RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoRamsey 279, ff. 92-206
TitleRetirement of Archbishop: letters of appreciation and farewell
DescriptionLetters and other tributes to Archbishop Ramsey on his retirement from, among others: Gerald Ellison, Bishop of London (ff.92-93); Falkner Allison, Bishop of Winchester (f.94); Dr. Lesley Wilder (ff.95-96); Launcelot Fleming, Dean of Windsor (f.97); Ian White-Thomson, Dean of Canterbury (f.98); Dr. Kenneth Greet (f.99); John Hughes, Bishop of Croydon (f.100); Cardinal Heenan, with reply (ff.101, 200-201); the Revd. John Huxtable (ff.102, 137); Sir Harold Kent (f.103); the Revd. Harry Morton (f.104); Niel Nye, Archdeacon of Maidstone (f.105); David Say, Bishop of Rochester (ff.106, 204); Oliver Tomkins, Bishop of Bristol (f.107); Sylvia Freck, Council on Foreign Relations (f.108); Eric Abbott, Dean of Westminster (ff.109-110); the Revd. W.P. Baddeley (f.111); Sir Ronald Harris (f.112); E.W. Scott, Primate of Canada (f.113); the Revd. Harry Smythe (ff.114-116); Kenneth Woollcombe, Bishop of Oxford (ff.117-118); Cyril Bowles, Bishop of Derby (f.119); Canon David Paton (f.120); Mons. Bruno Heim, with thanks for a farewell dinner (ff.121, 168-169, 195); Janet Lacey (ff.122-123); Thomas Reed, Bishop of Adelaide (f.124); Bishop Francis Cocks (f.125); Bishop Kenneth Sansbury (f.126); Peter Walker, Bishop of Dorchester (f.127); the Revd. Peter Cornwell (ff.128-129); the Revd. Harold Roberts (ff.130-131); Pope Paul VI (ff.132-133); Marinus Kok, Archbishop of Utrecht (ff.134-135); Allen Johnston, Archbishop of New Zealand (f.136); the Revd. C.D.D. Doren (f.138); Mons. Hubert Coron Delooz (ff.141-142); Archbishop Mstyslaw Skrypnyk, with reply (ff.143-144); Lewis Garnsworthy, Bishop of Toronto, with reply (ff.145-146); Kaare Støylen, Bishop of Oslo, with reply (ff.147-148); the Revd. Ronald Norton, with reply (ff.149-150); Lord Fletcher (f.151); Nicholas VI, Patriarch of Alexandria, with reply (ff.152-154); Eric Simmoms CR (f.155); Cardinal Suenens, with reply (ff.156-158); the Revd. Thomas Schultz (f.159); Keith Rayner, Bishop of Wangaratta (ff.160-161); the Most Revd. Howard Clark (f.162); Canon Leslie Lloyd Rees (f.165); Gwilym Williams, Archbishop of Wales (f.164); Alan Webster, Dean of Norwich (ff.166-167); Sir Israel Brodie (f.171); Lord Inchiquin (f.172); Bishop Frank Thorne (f.174); Dr. Philip Potter, with reply (ff.177-180); Douglas Feaver, Bishop of Peterborough (f.184); Canon Leslie Arnold (f.193); Sir Hugh Wontner (f.194); Cardinal Willebrands, with reply (ff.196-198); Archbishop Iakovos, with reply (ff.202-203); John Lang (ff.205-206); Archbishop Ramsey's letter of thanks for a dinner given by the Prime Minister, Harold Wilson (f.170), to Archbishop Athenagoras of Thyateira for a farewell gift (f.176), to Canon Tom Sutcliffe (f.181), to Demetrios I, Ecumenical Patriarch (f.183), to Pope Paul VI (ff.185).

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Related name records
11Ramsey; (Arthur) Michael (1904-1988); Baron Ramsey of Canterbury; Archbishop of Canterbury1904-1988
338Ellison; Gerald Alexander (1910-1992); Bishop of London1910-1992
87Allison; Sherard Falkner (1907-1993); Bishop of Winchester1907-1993
GB/109/14209Wilder; Lesley (1912-); clergyman1912-
DS/UK/4802Fleming; (William) Launcelot Scott (1906-1990); Bishop of Norwich1906-1990
DS/UK/3228White-Thomson; Ian Hugh (1904-1997); clergyman1904-1997
361Greet; Kenneth Gerald (1918-2014); Secretary of the Methodist Conference1918-2014
DS/UK/4861Hughes; John Taylor (1908-2001); suffragan Bishop of Croydon1908-2001
GB/109/8230Heenan; John Carmel (1905-1975); Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster1905-1975
390Huxtable; William John Fairchild (1912-1990); Congregationalist minister1912-1990
402Kent; Sir; Harold Simcox (1903-1998); Dean of the Arches1903-1998
GB/109/11518Morton; Harry Osborne (1925-1988); President of the Methodist Conference1925-1988
105Say; Richard David (1914-2006); Bishop of Rochester1914-2006
567Tomkins; Oliver Stratford (1908-1992); Bishop of Bristol1908-1992
DS/UK/3439Abbott; Eric Symes (1906-1983); Dean of Westminster1906-1983
GB/109/8667Harris; Sir; Ronald Montague Joseph (1913-1995); First Church Estates Commissioner1913-1995
DS/UK/4959Scott; Edward Walter (1919-); Archbishop, and Primate of all Canada1919-
GB/109/12133Smythe; Harry Reynolds (1923-2005); Director, Anglican Centre in Rome1923-2005
GB/109/11833Woollcombe; Kenneth John (1924-2008); Bishop of Oxford1924-2008
265Bowles; Cyril William Johnston (1916-1999); Bishop of Derby1916-1999
484Paton; David Macdonald (1913-1992); Secretary of Council for Ecumenical Co-operation of Church Assembly1913-1992
GB/109/15118Heim; Bruno (1911-2003); Apostolic Pro-Nuncio to England1911-2003
DS/UK/6271Lacey; Janet (1903-1988); charity director1903-1988
DS/UK/4940Reed; Thomas Thornton (1902-); Archbishop of Adelaide1902-
GB/109/8476Cocks; Francis William (1913-1998); suffragan Bishop of Shrewsbury1913-1998
DS/UK/4956Sansbury; Cyril Kenneth (1905-1993); Bishop of Singapore and Malaya1905-1993
GB/109/8147Walker; Peter Knight (1919-2010); Bishop of Ely1919-2010
GB/109/8106Cornwell; Peter Raphael (1934-); Vicar of Barnard Castle1934-
DS/UK/6540Paul VI (1897-1978); Pope1897-1978
409Kok; Marinus (fl 1970-1982); Archbishop of Utrechtfl 1970-1982
DS/UK/4864Johnston; Allen Howard (1912-2002); Archbishop of New Zealand1912-2002
DS/UK/3440Fletcher; Eric George Molyneux (1903-1990); Baron Fletcher; MP for East Islington1903-1990
GB/109/12134Suenens; Leon-Joseph (1904-1996); Cardinal1904-1996
GB/109/8467Clark; Howard Hewlett (1903-1983); Primate of All Canada and Archbishop of Rupert's Land1903-1983
GB/109/16575Rees; Leslie Lloyd (1919-); Assistant Bishop, Diocese of Winchester1919-
DS/UK/5005Williams; Gwilym Owen (1913-1990); Archbishop of Wales1913-1990
588Webster; Alan Brunskill (1918-2007); Dean of St. Paul's1918-2007
GB/109/8086Brodie; Sir; Israel (1895-1979); Knight; Chief Rabbi1895-1979
DS/UK/5346Thorne; Frank Oswald (1892-1981); UMCA missionary and Bishop of Nyasaland1892-1981
GB/109/14231Potter; Philip Alford (1921-); General Secretary, World Council of Churches1921-
GB/109/7921Feaver; Douglas Russell (1914-1997); Bishop of Peterborough1914-1997
GB/109/6575Willebrands; Johannes Gerardus Maria (1909-2006); Cardinal; Archbishop of Utrecht and Primate of the Netherlands1909-2006
GB/109/6713Lang; John Harley (1927-2012); Dean of Lichfield1927-2012
DS/UK/3444Wilson; (James) Harold (1916-1995); Baron Wilson of Rievaulx; Prime Minister1916-1995
255Kokkinakis; Athenagoras II (1912-1979); Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain1912-1979
GB/109/12989Demetrios I (c.1914-1991); Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinoplec.1914-1991
GB/109/8788Baddeley; William Pye (1914-1998); Dean of Brisbane1914-1998
511Roberts; Harold (1896-1982); Principal of Richmond College1896-1982
GB/109/16639Garnsworthy; Lewis Samuel (1922-1990); Archbishop of Toronto1922-1990
GB/109/16640Støylen; Kaare (fl.1973-1977); Bishop of Oslofl.1973-1977
GB/109/16641Rayner; Keith (1929-); Primate of Australia1929-
GB/109/16642O'Brien; Phaedrig Lucius Ambrose (1900-1982); 17th Baron of Inchiquin1900-1982
GB/109/16643Wontner; Sir; Hugh Walter Kingwell (1908-1992); knight; Lord Mayor of London1908-1992
GB/109/16663Mstyslaw (1898-1993); Patriarch of Kiev and All Ukraine1898-1993
GB/109/16664Koukouzis; Demetrios (1911-2005); Iakovos/Jakovos; Greek Orthodox Archbishop of North and South America1911-2005
GB/109/16665Simmons; Eric (1930-); Community of the Resurrection1930-
GB/109/16666Nicholas VI (1915-1986); Patriarch of Alexandria1915-1986
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