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TitleVisitation Articles and Returns
DescriptionArchbishop Tait's visitation
Letters concerning the returns are bound with the returns.

Articles of Archbishop Tait
These articles were used in the diocese of London in 1858 and 1862, and later used by him with minor amendments for the diocese of Canterbury in 1872, 1876, and 1880.

1a. What is the name of the incumbent?
b. His address.
c. The date of his institution or licence.
d. Is there a house of residence?
e. Is it adequate, and in good repair?
f. If there is no house of residence, can you state how long the parish has been without one?
g. Does any site belong to the incumbent on which a house might be erected? or is there any other facility for the erection of a parsonage-house?

2a. Has the incumbent for the last twelve months been resident during the time prescribed by law, and how is the word 'resident' to be understood in your answer?
b. If he does not live in the parish, how far is his residence from the church?

3. Does he perform the whole duty, or has he an assistant curate or curates?

4. Does he hold any other benefice or preferment, or lectureship, or he serve any other cure? and if so, what?

5. Are the curates, if any, duly licensed? State their names, and dates of their licences, and whether they are in deacon's or priest's orders, and give the amount of salary received by each, with the source from which it is paid.

6. Has any clergyman been assisting in the parish for more than two consecutive Sundays without licence? If so, state his name, the Bishop by whom his testimonials are signed.

7a. Is there any lectureship in your parish?
b. What duty is performed by the lecturer?
c. What is his name?
d. Is he licensed?
e. What is the date of his licence?
f. What is his stipend?
g. From what source is it derived?
h. By whom is he appointed?

8a. Is there any chapel of ease in your parish?
b. Is so, is it consecrated?
c. Is there any other place in the parish in which divine service according to the rites of the Church of England is held?
d. Is each service held under licence?
e. What is the service?

9a. Has there been any open-air preaching in your parish during the last twelve months? If so, by whom has it been conducted, and what is your opinion of its effects?
b. Have there been any special services in your parish for the labouring poor; and if so, what has been their effect?
c. Has any wish been expressed by your people to have the litany as separate service, or to have the service otherwise divided?

10. Do the curates perform any other duty, as incumbent, curate, lecturer, chaplain, master or assistant in any school; and where?

11. State the duty performed in your church or chapel in each week; specifying how often divine service is performed, the hours at which it commences, and the number of sermons preached.

12a. When do you catechise the children of your parish? and what method of catechising do you pursue?
b. How many persons from your parish have been confirmed during the last two years?

13. How often and at what times do you administer the sacrament of the Lord's Supper?

14a. What is the population of your parish?
b. What is the proportion of the labouring poor?

15a. What is the average number of communicants at the great festivals? What is the average number at other seasons?
b. Do you keep a list of communicants?
c. What number of persons in the parish may be called regular? what occasional communicants?

16a. What is the average number of your congregation on Sundays and weekdays, exclusive of school children? Is it increasing or decreasing?
b. What number of school children attend your church?

17. If the numbers of your congregation do not bear a fair proportion to the population of the parish, to what do you attribute the deficiency?

18a. How many free and unappropriated sittings are there in your parish? What class of persons occupies them?
b. How many sittings are there in your church capable of being let? and if all were let, what would be the total amount received?

19a. How many pews in your church are now let for money? By what authority are they so let?
b. How are the appropriated pews which are not let for money assigned?

20a. State the different objects for which church sermons have been preached in your church within the last year, and as far as you can, the amount of the collection.
b How is the offertory money applied, and who distributes it?

21. Are the children properly instructed in psalmody? and what book of psalms do you use?

22a. What schools are there in your parish, distinguishing daily schools for adults, for children, and for infants under six years of age, and Sunday Schools? How are they supported, and how many scholars are there in each? Are they under Government inspection?
b. Specify by themselves any schools for the Middle Classes.

23a. Are you able to retain your young people in your Sunday School after they have ceased to attend the daily school?
b. Have you adopted any other mode of retaining them under instruction by adult or evening schools? and if so what success have you found to attend to such schools?

24. State what places of worship there are not in connexion with the Church of England; and what is the probable number of persons not members of the Church of England in your parish or district, - dividing them, so far as you can, according to their several denominations.

25. Can you mention anything which specially impedes your own ministry, or the welfare of the church around you? Can you suggest any remedies?

26a. Is your church or chapel in good repair and duly provided with all things necessary for the decent performance of divine service according to law? Do your churchwardens regularly discharge their duties?
b. When was the last church-rate collected in your district?
c. From what other sources, besides church-rate, is the expense of the fabric and of divine service supplied?
d. Is there any money applicable to such purposes at present in hand?
e. Specify, so far as you can, the amount which has been derived annually from each source since the last visitation.
f. Are you aware of any other charges on the church-rate besides what is necessary for the sustentation of the fabric and the maintenance of divine worship?

27a. Have any alterations been made in the church or chancel, either in the fabric or in the manner of fitting up, since the last visitation; and if so, under what authority? Specify what they are.
b. Has your church been closed for any such alterations, or for any other purpose, any Sunday during the past twelve months; and if so, by what authority?

28. Who did your duty during the time of your customary absence in the year last past?

29a. Is there any record kept of the pastoral visits made by yourself or your curates?
b. Is the parish divided for pastoral purposes between yourself and your curates?
c. What number of families do you suppose there is in the parish unvisited? To what class do any such belong?

30. Are you assisted by Scripture readers or other lay agents? If so, do they hold any Bible Classes or other religious meetings?

31a. Have you any reason to believe that there is any large number of persons in your parish unbaptized?
b. Are they any peculiar impediments to baptism in their case of which your are aware?
c. Are any fees charged for baptism or registration of baptism? If so, what is their amount, and on what authority do they rest?
d. What are the fees for churching of women?

32a. What are the fees for marriages?
b. Have you the fair proportion of marriages in your church?
c. Are you aware of any irregularities as to the residence of parties applying to be married in your church?

33a. Is your churchyard still used for burial?
b. If not, what provision is made for the burial of your parishioners?
c. Is there anything connected with the subject of these burials which you wish to bring before the Bishop?

34a. Is there in your parish any branch association in aid of the great Church Societies?
b. Can you state what is the amount collected for each?
c. Are meetings held in aid of missions to the heathen among your parishioners? or what other means do you take to recommend such objects to their attention?

35a. Is there any Visiting Society among your people for the temporal relief of the poor? If so, what is its object, and of what class are its visitors?
b. Is there any Young Men's Association, for mutual
c. Any Provident Society?
d. Any Temperance Society?
e. Any Parochial Library?
f. Can you state what number of persons in your parish receive parochial relief?

36a. Is there any profession of infidelity among any of your people?
b. What account can you give of the general moral condition of the district?
c. How is the Lord's Day observed?

37. Is there any other matter which you think it expedient to bring under the Bishop's notice?

Note: It would be highly convenient for diocesan purposes of you would here state:
a. The gross income of the living, and whether it has of late years diminished; if so, from what cause?

b. The source from which the income is derived, stating what amount arises severally from endowment, pew rents, offertory, fees, and Easter Offerings.

c. The necessary outgoing from the net income state separately.
ArrangementArranged in alphabetical order of parish

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18Tait; Archibald Campbell (1811-1882); Archbishop of Canterbury1811-1882
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