RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoRamsey 211, ff.46-163
DescriptionPapers relating to Rhodesia, including: the church's attitude to the Southern Rhodesia (Matrimonial Jurisdiction) Order, 1970, and the validity of marraiges celebrated or divorces granted after the Unilateral Declaration of Independence (ff.46-102); Archbishop Ramsey's arrangements to meet Allan Shaw, Dean of Bulawayo (ff.103-105); copy of a letter from Kenneth Carey, Bishop of Edinburgh, to Sir Alec Douglas-Home about Rhodesia (ff.106-107); correspondence with Amnesty International about the release of Rhodesian detainees (ff.109-121); correspondence between Archbishop Ramsey and Canon David Edwards, Rector of St. Margaret's, Westminster, about organising a meeting between Guy Clutton-Brock and sympathetic Conservative members of Parliament (ff.122, 135, 141); copy of 'Rhodesia: Proposals for a Settlement. Preliminary Notes from USPG' (f.123); notes of a proposal from the Rhodesia Group of the British Council of Churches to send delegates to report on the situation following talks between Ian Smith and Sir Alec Douglas-Home (ff.125, 130-133, 144-146); notes of a meeting between Archbishop Ramsey and members of the Anti-Apartheid Movement (ff.126-128); notes of a meeting between Archbishop Ramsey and Bishop Lamont, Roman Catholic Bishop of Umtali (f.134); arrangements for speakers in the House of Lords debate on Rhodesia (ff.136-140, 142); BCC's note on Rhodesian settlement proposals (f.147); letter from Archbishop Ramsey to Sir Alec Douglas-Home suggesting Sir Robert Birley as a member of the Pearce Commission, with an acknowledgement (ff.146, 149); appointment of Canon Herbert Sydenham as a BCC delegate to Southern Rhodesia (ff.145, 148, 150, 153); correspondence with the Rhodesia Political Department of the Foreign Office about church co-operation in aid to Rhodesia (ff.151-152, 155,161, 163); copy of a letter from British staff of the World Council of Churches to Dr. Kenneth Sansbury, General Secretary of the BCC (ff.156-160); note by Elliott Kendall of a meeting between members of the Rhodesia Group and the Pearce Commission. Other correspondents include Paul Burrough, Bishop of Mashonaland (ff.46, 102), Falkner Allison, Bishop of Winchester (ff.49-51), Sir Alec Douglas-Home (ff.52-54) and Mark Wood, Bishop of Matabeleland (ff.82-84, 100-101).

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11Ramsey; (Arthur) Michael (1904-1988); Baron Ramsey of Canterbury; Archbishop of Canterbury1904-1988
GB/109/12121Shaw; Charles Allan (1927-1989); Dean of Ely1927-1989
DS/UK/4737Carey; Kenneth Moir (1908-1979); Bishop of Edinburgh1908-1979
GB/109/6635Douglas-Home; Alexander Frederick (1903-1995); Baron Home of the Hirsel; statesman1903-1995
335Edwards; David Lawrence (1929-); Provost of Southwark1929-
GB/109/12123Clutton-Brock; (Arthur) Guy (1906-1995); independent social worker1906-1995
GB/109/10796Smith; Ian Douglas (1919-); Prime Minister of Rhodesia1919-
DS/UK/5916Birley; Sir; Robert (1903-1982); Knight; educationalist1903-1982
GB/109/12126Sydenham; Herbert Reginald (1904-1988); Canon1904-1988
DS/UK/4956Sansbury; Cyril Kenneth (1905-1993); Bishop of Singapore and Malaya1905-1993
DS/UK/4729Burrough; John Paul (1916-2003); Bishop of Mashonaland1916-2003
87Allison; Sherard Falkner (1907-1993); Bishop of Winchester1907-1993
GB/109/12127Wood; Stanley Mark (1919-2014); Bishop of Matabeleland1919-2014
GB/109/12128Anti-Apartheid Movement; 1960-1994; political pressure group1960-1994
DS/UK/6373Great Britain and Northern Ireland; Foreign Office; 1922-1922-
NA2499World Council of Churches; 1948-1948-
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NA1250/Southern Rhodesia
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