RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoW.Temple 28
Extent381 ff.
Date6 Jan 1942-30 Oct 1943
DescriptionPapers relating to a proposed scheme for church union in South India, including correspondence on the validity of orders and sacraments and on potential repercussions of union on relations between the Anglican Communion and the Eastern Orthodox Church. Includes letters of opposition from English parish priests; an address given to the Bombay Church Conference on 4 November 1942 by Richard Dyke Acland, Bishop of Bombay (ff. 23-7); minutes of a deputation on 28 January 1943 to Archbishop Temple regarding the proposed scheme (ff. 35-41); a published copy of 'Christian Unity and Church Reunion', Archbishop Temple's presidential address to Convocation on 25 May 1943 (ff. 136-45), with a manuscript draft of the same (ff. 146-67); minutes of a meeting of the central consultative body of the Lambeth Conference held on 9 July 1943 (ff. 222-4), with a manuscript draft of the same signed by Archbishop Temple, Cyril Forster Garbett, Archbishop of York, John Jamieson Willis, Assistant Bishop of Leicester, Edwin James Palmer, Assistant Bishop of Gloucester, Albert Augustus David, Bishop of Liverpool, George Kennedy Allen Bell, Bishop of Chichester, Charles Ridley Duppuy, Assistant Bishop of Worcester, Samuel Heaslett, Assistant Bishop of Sheffield, Ernest Denny Logie Danson, Bishop of Edinburgh and Primus of the Episcopal Church in Scotland, Edward Sydney Woods, Bishop of Lichfield, Bishop Frederick James Western, Michael Bolton Furse, Bishop of St. Albans, Henry Herbert Williams, Bishop of Carlisle, and Arthur Cayley Headlam, Bishop of Gloucester (ff. 225-9); sections of The Record for 18 June 1943 (ff. 279a-80); and a copy of 'Church Union and the Relative Validity of Orders' by Rao Bahadur John Kuriyan (ff. 306-11). Correspondents include: Archbishop Temple (passim); Claude Beaufort Moss (ff. 3-5); Leonard Hodgson, Canon of Christ Church, Oxford (ff. 6-8); Oliver Chase Quick, Canon of Christ Church and Regius Professor of Divinity in the University of Oxford (ff. 9-10); the Church Missionary Society (f. 11); James Edward Lesslie Newbigin, Church of Scotland Missionary (ff. 13-15); John Russell Darbyshire, Archbishop of Capetown (f. 28); Edward Sydney Woods, Bishop of Lichfield (ff. 32-4); Hugh Richard Heathcote Gascoyne-Cecil, 1st Baron Quickswood and Provost of Eton College (ff. 45, 52); Foss Westcott, Bishop of Calcutta and Metropolitan of India, Burma and Ceylon (passim); Edwin James Palmer, Assistant Bishop of Gloucester (ff. 54-5); [Ronald Ralph] Williams, Chairman of the Anglican Evangelical Group Movement (f. 56); the Council for the Defence of Church Principles (ff. 68-70); Henry Joy Fynes-Clinton, founder of the Anglican and Eastern Churches Association (ff. 77-8, 82); Eric Lionel Mascall, Sub-Warden of Lincoln (f. 96); Cyril Forster Garbett, Archbishop of York (ff. 97, 100, 366); Thomas Howard Birley, Bishop of Zanzibar (f. 102); Ernest Denny Logie Danson, Bishop of Edinburgh and Primus of the Episcopal Church in Scotland (f. 103), enclosing a memorandum on the South India scheme by the bishops of the Scottish Episcopal Church (ff. 104-6); Michael Bolton Furse, Bishop of St. Albans (f. 107); John Dauglish, Assistant Bishop of St. Albans and Secretary of the S.P.G. (ff. 118-19); William Louis Anderson, Bishop of Portsmouth (ff. 121-2); Neville Vincent Gorton, Bishop of Coventry (f. 135); Albert Edward Baker, Canon of York (ff. 170-1); Walter James Noble, President of the Conference of the Methodist Church (ff. 176-7, 206); Arthur Mervyn Stockwood (f. 181); Alfred Ernest Garvie, Principal Emeritus of Hackney and New College (ff. 184, 189-90); John Baillie, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland (f. 186); Roy Drummond Whitehorn, Moderator of the Free Church Federal Council (ff. 187-8); John Scott Lidgett, President of the United Methodist Church (ff. 193-4); Norman Sykes (ff. 207, 281-5); Charles Alfred Howell Green, Bishop of Bangor and Archbishop of Wales (f. 209); Methodist Missionary Society (f. 210); John Allen Fitzgerald Gregg, Anglican Archbishop of Armagh (f. 215); Guy Vernon Smith, Bishop of Leicester (f. 216); John Albert Douglas, Secretary of the Church of England Council on Foreign Relations (ff. 220-1, 368-70, 372); Leopold Charles Maurice Stennett Amery, Secretary of State for India and Burma (ff. 233, 323); Gerald Webb Broomfield, Secretary of the Universities' Mission to Central Africa (ff. 234-6, 289-96, 315-16, 329, 331-2); Bishop Frederick James Western (ff. 237, 330); Philip Henry Loyd, Bishop of Nasik (ff. 242-57); Reginald Tribe, Director of the Society of the Sacred Mission (ff. 258-64); Arthur Cayley Headlam, Bishop of Gloucester (ff. 265, 273-8); James Dewolf Perry, Bishop of Rhode Island (ff. 267-8); Trevor Gervase Jalland (ff. 297-8); David Herbert Somerset Cranage, Dean of Norwich (ff. 312, 322); Mervyn George Haigh, Bishop of Winchester (f. 321); Geoffrey Francis Fisher, Bishop of London (f. 324); George Kennedy Allen Bell, Bishop of Chichester (ff. 326-7); Herbert Hamilton Kelly (ff. 333, 342-4), including a copy of the S.S.M. Quarterly, vol. 44, no. 161 (ff. 334-41); Arthur Henry Anstey, Bishop of Trinidad and Archbishop of the West Indies (ff. 352-3), containing opinions on the South India union scheme by George Sumner Hand, Bishop of Antigua, David Williams Bentley, Bishop of Barbados, Alan John Knight, Bishop of Guiana, Spence Burton, Bishop of Nassau and The Bahamas, and Horace Norman Vincent Tonks, Bishop of the Windward Islands; Kenneth Escott Kirk, Bishop of Oxford (ff. 354-5, 367); Walter Robert Adams, Bishop of Kootenay (f. 356); Edwin James Palmer, Assistant Bishop of Gloucester (ff. 373-4); Henry Thomas Alexander Dashwood, Principal Registrar of the Province of Canterbury (f. 375); and [William Frederick] Lofthouse (ff. 379-81).

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DS/UK/3245Moss; Claude Beaufort (1888-1964); Vice Principal of St Boniface College, Warminster, and Secretary of the Society of St Willibrord1888-1964
DS/UK/4078Hodgson; Leonard (1889-1969); theologian1889-1969
NA2439Quick; Oliver Chase (1885-1944); clergyman and Professor of Divinity, University of Oxford1885-1944
1007Church Missionary Society; 1799-1799-
DS/UK/5444Newbigin; James Edward Lesslie (1909-1998); Bishop in Madras1909-1998
DS/UK/5570Acland; Richard Dyke (1881-1954); Bishop of Bombay1881-1954
DS/UK/3741Darbyshire; John Russell (1880-1948); Archbishop of Cape Town1880-1948
DS/UK/5564Woods; Edward Sydney (1877-1953); Bishop of Lichfield1877-1953
349Gascoyne-Cecil; Lord; Hugh Richard Heathcote (1869-1956); 1st Baron Quickswood1869-1956
DS/UK/5571Westcott; Foss (1863-1949); Bishop of Calcutta1863-1949
623Palmer; Edwin James (1869-1954); Bishop of Bombay1869-1954
DS/UK/3472Williams; Ronald Ralph (1906-1979); Bishop of Leicester1906-1979
161Committee for the Defence of Church Principles; 1943-19591943-1959
NA2510Fynes-Clinton; Henry Joy (1875-1959); Founder of Anglican and Eastern Churches Association1875-1959
440Mascall; Eric Lionel (1905-1993); Professor of Historical Theology, King's College, London1905-1993
78Garbett; Cyril Forster (1875-1955); Archbishop of York1875-1955
DS/UK/3585Birley; Thomas Howard (1865-1949); bishop in Zanzibar and East Africa1865-1949
DS/UK/3740Danson; Ernest Denny Logie (1880-1946); bishop of Edinburgh1880-1946
101Furse; Michael Bolton (1870-1955); Bishop of St. Albans1870-1955
DS/UK/4387Dauglish; John (1879-1952); Bishop of Nassau1879-1952
DS/UK/4134Anderson; William Louis (1892-1972); Bishop of Salisbury1892-1972
DS/UK/3911Gorton; Neville Vincent (1888-1955); bishop of Coventry1888-1955
GB/109/13666Baker; Albert Edward (fl. 1905-1947); Canon of Yorkfl. 1905-1947
GB/109/14175Noble; Walter James (1879-1962); President of the Conference of the Methodist Church1879-1962
550Stockwood; Arthur Mervyn (1913-1995); Bishop of Southwark1913-1995
GB/109/13785Garvie; Alfred Ernest (1861-1945); Principal Emeritus of Hackney and New College1861-1945
GB/109/8007Baillie; John (1886-1960); theologian1886-1960
DS/UK/4273Lidgett; John Scott (1854-1953); President of United Methodist Church1854-1953
556Sykes; Norman (1897-1961); Dean of Winchester1897-1961
358Green; Charles Alfred Howell (1864-1944); Archbishop of Wales1864-1944
362Gregg; John Allen Fitzgerald (1873-1961); Archbishop of Armagh1873-1961
DS/UK/5433Smith; Guy Vernon (1880-1957); Bishop of Leicester1880-1957
326Douglas; John Albert (1868-1956); Hon. Gen. Secretary of the Church of England Council on Foreign Relations1868-1956
NA2585Willis; John Jamieson (1872-1954); Bishop of Uganda1872-1954
310David; Albert Augustus (1867-1950); Bishop of Liverpool1867-1950
135Bell; George Kennedy Allen (1883-1958); Bishop of Chichester1883-1958
DS/UK/3778Duppuy; Charles Ridley (-1944); bishop of Victoria, Hong Kong-1944
DS/UK/4036Heaslett; Samuel (1875-1947); bishop of South Tokyo1875-1947
593Western; Frederick James (1880-1951); Bishop of Tinnevelly1880-1951
DS/UK/5821Williams; Henry Herbert (-1961); Bishop of Carlisle-1961
374Headlam; Arthur Cayley (1862-1947); Bishop of Gloucester1862-1947
GB/109/11360Amery; Leopold Charles Maurice Stennett (1873-1955); statesman1873-1955
DS/UK/3616Broomfield; Gerald Webb (fl. 1943-1962); secretary to the U.M.C.A.fl. 1943-1962
100Loyd; Philip Henry (1884-1952); Bishop of St. Albans1884-1952
393Jalland; Trevor Gervase (1896-1975); Vicar of St. Thomas, Oxford1896-1975
307Cranage; David Herbert Somerset (1866-1957); Dean of Norwich1866-1957
89Haigh; Mervyn George (1887-1962); Bishop of Winchester1887-1962
12Fisher; Geoffrey Francis (1887-1972); Archbishop of Canterbury1887-1972
DS/UK/3266Kelly; Herbert Hamilton (1860-1950); Director of the Society of the Sacred Mission1860-1950
DS/UK/5577Anstey; Arthur Henry (-1955); Bishop of Trinidad-1955
DS/UK/4978Hand; George Sumner (-1945); Bishop of Antigua-1945
DS/UK/3570Bentley; David Williams (-1970); bishop of Barbados-1970
DS/UK/4213Knight; Alan John (1902-1979); Archbishop of the West Indies1902-1979
DS/UK/3633Burton; Spence (1881-1966); bishop of Nassau and the Bahamas1881-1966
DS/UK/5491Tonks; Horace Norman Vincent (1891-1959); Bishop of the Windward Islands1891-1959
DS/UK/3497Kirk; Kenneth Escott (1886-1954); Bishop of Oxford1886-1954
DS/UK/5373Adams; Walter Robert (1877-1957); Bishop of Kootenay1877-1957
308Dashwood; Sir; Henry Thomas Alexander (1878-1959); Knight; Principal Registrar of the Province of Canterbury1878-1959
NA2783Church of South India; 1947-1947-
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