RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoW.Temple 4, ff. 293-400
TitleDiocese of BATH AND WELLS
Date13 Aug 1942-16 Sep 1944
DescriptionLetters and papers on the ill health and incapacity of Francis Underhill, Bishop of Bath and Wells (from 1937-43), and the consequent misadministration of the diocese; on John William Charles Wand, Archbishop of Brisbane, and his unsuitability for his post; on the administration of Bath and Wells during the vacancy following Underhill's death, and potential candidates for the see; on the appointment of Wand for Bath and Wells (from 1943), and opposition to his election and confirmation; and on proposals for the future employment of Edmund Willoughby Sara, Assistant Bishop of Bath and Wells. Correspondents include: Archbishop Temple (passim); Henry Frewen Le Fanu, Archbishop of Perth and Primate of Australia (ff. 295-7a); William Heaton-Renshaw, Prebendary of Wells (ff. 298-9); Walter Norman Higgins, Archdeacon of Wells (ff. 302-3); Lonsdale Ragg, Archdeacon of Gibraltar (f. 310); David Colin Dunlop, Canon Emeritus of Chichester (f. 313); the Anglican Evangelical Group Movement (ff. 314-15); James Raitt Brown, Secretary of the Ecclesiastical Commission (f. 319); Alfred Cecil Cooper, Bishop of Korea (f. 320); Anthony Bevir, private secretary to Prime Minister Winston Churchill (ff. 324-5, 338, 353, 359, 367, 375); George Arthur Hollis, Suffragan Bishop of Taunton (ff. 327-8, 332); St. John Basil Wynne Willson, formerly Bishop of Bath and Wells (f. 330); Henry Thomas Alexander Dashwood, Principal Registrar of the Province of Canterbury (ff. 334, 362, 371-4); Wand (ff. 337, 350, 361); Sara (ff. 340, 349, 384); Mary Sara, wife of Bishop Sara (ff. 391-2, 400); William Marshall Selwyn, Archdeacon of Bath (f. 344); the National Union of Protestants (ff. 354, 357); Henry Aylmer Skelton, Bishop of Lincoln (f. 363); John Dauglish, Bishop of Nassau (f. 368); Frank Russell Barry, Bishop of Southwell (f. 376); Reginald Somerset Ward (ff. 388-9); Ernest Neville Lovett, Bishop of Salisbury (f. 396); William Wilson Cash, Bishop of Worcester (f. 397); and Richard Godfrey Parsons, Bishop of Hereford (f. 399).

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Related name records
DS/UK/4175Diocese of Bath and Wells
DS/UK/5499Underhill; Francis (1878-1943); Bishop of Bath and Wells1878-1943
581Wand; John William Charles (1885-1977); Bishop of London1885-1977
DS/UK/4267Le Fanu; Henry Frewen (1870-1946); Archbishop of Perth1870-1946
GB/109/13722Renshaw; William Heaton- (fl. 1901-1948); Prebendary of Wellsfl. 1901-1948
DS/UK/3200Sara; Edmund Willoughby (1891-1965); Assistant Bishop of Hereford1891-1965
GB/109/13723Higgins; Walter Norman (1880-1957); Archdeacon of Wells1880-1957
GB/109/13724Ragg; Lonsdale (1866-1945); Archdeacon of Gibraltar1866-1945
DS/UK/3775Dunlop; David Colin (1897-1968); dean of Lincoln1897-1968
821Anglican Evangelical Group Movement
270Brown; Sir; James Raitt (1892-1979); Knight; Third Church Estates Commissioners1892-1979
DS/UK/3710Cooper; Alfred Cecil (1882-1964); Bishop in Korea1882-1964
GB/109/13725Hollis; George Arthur (1868-1944); Suffragan Bishop of Taunton1868-1944
308Dashwood; Sir; Henry Thomas Alexander (1878-1959); Knight; Principal Registrar of the Province of Canterbury1878-1959
GB/109/13726Selwyn; William Marshall (1880-1951); Suffragan Bishop of Fulham1880-1951
DS/UK/5777National Union of Protestants
DS/UK/5409Skelton; Henry Aylmer (1884-1959); Bishop of Lincoln1884-1959
DS/UK/4387Dauglish; John (1879-1952); Bishop of Nassau1879-1952
DS/UK/3561Barry; (Frank) Russell (1890-1976); bishop of Southwell1890-1976
584Ward; Reginald Somerset (1881-1962); Spiritual director1881-1962
DS/UK/4902Lovett; Ernest Neville (1869-1951); Bishop of Salisbury1869-1951
DS/UK/3655Cash; William Wilson (1880-1955); bishop of Worcester1880-1955
482Parsons; Richard Godfrey (1882-1948); Bishop of Hereford1882-1948
DS/UK/5825Wilson; St. John Basil Wynne (1868-1946); Bishop of Bath and Wells1868-1946
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