RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoRamsey 241, ff. 130-223
TitleSouth America
DescriptionPapers relating to the Anglican Church in South America, including: corrrespondence from the Revd. John Baillie, Edmund Carter and Canon Graham Jack about the appointment of a successor to Kenneth Howell in the diocese in Chile, Bolivia and Peru, and the involvement of the South American Missionary Society (ff.130-135, 143-149, 151-152, 156-157); merger of Santiago Union Church and St. Andrew's Church (ff.140-142, 157-158); circular letters from Bishop John Howe about Anglican organization and development in South America (ff.136-139); correspondence between Bishop Cyril Tucker and Archbishop Ramsey about the launch of the Argentine Diocesan Association, with a copy of Bishop Tucker's address and sermon at St. Paul's, and thoughts about his future (ff.150, 159-165); letter to Archbishop Ramsey from Bishop Raimundo Valenzuela of the Methodist Church of Chile about the appointment of a successor to Bishop Howell and reply, with comments from Bishop John Howe (ff.153-155, 167-168, 170); correspondence with the Revd. Gregory Blaxland, Diocesan Executive Committee, about a successor to Bishop Howell (ff.166, 169, 173-177); interim report of the Anglican Diocese of Argentina with Eastern South America Christian Education Commission (ff.171-172); appointment of David Pytches as Bishop of Chile, Bolivia and Peru with letter of acceptance (ff.178-179, 181-185, 187, 189); letter from Bishop Cyril Tucker, with the encouragement of Cardinal Caggiano, inviting Archbishop Ramsey to visit South America, with response (ff.180, 186); letter of greeting from Arthur R. Kratz, Bishop of South Brazil (f.188); correspondence with Bishop Pytches, Bishop John Howe, Archbishop Ramsey, Bishop Geoffrey Tiarks and Canon Harry Sutton about the possibility of J.W. Hawkins Flagg, Bishop of Paraguay and Northern Argentina taking reponsibility for Peru, and the formation of a separate diocese of Paraguay (ff.190-199, 206-223); joint statement from the Methodist Missionary Society and USPG about their project in Buenos Aires (ff.200-205).

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GB/109/8257Church of England; Diocese in Chile, Bolivia and Peru; 1963-1963-
GB/109/12313Baillie; John Launcelot (fl.1972.); Chaplain at Lima, Perufl.1972.
GB/109/12312Jack; (Henry) Graham (1921-); Sub-Dean and Rector, St. Andrew's Cathedral, Santiago1921-
DS/UK/4860Howell; Kenneth Walter (1909-1995); Bishop in Chile, Bolivia and Peru1909-1995
1084South American Mission Society; 1844-1844-
DS/UK/4103Howe; John William Alexander (1920-2001); bishop of St. Andrew's, Dunkeld and Dunblane1920-2001
DS/UK/4994Tucker; Cyril James (1911-1992); Bishop of Argentina and Eastern South America1911-1992
GB/109/12316Pytches; (George Edward) David (1931-); Bishop in Chile, Bolivia and Peru1931-
GB/109/12589Kratz; Arthur Rodolpho (fl. 1972-1984); Primate of the Episcopal Church of Brazilfl. 1972-1984
564Tiarks; Geoffrey Lewis (1909-1987); Suffragan Bishop of Maidstone1909-1987
GB/109/12315Sutton; Henry (1916-); General Secretary, South American Missionary Society1916-
GB/109/14049Flagg; John William Hawkins (1929-2008); Presiding Bishop of Anglican Council of South America (CASA)1929-2008
GB/109/8152United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel; 1965-; mission agency1965-
GB/109/14156Methodist Missionary Society; 1932-1932-
GB/109/13976Argentine Diocesan Association
GB/109/14157Church of England; Diocese in Paraguay and Northern Argentina; -1973-1973
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