RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoRamsey 272, ff. 1-58
TitleChurch Commissioners: general
DescriptionPapers relating to the Church Commissioners, including: appointments of the Bishops of Worcester and Doncaster as members of the Board and the Bishop of Gloucester a member of the Housing Committee, with Archbishop Ramsey's agreement (ff.1-2); letter from Kenneth Ryle to Archbishop Ramsey enclosing an article in the "Spectator" about prostitution and Church Commissioners' estates (ff.3-5); correspondence about the reappointment of W.B. Harris and A.C.G. Ponsonby as Commissioners (ff.6-7, 11-15); correspondence between Colin Peterson and Archbishop Ramsey about the appointment of Edward Bishop MP as Second Church Estates Commissioner in place of Marcus Worsley (ff.8-10, 21); letter from Sir Ronald Harris informing Archbishop Ramsey about a BBC Radio 4 documentary on the Church Commissioners to be broadcast on 19 April 1974, with reply (ff.16-18); letter from Kenneth Ryle about the pensionable service of the First and Third Church Commissioners and the introduction in Synod of a Measure to conform with the Social Security Act 1973 (ff.19-20); appointment of Ross Hook, Bishop of Bradford, to the Pastoral Committee in place of Roger Wilson, Bishop of Chichester (ff.22-25, 27-28); letter of apology from the Clerk of Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ireland about the disturbances during Archbishop Ramsey's visit to St. Anne's Cathedral, Belfast, with reply (ff.26, 29); appointment of Eric Treacy, Bishop of Wakefield, to the Board in place of the Bishop of Chichester (ff.30-31); letter from Kenneth Ryle about his retirement in 1975 and the setting up of a committee to choose a successor as Secretary, with correspondence between Archbishop Ramsey, Donald Coggan, Archbishop of York, Sir Ronald Harris and invitations to serve on it extended to Eric Buchan, Archdeacon of Coventry, David Say, Bishop of Rochester, Sir John Arbuthnot, Fenton Morley, Dean of Salisbury, and John Smallwood (ff.32-41); Edward Bishop's relinquishment of the post of Second Church Estates Commissioner on becoming Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture, correspondence between Archbishops Ramsey and Coggan about a choice of successor and the appointment of Terence Walker (ff.42- 47, 52-57); letter from Sir Ronald Harris enclosing a draft of the Church Commissioners' leaflet for 1974 (ff.48-51); press release on the appointment of S.P. Osmond as Secretary to the Church Commissioners (f.58).

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DS/UK/3509Church Commissioners; 1948-1948-
610Woods; Robert Wylmer (1914-1997); Bishop of Worcester1914-1997
GB/109/6709Price; Stuart Hetley (1922-1977); bishop of Ripon1922-1977
DS/UK/4842Guy; Basil Tudor (1910-1975); Bishop of Gloucester1910-1975
11Ramsey; (Arthur) Michael (1904-1988); Baron Ramsey of Canterbury; Archbishop of Canterbury1904-1988
GB/109/8099Ryle; Kenneth Sherriff (1912-1993); Secretary to the Church Commissioners for England1912-1993
GB/109/11470Harris; William Barclay (1911-2000); Church Commissioner1911-2000
GB/109/11531Ponsonby; Sir; Ashley Charles Gibbs (1921-); Church Commissioner1921-
GB/109/15265Peterson; Colin Vyvyan (1932-); Secretary for Appointments to PM and Ecclesiastical Secretary to the Lord Chancellor1932-
GB/109/12730Bishop; Edward Stanley (1920-1984); Baron Bishopston; Second Church Estates Commissioner1920-1984
GB/109/12628Worsley; Sir; (William) Marcus (John) (1925-2013); 5th Baronet; politician1925-2013
GB/109/8667Harris; Sir; Ronald Montague Joseph (1913-1995); First Church Estates Commissioner1913-1995
DS/UK/4311British Broadcasting Corporation
GB/109/6615Hook; Ross Sydney (1917-1996); Bishop of Bradford1917-1996
DS/UK/5007Wilson; Roger Plumpton (1905-2002); Bishop of Chichester1905-2002
568Treacy; Eric (1907-1978); Bishop of Wakefield1907-1978
298Coggan; Frederick Donald (1909-2000); Baron Coggan; Archbishop of Canterbury1909-2000
GB/109/17842Buchan; Eric Ancrum (1907-2001); Archdeacon of Coventry1907-2001
105Say; Richard David (1914-2006); Bishop of Rochester1914-2006
233Arbuthnot; Sir; John Sinclair-Wemyss (1912-1992); 1st Baronet1912-1992
GB/109/15020Morley; William Fenton (1912-1995); Dean of Salisbury1912-1995
GB/109/11637Smallwood; John Frank Monton (1926-2007); Church Commissioner1926-2007
GB/109/17132Walker; Terence William (1935-); Second Church Estates Commissioner1935-
GB/109/14023Osmond; Sir; (Stanley) Paul (1917-2000); Secretary to the Church Commissioners1917-2000
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