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Alt Ref NoRamsey 216, ff.198-306
DescriptionPapers relating to the Province of Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, including: letter from Yohana (John) Nkunzumwami, Bishop of Burundi about the problems of his diocese and thanks for Archbishop Ramsey's visit, with reply (ff.198-199); letters from Archbishop Erica Sabiti and Dr. Roy Billington (C.M.S.) about the decisions of the Provincial Assembly about the Buganda Dioceses with a note of Canon John V. Taylor's opinion and Archbishop Ramsey's response (ff.200-206, 217-218, 221-223, 228, 234, 241); protest from S. K. Sebana about the creation of the diocese of Kampala with reply from the Revd Philip Norwood (ff.208-209, 215); correspondence between Adoniya Sebununguri, Bishop of Rwanda, Archbishop Ramsey and Dr. Harold Adeney, General Secretary of the Ruanda Mission, about the needs of the diocese of Rwanda (ff.210, 212-214); letter of thanks from Archbishop Ramsey for a gift from Dunstan Nsubuga, Bishop of Namirembe (f.211); invitation to the funeral of Sir Edward Mutesa (declined) (f.216); notification from the Foreign Office of a meeting of representatives of Christian denominations to be called by General Amin, with a suggestion from Bishop John Howe that Terry Waite be present to report back (ff.219-220, 224-227); arrangements for Janani Luwum, Bishop of Northern Uganda to meet Archbishop Ramsey (ff.229-233); report of the Provincial Assembly Executive, June 1971 (ff.235-238); letter from Geoffrey Tiarks, Bishop of Maidstone to Michael Rose of the East Africa and Mauritius Association about General Amin's Conference of Religious Leaders (f.239-240, 242); note of a meeting between Michael Moore and Yokana Mukasa, Dean of Namirembe Cathedral, and request for a meeting with Archbishop Ramsey (ff.243-244, 248-251); note of a meeting with Janani Luwum, with Bishop John Howe's comments (ff.246-247, 252); report by Terry Waite of the Conference of Religious Leaders and copy of General Amin's opening speech (ff.253-263); minutes of the meeting of Committee 'A' (Church of Uganda) of the Conference of Religious Leaders (ff.264-268); consideration of the reports (ff.269-275); copy of a letter from the Chairman and Secretary of the Namirembe Diocesan Synod Committee about the differences between the dioceses of Namirembe and West Buganda (ff.276-277); agreed resolutions of the Conference of Religious Leaders (f.278); speech by General Amin at the meeting of the leaders of the Church of Uganda at Namirembe (ff.279-280); letters from the Revd. A.M. Kasozi about the problems in Namirembe, with Archbishop Ramsey's response (ff.281-283, 285, 294, 303); letter to Canon John V. Taylor about a possible meeting between Archbishop Ramsey and Mr. Kanyeihamba (f.284); protocol about Archbishop Ramsey's declining an invitation to see a film of the funeral of Sir Edward Mutesa (ff.286-290); letter from Bishop John Howe to Stephen Tomusange, Bishop of West Buganda, about the possible secession of the diocese from the Province, and reply (ff.291-292, 302); letters from Archbishop Sabiti to John Howe and Archbishop Ramsey that secession had been averted (ff.293, 295-296, 301); resolution of plenary session of the conference of bishops and member sof diocesan councils (ff.297-300); letter from Canon Max Warren to the Bishop of Maidstone about the happy conclusion to the controversies in the Church of Uganda, and reply (ff.304-305); letter from David Carey about the constitution of the Church of Uganda (f.306).

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Related name records
GB/109/12348Waite; Terence Hardy (1939-); humanitarian1939-
NA2784Church of the Province of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Boga-Zaire; 1961-19801961-1980
GB/109/17922Nkunzumwame; Yohana (fl.1956-1971); Bishop of Burundifl.1956-1971
11Ramsey; (Arthur) Michael (1904-1988); Baron Ramsey of Canterbury; Archbishop of Canterbury1904-1988
DS/UK/4953Sabiti; Erica (1904-1988); Archbishop of Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi1904-1988
557Taylor; John Vernon (1914-2001); Bishop of Winchester1914-2001
GB/109/13718Ruanda Mission; 1921-1921-
GB/109/6579Mutesa II (1924-1969); Kabaka of Buganda1924-1969
GB/109/17734Amin (Dada); Idi (1925-2003); Ugandan soldier and dictator1925-2003
DS/UK/4103Howe; John William Alexander (1920-2001); bishop of St. Andrew's, Dunkeld and Dunblane1920-2001
DS/UK/4908Luwum; Janani Jakaliya (1924-1977); Archbishop of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Boga Zaire1924-1977
564Tiarks; Geoffrey Lewis (1909-1987); Suffragan Bishop of Maidstone1909-1987
GB/109/12145Moore; Michael Mervlyn Hamond (1935-); General Secretary, Church of England Council on Foreign Relations1935-
585Warren; Max Alexander Cunningham (1904-1977); theologian1904-1977
285Carey; David Macbeth Moir (1917-2000); Principal Registrar, Province of Canterbury1917-2000
GB/109/17923Sebununguri; Adonijah (fl.1954-1971); Bishop of Rwandafl.1954-1971
GB/109/17924Nsubuga; Dunstan Kasi (fl.1944-1971); Bishop of Namirembefl.1944-1971
GB/109/17925Mukasa; Yokana Balikudembe (fl. 1954-1971); Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral, Kampalafl. 1954-1971
DS/UK/4991Tomusange; Stephen Salongo (1903-); Bishop of West Buganda1903-
GB/109/17926Norwood; Philip Geoffrey Frank (1939-); Hon. Canon of Norwich Cathedral1939-
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