RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoRamsey 273, ff. 224-297
DescriptionPapers relating to exorcism, including: information on clergy suitable for the ministry of exorcism within dioceses received from Ross Hook, Bishop of Bradford (f.225), Basil Guy, Bishop of Gloucester (f.226), Stuart Blanch, Bishop of Liverspool (f.227), Gerald Ellison, Bishop of London (f.228), Douglas Feaver, Bishop of Peterborough (f.229), Leslie Brown, Bishop of St. Edmundsbury & Ipswich (f.230), George Reindorp, Bishop of Salisbury (f.231), Mervyn Stockwood, Bishop of Southwark (f.232), Stretton Reeve, Bishop of Lichfield (f.233), Victor Whitsey, Bishop of Chester (f.234), Edward Roberts, Bishop of Ely (f.235), David Brown, Bishop of Guildford (f.236), Ronald Williams, Bishop of Leicester (ff.237, 296), Ronald Bowlby, Bishop of Newcastle (ff.238, 284), Kenneth Woollcombe, Bishop of Oxford (f.239), David Say, Bishop of Rochester (f.240), Gordon Fallows, Bishop of Sheffield (ff.241-242), Edward Henderson, Bishop of Bath & Wells (f.243), Roger Wilson, Bishop of Chichester (f.244), Denis Wakeling, Bishop of Southwell (f.245), Laurence Brown, Bishop of Birmingham (f.246), John Habgood, Bishop of Durham (f.247), Oliver Tomkins, Bishop of Bristol (ff.248, 265), Cuthbert Bardsley, Bishop of Coventry (ff.249, 295), John Phillips, Bishop of Portsmouth (f.250), Patrick Rodger, Bishop of Manchester (f.251, 253-254), Robin Woods, Bishop of Worcester (f.252), Donald Coggan, Archbishop of York (f.255), Morris Maddocks, Bishop of Selby (f.256), Eric Treacy, Bishop of Wakefield (ff.257, 292-293), Falkner Allison, Bishop of Winchester (f.258), Cyril Bowles, Bishop of Derby (f.259), John Eastaugh, Bishop of Hereford (f.260), Eric Mercer, Bishop of Exeter (f.261), Maurice Wood, Bishop of Norwich (f.262); letter from the Revd. John Richards about his book on exorcism, with Archishop Ramsey's reply (ff.263-264); letter from the Revd. Christopher Neil-Smith, copied to the Bishop of London, about a court case in which he had been called as an expert witness, with press-cutting and Archbishop Ramsey's reply (ff.266-269); copy of a letter from Gwilym Williams, Archbishop of Wales, about exorcism enclosing a copy of a memorandum by the Revd. Norman Autton (ff.270-283, 285-286); list of clergy to whom questions of exorcism might be addressed (ff.287-291).

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Related name records
GB/109/6615Hook; Ross Sydney (1917-1996); Bishop of Bradford1917-1996
DS/UK/4842Guy; Basil Tudor (1910-1975); Bishop of Gloucester1910-1975
260Blanch; Lord; Stuart Yarworth (1918-1994); Baron of Bishopsthorpe; Archbishop of York1918-1994
338Ellison; Gerald Alexander (1910-1992); Bishop of London1910-1992
GB/109/7921Feaver; Douglas Russell (1914-1997); Bishop of Peterborough1914-1997
271Brown; Leslie Wilfrid (1912-1999); Archbishop of Uganda1912-1999
DS/UK/4942Reindorp; George Edmund (1911-1990); Bishop of Salisbury1911-1990
550Stockwood; Arthur Mervyn (1913-1995); Bishop of Southwark1913-1995
DS/UK/4941Reeve; Arthur Stretton (1907-1981); Bishop of Lichfield1907-1981
GB/109/8241Whitsey; Hubert Victor (1916-1987); Bishop of Chester1916-1987
DS/UK/4944Roberts; Edward James Keymer (1908-2001); Bishop of Ely1908-2001
GB/109/14021Brown; David Alan (1922-1982); Bishop of Guildford1922-1982
DS/UK/3472Williams; Ronald Ralph (1906-1979); Bishop of Leicester1906-1979
GB/109/6710Bowlby; Ronald Oliver (1926-2019); Bishop of Southwark1926-2019
GB/109/11833Woollcombe; Kenneth John (1924-2008); Bishop of Oxford1924-2008
105Say; Richard David (1914-2006); Bishop of Rochester1914-2006
DS/UK/4800Fallows; William Gordon (1913-1979); Bishop of Sheffield1913-1979
DS/UK/4856Henderson; Edward Barry (1910-1986); Bishop of Bath and Wells1910-1986
DS/UK/5007Wilson; Roger Plumpton (1905-2002); Bishop of Chichester1905-2002
GB/109/8167Wakeling; John Denis (1918-2004); bishop of Southwell1918-2004
DS/UK/4721Brown; Laurence Ambrose (1907-1994); Bishop of Birmingham1907-1994
DS/UK/3471Habgood; John Stapylton (1927-2019); Baron Habgood; Archbishop of York1927-2019
567Tomkins; Oliver Stratford (1908-1992); Bishop of Bristol1908-1992
DS/UK/3554Bardsley; Cuthbert Killick Norman (1907-1991); bishop of Coventry1907-1991
DS/UK/4933Phillips; John Henry Lawrence (1910-1985); Bishop of Portsmouth1910-1985
GB/109/8570Rodger; Patrick Campbell (1920-2002); Bishop of Oxford1920-2002
610Woods; Robert Wylmer (1914-1997); Bishop of Worcester1914-1997
298Coggan; Frederick Donald (1909-2000); Baron Coggan; Archbishop of Canterbury1909-2000
GB/109/15008Maddocks; Morris Henry St. John (1928-2008); Suffragan Bishop of Selby1928-2008
568Treacy; Eric (1907-1978); Bishop of Wakefield1907-1978
87Allison; Sherard Falkner (1907-1993); Bishop of Winchester1907-1993
265Bowles; Cyril William Johnston (1916-1999); Bishop of Derby1916-1999
GB/109/8670Eastaugh; John Richard Gordon (1920-1990); Bishop of Hereford1920-1990
GB/109/14016Mercer; Eric Arthur John (1917-2003); Bishop of Exeter1917-2003
GB/109/7418Wood; Maurice Arthur Ponsonby (1916-2007); Bishop of Norwich1916-2007
11Ramsey; (Arthur) Michael (1904-1988); Baron Ramsey of Canterbury; Archbishop of Canterbury1904-1988
DS/UK/5005Williams; Gwilym Owen (1913-1990); Archbishop of Wales1913-1990
GB/109/17933Neil-Smith; John Christopher (1920-1995); priest1920-1995
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