RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoRamsey 263, ff. 95-228
TitleSouth Africa
DescriptionPapers relating to South Africa, including: correspondence between Archbishop Ramsey and the Revd. Colin Davison about the newly formed group Christian Concern for South Africa (ff.95-102, 120); letters from Gonville ffrench-Beytagh to Geoffrey Tiarks, Bishop of Maidstone, and Archbishop Ramsey about his future employment, with replies, correspondence with Hugh Hanning and memoranda about Fr. ffrench-Beytagh (ff.103-105, 109-114, 116, 121-124, 141); correspondence between Colin Winter, Bishop of Damaraland, and Archbishop Ramsey about his future employment (ff.106-108); correspondence between Gervase Duffield and Archbishop Ramsey about improving relations between the Church of England and the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa (ff.117-119, 131-133, 135); request from the Revd. Bruce Kenrick for a meeting between Archbishop Ramsey and the Revd. Theo Kotze of the Christian Institute (ff.125-127); letter from Mrs. Jean Benson about Bishop Colin Winter, enclosing information from the South African Volunteer Enterprise, Inc, with reply from Archbishop Ramsey (ff.128-130); correspondence between Robert Taylor, Archbishop of Cape Town, and Archbishop Ramsey about the attitude of the World Council of Churches towards 'liberation movements' in South Africa and a visit of Bill Burnett, Bishop of Grahamstown, to Geneva to counteract this, and about his own trip to London (ff.134, 136, 140, 142); correspondence between Hugh Whitworth and Bishop Kenneth Sansbury about meetings for Bishop Burnett en route to Geneva, and notes of meeeting (ff.137-139, 159-164); letter from the Revd. Paul Oestreicher about his intended speech on South Africa in General Synod, with response from Archbishop Ramsey (ff.143-145); letter to Archbishop Ramsey from W.E. Luke, Chairman of the United Kingdom South Africa Trade Association with a copy of his speech to the South Africa Society, with a letter from Hugh Whitworth asking for comments from Giles Ecclestone (ff.146-158); note about the withdrawal of Beyers Naudé's passport, correspondence between Archbishop Ramsey and Dr Naudé, letter about Dr. Naudé from Canon Douglas Webster, with Archbishop Ramsey's reply (ff.165-166, 170-172, 175); memorandum about the visit of Bishop Burnett and other South African church leaders (ff.167-169); letter from Sir Robert Birley about an honorary doctorate for Dr. Naudé from the University of Durham, with response from Archbishop Ramsey and letter of support to the Principal of St. Mary's College, Durham (ff.173-174, 176-177); letter from Dr Naudé to Archbishop Ramsey, enclosing a letter to the Conference of Missionary Societies about the forthcoming trial of staff of the Christian Institute and Spro-Cas (ff.178-179); presscutting, notes and correspondence about the trial of Dr. Naudé, including Archbishop Ramsey's letter to The Times, and letters from Hugh Hanning, Trevor Huddleston, Bishop of Stepney and Canon Douglas Webster (ff.180-188, 190-192); correspondence between Archbishop Ramsey and Vernon Inman, Bishop of Natal, about the banning order on the Revd. Rubin Phillip, with a copy of the order (f.189, 198-200, 208); contributions from the Centre for International Studies and John Hughes, Bishop of Croydon, and a member of the public to the Beyers Naudé appeal fund, with further correspondence between the Earl of March, the Bishop of Maidstone, the Archbishop of Wales and Archbishop Ramsey about promoting the appeal (ff.193-196, 206-207, 209, 212-213); letter to The Times from Mona Macmillan giving the background of the Schlebusch Commission and its investigations into the Christian Institute (f.197); letter from the editor of The Argus (Cape Town) enclosing copies of interviews with the Archbishop of Cape Town, with Archbishop Ramsey's reply (ff.201-205); note of a report from the observers at the trial of Dr. Naudé (ff.210-211); copy of the Christian Institute Trust deed and correspondence between Hugh Hanning, Hugh Whitworth and the Earl of March about Archbishop Ramsey's patronage of the Trust (ff.214-227); text of Archbishop Ramsey's Christmas message for the South African press (f.228).

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Related name records
11Ramsey; (Arthur) Michael (1904-1988); Baron Ramsey of Canterbury; Archbishop of Canterbury1904-1988
GB/109/8142ffrench-Beytagh; Gonville Aubie (1912-1991); Dean of Johannesburg1912-1991
564Tiarks; Geoffrey Lewis (1909-1987); Suffragan Bishop of Maidstone1909-1987
GB/109/12963Hanning; Hugh Peter James (1925-); Vice-President, Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom1925-
GB/109/14047Winter; Colin O'Brien (1928-1981); Bishop of Damaraland1928-1981
331Duffield; Gervase Elwes (1935-); publisher and theological writer1935-
GB/109/14111Kenrick; Bruce (fl.1963-1972); Church of Scotland ministerfl.1963-1972
GB/109/14115Christian Institute of Southern Africa
DS/UK/4986Taylor; Robert Selby (1909-1995); Archbishop of Cape Town1909-1995
NA2499World Council of Churches; 1948-1948-
DS/UK/3627Burnett; Bill Bendyshe (1917-1994); archbishop of Cape Town1917-1994
GB/109/11107Whitworth; Hugh Hope Aston (1914-1996); Lay Assistant to the Archbishop of Canterbury1914-1996
DS/UK/4956Sansbury; Cyril Kenneth (1905-1993); Bishop of Singapore and Malaya1905-1993
GB/109/9881Oestreicher; Paul (1931-); Canon Residentiary of Coventry Cathedral1931-
GB/109/14026Ecclestone; Giles W. (fl. 1972-1976); Secretary, Board for Social Responsibilityfl. 1972-1976
GB/109/14114Naudé; Christiaan Frederick Beyers (1915-2004); anti-apartheid campaigner1915-2004
GB/109/10993Webster; Douglas (1920-1986); Canon Residentiary of St. Paul's Cathedral1920-1986
DS/UK/5916Birley; Sir; Robert (1903-1982); Knight; educationalist1903-1982
DS/UK/6087Conference of Missionary Societies in Great Britain and Ireland; 1912-19781912-1978
128Huddleston; Ernest Urban Trevor (1913-1998); Archbishop of the Indian Ocean1913-1998
GB/109/9185Inman; (Thomas George) Vernon (1904-1989); Bishop of Natal1904-1989
DS/UK/4861Hughes; John Taylor (1908-2001); suffragan Bishop of Croydon1908-2001
DS/UK/3505Gordon-Lennox; Charles Henry (1929-); 10th Duke of Richmond and Lennox, 5th Duke of Gordon1929-
DS/UK/5005Williams; Gwilym Owen (1913-1990); Archbishop of Wales1913-1990
GB/109/15386Luke; William Edgell (1909-1987); Chairman, UK-South Africa Trade Association1909-1987
DS/UK/6200University of Durham
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