RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoRamsey 283, ff. 144-241
TitleUnited States, Archbishop's Visit
DescriptionPapers relating to Archbishop and Mrs. Ramsey's visit to the United States, including: correspondence between Archbishop Ramsey and Dr. Robert Terwilliger about a conference at Trinity Institute, New York, in January 1974 (ff.144, 148-151, 155); letter from Cardinal Suenens about the conference at Trinity Institute, with Archbishop Ramsey's reply (ff.145-147); publicity material (ff.152-154); letter from James Whittimore to Archbishop Ramsey inviting him to Princeton in the autumn of 1973 (ff.156-157); letter from Dr. Terwilliger asking Archbishop Ramsey to write to Trinity Parish in support of the Institute for Christian Studies (ff.158-159): invitation from Edwin Broderick, Roman Catholic Bishop of Albany, to an Anglican-Roman Catholic Conference in Albany in 1974, with Archbishop Ramsey's reply (ff.160-161); correspondence between the Revd. Lesley Wilder and Archbishop Ramsey about the Ramseys' visit to California in February (ff.162-164, 168-169, 222, 229); correspondence between the Revd. John Kirkham and the Revd. John Andrew about arrangements for Archbishop Ramsey's visit to New York (ff.165-167, 170); correspondence between John Kirkham and the Revd. Lesley Wilder about arrangements for the visit to California (ff.171, 173, 175); correspondence between the Revd. John Coburn and Archbishop Ramsey about an invitation to preach or celebrate at St. James' Church, Madison Avenue, during his visit (ff. 172, 174, 176, 191, 197, 228); letter from Dr. Larman H. Bruner offering hospitality to the Ramseys during their visit, with reply (ff.177, 180); correspondence between John Kirkham and Dr. Terwilliger about arrangements for the visit (ff.178, 190); correspondence between E. Allen Kelley and Archbishop Ramsey about the publication of the Trinity Institute lectures by Morehouse-Barlow Co. (ff.179, 181, 187); letter from the Revd. Donald Garfield inviting Archbishop Ramsey to visit his parish on Candlemas Eve 1974, with reply (ff.182, 185); correspondence between John Miles and Archbishop Ramsey about appearing on "Speaking Freely" and meeting the press during his visit to New York (ff.183-184, 201-202); correspondence with Trinity Institute about the tape-recording of Archbishop Ramsey's lectures (ff.186, 188, 240-241); letter from the Revd. Lesley Wilder to Mrs. Ramsey about arrangements for the visit (f.189); letter from the Revd. Robert Parker, Rector of Trinity Church, to Archbishop Ramsey looking forward to his participation in the Trinity Institute Conference, with John Kirkham's reply (f.192); telegram from American seminarians requesting a meeting on the ordination of women (f.193); letter from the Revd. Marlin Bowman, Protestant Chaplain, John F. Kennedy Airport, asking Archbishop Ramsey to participate in a short service on his arrival, with John Kirkham's reply and subsequent letter from Archbishop Ramsey (ff. 194, 199, 231); invitation from Sterling Raeburn to Archbishop and Mrs. Ramsey to spend some time in Florida during their visit (f.195); letter from John Ford, British Consul General in New York, to John Kirkham about arrangements for the visit, with reply (ff.196, 198); press release about the visit (f.203); letter to Archbishop Ramsey from Ann Lowell, secretary to Bishop Colin Winter, about the possibility of meeting him in America , with reply (ff.204, 233); itinerary of visit (ff.205-217); letter from Paul V. Galloway, Methodist Bishop in Arkansas, looking forward to Archbishop Ramsey's visit, with reply (ff.218, 230); letter from Allen Brown, Bishop of Albany, thanking Archbishop Ramsey for his visit, with reply (ff.219, 221); letter from Keith Marvin enclosing photographs [not on file] of the serivice in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Albany, with Archbishop Ramsey's reply (ff.220, 227); letters of thanks from Archbishop Ramsey to Kilmer Myers, Bishop of California, Abe Beam the Mayor of New York, the Headmaster of St. Thomas's Church Choir School (ff.223-224, 232, 236-238); letters from Harry C. Milholland offering a recording of the service of hallowing the bells at Melrose School, with Archbishop Ramsey's reply (ff.225-226, 234-235); appreciative letter from the Revd. Charles A. Bevan (f.239).

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11Ramsey; (Arthur) Michael (1904-1988); Baron Ramsey of Canterbury; Archbishop of Canterbury1904-1988
DS/UK/5258Ramsey; Lady; Joan Alice Chetwode (1909-1995); née Hamilton; wife of Archbishop Ramsey1909-1995
GB/109/13679Terwilliger; Robert Elwin (1917-1991); suffragan Bishop of Dallas1917-1991
GB/109/14207Trinity Institute; 1967-1967-
GB/109/12134Suenens; Leon-Joseph (1904-1996); Cardinal1904-1996
GB/109/13665Institute of Christian Studies; 1970-1970-
GB/109/11837New York; Trinity Church; 1697-1697-
GB/109/14209Wilder; Lesley (1912-); clergyman1912-
GB/109/14948Kirkham; John Dudley Galtrey (1935-2019); Suffragan Bishop of Sherborne1935-2019
GB/109/7932Andrew; John Gerald Barton (1931-2014); clergyman1931-2014
DS/UK/4720Brown; Allen Webster (1908-); Bishop of Albany1908-
DS/UK/4927Myers; Chauncie Kilmer (1916-); Bishop of California1916-
GB/109/17009Broderick; Edwin Bernard (fl 1942-1976); Roman Catholic Bishop of Albanyfl 1942-1976
GB/109/17015Coburn; John Bowen (1914-); Bishop of Massachusetts1914-
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