RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoRamsey 216, ff.9-189
TitleTheological Colleges
DescriptionPapers relating to the consequences of the Runcie Report on reorganisation of theological colleges, including
BRISTOL: correspondence from Dr. J.I. Packer, the Revd. John Wenham, David Atkinson, the student body and Michael Saward about the closure of Tyndale Hall with Archbishop Ramsey's response (ff.21-24, 27-28, 34-42, 44, 61); letter from Prof. Kenneth Grayston on the teaching of theology in Bristol in the light of the traditions of Tyndale Hall and Clifton and Archbishop Ramsey's response (ff.47-48, 58); notes of a meeting of members of the Clifton and Tyndale Councils on the reorganisation of Bristol theological colleges (f.54); copy of a letter from Oliver Tomkins, Bishop of Bristol, to Bishop Runcie about the merger of colleges in Bristol, with his reply (ff.108-110, 114); Canon Moss's progress report on Trinity College, Bristol (ff.160-163), with comments by the Bishop of Bristol (ff.164-173)
CAMBRIDGE: statement from the Joint Consultative Committee of the Governing Bodies of Wesley and Westcott Houses and Ridley Hall (ff.152-154, 157)
DURHAM: letters from Canon Douglas Jones, Ian Ramsey, Bishop of Durham and Canon Turner about the closure of St. Chad's as a theological college and the future of the Diploma in Theology, with Archbishop Ramsey's response (ff.64-66, 70-71, 83-85, 94-95, 98, 118-119, 122, 124-126, 129-130); reaction of the Advisory Council for the Church's Ministry to retention of the Diploma course at St. Chad's, Durham, and acknowledgement from Archbishop Ramsey (ff.103-104, 111)
KELHAM: newsletter of the Society of the Sacred Mission and report on Kelham Theological College (ff.9-20); letters about the closure of Kelham, including one from Tom Driberg, with Archbishop Ramsey's replies (ff.49-50, 55-57, 62); appointment of commission comprising Eric Kemp, Dean of Worcester, the Revd. A.M. Allchin, Derek Wigram, the Ven. Francis House, Archdeacon of Macclesfield, to consider the future of Kelham, and its conclusions (ff.67-68, 74-75, 82, 105-106, 112-113, 120, 127, 132, 134-137, 143, 155-156, 158-159, 174, 176, 178-179, 181-182, 184-188); correspondence between Archbishop Ramsey and Denis Wakeling, Bishop of Southwell, Visitor of Kelham (ff.138, 144-147, 175,177)
OXFORD: letter from Leslie Houlden about the merger of Cuddesdon and Ripon Hall, with reply (ff.72, 121)
SALISBURY: note of discussions between George Reindorp, Bishop of Salisbury and the Trustees of Salisbury Theological College (f.51); suggestion that Archbishop Ramsey be Visitor of the new Theological College at Salisbury (f.151)
WELLS: memorandum from the Trustees and Governors of Wells Theological College and response (ff.52-53, 60); support for amalgamation of Salisbury and Wells from students of Wells and Archbishop Ramsey's reply (ff.96-97, 116)

Letter and statement from the Church of England Evangelical Council about the closure of colleges (ff.25-26); letter from Robert Runcie, Bishop of St. Albans with a copy of a slightly adjusted proposal on closure relating to Bristol and Oxford (ff.29-33); letter from Preb. T. G. A. Baker on behalf of the Committee of the Principals' Conference asking for speedy and decisive action (f.43); letter from K.L. Turns on behalf of the Anglican Ordinands' Committee in favour of the drastic measures in the Report but drawing attention to the repercussions for wives, with Archbishop Ramsey's response (ff.45-46, 59); Archbishop Ramsey's statement to General Synod giving the resolutions of the House of Bishops regarding the closure of colleges and the future of Kelham (f.63); arrangements for a meeting with the Bishop of St. Alban's (ff.69, 73); Archbishop Ramsey's letter to diocesan Bishops about the House of Bishops' response to the report of the Runcie Commission and the inability of the Commission to work out a readjustment of places (ff.76-80); responses to this from Cyril Bowles, Bishop of Derby (ff.86, 89), Stuart Blanch, Bishop of Liverpool (ff.87-88); David Say, Bishop of Rochester (ff.90-91), George Reindorp, Bishop of Guildford (f.92); Gerald Ellison, Bishop Chester (f.93), Laurence Brown, Bishop of Birmingham (f.102), Edward Henderson, Bishop of Bath and Wells (f.117), Stretton Reeve, Bishop of Lichfield (ff.128, 131); report by Basil Moss on the Commission's reactions to adjustment of numbers (ff.100-101); correspondence between Archbishops Ramsey and Coggan about the meeting of the House of Bishops in May to discuss reorganisation (ff.115, 123, 133, 148-149); notes about redundant theological college staff (ff.141-142, 183); copy of a letter from Bishop John Robinson to the Bishop of Birmingham about a course at Oak Hill for the Supplementary Ministry (f.189).

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GB/109/13079Church of England Evangelical Council; 1960-1960-
DS/UK/4942Reindorp; George Edmund (1911-1990); Bishop of Salisbury1911-1990
475Packer; James Innell (1926-2020); Warden of Latimer House, Oxford1926-2020
GB/109/12638Saward; Michael John (1932-2015); priest; Radio and TV Officer, Church Information Office1932-2015
GB/109/12686Tyndale Hall
11Ramsey; (Arthur) Michael (1904-1988); Baron Ramsey of Canterbury; Archbishop of Canterbury1904-1988
GB/109/12687Clifton Theological College
567Tomkins; Oliver Stratford (1908-1992); Bishop of Bristol1908-1992
GB/109/8090Moss; Basil Stanley (1918-2006); Provost of Birmingham1918-2006
GB/109/15695Trinity College, Bristol; 1971-; theological college1971-
GB/109/14189Wesley House; 1921-; theological college1921-
DS/UK/5938Westcott House; 1881-1881-
GB/109/13862Ridley Hall; 1879-; theological college1879-
GB/109/9358Jones; Douglas Rawlinson (1919-); Professor of Divinity, University of Durham1919-
501Ramsey; Ian Thomas (1915-1972); Bishop of Durham1915-1972
GB/109/10952Turner; Henry Ernest William (1907-1995); theologian1907-1995
GB/109/7615Church of England; General Synod: Advisory Council for the Church's Ministry; 1970-19911970-1991
GB/109/17921University of Durham; St. Chad's College; 1904-1904-
GB/109/14182Kelham Theological College; 1891-19731891-1973
DS/UK/5434Society of the Sacred Mission; 1893-1893-
DS/UK/6115Driberg; Thomas Edward Neil (1905-1976); Baron Bradwell; journalist and politician1905-1976
401Kemp; Eric Waldram (1915-2009); Bishop of Chichester1915-2009
229Allchin; Arthur Macdonald (1930-2010); Canon of Canterbury1930-2010
GB/109/12594Wigram; Derek Roland (1908-1996); Headmaster, Monkton Combe School1908-1996
GB/109/14282House; Francis Harry (1908-2004); Archdeacon of Macclesfield1908-2004
GB/109/8167Wakeling; John Denis (1918-2004); bishop of Southwell1918-2004
GB/109/14270Houlden; (James) Leslie (1929-); Professor of Theology, King's College, London1929-
NA1239Cuddesdon College; 1854-1975; theological college1854-1975
NA2257Ripon Hall; -1975; theological college-1975
GB/109/14185Salisbury Theological College; 1860-19711860-1971
NA2165Wells Theological College; 1840-19711840-1971
GB/109/14183Salisbury and Wells Theological College; 1971-19941971-1994
244Baker; Thomas George Adames (1920-2000); Dean of Worcester1920-2000
GB/109/6605Church of England; General Synod; 1970-1970-
265Bowles; Cyril William Johnston (1916-1999); Bishop of Derby1916-1999
260Blanch; Lord; Stuart Yarworth (1918-1994); Baron of Bishopsthorpe; Archbishop of York1918-1994
105Say; Richard David (1914-2006); Bishop of Rochester1914-2006
338Ellison; Gerald Alexander (1910-1992); Bishop of London1910-1992
DS/UK/4721Brown; Laurence Ambrose (1907-1994); Bishop of Birmingham1907-1994
DS/UK/4856Henderson; Edward Barry (1910-1986); Bishop of Bath and Wells1910-1986
DS/UK/4941Reeve; Arthur Stretton (1907-1981); Bishop of Lichfield1907-1981
298Coggan; Frederick Donald (1909-2000); Baron Coggan; Archbishop of Canterbury1909-2000
513Robinson; John Arthur Thomas (1919-1983); Suffragan Bishop of Woolwich1919-1983
GB/109/9737Oak Hill College; 1932-; theological college1932-
GB/109/22331Grayston; Kenneth (1914-2005); Methodist minister and theologian1914-2005
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