RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoRamsey 261, ff. 39-154
TitleReunion: General
DescriptionPapers relating to reunion, including: letter from Cyril Bowles, Bishop of Derby, about the possible use of non-alcoholic wine at services of Holy Communion held jointly by Anglicans and Methodists, with Archbishop Ramsey's negative reply (ff.39-41); text of press release of a statement by Donald Coggan, Archbishop of York, on conversations leading to the union of English churches (ff.42-44) and copy of a letter to The Times by John Arnold, Board for Mission and Unity clarifying this (f.45); press release on Anglican Methodist project in Latin America (ff.46-47); report of the Church of England/Presbyterian Church of England Committee, with a letter from Eric Gordon, Bishop of Sodor and Man about the report and Archbishop Ramsey's response (ff.48-58, 76-78); correspondence between Geoffrey Tiarks, Bishop of Maidstone, Derek Pattinson, John Arnold and Archbishop Ramsey about an approach from the United Reformed Church for "talks about talks", with minute of a meeting (ff.59-67); letter from Dr. Kenneth Slack, the Revd. John Huxtable and the Revd. A.L. Macarthur to Archbishop Ramsey with a formal invitation to discussions, with response (ff.68-70); discussion between Derek Pattinson and Archbishop Ramsey about how this proposal should be treated in General Synod and thereafter (ff.71-72, 79-83); text of Archbishop Ramsey's address to the Convocation of Canterbury concerning unity, 22 May 1973 (ff.73-75); letter from John Arnold about reactions to the URC proposal from the Methodist Church, with Archbishop Ramsey's response (ff.85-87, 93); letter from Falkner Allison, Bishop of Winchester, about a suggestion from Douglas Carter that the Orthodox Churches also be included in the URC invitation, with Archbishop Ramsey's replies to Bishop Allison and Mr. Carter and further correspondence (ff.88-92, 95-97); letter from Canon R.C. Craston about the discussion in General Synod, with Archbishop Ramsey's reply (ff.94, 98); correspondence between Derek Pattinson, John Arnold, Archbishop Coggan and Archbishop Ramsey about membership of a Synod committee to consider "talks about talks" (ff.99-104, 107, 110-111); copy of a letter to Dr. Huxtable about the Synod's acceptance of further talks, with reply and agenda (ff.105-106, 108-10, 112); invitations to the Revd. Oswald Clark (ff.113, 126-128), the Revd. Peter Boulton (ff.115, 125), Canon Donald Allchin (f.116), Professor Norman Anderson (ff.117, 122), the Very Revd. Eric Kemp (f.118, 124), Kenneth Woollcombe, Bishop of Oxford (ff.119, 123), the Canon George Marchant (ff.120, 131), Leslie Brown, Bishop of St. Edmundsbury and Ipswich (ff.121,132); memorandum about Lord Arran's proposed motion on Christian Unity, with letter to him from Archbishop Ramsey (ff.133, 137); memorandum, papers and minutes of the meeting on "talks about talks" (ff.134-136, 138-139a, 143-148); press release issued by the URC (ff140-141); note about Lord Arran's wish to attend the "talks about talks", to be discouraged by Dr. Huxtable (f.142); correspondence between the Bishop of St. Edmundsbury and the Bishop of Maidstone about the effect of Canon Wallis's resolution on agreement within the Church of England on negotiations with the URC (ff.149-151); letter from Dr. Huxtable about his disappointment at the outcome of "talks about talks", with Archbishop Ramsey's reply (ff.152-154).

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Related name records
265Bowles; Cyril William Johnston (1916-1999); Bishop of Derby1916-1999
11Ramsey; (Arthur) Michael (1904-1988); Baron Ramsey of Canterbury; Archbishop of Canterbury1904-1988
298Coggan; Frederick Donald (1909-2000); Baron Coggan; Archbishop of Canterbury1909-2000
GB/109/7933Arnold; John Robert (1933-); Dean of Durham1933-
GB/109/13817Church of England; General Synod; Board for Mission and Unity; 1972-19911972-1991
DS/UK/4812Gordon; George Eric (1905-1992); Bishop of Sodor and Man1905-1992
564Tiarks; Geoffrey Lewis (1909-1987); Suffragan Bishop of Maidstone1909-1987
486Pattinson; Sir; (William) Derek (1930-2006); Knight; Secretary-General of General Synod1930-2006
GB/109/13892United Reformed Church; 1972-1972-
540Slack; Kenneth (1917-1987); Moderator of the Free Church Federal Council1917-1987
390Huxtable; William John Fairchild (1912-1990); Congregationalist minister1912-1990
GB/109/9408Macarthur; Arthur Leitch (1913-); general secretary of the United Reformed Church1913-
GB/109/6605Church of England; General Synod; 1970-1970-
NA1602Province of Canterbury; Convocation
NA1263Methodist Church of Great Britain; 1932-1932-
87Allison; Sherard Falkner (1907-1993); Bishop of Winchester1907-1993
289Carter; Douglas (1916-1983); General Secretary of the Church Union1916-1983
296Clark; Oswald William Hugh (1917-2017); member of General Synod1917-2017
GB/109/8045Boulton; Peter Henry (1925-1998); Canon1925-1998
229Allchin; Arthur Macdonald (1930-2010); Canon of Canterbury1930-2010
231Anderson; Sir; James Norman Dalrymple (1908-1996); Knight; Professor of Oriental Laws1908-1996
401Kemp; Eric Waldram (1915-2009); Bishop of Chichester1915-2009
GB/109/11833Woollcombe; Kenneth John (1924-2008); Bishop of Oxford1924-2008
271Brown; Leslie Wilfrid (1912-1999); Archbishop of Uganda1912-1999
GB/109/11465Gore; Arthur Kattendyke Strange David Archibald Gore (1910-1983); 8th Earl of Arran1910-1983
GB/109/15098Craston; Richard Colin (1922-2018); Canon of Manchester Cathedral1922-2018
GB/109/15099Marchant; George John Charles (1916-2006); Archdeacon of Auckland1916-2006
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