RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoW.Temple 47, ff. 345-410
TitleWilliam TEMPLE, Archbishop of Canterbury
Date26 Oct 1944-27 Jan 1945
DescriptionMessages of sympathy to Mrs. Frances Temple following Archbishop Temple's death, including correspondence from: Richard Austen Butler, Minister of Education (f. 345); Christopher Maude Chavasse, Bishop of Rochester (f. 346); Geoffrey Francis Fisher, Bishop of London (f. 347); Michael Bolton Furse, Bishop of St. Albans (f. 348); Cyril Forster Garbett, Archbishop of York (f. 349): Henry Townsend Vodden, Suffragan Bishop of Hull (ff. 350-2); William Cosmo Gordon Lang, Baron Lang of Lambeth (f. 353); Arnold Joseph Toynbee (f. 354); Maurice Henry Harland, Suffragan Bishop of Croydon (f. 355); Harold Evelyn Hubbard, Suffragan Bishop of Whitby (f. 356); Kenneth Escott Kirk, Bishop of Oxford (f. 357); Stanislaw Mikolajczyk, Prime Minister of the Polish Government in exile (f. 358); Peter II, King of Yugoslavia (ff. 359, 400); Field-Marshal Jan Christian Smuts, Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa (f. 360); Jan Sramek, Prime Minister of the Czechoslovak Government in exile (f. 361); Wladyslaw Raczkiewicz, President of the Polish Governemnt in exile (f. 362); Frederic Sumpter Guy Warman, Bishop of Manchester (f. 364); Bishop Savva, Orthodox Chaplain to the Polish Forces (f. 363); William James Conybeare, Provost of Southwell (ff. 365-6); Norman Henry Tubbs, Assistant Bishop and Dean of Chester (f. 367); Henry Herbert Williams, Bishop of Carlisle (f. 368); Olaf Henry Thompson (ff. 369-70); Vi Kyuin Wellington Koo, Chinese Ambassador in London (ff. 371-3); Herbert Hensley Henson, former Bishop of Durham (ff. 374-5); the Labour Party (f. 377); Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia (f. 378); William Louis Anderson, Bishop of Portsmouth (ff. 380-1); Gregory Dix, Prior of Nashdom Abbey (ff. 383-5); the Central Office of the Society of Friends (f. 386); Robert Howard Hodgkin, Provost of Queen's College, Oxford (ff. 387-8); Thomas Stearns Eliot (f. 392); Richard Brook, Bishop of St. Edmundsbury and Ipswich (f. 394); Weston Henry Stewart, Bishop in Jerusalem (ff. 395-6); Leonard Stanley Kempthorne, Bishop in Polynesia (f. 404); the Student Christian Movement (f. 405); Philip Thomas Byard Clayton (ff. 406-7); and Vigo Auguste Demant, Canon of St. Paul's (f. 408), enclosing a copy of the Church Union Gazette for winter 1945 with a commemorative sermon by Demant (ff. 409-10). Also includes a joint letter from members of the provisional committee of the World Council of Churches, such as Germanos Strenopoulos, Archbishop of Thyateira, Joseph Houldsworth Oldham, George Kennedy Allen Bell, Bishop of Chichester, Sir Walter Moberly, Melbourn Evans Aubrey and others (f. 393), and copies of some letters from Mrs. Frances Temple in reply to messages of condolence (ff. 401-3).

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13Temple; William (1881-1944); Archbishop of Canterbury1881-1944
DS/UK/6117Butler; Richard Austen (1902-1982); Baron Butler of Saffron Walden; politician1902-1982
106Chavasse; Christopher Maude (1884-1962); Bishop of Rochester1884-1962
12Fisher; Geoffrey Francis (1887-1972); Archbishop of Canterbury1887-1972
101Furse; Michael Bolton (1870-1955); Bishop of St. Albans1870-1955
78Garbett; Cyril Forster (1875-1955); Archbishop of York1875-1955
DS/UK/5997Vodden; Henry Townsend (1887-1960); bishop of Hull1887-1960
14Lang; William Cosmo Gordon (1864-1945); Archbishop of Canterbury1864-1945
DS/UK/6280Toynbee; Arnold Joseph (1889-1975); historian1889-1975
DS/UK/4979Harland; Maurice Henry (1896-1986); Bishop of Durham1896-1986
DS/UK/5794Hubbard; Harold Evelyn (1883-1953); Suffragan Bishop of Whitby1883-1953
DS/UK/3497Kirk; Kenneth Escott (1886-1954); Bishop of Oxford1886-1954
GB/109/14328Mikolajczyk; Stanislaw (1901-1966); Polish politician1901-1966
DS/UK/5223Peter II (1923-1970); King of Yugoslavia1923-1970
GB/109/6960Smuts; Jan Christian (1870-1950); Field-Marshal; Statesman1870-1950
GB/109/14329Sramek; Jan (1870-1956); Czechoslovak politician1870-1956
GB/109/14330Raczkiewicz; Wladyslaw (1885-1947); Polish politician1885-1947
DS/UK/5811Warman; Frederic Sumpter Guy (-1953); Bishop of Manchester-1953
DS/UK/4052Conybeare; William James (1871-1955); Provost of Southwell1871-1955
DS/UK/5496Tubbs; Norman Henry (1879-1965); Bishop of Rangoon1879-1965
DS/UK/5821Williams; Henry Herbert (-1961); Bishop of Carlisle-1961
GB/109/14331Koo; Vi Kyuin Wellington (1888-1985); Chinese politician1888-1985
377Henson; Herbert Hensley (1863-1947); Bishop of Durham1863-1947
DS/UK/6455Labour Party; 1900-1900-
DS/UK/5392Selassie; Haile (1892-1975); Emperor of Ethiopia1892-1975
DS/UK/4134Anderson; William Louis (1892-1972); Bishop of Salisbury1892-1972
323Dix; Gregory (1901-1952); Dom Gregory, Prior of Nashdom Abbey1901-1952
DS/UK/5245Religious Society of Friends
382Hodgkin; Robert Howard (1877-1951); Provost of Queen's College, Oxford1877-1951
337Eliot; Thomas Stearns (1888-1965); poet1888-1965
NA2499World Council of Churches; 1948-1948-
DS/UK/3900Strenopoulos; Germanos (1872-1951); Archibishop of Thyateira1872-1951
472Oldham; Joseph Houldsworth (1874-1969); editor of The Christian Newsletter1874-1969
GB/109/13758Moberly; Sir; Walter (1881-1974); Principal of St Catherine's, Cumberland Lodge, Windsor1881-1974
DS/UK/3541Aubrey; Melbourn Evans (1885-1957); President and General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and Ireland1885-1957
269Brook; Richard (1880-1969); Bishop of St. Edmundsbury and Ipswich1880-1969
DS/UK/5361Stewart; Weston Henry (1887-1969); Bishop in Jerusalem1887-1969
DS/UK/4168Kempthorne; Leonard Stanley (1886-1963); bishop in Polynesia1886-1963
DS/UK/5463Student Christian Movement
DS/UK/4620Clayton; Philip Thomas Byard (1885-1972); Founder of Toc H Movement1885-1972
DS/UK/6306Demant; Vigo Auguste (1893-1983); Canon of St. Paul's; Regius Professor of Pastoral Theology, Oxford1893-1983
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