RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoSTOTT/11/8/3
Extent1 folder
TitleCorrespondence forwarded to Timothy Dudley-Smith
Date25 Mar 1951-3 Mar 2000
DescriptionContains correspondence addressed to John Stott, which were then forwarded to Timothy Dudley-Smith to assist him with information for the biography of Stott.

In addition to letters of thanks for Stott's ministry, the file includes correspondence with Billy Graham concerning the Amsterdam 2000 conference on evangelism, 3 Apr 1998-3 Mar 2000; note of thanks for Amsterdam 2000, 14 Aug 2000; letters of thanks for Stott's ministry; correspondence with George Carey, Archbishop of Canterbury, including discussion of Stott's article 'A Challenge to Episcopalians', Carey's address to SEAD [Scholarly Engagement With Anglican Doctrine] conference - 'The Precious Gift of Unity' and his nomination to the post of Archbishop of Canterbury, 18 Dec 1987-25 Oct 1999; letter from Matti Makela, 6 Jul 1999; letters concerning Dudley-Smith's biography, volume 1, including from Sir Fred Catherwood, 20 Sep 1998-5 Jul 1999; correspondence relating to Stott's prayers featured in 'Two Thousand Years of Prayer' edited by Rev Michael Counsell, 5 Dec 1998-16 Jun 1999; Inter Varsity Press congratulations cards for reprints of 'Becoming a Christian' and 'Romans', Jan 1998; letter referring to the 40th anniversary of the Harvard Mission in 1957, Dec 1997; forwarded diary entries from Canon A.T. Houghton's daughter covering the founding of CEEC [Church of England Evangelical Council] and EFAC [Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion] in 1959-60, 30 Sep 1996-22 Jan 1997; letters from David F. Wells concerning this essay on Stott in Church Times, 28-30 Aug 1996; letter mentioning at 1953 mission to King's College, Aug 10 1996; letters relating to Stott's visit to Cuba, 4 Apr-3 Jun 1996; letter discussing Stott's mission to the University of Cape Town and apartheid in South Africa, 24 Jun 1994; correspondence about a biography of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Stott and Lloyd-Jones disagreement in 1966 including a press cutting about the National Assembly of Evangelicals meeting in 1966, 21 Oct 1966-13 Dec 1991; letter about the ordination of women, 1 Jul 1993; correspondence with Buckingham Palace and a certificate noting Stott's appointment as Extra Chaplain to the Queen, 28 Apr-13 June 1991; EFAC bursary scheme address, 14 Oct 1986; 'The Polar Bear Song' lyrics by David and Sue Lyon, Apr 1986; press cutting review of 'God's New Society' by Stott, Mar 1980; Stott's Declaration of Assent and Licence to the curacy of All Souls with St. Peter and St. John St. Marylebone, signed by Gerald Ellison, the Bishop of London 15-21 Dec 1975; notes on the Strategy for Evangelism conference, May 1972; Trinity Evangelical Divinity School magazine cuttings, 1972; University of Keele address on authority at the National Evangelical Anglican Congress, Apr 1967; note on letter from David Wells in 1961; letter of recommendation from William Wand, Bishop of London, 18 Apr 1956; Sales letter from Sanctuary Serpents Incorporated, Dec 1955; letter from Billy Graham about their Cambridge University mission, 26 Aug 1955; letter from William Wand, Bishop of London about the draft of Stott's Lent book, 12 Aug 1953.
CustodialHistoryLetters sent to John Stott and forwarded by Stott to Timothy Dudley-Smith. The original folder was annotated 'LETTERS to JRWS, belonging to his own files (but sent to me by him from time to time)'.

The file was stored at the end of the sequence of papers lent by Stott to Dudley-Smith, next to the family files.

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