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Alt Ref NoSTOTT/5/19
Extent231 ff.
DateApr 1966-Mar 1992
DescriptionCorrespondence, papers and press cuttings concerning various aspects of mission, including inter-faith dialogue and the definition of 'mission' in relation to 'evangelism'.

ff. 1-5: correspondence concerning Archbishop George Carey's decision not to serve as Patron of CMJ [Church's Ministry among the Jews], including copies of letters from John H. Rodgers, Junior, Dean of Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry and member of the Advisory Board of CMJ (USA), a copy of the Archbishop's letter, and a copy of a CEEC [Church of England Evangelical Assembly] press release. 5-15 March 1992

ff. 6-7: Latimer Comment document by Roger Beckwith concerning the report 'Multi-Faith Worship?' prepared by the Inter-Faith Consultative Group and published under the auspices of the General Synod Board of Mission.

ff. 8-11: press cuttings and a leaflet relating to an Open Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury concerning inter-faith worship, notably the Commonwealth Day Observance in Westminster Abbey. Also includes a letter to John Stott from David Holloway concerning religious pluralism. 15 November-13 December 1991

ff. 12-24: Stott's notes on books concerning mission and multi-faith worship, primarily relating to 'The Myth of Christian Uniqueness: Toward a Pluralistic Theology of Religions' edited by John H. Hick and Paul F. Knitter

ff. 25-29: press cuttings, including extracts from 'A Vision to Pursue: Beyond the crisis in Christianity' by Keith Ward, Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford University. October 1991

ff. 30-58 : Conference of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Mission Theologians, April 1991
A Declaration of the Fourth Conference and a report by Reverend Graham Kings for the Board of Mission of the General Synod of the Church of England and for the Church Missionary Society issued in August 1991

ff. 59- 90: Archbishop of Canterbury addresses and remarks on inter-faith dialogue, including an address to a multi faith group at Bishop's House, Calcutta on 13 February 1988, a meeting of the Interfaith Network on 29 November 1990 and an Inter-Faith meeting at Lambeth Palace on the 10 June 1991.

ff. 91-92: letter to John Stott from John Finney, Board for Mission and Unity. 20 May 1990

ff. 93 -104 : Bibliography and photocopied extracts from books concerning interpretation of the Bible in Asian contexts

ff. 105-111: Canterbury Festival of Faith and the Environment
Newsletters issued by the Open Letter Group and ABWON [Action for Biblical Witness to Our Nation]. Also a leaflet about the festival on 15-17th September 1989

ff. 112: Willowbank Declaration on the Christian Gospel and the Jewish People, World Evangelical Fellowship, as adopted on the 19 April 1989

ff. 113: All Souls Missionary Allocation document, December 1988, listing allocation of World Mission Fund resources as well as additional gifts

ff. 114-122: FEET [Fellowship of European Evangelical Theologians], August 1988 - outline of 'The Mission of the Church in Today's World' by Jan-Martin Berentsen

ff. 123-146: Fiftieth Anniversary of the Tambaram Conference of the International Missionary Council - photocopied articles by Lesslie Newbigin, Carl F. Hallencreutz and Jean Stromberg. July 1988

ff. 147-169: a paper entitled 'A Theological Understanding of the relationship between Christians and Jews' by the 199th General Assembly (1987) Presbyterian Church (USA)

ff. 170: incomplete letter from the Reverend Laksham Peiris, 20 August 1987

ff. 171-175: copy of letter to Isabello Magalit from John Stott concerning David Bosch's article 'Evangelism: theological currents and cross-current of our time', June 1987

ff. 176-187: Statement of Missionary Concern issued by a caucus on Missions held at Four Brooks Conference Center, Pennsylvania, 9-11 July 1985

ff. 189: 'The Two Structures of God's Redemptive Mission' booklet by Ralph D. Winter, 1974

ff. 190-198: manuscript notes concerning books for the Lausanne Congress

ff. 199-205: Common Witness and Proselytism: A Study Document, prepared by the Joint Theological Commission and received by the Joint Working Group between the Roman Catholic Church and the World Council of Churches, 1970

ff. 206-207: bibliography on mission

ff. 208-210: World Council of Churches, Programme to Combat Racism - 'Declaration of Barbados' typescript statement produced by participants of the 1971 Symposium on Inter-Ethnic Conflict in South America concerning the liberation of Indians in Latin America

ff. 211-214: Impact: The Christian Missionary Fellowship newsletter for 1970 concerning the Frankfurt Declaration

ff. 215-231: typescript articles by Donald Robinson - 'The Doctrine of the Church and its Implications for Evangelism' (1969), and 'Matthew 28:19,20'
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