derby and fellow of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge (f. 64); Lionel Spencer Thornton (ff. 84-5); Spencer Leeson, Headmaster of Winchester College (ff. 86-7); Harry Arthur Siepmann, Executive Director of the Bank of England (f. 88); Laurence William Grensted, Nolloth Professor of the Philosophy of the Christian Religion, Oxford (ff. 89-92); Walter Fraser Oakeshott, High Master of St Paul's School, Wokingham (ff. 95-8); Eric Graham, Bishop of Brechin (ff. 99-102); Hugh Martin, Managing Director of the Student Christian Movement Press (ff. 103-20); Cyril Coniston Clemens, President of the International Mark Twain Society (f. 121); Martin Patrick Grainge Leonard, Provost of St. Mary's Cathedral, Glasgow (f. 123); Charles Earle Raven, Master of Christ's College, Cambridge (ff. 128-9); Herbert George Wood (ff. 130-2); James Ralph Darling, Headmaster of the Geelong Church of England Grammar School, Corio, Australia (ff. 137-42); Leonard Knight Elmhirst (ff. 144, 146-8); [Sir Frank Fletcher] (ff. 152-62); [Kurt Matthias Robert Martin Hahn, founder of Gordonstoun School] (ff. 163-5); and [Malcolm Spencer, Secretary of the Congregational Union of England and Wales] (ff. 168-73). Also includes notes by Frederic Athelwold Iremonger, Dean of Lichfield and Archbishop Temple's biographer (ff. 133-6, 143), and a photograph of Archbishop Temple's entry in the baptismal register of the Cathedral of Exeter (f. 175).

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13Temple; William (1881-1944); Archbishop of Canterbury1881-1944
DS/UK/5225Raymer; Robert Richmond (1870-1948); Colonel1870-1948
GB/109/7016Smyth; Charles Hugh Egerton (1903-1987); Ecclesiastical Historian1903-1987
GB/109/10917Thornton; Lionel Spencer (1884-1960); theologian1884-1960
DS/UK/3171Leeson; Spencer Stottisbury Gwatkin (1892-1956); Bishop of Peterborough1892-1956
DS/UK/6102Grensted; Laurence William (1884-1964); Canon; Nolloth Professor of the Christian Religion at Oxford.1884-1964
GB/109/11525Oakeshott; Walter Fraser (1903-1987); art historian1903-1987
DS/UK/3914Graham; Eric (1888-1964); Bishop of Brechin1888-1964
439Martin; Hugh (1890-1964); Hon. Secretary to Friends of Reunion1890-1964
GB/109/14332Leonard; Martin Patrick Grainge (1889-1963); Suffragan Bishop of Thetford1889-1963
503Raven; Charles Earle (1885-1964); Regius Professor of Divinity, Cambridge1885-1964
DS/UK/3817Iremonger; Frederic Athelwold (1878-1952); Dean of Lichfield1878-1952
GB/109/13943Darling; Sir; James Ralph (1899-1995)1899-1995
GB/109/13671Elmhirst; Leonard Knight (1893-1974); agricultural economist1893-1974
GB/109/14095Hahn; Kurt Matthias Robert Martin (1886-1974); Educationalist1886-1974
GB/109/16279Fletcher; Sir; Frank (1870-1954); Knight1870-1954
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