RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoW.Temple 19
Extent395 ff.
Date24 Jan-24 Oct 1942
DescriptionPapers relating to the educational policies of the Church of England, particularly in relation to the nascent 1944 Education Act, including the termination of the 'dual system', the status of Church schools in single school areas, and the imposition of a national syllabus. Includes material on the appointment of an advisory panel for negotiations with the Board of Education (ff. 80-2, 85-8, 98, 100); drafts and a final copy (ff. 354-6) of a joint statement on the Christian faith by the archbishop of Canterbury and the moderator of the Federal Council of the Free Churches, including notes on it by Herbert Henry Farmer (ff. 263-4), Robert Newton Flew (f. 265), Geoffrey Leonard Heawood (ff. 266-7), Arthur Eastwood Nichols (f. 268), George Joshua Newbold Whitfield (ff. 273-5) and others [see also vol. 20 ff. 91-2]; minutes and agendas of the National Society and its sub-committees; a report on post-war reconstruction in education and general reports for 1941 on examinations in Biblical knowledge by the City of Sheffield Education Committee (ff. 65-76 and 192-7, respectively); a cutting from the Times Educational Supplement for 30 May 1942 on the new Education Bill (f. 78); draft memoranda of the National Society on the 'dual system' (ff. 124-7, 159-64, 200-1, 279-81, 337-8), with a final copy as approved by the Standing Committee (ff. 347-51); papers relating to the Croydon Council of Religious Education (ff. 154-5); a memorandum on 'The Management of Church Schools' (ff. 172-81); a memorandum on 'The Training and Work of Diocesan Directors and Leaders in Religious Education' (ff. 241-7); papers concerning the applicability of the Scottish Education Act for England and Wales (ff. 360-4); and an interim report on post-war university education by the British Association for the Advancement of Science (ff. 393-5). Correspondents include: Alfred Lambert Woodard, Vice-Chairman of the National Society (passim); Archbishop Temple (passim), including a draft memorandum on the Board of Education's proposed policies (ff. 31-6), and a copy of 'Our Trust and Our Task', his presidential address to the National Society delivered on 3 June 1942 (ff. 92-7); Richard Austen Butler, Minister of Education (passim), including a memorandum on the 'Dual System and the Archbishops' Five Points' (ff. 7-9); Cyril Forster Garbett, Bishop of Winchester (f. 10); Geoffrey Francis Fisher, Bishop of London (ff. 11-12, 82); Eric Robert James Hussey, Secretary of the National Society (passim); Sir Walter Moberly, Chairman of the University Grants Committee (ff. 17-18, 100); Charles Robert Grey, 5th Earl Grey (ff. 19-21, 63, 87, 293, 327, 331, 343); Roundell Cecil Palmer, 3rd Earl of Selborne and Minister of Economic Warfare (ff. 22-3, 319-20); Campbell Richard Hone, Bishop of Wakefield (f. 44); John Sankey, 1st Viscount Sankey (ff. 50-1, 85); (George) Frederic Arthur Cockin, Secretary of the Christian Education Movement (ff. 77, 110, 120, 214, 252-4); Ernest Neville Lovett, Bishop of Salisbury (ff. 83-4); Cuthbert Carroll Thicknesse, Dean of St. Albans (ff. 86, 220); Douglas Henry Crick, Bishop of Chester (f. 90); Sir Robert Edmund Martin (ff. 98, 328, 335-6, 363-4); Spencer Leeson, Headmaster of Winchester College (ff. 103-4, 135-7); Sidney Malcolm Berry, Hon. Secretary of the Free Church Federal Council (f. 105); John Scott Lidgett, President of the United Methodist Church (ff. 106-8, 219); Sir Frederick Mander, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers (ff. 111, 128, 141), including a copy of his 'The Religious Instruction Controversy' (ff. 112-19); Arthur Henry Wilkinson, Chief Secretary of the British and Foreign Bible Society (f. 129); Tissington Tatlow, Hon. Canon of Canterbury (ff. 138, 152, 258-9); John Newsom, Hertfordshire County Education Officer (f. 144); Arthur Rupert Browne-Wilkinson, Canon of Chichester (ff. 145-7, 212, 326); Evelyn Foley Braley, Principal of the College of the Venerable Bede, Durham (ff. 149-50); Hugh Maudslay Hordern, Bishop of Lewes (f. 168); Eleanora Iredale (ff. 186-7); Louis Arnaud Reid (f. 215), enclosing a memorandum on religious education by the Newcastle Association for Education in Citizenship (ff. 216-18); Arthur Mervyn Stockwood (f. 238); Kenneth Escott Kirk, Bishop of Oxford (ff. 255-6, 297, 324); John Seldon Whale, Moderator of the Free Church Federal Council (ff. 298, 334, 344); the Association of Church School Managers (ff. 304-5); Edwin Thomas Kerby, Hon. Secretary of the Church Schools' Emergency League (f. 310), enclosing memoranda by the League (ff. 311-15); the National Association of Head Teachers (f. 323); and Mervyn George Haigh, Bishop of Winchester (f. 388).

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GB/109/13874Woodard; Alfred Lambert (1880-1971); Hon. Canon of Ely1880-1971
78Garbett; Cyril Forster (1875-1955); Archbishop of York1875-1955
12Fisher; Geoffrey Francis (1887-1972); Archbishop of Canterbury1887-1972
GB/109/13758Moberly; Sir; Walter (1881-1974); Principal of St Catherine's, Cumberland Lodge, Windsor1881-1974
363Grey; Lord; Charles Robert (1879-1963); 5th Earl Grey1879-1963
DS/UK/5793Hone; Campbell Richard (-1967); Bishop of Wakefield-1967
522Sankey; John (1866-1948); 1st Viscount Sankey1866-1948
DS/UK/3701Cockin; (George) Frederic Arthur (1888-1969); bishop of Bristol1888-1969
DS/UK/4902Lovett; Ernest Neville (1869-1951); Bishop of Salisbury1869-1951
GB/109/13960Thicknesse; Cuthbert Carroll (1887-1971); Dean of St. Albans1887-1971
DS/UK/3724Crick; Douglas Henry (-1973); bishop of Chester-1973
GB/109/13920Berry; Sidney Malcolm (1881-1961); Moderator of the International Congregational Council1881-1961
DS/UK/4273Lidgett; John Scott (1854-1953); President of United Methodist Church1854-1953
DS/UK/5089National Society for Promoting Religious Education; 1811-1811-
DS/UK/3171Leeson; Spencer Stottisbury Gwatkin (1892-1956); Bishop of Peterborough1892-1956
GB/109/13766Tatlow; Tissington (1876-1957); Honorary Canon of Canterbury Cathedral1876-1957
GB/109/13967Wilkinson; Arthur Rupert Browne- (1889-1961); Canon of Chichester1889-1961
DS/UK/5930Braley; Evelyn Foley (1884-1963); Canon of Worcester1884-1963
DS/UK/4088Hordern; Hugh Maudslay (1868-1949); bishop of Lewes1868-1949
550Stockwood; Arthur Mervyn (1913-1995); Bishop of Southwark1913-1995
DS/UK/3497Kirk; Kenneth Escott (1886-1954); Bishop of Oxford1886-1954
GB/109/8706Flew; Robert Newton (1886-1962); theologian1886-1962
GB/109/11149Whitfield; George Joshua Newbold (1909-2000); General Secretary of the Board of Education1909-2000
DS/UK/6134Palmer; Roundell Cecil (1887-1971); 3rd Earl of Selborne; politician1887-1971
DS/UK/6104Whale; John Seldon (1896-1997); United Reformed church minister and theologian1896-1997
89Haigh; Mervyn George (1887-1962); Bishop of Winchester1887-1962
DS/UK/6117Butler; Richard Austen (1902-1982); Baron Butler of Saffron Walden; politician1902-1982
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