RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoRamsey 281, ff. 162-277
TitleSouth America, Archbishop's visit to: General
DescriptionPapers relating to Archbishop Ramsey's visit to South America, including: correspondence between Archbishop Ramsey and Cyril Tucker, Bishop in Argentina and Eastern South America, about a possible visit in 1974 (ff.162-164); correspondence between Bishop Tucker and the Revd. John Kirkham about arrangements for the visit (ff.165-170, 174-175, 181-182, 185-186); letter from the Revd. George Braund recommending "revolutionary" clergy in South America, with Archbishop Ramsey's reply (ff.171-173); letter from John Kirkham to Sir Duncan Watson, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, about the visit with copy of press release and draft itinerary (ff.176-179); memorandum about reactions to news of the Archbishop's proposed visit to Chile (f.180); memoranda from the Council for Foreign Relations with suggested contacts for the visit and other information (ff.183, 195, 197, 199-200); letter from the Revd. Karl Bell, Rector of St. Mary's Church, Caracas asking Archbishop Ramsey not to omit Venezuela form the tour, with reply (ff.184, 188); letter from Guy Marshall, Bishop in Venezuela, reiterating that hope, with reply (ff.187, 191-192); correspondence between the Catholic Institute for International Relations and Archbishop Ramsey about the visit (ff.189-190); letter from Archbishop Ramsey to Maurice Chandler explaining the nature of his visit to South America as a guest of the Anglican Churches and not of various governments (ff.193-194); letter from Sir John Lawrence suggesting Archbishop Ramsey meet Vladimir Maksimov during his visit to London (f.196); letter from David Vermont to Archbishop Ramsey asking that members of the Argentine Diocesan Association might meet him before his visit, with reply from John Kirkham (ff.198, 202); letter from John Miles about a proposed press conference on the visit to South America and the BBC proposal to send a film crew to Chile during the visit, with reply and further note about filming (ff.201, 204, 222); correspondence between John Kirkham and Bishop Kenneth Howell about briefing the Archishop before his visit (ff.205-206); draft press release (ff.207-209); letter from John Kirkham tro Lord Cowley enclosing a copy of the Memorandum on the Methodist Missionary Society/USPG Latin America Project (ff.210-215); letter from Edmund Sherrill, Bishop of Central Brazil, to John Kirkham about arrangements in Rio de Janeiro (ff.216); draft letters from John Kirkam to D.S.L. Dodson, British Ambassador in Brazil, Bishop Sherrill and Arthur Kratz, Bishop of Southern Brazil (ff.218-220, 225); letter from Douglas Milmine, Bishop in Paraguay, with greetings to Archbishop Ramsey from the Anglican Church in Paraguay (f.221); letters from Archbishop Ramsey to William Folwell , Bishop of Central Florida,and James Duncan, Bishop of South East Florida informing them of his stop-over at Miami Airport en route to South America (ff.223-224); text of press conference (ff.226-232); letter from a member of the public asking whether the visit to South America was really necessary, with Archbishop Ramsey's reply (ff.233, 236); letter from A.J. Collins, Latin American Department, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, enclosing a copy of an open letter from Bishop Kratz to President Geisel of Brazil (ff.234-235); copy of a Foreign Office telegram about a change in the flights to Caracas and Bogota (ff.237-238); telegram of greeting from Bishop Marshall of Venezuela (f.239)); note for Mrs. Ramsey about the climate in Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil (f.240); programme for the visit (ff.241-252); note of sermons, speeches, address and lectures to be given by Archbishop Ramsey during his tour (ff.253-254); press conference following the visit (ff.255-261); Archbishop Ramsey's letters of thanks to Bishop Milmine, Mr. Dodson, Mr. R.L. Secondé, British Ambasador in Chile, Mr. E.F.G. Maynard, British Embassy in Argentina, Mr. Geoffrey Crossley, British Ambassador in Colombia, Sir Duncan Watson, with reply, and Peter Lewis, Latin America Department of the FCO (ff.262-268, 270); letter from Basil Lawson, British Consulate, Porto Alegre, Brazil, enclosing some photographs [not on file], with reply (ff.269, 272); letter of thanks from Bishop Tucker, with Archbishop Ramsey's reply (ff.271, 273); letter from Peter Lewis enclosing a letter to Archbishop Ramsey from Cardinal Sales, Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, about the imprisonment of Ana Rosa Silva and her husband, with reply from John Kirkham (ff.274-277).

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DS/UK/4994Tucker; Cyril James (1911-1992); Bishop of Argentina and Eastern South America1911-1992
GB/109/14948Kirkham; John Dudley Galtrey (1935-2019); Suffragan Bishop of Sherborne1935-2019
GB/109/15503Braund; George Basil (fl. 1973); Overseas Secretary, USPGfl. 1973
GB/109/16865Watson; Noel Duncan (1915-); knight; diplomat1915-
NA3026Church of England; Council on Foreign Relations; 1933-19821933-1982
DS/UK/4918Marshall; Guy (1909-1978); suffragan Bishop of Venezuela1909-1978
GB/109/13976Argentine Diocesan Association
DS/UK/4311British Broadcasting Corporation
DS/UK/4860Howell; Kenneth Walter (1909-1995); Bishop in Chile, Bolivia and Peru1909-1995
DS/UK/4964Sherrill; Edmund Knox (1925-); Bishop of Central Brazil1925-
GB/109/12589Kratz; Arthur Rodolpho (fl. 1972-1984); Primate of the Episcopal Church of Brazilfl. 1972-1984
GB/109/9541Milmine; Douglas (1921-); Bishop of Paraguay1921-
GB/109/12302Great Britain and Northern Ireland; Foreign and Commonwealth Office; 1968-1968-
DS/UK/5258Ramsey; Lady; Joan Alice Chetwode (1909-1995); née Hamilton; wife of Archbishop Ramsey1909-1995
11Ramsey; (Arthur) Michael (1904-1988); Baron Ramsey of Canterbury; Archbishop of Canterbury1904-1988
GB/109/14156Methodist Missionary Society; 1932-1932-
GB/109/8152United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel; 1965-; mission agency1965-
GB/109/16870Wellesley; Richard Francis (1948-1975); 6th Earl Cowley1948-1975
GB/109/16871Dodson; Sir; Derek Sherborne Lindsell (1920-); knight; diplomat1920-
GB/109/16872Secondé; Sir; Reginald Louis (1922-); knight; diplomat1922-
GB/109/16873Crossley; Geoffrey Allan (1920-); diplomat1920-
GB/109/16874de Araújo Sales; Eugênio (1920-); Cardinal; Archbishop of São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro1920-
GB/109/16875Chandler; Maurice (1920-); member of the House of Laity, General Synod1920-
GB/109/16876Catholic Institute for International Relations; 1965-2005; development agency1965-2005
GB/109/16878Bell; Karl Edwin (1933-); clergyman1933-
GB/109/16879Folwell; William H. (1924-); Bishop of Central Florida1924-
GB/109/16880Duncan; James L. (1913-2000); Bishop of Southeast Florida1913-2000
GB/109/16881Samsonov; Lev Alekseyevich (1930-1995); dissident novelist and poet1930-1995
GB/109/16890Geisel; Ernesto Beckmann (1907-1996); President of Brazil1907-1996
GB/109/17599Miles; John Charles (1928-2017); Chief Press Officer1928-2017
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