RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoSTOTT/3/8/3
Extent242 ff.
TitleCEEC [Church of England Evangelical Council], 1975-1979
Date16 Jan 1975-13 Dec 1979
DescriptionPrimarily comprises of Church of England Evangelical Council memoranda and minutes, including discussion of:

CEEC structure and elections (ff. 1v, 12-13)
Church Discipline (ff. 1)
Homosexuality (ff. 2)
Anglican Evangelical Consultation, 4-5 October 1979 (ff. 14-15, 17)
CEEC relationship with the World Council of Churches (ff. 21-24, 44)
Evangelical Alliance and the Nationwide Initiative in Evangelism (ff. 60v-61)
ARCIC [Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission] Statements (ff. 65, 101v-102)
Debate concerning 'The Myth of God Incarnate' edited by John Hick (ff. 65)
Church of England Evangelical Council/Care and Counsel marriage Colloquium (ff. 65v-66)
Evangelical Witness in the Church of England (ff. 66)
Evangelical Roman Catholic meeting, Nottingham, 4-6 January 1979 (ff. 105, 108)
House Church Movement (ff. 105v, 107)
Churches' Unity Commission (ff. 153, 169)
Church Society/Church of England Evangelical Council co-ordination (ff. 148, 153, 156v, 158, 164, 196)
Charismatic dialogue (ff. 156v, 159)
A Mission to the Nation, concerning the possible visit of Billy Graham Crusade to England (ff. 163, 165, 166v, 177v)
WCC [World Council of Churches] Assembly, Nairobi - 'Christ Frees and Unites' (ff. 163v, 177, 224, 228, 233)
Theological colleges (ff. 154, 167, 182-184)
Book of Common Prayer revision (ff. 170)
Consultation on a Research Centre on Mission and Evangelism (ff. 185-191)
Inter-faith dialogue and multi-faith worship (ff. 194)
Future role of CEEC (ff. 178, 181, 197)
Ordination and training for ministry (ff. 202-219)
Church of England Evangelical Council Theological Group (ff. 220v-221)
Ordination of women (ff. 224v-225, 230)
NEAC [National Evangelical Anglican Congress] 1977 and post-NEAC working groups (ff. 65v, 224, 228v-229)
Church Society/Church of England Evangelical Council working party (ff. 220, 224, 229)
Christian lifestyle (ff. 192, 225, 227, 230-232)
Charismatic ministry (ff. 228, 233v-235)
Evangelical Objectives (ff. 238)
Clerical appointments working party (ff. 238v-242)

Also contains correspondence concerning CEEC elections (ff. 3-5, 172-176); notes and forecast of business (ff. 6-11); minutes of the Evangelical Alliance on 24 October and 31 January 1979 (ff. 16, 111-112); copies of the CEEC Digest (ff. 19-20, 109-110, 115-116, 151-152); correspondence concerning ARCIC [Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission] with Roger Beckwith, Bishop John Howe and Christopher Hill, including a background paper by Christopher Hill (ff. 25-57); report and correspondence with Timothy Dudley-Smith concerning the Hymn Book committees (ff. 62-63, 103-104); letter from John Stott to Donald Coggan, Archbishop of Canterbury concerning a CEEC meeting with contributors to 'The Myth of God Incarnate' edited by John Hick (ff. 64); correspondence and papers concerning an evangelical education officer and the work of the NEAC [National Evangelical Anglican Congress] Continuation Committee (ff. 67-100); 'Truth, Error and Discipline in the Church' booklet issued by Church of England Evangelical Council (ff. 117); press cutting relating to the Holy Communion (ff. 118); press cuttings, correspondence and papers relating to the Churches' Unity Commission and the Ten Propositions, including letters from John Huxtable, Dr. Stephen Travis and the Bishop of Manchester Patrick Rodger (ff. 118-145); press cuttings relating to Holy Communion, initiation into the Church and the 1978 Lambeth Conference (ff. 146-1477, 150); Church of England Evangelical Council balance sheet and accounts, 5 April 1976 (ff 160-162).
ArrangementReverse chronological order

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