RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoW.Temple 21
Extent410 ff.
Date2 July 1943-29 Mar 1944
DescriptionPapers relating to the educational policies of the Church of England, the white paper on educational reconstruction and the Education Bill, including letters and papers on comparisons of Roman Catholic and Anglican educational provision. Includes comments on the white paper by the Oxford diocesan council of education (ff. 37-8); a resolution on the white paper passed by the Free Church Federal Council (f. 101); notes on a joint conference of Anglicans and Free Churchmen held on 29 September 1943 (ff. 102-3); papers concerning the educational policy of the County Council of the West Riding of Yorkshire (ff. 123-5); a leaflet on the National Society's policy for Church schools (ff. 151-2); a resolution passed by the St. Albans diocesan conference (ff. 159-60); a petition to Archbishop Temple from headmasters of schools in the neighbourhood of Canterbury (ff. 163-4); joint letters on the Education Bill to The Times and to Members of Parliament from the archbishops of Canterbury and York, other English bishops, and representatives of other protestant denominations (ff. 204-5); letters and petitions to Archbishop Temple from teachers; a copy of 'The Malvern Torch' for December 1943 (ff. 271-4); a copy of the 'Methodist Statement on the Education Bill' (f. 302); answers from the Board of Education to questions submitted by the National Society (ff. 321-4, 359); amendments to the Education Bill requested by the National Institute for the Deaf (ff. 335-6); a memorandum on the Education Bill by the Incorporated Association of Assistant Masters in Secondary Schools (ff. 340-6); and a copy of resolutions passed by the Standing Committee of the National Society on 15 March 1944 (f. 386). Correspondents include: Archbishop Temple (passim); Richard Austen Butler, Minister of Education (passim), including an explanatory memorandum on the Education Bill (ff. 247-53), and a memorandum on loans to managers of schools (f. 377); Lynda Grier, Principal of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford (f. 6), enclosing a report on religious education from Nuffield College (ff. 7-18); John Scott Lidgett, President of the United Methodist Church (ff. 26, 29, 85, 87-8, 257); Michael Bruce (ff. 39-40, 228-30); Richard Henry Tawney (f. 41), enclosing a memorandum on the education white paper (ff. 42-7); George Welsh Currie, member of the House of Laity (ff. 50-6); Leslie Hamilton Lang, Suffragan Bishop of Woolwich (ff. 58, 108), including a report of the Primary Committee of the National Society on sections 3 and 4 of the white paper (f. 59); George Kennedy Allen Bell, Bishop of Chichester (ff. 60-1, 86, 132-3, 183, 358, 360-1, 364), including a draft memorandum on the 'dual system' (ff. 62-4); J.C. Dent, Headmaster of Westminster City School (ff. 65-7, 76-7, 95, 104-5, 262, 276, 283); Sir Walter Moberly, Chairman of the University Grants Committee (ff. 89, 109); John Seldon Whale, President of Cheshunt College, Cambridge (f. 91); Lancelot William Joynson-Hicks (f. 106); Malcolm Spencer, Secretary of the Congregational Union of England and Wales (f. 111); Alfred Lambert Woodard, Vice-Chairman of the National Society (ff. 113, 119, 223), including a statement on the National Society's educational policy (ff. 114-16); Wilfred Marcus Askwith, Bishop of Blackburn (f. 120), enclosing a resolution passed by a joint meeting of school managers and members of the diocesan conference (ff. 121-2); George Silverton Richards, Hon. Canon of Guildford (ff. 128-9, 165-8); Edgar Francis Hall, General Secretary of the National Society (passim), including a report of a deputation by the National Society to the President of the Board of Education (ff. 287-8), and notes and comments on the Education Bill (ff. 291-4); Hubert Bayley Drysdale Woodcock (ff. 141-3); John Wycliffe Black (ff. 171, 180, 182); Henry Edward Fitzherbert, Archdeacon of Derby (f. 174), enclosing a resolution passed by the Derbyshire United Christian Council (f. 175); Arthur Rupert Browne-Wilkinson, Canon of Chichester (f. 186); William Spens, Master of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge (f. 189); Roy Drummond Whitehorn, Moderator of the Free Church Federal Council (ff. 190-1); Frederic Sumpter Guy Warman, Bishop of Manchester (f. 199); Leonard Hodgson, Canon of Christ Church, Oxford (ff. 208-9); Tissington Tatlow, Hon. Canon of Canterbury (ff. 213, 313, 381, 399); Charles Robert Grey, 5th Earl Grey (ff. 214, 235-9, 266, 351); Geoffrey Francis Fisher, Bishop of London (ff. 218, 231); Henry Urmston Willink, Minister of Health (f. 226); Louis Arnaud Reid (f. 254); Richard Downey, Archbishop of Liverpool (ff. 258, 265); Edwin Thomas Kerby, Hon. Secretary of the Church Schools' Emergency League (f. 269); Alfred Ernest Garvie, Principal Emeritus of Hackney and New College (f. 275); Alan Edward Ellis (f. 282); Bertram Benjamin Slater, Hon. Canon of Chester (ff. 295-6); Spencer Leeson, Headmaster of Winchester College (ff. 300-1, 309, 397); Archibald Walter Harrison, Secretary of the Methodist Education Committee (ff. 307-8); Robert Birley, Headmaster of the Charterhouse (f. 318), including his headmaster's report for November 1943 (ff. 156-8), and a copy of a joint letter to The Times by five headmasters and headmistresses (f. 319); Sir Richard Winn Livingstone, President of Corpus Christi College, Oxford (f. 352); Frederick Crossfield Happold, Headmaster of Bishop Wordsworth's School, Salisbury (f. 363); and Harold Riley, Secretary of the Church Union (f. 366), enclosing resolutions passed by the Church Union (f. 367).

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DS/UK/6117Butler; Richard Austen (1902-1982); Baron Butler of Saffron Walden; politician1902-1982
GB/109/14005Grier; Lynda (1880-1967); Principal of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford1880-1967
DS/UK/4273Lidgett; John Scott (1854-1953); President of United Methodist Church1854-1953
284Bruce; Michael (1908-1971); clergyman1908-1971
DS/UK/3791Tawney; Richard Henry (1880-1962); historian1880-1962
GB/109/14010Currie; George Welsh (1870-1950); Church Commissioner1870-1950
DS/UK/5089National Society for Promoting Religious Education; 1811-1811-
135Bell; George Kennedy Allen (1883-1958); Bishop of Chichester1883-1958
GB/109/13758Moberly; Sir; Walter (1881-1974); Principal of St Catherine's, Cumberland Lodge, Windsor1881-1974
DS/UK/6104Whale; John Seldon (1896-1997); United Reformed church minister and theologian1896-1997
GB/109/14011Lang; Leslie Hamilton (1889-1974); Archdeacon and Assistant Bishop of Winchester1889-1974
GB/109/13806Free Church Federal Council; 1940-1940-
DS/UK/6485Joynson-Hicks; Lancelot William (1902-1983); 3rd Viscount Brentford; President of the Church Society1902-1983
DS/UK/5716Askwith; Wilfred Marcus (1890-1962); Bishop of Gloucester1890-1962
GB/109/13991Hall; Edgar Francis (1888-1987); Archdeacon of Totnes1888-1987
DS/UK/5916Birley; Sir; Robert (1903-1982); Knight; educationalist1903-1982
DS/UK/4519Fitzherbert; Henry Edward (1882-1958); Archdeacon of Derby1882-1958
GB/109/13967Wilkinson; Arthur Rupert Browne- (1889-1961); Canon of Chichester1889-1961
GB/109/6999Spens; Sir; William (1882-1962); Knight; Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge University1882-1962
GB/109/11707Whitehorn; Roy Drummond (1891-1976); Moderator, Free Church Federal Council1891-1976
DS/UK/5811Warman; Frederic Sumpter Guy (-1953); Bishop of Manchester-1953
DS/UK/4078Hodgson; Leonard (1889-1969); theologian1889-1969
GB/109/13766Tatlow; Tissington (1876-1957); Honorary Canon of Canterbury Cathedral1876-1957
12Fisher; Geoffrey Francis (1887-1972); Archbishop of Canterbury1887-1972
GB/109/11721Willink; Sir; Henry Urmston (1894-1973); 1st Baronet; Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge1894-1973
328Downey; Richard (1881-1953); Roman Catholic Archbishop of Liverpool1881-1953
GB/109/13785Garvie; Alfred Ernest (1861-1945); Principal Emeritus of Hackney and New College1861-1945
DS/UK/3171Leeson; Spencer Stottisbury Gwatkin (1892-1956); Bishop of Peterborough1892-1956
DS/UK/5135RNID; 1911-1911-
GB/109/14022Livingstone; Sir; Richard Winn (1880-1960); President of Corpus Christi College, Oxford1880-1960
509Riley; Harold (1903-); Prebendary of St Paul's1903-
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