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Alt Ref NoSTOTT/5/24
Extent240 ff.
TitleRoman Catholic Church
DateNov 1964-25 Jul 2000
DescriptionCorrespondence, papers and press cuttings concerning relations between the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England, including references to the meetings of ARCIC [Anglo Roman-Catholic International Commission] and the visit of Pope John Paul II in 1982.

ff. 1-9: correspondence with Charles Tipp and cuttings concerning the Anglican-Roman Catholic dialogue 'Communion in Mission' at Mississauga, Toronto, May 2000

ff. 10-42, 62-67, 71-74, 105-108, 113-114, 125-128, 150-153, 180-182, 214-219, 235-240: press cuttings and leaflets, including articles referring to the ECT [Evangelicals and Catholics Together] dialogue; views about the Virgin Mary; Robert Runcie, Archbishop of Canterbury; a position paper of the Christian Leaders' Alliance of the Philippines; ARCIC (ff. 62-67); a memorandum by J.I.Packer issued by the Church Society (214-216); Cardinal Suenens (ff. 235)

ff. 43-45: correspondence with Trevor Morrow of the Lucan Presbyterian Church concerning resource material available on the relationship between Evangelicals and the Roman Catholic Church, to assist the steering committee of 'The Evangelical Contribution on Northern Ireland', July 1989

ff. 46-59: Papers delivered on 'Evangelism and Roman Catholicism' by Tony Lane and Jose Martinez at the biennial conference of FEET [Fellowship of European Evangelical Theologians] in August 1988

ff. 60-61: Latimer Comment on 'Indulgences Today'

ff. 68-70: letter from Julian Charley, Vice-Principal of St John's Theological College Nottingham concerning the ERCDOM [Evangelical Roman Catholic Dialogue on Mission] report, a copy of International Bulletin of Missionary Research containing the report and a press cutting. January-April 1986

ff. 75-104 : correspondence and statement concerning the WEF [World Evangelical Fellowship] Theological Commission's task force on Roman Catholic theology and practice and the related work of ERCDOM. May-June 1984

ff. 109-112: letter and article by Reverend Professor Henry Chadwick concerning the paper delivered for The Cardinal Heenan Memorial Lecture, May 1984

ff. 115-124: John Stott's published letter in The Times newspaper and editorial in the Church of England Newspaper concerning visit of Pope John Paul II and the Final Report of ARCIC [Anglo Roman-Catholic International Commission]

ff. 129-148: correspondence between John Stott, on behalf of the Church of England Evangelical Council, with the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and the Evangelical Alliance in advance of the Pope's visit. Discussion primarily concerns the possibility of ecumenical dialogue between the Roman Catholic and Anglican church. Includes a copy of a letter from the Protestant Reformation Society to the Prime Minister concerning the upgrading of the British minister to the Vatican to the level of ambassador, and a statement by the Evangelical Alliance. April 1981-March 1982.

ff. 154-156: correspondence with Christopher Hill and Roger Beckwith concerning ARCIC's Statement on Authority, 9 June-15 August 1980

ff. 157-167: correspondence and press cuttings relating to a letter by John Stott published in The Times newspaper in response to an article 'Coming to Terms with the Roman Catholic Church' by Clifford Longley which discussed the forthcoming visit of the Pope, and subsequent letters. 12 May-4 July 1980.

ff. 168-172: 'Agreed Statement on Infallibility' by the Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue of Canada, 3 May 1980

ff. 173: Recife Conclamation leaflet

ff. 174-176: correspondence with the Anglican Centre in Rome, Italy

ff. 177-179: notes on the Protestant-Roman Catholic Dialogue by Tom Cooper, John Stott's study assistant

ff. 183-188: John Stott's correspondence with Robert Runcie and Lord MacLean, concerning a Roman Catholic mass at St Albans Cathedral and the attendance of Princess Alexandra at a ceremony in Rome to raise John Ogilvy to sainthood. 27 October-2 December 1976

ff. 189: John Stott's notes on 'The Roman Catholic Church Today and Tomorrow' by Cardinal John Heenan, 14 September 1972

ff. 190-204, 207-213: Press cuttings, notes and correspondence about about the ARCIC [Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission] Statement on the Eucharist. Including contributions to the debate from Julian Charley, Vice-Principal of St John's Theological College Nottingham, the response of CEEC [Church of England Evangelical Council], the response of Bishop Christopher Butler and the S.P.C.K [Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge]

ff. 205-206: John Stott's notes on an address on Roman Catholicism to the IVF [Inter Varsity Fellowship] Missionary Conference, Swanwick, December 1971

ff. 220-221: Letter from John Stott concerning mixed Anglican-Roman Catholic marriages, 12 August 1971

ff. 222-234: Scripts for television addresses - Canon Reverend Donald Robinson of Sydney broadcast by the Australian Broadcasting Commission (29 November 1970), and by Bishop Christopher Butler, Auxiliary to the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, on the BBC Third Programme (21 March 1970)
AppraisalChurch Information Office copies of addresses have been removed from this file as they consist of papers for information duplicating material in other archival sequences.

- Archbishop of Canterbury's Presidential Address to the General Synod on the Papal Visit - Thursday, February 18, 1982
- Archbishop of Canterbury's Lenten Address at Westminster Abbey - Wednesday, March 11, 1981 - 'Rome and Canterbury - Unity, Diversity and Comprehensiveness'
ArrangementReverse chronological order
RelatedMaterialSee also: Runcie/MAIN/1981/284 for a copy of the Archbishop of Canterbury's Lenten Address 'Rome and Canterbury - Unity, Diversity and Comprehensiveness'

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