RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoRamsey 236, ff. 78-227
TitleRedundant Churches
DescriptionPapers relating to redundant churches, including: correspondence with Sir John Hewitt, Donald Coggan, Archbishop of York, Archbishop Ramsey, the Prime Minister, Edward Heath and Ivor Bulmer-Thomas about Patrick Gibson's resignation from the Redundant Churches Fund and appointment of John Smith in his place (ff.78-95); correspondence with Lord Fletcher, chairman of the Advisory Board for Redundant Churches about the re-appointment of John Brandon-Jones and Canon Basil Clarke (ff. 96-108, 110-113, 121, 126-129, 131-132); correspondence between Geoffrey Tiarks, Bishop of Maidstone, Canon Max Warren and others about the sale of redundant churches to Muslims (ff.109, 120, 125); correspondence between David Say, Bishop of Rochester, Mark Hodson, Bishop of Hereford and Archbishop Ramsey about Lord Alport's motion on the preservation of redundant churches (ff.114-119, 122-124); letter from Hugh Whitworth to Sir John Guillum Scott about the possible appointment of his sister, Judith Scott, to the Advisory Board for Redundant Churches (f.130); brief for Lord Alport's motion (ff.133-137); postponement of Lord Alport's motion (ff.138-140); correspondence between Ivor Bulmer-Thomas and Archbishop Ramsey about the third Annual Report of the Redundant Churches Fund (ff.141-157, 159-164, 170 ); resignation of J.G.L. Brown from the Canterbury Diocesan Redundant Churches Uses Committee and appointment of Canon Stuart Martin (ff.158-172); copy of a letter from the Church Commissioners about the procedures for the demolition of a church, with a copy of section 65 of Pastoral Measure 1968 (ff.165-169); discussion of procedures for appointments to the Redundant Churches Fund (ff.171, 173, 175-176, 180-187, 210); possible sale of St. Mary's, Savile Town, Dewsbury, for use as a mosque, with a report by Fr. Bernard Chamberlain CR (ff.174, 177-179, 188-189, 202-209); criticism of derelict churches by Sir Edward Howard, Lord Mayor of London (ff.190-195, 198-199); correspondence between Derek Pattinson and Archbishop Ramsey about the involvement of the Doctrine Commission in consideration of the use of redundant churches by other faiths, with an invitation to Professor Geoffrey Lampe (ff.196-197, 200-201, 213-215); copy of a letter from Lawrence Jones, Hon. Secretary of the Friends of Friendless Churches, to Margot Eates, Secretary of the Advisory Board for Redundant Churches enclosing a vote of no confidence (ff.211-212); reappointment of John Hussey, Dean of Chichester to the Redundant Churches Fund (ff.216, 219, 222); statistics concerning redundant churches (ff217-218); correspondence with Lord Fletcher about further appointments to the Advisory Board (ff.220-221, 225-227); copy of "What to do with old churches" (ff.223-224).

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Related name records
GB/109/8819Hewitt; Sir; John Francis (1910-1979); Knight; civil servant1910-1979
298Coggan; Frederick Donald (1909-2000); Baron Coggan; Archbishop of Canterbury1909-2000
11Ramsey; (Arthur) Michael (1904-1988); Baron Ramsey of Canterbury; Archbishop of Canterbury1904-1988
GB/109/8810Heath; Sir; Edward Richard George (1916-2005); Knight; statesman1916-2005
GB/109/8134Thomas; Ivor Bulmer (1905-1993); journalist and politician1905-1993
GB/109/13885Redundant Churches Fund; 1969-1969-
DS/UK/3440Fletcher; Eric George Molyneux (1903-1990); Baron Fletcher; MP for East Islington1903-1990
GB/109/13886Advisory Board for Redundant Churches; 1969-1969-
GB/109/13057Clarke; Basil Fulford Lowther (1908-1978); clergyman1908-1978
564Tiarks; Geoffrey Lewis (1909-1987); Suffragan Bishop of Maidstone1909-1987
585Warren; Max Alexander Cunningham (1904-1977); theologian1904-1977
105Say; Richard David (1914-2006); Bishop of Rochester1914-2006
DS/UK/4857Hodson; Mark Allin (1907-1985); Bishop of Hereford1907-1985
GB/109/13887Alport; Cuthbert James McCall (1912-); Baron Alport1912-
GB/109/11107Whitworth; Hugh Hope Aston (1914-1996); Lay Assistant to the Archbishop of Canterbury1914-1996
530Scott; Sir; John Arthur Guillum (1910-1983); Knight; Secretary-General of General Synod1910-1983
DS/UK/3509Church Commissioners; 1948-1948-
GB/109/9402Chamberlain; David (Bernard) (1928-); known as Fr. Bernard Chamberlain1928-
486Pattinson; Sir; (William) Derek (1930-2006); Knight; Secretary-General of General Synod1930-2006
633Archbishops' Commission on Christian Doctrine; 1922-19731922-1973
416Lampe; Geoffrey William Hugo (1912-1980); Regius Professor of Divinity, Cambridge1912-1980
DS/UK/6293Friends of Friendless Churches; 1957-1957-
GB/109/7791Hussey; John Walter Atherton (1909-1985); Dean of Chichester1909-1985
GB/109/14623Scott; Judith Dorothea Guillum (1917-2011); Trustee, Historic Churches Preservation Trust1917-2011
GB/109/17918Eates; Margot (-1994); Secretary, Advisory Board for Redundant Churches-1994
GB/109/17943Smith; Sir; John Lindsay Eric (1923-); Knight; politician1923-
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NA1772St Mary's Church/Savile Town/West Riding
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