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DescriptionMiscellaneous correspondence and papers of Thomas Secker (1693-1768), Bishop of Oxford 1737-58 and Archbishop of Canterbury 1758-68.
A few items were acquired by Secker from the papers of his predecessor, Thomas Herring, Archbishop of Canterbury 1747-57.

ff. 1-80. Fettiplace charity, 1743-59.
Papers of Secker, while Bishop of Oxford, relating to the charity of Sir George Fettiplace (d. 1743). The charity provided for the annual distribution of sums of money to poor persons. The papers mainly comprise lists of recipients and their receipts, accounts, and letters to Secker from Thomas Bushell, executor of Sir George Fettiplace, Thomas Fettiplace and others, 1743-57. With one letter to Secker from his successor John Hume, Bishop of Oxford, 11 June 1759.

ff. 81-176. General correspondence and case papers. 1738-68.
ff. 81-82. 'To the minister of the parish of - : Cuddesden, May 26, 1750. Sir I hereby notifie to you, that I purpose, God willing, to confirm, this year, at the places, and on the days, following ...'. Printed. Circular issued by Secker while Bishop of Oxford.
ff. 83-90. Letter from Secker to Mr. Lind on whether it be lawful for Lind, on accepting a living, to give his patron a bond to resign it. 13 June 1750. The letter was initially addressed to Lind at Colchester. He is possibly Charles Lind, perpetual curate of St. Giles, Colchester, who was instituted as Rector of Wivenhoe in November 1750.
ff. 91-93. Letter from Secker to Thomas Herring, Archbishop of Canterbury, on Herring's proposal to nominate Secker to be Bishop of London. 13 May 1755.
f. 94. 'Directions for a confirmation'. Printed [London, 1756?]. Issued by Thomas Sherlock, Bishop of London.
ff. 95-96. Report on a case in the Diocese of Chichester concerning a resignation bond, heard in the Court of Chancery 1755-56.
ff. 97-98. Letter to Secker from Browne Willis (1682-1760) giving historical information on Stewkley, Bucks., patronage of the living and institutions since 1554. 8 May 1758.
ff. 99-105. 'His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury's letter to the Right Reverend the Lords Bishops of his Province' (London, 1758). A printed letter issued by Matthew Hutton, Archbishop of Canterbury, dated 6 Jan. 1758. With numerous corrections in the hand of Archbishop Secker, dated 8 May 1759, in preparation for a new edition. Also (f. 99) a note by Secker on his discussion of the proposed corrections with bishops on 17 April 1759.
ff. 106-109. 'His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury's letter to the Right Reverend the Lords Bishops of his Province'. (London, 1759). Printed.
ff. 110-111. Guidance, in Secker's hand, on the conduct appropriate to a Protestant woman married to a Roman Catholic. Endorsed by Secker: 'A copy of this paper was delivered by me May 31 1759 to Arch. Tottie [John Tottie, Archdeacon of Worcester] for Lord Stamford'. The guidance relates to the attempt of Lady Anne Acton, brother of Harry Grey, 4th Earl of Stamford, to secure a separation from her Roman Catholic husband. Secker's opinion on this case is also found in the Grey (Stamford) papers in the John Rylands University Library at Manchester (GB 133 EGR3/7/3/5). Cf. ff. 114-117.
ff. 112-113. 'A letter written for - Tyler of Vine Street to send to his daughter Ellis at Boston Jan. 1734/5'. A draft letter from a father to a daughter converted from the Church of England to Roman Catholicism.
ff. 114-117. Opinion of the Attorney General and Solicitor General in the case of Lady Anne Acton (see ff. 110-111). 2 June 1759. With a further statement of advice in the hand of Secker, endorsed by him 'Lord Stamford, 11 June 1759'.
f. 118. 'Rules laid down by the Bishop of Chester [Edmund Keene] respecting those who apply for deacons orders without having had an university education'. Endorsed by Secker: 'Bishop Keene's rules ... received from him Sept 10 1759'.
ff. 119-120. Letter to Secker from Philip Yorke, 1st Earl of Hardwicke, concerning Hardwicke's argument on ecclesiastical jurisdiction in the case of Middleton and Croft. 23 Nov. 1759.
ff. 121-122. Letter to Secker from Edward Simpson giving a legal opinion on oaths to be taken by clergymen and civilian lawyers. Doctors Commons, 28 Nov. 1759. Endorsed by Secker: '... about the obligation of Registers to take the oaths and subscribe'.
ff. 123-124. Letter to Secker from the episcopal clergy in the northern counties of Scotland, enclosing a loyal address to George III on his accession. 1 Dec. 1760. Signed by John Gordon, James Riddoch and George Farquhar, Ministers of the chapels in Aberdeen.
ff. 125-126. 'Instructions for ministers, church-wardens, and others : in forming true and complete terriers of glebe-lands, and other possessions belonging to churches: pursuant to the 87th canon'. Dated Bushey, 1 June 1761. Printed. Instructions issued by James Ibbetson, Archdeacon of St. Albans.
ff. 127-128. 'To the reverend the clergy of the diocese of Gloucester : My reverend brethren, as I purpose this summer, by the divine assistance, to confirm at the several places where I shall visit, ...' [Gloucester, 1761]. printed. A circular letter issued by William Warburton, Bishop of Gloucester, 23 April 1761.
f. 129. Letter from Secker to Edmund Keene, Bishop of Chester, on forms for admitting Roman Catholics on conversion to the Church of England. 15 Aug. 1761.
f. 130. List, in the hand of Andrew Coltee Ducarel, Lambeth Librarian, of the eight items which follow (ff. 131-147), relating to forms for admitting converts from the Roman Catholic church.
ff. 131-134. 'A form for admitting converts from the Church of Rome'. n.d. Endorsement in the hand of Thomas Herring, Archbishop of Canterbury 1747-57.
ff. 135-147. Original declarations and oaths taken by converts from Roman Catholicism:
Lucius Macnamara, in the church of St. Dunstan in the East, London, Aug. 1738.
George White, in the church of St. Mary Newington, Surrey, April 1741.
John Leaver, at Dover, Aug. 1749. Endorsement in the hand of Thomas Herring, Archbishop of Canterbury 1747-57. With related letters to Herring from W. Byrch at Dover, 15 and 24 Aug. 1749.
ff. 148-151. Letter to Secker from Theophilus Alexander, concerning Alexander's proposals for the augmentation of small livings, Nov. 1762. With Secker's reply, 4 Dec. 1762.
ff. 152-153. Anonymous letter to Secker proposing a bill in Parliament. Endorsed by Secker: 'sent me Oct or Nov 1765'.
ff. 154-159. Letter to Secker from Jacob Duché, on his life, spiritual development and ministry in Philadelphia, 15 October 1765. With Secker's reply, 9 Dec. 1765.
ff. 160-161. Further letter to Secker from Jacob Duché, on the nature of religious truth, episcopacy in America and other topics. Philadelphia, 18 Dec. 1767.
ff. 162-165. 'Case of Trinity Chapel in the town of Richmond'. A case concerning the obligations of the curate of the chapel of the Holy Trinity, Richmond, Yorks. With the legal opinion of George Harris, dated at Doctors Commons, 22 May 1766.
ff. 166-173. Correspondence of Secker with George Wegg, a lawyer and magistrate in Essex, concening the non-residence of clergy. With notes by Secker on a manuscript submitted by Wegg. February-March 1768. Also included is a copy of a letter from Wegg to Charles Moss, Rector of St. James, Piccadilly and afterwards Bishop of Bath and Wells, on the non-residence of clergy in Essex and problems in the parishes of Copford and Langham, Essex, Nov. 1756.
f. 174. Note, in Secker's hand, on the Act of 23 George II c. 28. on the obligations of clergy admitted to benefices.
f. 175. Note, in Secker's hand, on the offices of Commissary of Canterbury, Vicar General, and Dean of the Arches. n.d.
f. 176. Extract from a letter from John Denne (1693-1767), antiquary and Archdeacon of Rochester, to Mr. Herring, concerning his searches in the records of Rochester relating to archiepiscopal procurations from impropriate rectories of the church of Rochester lying in the diocese of Canterbury. In Secker's hand. The original letter is in Herring 2, ff. 260-1.

ff. 177-207. Case of Henry Perfect. 1759-63.
Papers relating to the efforts of Henry Perfect to gain clerical employment. The papers comprise 7 letters and a petition from Perfect to Secker, Jan. 1759-Dec. 1760, and letters between Secker and James Johnson, Bishop of Worcester, May 1763.
On the misdemeanours of Henry Perfect, his dubious clerical orders and Secker's efforts to bar him from serving as a clergyman, see Robert G. Ingram, 'Religion, Reform and Modernity...', pp. 130-1.

ff. 208-242. Foreign Protestants. 1754-67. The papers here are strays from the main series of Secker's papers relating to foreign Protestants (MS 1122, 4 vols).
ff. 208-209. 'Accomodation of the Lutherans and Reformed in Prussia'. Copy of a news report of 13 August 1707.
ff. 210-211. Note on a scheme to introduce episcopacy in Prussia in the reign of Frederick I, King of Prussia 1701-13, and the roles of Dr. Hobard and Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury. A copy made by Nicholas Brett, 30 Jan. 1754.
ff. 212-215. 'Mémoire concernant la situation présente des églises evangéliques des vallées du Piémont : & celle du ministère dans ces églises, dressé par les pasteurs commissaires chargés au nom du Synode, de la correspondence avec ces églises ...'. Printed, by order of the synod at Utrecht, 5 May 1763.
ff. 216-217. Letter to Secker from the Trustees at Geneva for the Royal Bounty provided for the relief of French Protestants. March 1765. Signed by J. F. Pictet, J. Vernet, Jean Sarasin, J.H. de Waldkirch and Jean Perdriau. In French.
ff. 218-221. Royal warrant for altering the manner of distributing the Roal Bounty among French Protestants. 20 Feb. 1729/30. Two copies, one endorsed by Thomas Herring, Archbishop of Canterbury 1747-57.
ff. 222-226. Notes, in the hand of Secker, concerning the Royal Bounty for French Protestants.
ff. 227-230. Letter from Secker to Richard Terrick, Bishop of London, concerning a proposal for an Anglican clergyman, Mr. Moore, to preach in a French church where the liturgy of the Church of England was not in use. 23 Sept. 1767. Cf. ff. 239-240.
ff. 231-232. Notes, in Secker's hand, of French Reformed pastors instituted to livings in the Church of England. The notes were extracted from papers laid before Thomas Herring, Archbishop of Canterbury, in 1755 or 1756, by Bourdillon [Jacob Bourdillon] when seeking to be ordained for a parish in the diocese of Bristol.
ff. 233-234. Notes on foreigners ordained by the Bishop of London 1737-63, communicated by Richard Terrick, Bishop of London.
ff. 235-236. Letter from Secker to Augustus Henry FitzRoy, 3rd Duke of Grafton, concerning the German church at the Savoy Chapel. 25 Sept. 1767.
ff. 237-238. Letter to Secker from Isaac Appia and other Vaudois ministers in Piedmont. 4 Oct. 1767.
ff. 239-240. Letter to Secker from John James Majendie, minister of the French church at the Savoy, on the proposal for Mr. Moore to preach in a French church where the liturgy of the Church of England is not used. 31 Oct 1767. Cf. ff. 231-2.
ff. 241-242. John James Majendie, 'An humble address to the publick in behalf of the Vaudois churches, in the valleys of Piedmont'.
[London, 1768]. Printed. The text is dated 18 April 1768.

ff. 243-266. Nectarius, 1763-6.
Letters to Secker and to John James Majendie from Nectarius, in London and Amsterdam, 1763-6. In Greek and French. With a receipt for £5 given to Nectarius by Secker via Majendie, and a letter to Secker from Majendie regretting the importunity of Nectarius.
For a letter to Secker from John James Majendie concerning Nectarius and his wish to teach Greek, possibly in London or at one of the English universities, 7 Nov. 1763, see. MS 1122/3, ff. 229-230.

ff. 267-325. Marriage,especially Lord Hardwicke's Marriage Act of 1753 (26 Geo. II. c. 33). 1739-54.
ff. 268-269. Notes by Secker written in shorthand, possibly on a parliamentary debate. Endorsed by him: 'March 11 1739. Pension Bill but chiefly Bill against clandestine marriages'.
ff. 270-274. 'A Bill for the more effectual preventing clandestine marriages'. Wrapper endorsed by Secker: ' 1739-40. Clandestine marriages'. Seemingly a draft; the text differs from the printed versions which follow.
ff. 275-276. 'A Bill for the more effectual preventing clandestine marriages'. Printed. A draft, with blank spaces to be filled in subsequently. Endorsed by Secker: '1739-40'.
ff. 277-280. Notes by Secker written in shorthand, endorsed by him: 'Discourse in Dean's Yard about Bill against clandestine marriages. 1739-40'.
ff. 281-282. 'A Bill, intituled, An Act for the better preventing of clandestine marriages'. Printed. Endorsed by Secker: 'read a second time in the House of Lords March 29 1753'.
ff. 283-284. Letter to Secker from Dr. Samuel Nicolls, conveying a request from the Bishop of London that Secker should consult the act of 25 Henry VIII cap 21 on the affect of the Bill on episcopal dispensations. 4 April 1759. Cf. ff. 287-8.
ff. 285-286. 'A few alterations humbly proposed in the Bill for preventing clandestine marriages'. Endorsed by Secker: 'Alterations proposed ... I think by Mr. Bonney, sent me in the penny post 5 April 1753'.
ff. 287-288. Note by Secker on the statute of 25 Henry VIII cap 21 concerning dispensations. Cf. ff. 283-4.
ff. 288-289. 'A Bill, intituled, An Act for the better preventing of clandestine marriages'. Printed. Endorsed by Secker: 'As it stood after it had been reported to the House of Lords from the Committee, and amended on the Report. It was then printed a third time by order of the House. And this is the printed copy. And so it passed May 4 1753 ...'. With marginal notes throughout by Secker recording comments on the Bill spoken by the Duke of Bedford and by Secker himself.
ff. 292-293. Note, in Secker's hand, on marriage licences. n.d.
ff. 294-295. Extracts from a legal opinion of Nicholas Lechmere, 1st Baron Lechmere (1675-1727) on the statute of 25 Henry VIII cap 21 concerning dispensations.
f. 296. 'Heads to form a proposal for to comprise Jews marriages in the depending Act'. n.d.
ff. 297-303. Letter from Secker to Thomas Sharp (1693-1758), Prebendary of Durham, on queries concerning the Marriage Act. 16 Nov. 1753. With a fragment of Sharpe's reply, 23 Nov. 1753.
ff. 304-306. Two letters to Secker from Thomas Sharp, Prebendary of Durham, on marriage licences. 24 and 26 August 1754.
ff. 307-310. Letter to Secker from Philip Yorke, 1st Earl of Hardwicke, Lord Chancellor, commenting on the issues raised by Thomas Sharp, Prebendary of Durham. 3 Sept. 1754.
ff. 311-314. Letter from Secker to Thomas Sharp, Prebendary of Durham, commenting on the issues raised by Sharp with regard to marriage licences. 9 Sept. 1754. With a letter to Secker from Lord Hardwicke approving Secker's letter, 12 Sept. 1754.
ff. 315-316. Letter to Secker from Thomas Sharp, on the same subject. 19 Sept. 1754.
ff. 317-318. Letter to Secker from Lord Hardwicke on the correspondence with Sharp and other matters. 29 Sept. 1754.
ff. 319-320. Letter to Secker from Thomas Sharp, on the same subject. 8 Oct. 1754.
ff. 321-322. Copy of a paper on the Marriage Act drawn up and distributed by Thomas Sharp. n.d.
ff. 323-324. Letter from Secker to Thomas Sharp. 25 Sept. 1754. Endorsed by Secker: '... sent to the Lord Chancellor that day and returned by him with a letter dated Sept. 29'.
f. 325. Copy of the concluding section of a letter from Secker to Thomas Sharp, 26 Sept. 1754.

ff. 326-354. Parliamentary Bills and related papers, 1736-62.
ff. 326-333. Speech opening a debate in the House of Lords. Endorsed: 'Quakers' Bill. Archbishop Secker'. n.d. The speech was made in connexion with the Quakers Tithe Bill of 1736. See S.J.C. Taylor, 'Sir Robert Walpole, the Church of England and the Quakers Tithe Bill of 1736', in Historical Journal, vol 28, 1985, pp. 51-77.
ff. 334-335. 'Reasons why the clause in the Act of Toleration which requires Dissenting Ministers to subscribe the doctrinal articles of the Church of England should not be repealed'. n.d. In the hand of George Wegg, a lawyer and magistrate in Essex; see ff. 166-73.
ff. 336-341. Proposal to the Archbishop of Canterbury for an Act against foreign and surreptitious copies of printed books'. Endorsed by Secker: 'After 1736'.
ff. 342-351. Speech by Secker, while Bishop of Oxford, in the House of Lords concerning the episcopal church of Scotland, opposing clauses inserted by Lord Hardwicke in the Bill for disarming the Highlands. Two copies, one endorsed: 'This autograph of Ms. C. Talbot's was given by her to G. Berkeley'. n.d. A draft of the speech, in Secker's hand, is MS 1349, pp. 163-6. The speech was made by Secker during the Committee on the Bill for Disarming the Highlands, 10 May 1748. See Stephen Taylor, 'The Bishops at Westminster in the mid-eighteenth century', in Clyve Jones, ed., 'A pillar of the constitution: the House of Lords in British politics 1640-1748', pp. 137-164.
ff. 352-354. 'Reasons for a Bill for keeping a regular and uniform register of infant poor under four years of age in all workhouses and parishes within the bills of mortality. Jan. 1762'. Endorsed by Secker: 'Reasons for the register Bill April 1762, put into my hands by Mr. Hanway [Jonas Hanway]'.

ff. 355-73. Secker's tradesmen, gardens at Croydon and Lambeth, will and legacies. 1758-88.
ff. 355-356. Report to Secker from Mr. Miller on the state of the gardens at Lambeth and Croydon Palaces. Chelsea, 9 May 1758. Possibly by Philip Miller (1691-1771), chief gardener of the Chelsea Physic Garden.
ff. 357-358. 'A list of tradesmen employ'd by the late Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth'. n.d. Endorsed: 'List of Archbishop Secker's tradesmen'.
ff. 359-360. Accounts for the funeral of Thomas Secker, Archbishop of Canterbury [1768].
ff. 361-366. Papers relating to charities under the will of Thomas Secker, Archbishop of Canterbury. 1786-88.
ff. 367-373. Will, with codicils, of Thomas Secker, Archbishop of Canterbury. 1768. A photocopy.
LanguageEnglish, French, Greek
FindingAidsNew description by Richard Palmer, 2014
PhysicalDescriptionGuard book, 340 x 255 mm., bound in blue cloth.
Paper leaves, various sizes.
Copiesff. 243-66
Negative Microfilm: Lambeth Palace Library Box 271, 286

ff. 367-73
Negative Microfilm: Lambeth Palace Library Box 759
PublnNoteRobert G. Ingram, 'Religion, Reform and Modernity in the Eighteenth Century: Thomas Secker and the Church of England', Studies in Modern British Religious History, 17 (Boydell Press, 2007) [Lambeth Palace Library H5198.SI6].
Leslie W. Barnard, "Thomas Secker and the English Parliament", 'Parliaments, Estates and Representation', Vol. 12, No. 1, June 1992 [Lambeth Palace Library H5198.S3B2]

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