RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoRamsey 284, ff. 166-303
TitleWorld Council of Churches
DescriptionPapers relating to the World Council of Churches, including: request from J├╝rgen Hilke, Director of Communications, for a contribution from Archbishop Ramsey to the "Ecumenical Review", with refusal (ff.166, 171); correspondence between Derek Pattinson and Archbishop Ramsey about possible delegates to the WCC Assembly in Jakarta, including a recommendation of Thomas Wright by Ronald Bowlby, Bishop of Newcastle (ff.167-168, 172-175, 197, 202-203, 205, 279); letters, some including presscuttings, from members of the public about the WCC vote of funds for "terrorist" organisations in Southern Africa, with replies (ff.169-170, 196, 198-201, 204, 206-215, 218-222, 225-234, 236, 240-242, 244, 246-248, 252, 266-270, 292-293); letter from the Earl of March to Archbishop Ramsey about the possibility of giving a dinner for Philip Potter, General Secretary, on his next visit to England, with reply (ff.176-178); list of grants approved in 1974 under the WCC Programme to Combat Racism and press release (ff.179-189, 216); letter from Allan Shaw, Dean of Bulawayo, enclosing a copy of the occasional newsletter of the Rhodesia Christian Group, with reply (ff.190-191, 194-195); correspondence between Archbishop Ramsey and Donald Coggan, Archbishop of York, about the choice of a layperson to attend the Jakarta Assemby (ff.192-193, 217, 223); correspondence between Archbishop Ramsey and Professor Norman Anderson about nomination as a delegate to the Jakarta Assembly and his taking silk (ff.224, 237-239, 245); letter from Hugh Whitworth to the Revd. Wilfred Wood asking for information on the activities of "Towards Racial Justice", with reply (ff.235, 249-250); note about British Council of Churches request on behalf of the South African Council of Churches to deny that the WCC was "Communist dominated" and to use extracts from a speech by Archbishop Ramsey (f.243); correspondence between Archbishop Ramsey and Thomas Wright about his nomination to be a delegate at the Jakarta Assembly (ff.251, 257, 271); correspondence between Victor Whitsey, Bishop of Chester and Geoffrey Tiarks, Bishop of Maidstone, about information provided by the BCC to answer complaints about WCC grants and discussion at the Bishops' Meeting (ff.253-256, 258, 280); letter to Bishop Tiarks from the Board for Mission and Unity about travel expenses to Jakarta, with reply (ff.259, 265); memoranda and enclosures about correspondence in the "Church Times" about WCC Programme to Combat Racism grants, with copies of letters from the Board for Mission and Unity (ff.260-264, 272-278, 290); letter from Robert Martineau, Bishop of Blackburn asking for a delegate to report on education at the Jakarta Assembly, with Archbishop Ramsey's reply and note for Derek Pattinson (ff.281-283); request from the BCC to set aside a Sunday in 1975 for special prayer for the Jakarta Assembly (ff.284-285); letter from the Revd. Peter Southwell-Sander to Archbishop Ramsey about the General Synod's reduction of its grant to the WCC, with reply and copy of a circular letter supporting the Programme to Combat Racism (ff.286-287, 294); copy of a letter from Oliver Tomkins, Bishop of Bristol, to Philip Potter about the vote in General Synod (ff.288-289); letter from Derek Pattinson to Bishop Tiarks about a debate in Synod in July 1975 in preparation for Jakarta (f.291); correspondence between Tom Driberg MP and Archbishop Ramsey about the Commission of the Churches in International Affairs, with information from Derek Pattinson (ff.295-300); letter from Derek Pattinson to delegates to the Jakarta Assembly, with list of delegates (ff.301-303).

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NA2499World Council of Churches; 1948-1948-
11Ramsey; (Arthur) Michael (1904-1988); Baron Ramsey of Canterbury; Archbishop of Canterbury1904-1988
486Pattinson; Sir; (William) Derek (1930-2006); Knight; Secretary-General of General Synod1930-2006
GB/109/17119Wright; Nicholas Thomas (1948-); Bishop of Durham1948-
GB/109/6710Bowlby; Ronald Oliver (1926-2019); Bishop of Southwark1926-2019
DS/UK/3505Gordon-Lennox; Charles Henry (1929-); 10th Duke of Richmond and Lennox, 5th Duke of Gordon1929-
GB/109/14231Potter; Philip Alford (1921-); General Secretary, World Council of Churches1921-
GB/109/12121Shaw; Charles Allan (1927-1989); Dean of Ely1927-1989
298Coggan; Frederick Donald (1909-2000); Baron Coggan; Archbishop of Canterbury1909-2000
231Anderson; Sir; James Norman Dalrymple (1908-1996); Knight; Professor of Oriental Laws1908-1996
GB/109/11107Whitworth; Hugh Hope Aston (1914-1996); Lay Assistant to the Archbishop of Canterbury1914-1996
GB/109/13877Wood; Wilfred Denniston (1936-); Suffragan Bishop of Croydon1936-
DS/UK/3615British Council of Churches; 1942-19901942-1990
GB/109/8241Whitsey; Hubert Victor (1916-1987); Bishop of Chester1916-1987
564Tiarks; Geoffrey Lewis (1909-1987); Suffragan Bishop of Maidstone1909-1987
DS/UK/3500Bishops' Meeting; 1871-1871-
GB/109/13817Church of England; General Synod; Board for Mission and Unity; 1972-19911972-1991
GB/109/6708Martineau; Robert Arnold Schurhoff (1913-1999); bishop of Blackburn1913-1999
567Tomkins; Oliver Stratford (1908-1992); Bishop of Bristol1908-1992
DS/UK/6115Driberg; Thomas Edward Neil (1905-1976); Baron Bradwell; journalist and politician1905-1976
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