RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoReg. Warham 1
Extent213 ff
TitleRegister of William Warham
DescriptionREGISTER ONE (of 2)
1 Elaborate decoration, with painted pattern of roses, grotesque heads, Warham's coat of arms etc. Bull of translation dated 29 Nov. 1503.

1-26v Bulls, commissions, grants to religious houses, including provisions to bishoprics.
Fols 14-14v. Iuramentum super tractatu pacis, Greenwich before Henry VIII, 26 March 1510. Subscribed by French signatories to the treaty of 26 March. Form of oath in Latin and French. (The Latin form is given 'ex autogr.' by Rymer, Foedera XIII, 275, cf. Cartae Miscellanae XIII, 4.)

27-34v blank (on fol. 32 there is some childish scribble).

35-86 (LXXXVII) Metropolitical visitation of Canterbury diocese, 9 Sept. 1511.

86v (LXXXVIIv) blank

87-89v (LXXXIX-) Procurations.

90-158v Copies of appropriations of rectories to various religious houses.

159-167v Trial of heretics by Archbishop Warham, 1511. 'Nomina abiuratorum in crimine heretice pravitatis.' Full depositions, in the vernacular.

167v-175v Continuation of the same, 1512.

176-176v blank

177-178v extracts from a work of Aretinus to strengthen the case of the archbishop against his suffragans concerning the legal standing of a register.

179-181v blank

182-186v Letters directed to 'all and singular trewe and faithfull cristen people' with a list and condemnation of many common heresies, drawn up 'before the King's highness in parsone by advise and assent of the prelats and clerks as well as of the universities.' 24 of May 1530.

187-190v blank

191-212v Sede vacante registers.

213 blank.
FindingAidsManuscript Index by A. C. Ducarel: LR/F/62/31-33
PhysicalDescriptionOne of two registers, modern binding (apparently one volume in two). Contemporary Roman numeration in
right hand top corner, also modern Arabic numeration (in pencil).
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 709
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