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Alt Ref NoSTOTT/3/8/2
Extent207 ff.
TitleCEEC [Church of England Evangelical Council], 1971-1974
Date7 Jan 1971-23 Jul 1974
DescriptionPrimarily comprises of Church of England Evangelical Council memoranda and minutes, including discussion of finances, regional council business and the practicalities of meetings and membership. Further topics discussed during meetings include:

SPRE-E [Spiritual Re-emphasis] 1973 by the Campus Crusade for Christ, which was operated by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (ff. 32v-33, 37v, 70, 103, 108)

Clerical and lay recruitment, patronage and patterns of ministry (ff. 33-36, 75v-76, 78-79, 128v-130, 132-134, 175-177), including the report on the election of evangelical proctors (ff. 191)

Church structures (ff. 37-38, 43-48)

Charismatics and pentecostalism (ff. 38v, 49-58)

Evangelical unity, including the 'Growing into Union' publication and the Anglican-Methodist Unity Scheme (ff. 40-42, 84--92 100-103, 106-107, 135v, 137, 140, 153, 162, 173v, 175, 179v-180, 182, 186v, 190v-191, 193-194, 196, 200v-201, 206v)

Evangelical Objectives working party (ff. 32, 37, 69, 72-73, 100, 103v-104, 114-122, 126v, 128, 131v)

POWER organised by the Evangelical Alliance, 1973 (ff. 69v-70, 74)

John Stott's report on a visit to Asia (ff. 69)

Public decency and obscenity laws (ff. 75v, 141-149, 157v161)

Report of the Doctrine Commission on 'Prayer and the Departed' and funeral services (ff. 76, 80, 109v, 111, 183, 191v-192, 197, 204)

Report on the International Congress on World Evangelism at Lausanne in 1974 (ff. 77)

Local Evangelism and the Evangelical Alliance/Church of England Evangelical Council conference at Morecambe (ff. 74, 81, 129v)

Reordination in the North India/Pakistan Union scheme (ff. 93-94, 188)

Europe (100v-101, 103)

Women's ministry (ff. 103, 105, 126v-127, 157 162v-163)

Consultative Committee on Missionary Matters (ff. 131, 135v-136)

Strategy for Evangelism conference (ff. 135, 140v, 153v)

Co-operation between evangelical societies, including the Church Society, British Evangelical Council and CEEC (ff. 69, 135v, 140v, 157, 162, 173, 181, 186, 195, 198, 200), including the Mission to the Nation conference sponsored by the Evangelical Alliance in 1974 (ff. 126, 131), and the 'All Britain Campaign' and 'Only One Way...' conference (ff. 108,112-122)

Prayer Book revision (ff. 136)

Reservation and communion of the sick (ff. 137v-138)

Holy Communion (ff. 153v-154, 180, 207v)

Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission 'Agreed Statement on the Eucharist' (ff. 157v-159)

Thirty-Nine Articles, baptism and confirmation (ff. 160, 173v, 178- 179-180v, 190, 195v)

European Congress on Evangelism (ff. 174)

Biblical teaching on divorce, marriage and reconciliation (ff. 187, 189)

Anglican Consultative Council at Limuru (ff. 191)

Revolution and violence (ff. 199)

CEEC Regional Council business (ff. 199)

Anglican Theological Colleges and the related Bishops' Report (ff. 200v, 204v-205)

Report of the Church and State Commission (ff. 207)

Further material includes correspondence, press cuttings and CEEC reports relating to SPRE-E [Spiritual Re-emphasis] 1973 - part of the Campus Crusade for Christ operated by the Billy Graham Evangelical Association (ff. 6-31); a copy of CEEC Digest (ff. 59-60); typescript material for POWER by the Evangelical Alliance, 1973 (ff. 61-68); Church of England Evangelical Council Report 1971-72 (ff. 125)

Also contains correspondence with Donald Coggan with regard to his appointment as Archbishop of Canterbury in 1974 (ff. 1-2); William Persson (ff. 3-5); Michael Marshall concerning the Anglican-Methodist Unity Scheme, 1973 (ff. 96-99); letters from Gervase Duffield concerning the Holy Communion (ff. 155-156); Harvey Thomas and Gilbert Kirkby, the authors of a book on the British Geographical Workshop, Amsterdam on 3 September 1971 concerning Stott's summary as Chairman of the workshop (ff. 165-172); correspondence with Roland Lamb and William Persson (ff. 184-185)
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