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TitleMiscellaneous Papers
Description88-90.Consists of:
1 Letter from Tenison to the Archdeacons and clergy of the diocese of St. Davids, 6 August 1703, transmitting the Lord Treasurer's request for a return of small livings qualified for relief of arrears of tenths. Exhorts them in the absence of a bishop to be diligent in encouraging morality and giving religious instruction, especially catechising, and in observing the rubrics in divine service. A draft with numerous corrections by Tenison. 17 ff.
2 Letter from Thomas Brown alias Day, a popish priest, to Edmund Gibson 'at his Grace the Bishop of Canterbury's Pallace at Lambeth', 18 October 1703, describing his upbringing as a Roman Catholic in Flintshire, his studies at Douai, and his employment as tutor to the present Earl of Cardigan. Endorsed by Tenison, '1[ette]r. of Mr. Day als Brown a popish priest inclin'd to turn to ye Ch. of Engl.'. 2 ff.
3 Information on oath by Richard Brown of Newington Butts, Surrey, of a treasonable conversation at the Ship alehouse in Kennington in the parish of Lambeth, Surrey, between John Hazell and Jeremiah Andrewes, feltmakers and lodgers at the sign of the Soho in Kennington, 25 January 1704. 1 f.
4 Minutes of the Society [for the Propagation of the Gospel], 19 January 1705. Copy. 2 ff.
5 Papers concerning an alleged breach of privilege of the House of Commons of Ireland by the Lower House of Convocation of the Church of Ireland, consisting of a memorial by the Lower House petitioning against an Act to limit tithes of hemp and flax, a resolution of the House of Commons, and two letters from Convocation to Parliament, 1705. The last letter is endorsed, 'This letter provd satisfactory, on wch ye votes of ye House of Commons were not printed'. Copy in the hand of Theophilus Harrison enclosed with the next item. 4 ff.
6 Letter from Theophilus Harrison, Canon of Kildare, [to Tenison], from Dublin, 11 December 1705, enclosing item 5 and the presentment of a grand jury 'wch agrees wth ye late votes in England'. 2 ff.
7 Letter from Protestant ministers in Geneva to Tenison, from Geneva, 14 January 1705, concerning Protestants in Orange. Latin. 2 ff.
8 Letter from Philip Stubbs, Archdeacon of St. Albans (1715), [to Tenison], from the Royal Hospital, Greenwich, 11 March 1706, consulting him about the administration of the sacraments in an unconsecrated place, namely the Royal Hospital, referring to his own practice aboard the Royal Anne and the inability of the disabled to attend the parish church. Endorsed by Tenison with a note on the ordination of Joseph Atkins, who was profligate, by Bishop Hopkins on his death-bed 23 May 1705, and the name 'Sir Robert Gilford at Ashford [? Sir Robert Guldeford, Bart.]'. 1 f.
9 Letter from the Revd. James Blair [to Tenison], from Williamsburgh, Virginia, 2 September 1706, reporting the death on August 23rd of 'our good governour' [Col. Edward Nott, Governor of Virginia], and seeking assistance for rebuilding the college 'now in ashes'. 2 ff. Printed in William Stevens Perry, 'Historical collections relating to the American colonial church', 5 vols (Hertford, Conn, 1870-78), vol 1, pp. 183-4.
10-11 Minutes of a committee of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, 4 and 25 November 1706. Copies. 1 + 2 ff.
12 Letter from Simon Patrick, Bishop of Ely, to Tenison 'at his Palace in Lambith', 2 December 1706, supporting the election of the Lord Treasurer to be a governor of the Charterhouse. 1 f.
13 Letter from Tenison to Thomas Wharton, 5th Baron Wharton, and (1715) 1st Marquess of Wharton, 3 December 1706, asking that due care be taken of the 500 deer, which are 'none of my flock', in Farnham Park during vacancy of the see of Winchester. Copy. 2 ff.
14 Proposals for printing a book entituled Notitia Diocesis Carliolensis; historiam ejus sacram, civilem, naturalem una exhibens: collecta, digesta, & publici juris facta per Hugonem Todd, S.T.P., ecclesiae cathedralis & collegiatae quae Carlioli est canonicum, with a covering note to Tenison asking him to recommend the work to the clergy and to return any subscriptions and the specimen in five or six months to Mr. Bowyer at the Rose in Ludgate Street, from London, 16 January 1707. 4 ff.
15 'The due way of ending the controversie between the two Houses of Convocation. In a Letter to a Friend, 1 October 1706'. 7 ff.
16 Petition from 19 parishioners of Stratford, Connecticut, to Henry Compton, Bishop of London, for their own minister. The Revd. [George] Muirson has administered the sacraments to them but they are persecuted by Dissenters, 1 April 1707. 2 ff.
17 Letter from Gilbert Burnet, Bishop of Salisbury, to Tenison, from Lee, 27 August 1707, concerning a complaint raised when he was at Althorp concerning the opening of letters. Notes the good prospects at Toulouse, but believes that strange management has inflamed affairs in Scotland. A postscript, 'This was writ before we had the bad news'. 2 ff.
18 Letter from the Revd. John Jackson to Tenison, 23 September 1707, urging better spiritual provision for the parish of Wolfhampcote, Warks., of which he was formerly incumbent, before the renewal of the impropriator's lease of the parsonage which has lapsed to the Queen. 2 ff.
19 Report by Ambrose Warren on proposals by Mr. Kitson for rebuilding 'the house of Young', the property of an unnamed trust, 21 April 1708. 2 ff.
20 Letter from Johann Fabricius to Andrew Snape, subsequently (1719) Provost of King's College, Cambridge, from Helmstedt, 15 October 1708, defending the members of the Academy of Helmstedt against charges in an English newspaper called the Post-Boy on 12 and 21 August 1708 concerning a declaration on the reconciliation of Protestants and Catholics. Latin. 2 ff.
21 Letter from Tenison [to Mr. Boyl], 4 March 1709, acknowledging a copy of a letter from the Duke of [Brunswick-]Wolfenbüttel and a Latin paper sent to his friend Mr. [Emanuel Scrope] Howe. Cannot believe it written by the Duke and asserts his own goodwill to the House of Hanover. [A passage crossed out refers to the Latin Paper of Questions and a decree for the reconciliation of Protestants and Catholics printed in the Post-Boy about which inquiries were to be made at Helmstedt]. Corrected draft. See also item 131. 2 ff.
22 'The grounds of the Lord Bishop of Bangor's complaint' [John Evans], concerning the seizure by men of Beaumaris of about 200 oysters dredged by the bishop's servants on 25 November 1709. 2 ff.
23 Appeal to Tenison in the case of William Harris and John Moor concerning the election of the latter to the office of Custos of the College of Vicars Choral of Hereford cathedral, [December 1709]. 2 ff.
24 Letter from Francis Nicholson, Governor of Virginia, [to Tenison], 'on Board her Majesty's ship Draggon May ye 22d 1710 in ye Evening about 100 Leagues from ye Lands End', urging the speedy implementation of a promise to send missionaries to Indians. Refers to Tenison's 'extraordinary great zeale' for propagating religion in America, and hopes a bishop will soon be sent. Owing to a mistake by the interpreter no copy of what the Indians said to Tenison and the Corporation was kept. Asks for a copy for communication to the Five Nations. 2 ff.
25 Two copies of an inscription engraved on a gilt basin used for washing after dinner presented to the Lord Keeper, Sir Simon Harcourt, by Henry Sacheverell, 1710. Latin. 3 ff.
26 Letter from Johann Leonhardi, 'nunc aetatis 57', to Tenison, from London 'prope templum Stae Annae apud insigne trium albarum columbarum', 23 June 1711, proposing the distribution of a large number of books among the poor Palatines in Ireland following the example of Thomas Bray. Latin. 2 ff.
27 Letter [from Edmund Gibson, Bishop of London (1723)], to Sir Richard Faringdon [Farington], Bart., M.P., at Mr. Haughton's in Chichester, 26, 28 July 1711, transmitting a copy of a report [by one Dyer] of the gift by the Duchess of Gordon to the Faculty of Advocates at Edinburgh of a gold medal bearing an effigy of the Pretender and the motto Reddite. 1 f.
28 Letter [from Edmund Gibson, Bishop of London (1723)] to Tenison, from Chichester, 31 July 1711, concerning the offence taken by the Bishop of Chichester [Thomas Manningham] at Tenison's proposal that the Bishop of Bangor [John Evans] should undertake confirmations while on a visit to Chichester. Encloses item 27 above and favours punishment of its author. Sir Richard Faringdon is not a favourer of the letter or the writer. 2 ff.
29 Letter from John Gagnier, subsequently (1724) Professor of Arabic at Oxford, [to Tenison], from Oxford, 11 September 1711, enclosing a book by Dr. John Ernest Grabe to which he has contributed to the proof of Whiston's mistakes about 'the Pretended Doctrine of ye Apostles'. Thanks Tenison for sending him three named pupils nominated by Dr. Potter to study Hebrew. 1 f.
30 Letter from William Quarles to Tenison, from London, 5 December 1711, stating that Mr. Onslow cannot recall words in Dr. Brett's sermon at Mr. Higgs' chapel on 18 November 1711 concerning the necessity of absolution by the priest. 1 f.
31 Minute of a meeting of the Court [? of Queen Anne's Bounty], 13 March 1712, referring to observations by Mr. Ecton on a printed report to the Court, and to fees of the auditors of the imprest for passing the accounts of the Bishops' sub-collectors of tenths. 1 f.
32 Letter from John Sharp, Archbishop of York, to Tenison, 28 August 1712, thanking him for a letter [item 33] and declaration. Remains of the same opinion shared by all when they dined with Tenison last week, and cannot agree to the proposal now made by Tenison for declaring the validity of lay baptism since it would encourage Dissenters. Has discussed the matter at Tenison's request with three bishops and all hold the same view. 2 ff.
33 Letter from Tenison to John Sharp, Archbishop of York, from Lambeth, 27 April 1712, sending a paper drawn up after discussion with some bishops whose company he enjoyed on Easter Tuesday. It is not signed because he wishes to know if any additions or alterations are desired. Asks for an urgent reply. Draft. Endorsed by Tenison, 'Copy of my latter to A.B.Y. April 27 1712 conc. a Declar. ag. Rebaptisation'. 2 ff.
34 Letter from 'R.B.' [to Tenison], 10 July 1712, stating, in reference to a sermon by Dr. Brett, the Bishop of Salisbury's reasons for opposing rebaptism, which the Bishop communicates to Tenison in order to be sent to Brett. Written in the hand of Gilbert Burnet, Bishop of Salisbury. 2 ff.
35 Memorandum claiming that the parish of Woburn, Beds., is exempt from episcopal jurisdiction, [1713]. Endorsed by Tenison, 'Conc. Archdeacon Frank Rd. June 5 1713' [Thomas Frank, Archdeacon of Bedford]. See Bedfordshire Record Society, Miscellanea, 1970. 2 ff. Cf. MS. 952 item 43.
36 Letter from Tenison [to William Legge, 1st Earl of Dartmouth], from Lambeth, 20 June 1713, concerning the royal assent to two acts of Convocation. Draft. 2 ff.
37 Letter from Edward Tenison, Canon of Canterbury, and (1731) Bishop of Ossory, [to Tenison], from Canterbury, 13 July 1713, concerning records at Canterbury concerning the privileges and prerogatives of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and especially a composition between Archbishop Boniface and the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's. 2 ff.
38 Form of summons by Tenison to a Bishop to require the clergy in his diocese to attend the Lower House of Convocation, from Lambeth, 22 March 1714. Printed. 1 f.
39 Letter from Queen Anne to Tenison, from St. James's, 18 May 1714, authorising collections for the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in the cities of London and Westminster and places within a radius of ten miles. Refers to a previous collection authorised on 5 May 1711. Signed and sealed. 2 ff.
40 Letter from John Gagnier, subsequently (1724) Professor of Arabic at Oxford, [to Tenison], from Oxford, 15 June 1714, presenting a specimen of a Greek concordance of the Scriptures to be printed by the Oxford University Press. 2 ff.
41 Letter from Bartholomaeus Ziegenbalg and Johann Ernest Gründler to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, from Tranquebar, 27 September 1714, on the state of religion in Tranquebar and especially the translation and publication of the Scriptures. Latin. 2 ff.
42 Letter from John Potter, Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford, and (1737) Archbishop of Canterbury, [to Tenison], from Oxford, 19 November 1714, on the appointment of John Wynne as Bishop of St. Asaph; the Duke of Marlborough's former opposition to the Bishop of Bristol[George Smalridge]. Encloses a specimen of Justin Martyr which Mr. Hofman, a Dane, hopes to publish. 2 ff.
43 Letter from John Chappelow to Tenison, from London, 22 December 1714, desiring an interview and expressing pleasure at the triumph of the Protestant succession. 1 f.
44 'The Commons Replication to the Answer of Dr. Henry Sacheverell', undertaking to prove articles of impeachment against him, [2 February 1710]. Printed The trial of Dr. Henry Sacheverell, 1710, 24. 2 ff.
45 Articles of impeachment of Henry Sacheverell, [9 January 1710]. Printed G. Holmes, The trial of Doctor Sacheverell, 1973, appendix A. 4 ff.
46 List of out-brothers and out-sisters at St. John's Hospital and St. Nicholas Hospital, Harbledown, Kent, 20 July 1715. 2 ff.
47 Letter from Tob. Bowles, [J.P.], to [John] Benson, curate at Deal parish church, from London, 5 November 1715, asking him on behalf of Tenison to answer charges of Jacobitism. It is noted that he had been at Deal for three years and had previously held a living in Essex. See items 54-55. 2 ff.
48 Letter from Thomas Greene, Archdeacon of Canterbury, and (1723) Bishop of Ely, [to Tenison], from Canterbury, 25 September 1715, stating that he has completed his visitation. Approves the King's speech. Cites a report by John Denne on farms at Swingfield [Swinfeild], Kent. 2 ff.
49 Letter from Thomas Greene, Archdeacon of Canterbury, and (1723) Bishop of Ely, [to Tenison], from Canterbury, 10 October 1715, recommending [George] Sykes for the living of Preston next Faversham. Seal. 1 f.
50 Letter from Robert Wyntle, Fellow and (1734) Warden of Merton College, Oxford, 12 October 1715, reporting on a servitor of the college named Joseph Parsons and noting opposition at Merton to the government. [Probably the letter forwarded to Thomas Tenison on 16 Oct. 1715 by John Potter, Bishop of Oxford. See MS. 953 item 106]. 1 f.
51 Letter from 'R.C.', perhaps Robert Cannon, Archdeacon of Norfolk, and (1721) Dean of Lincoln, [to Tenison], 12 October 1715, noting that he scarcely goes into any village without seeing three or four poles erected for the late Peace. Three or four suspects were taken up last week. Sir Richard Everet, who lives two miles on this side of Chelmsford and married Bishop Kidder's eldest daughter, spreads idle stories highly reproachful to the King and government. 2 ff.
52 Letter from Robert Austen, J.P., to Tenison, from Hernden in Tenterden, Kent, 15 October 1715, reporting the refusal by John Johnson, Vicar of Cranbrook and Appledore, to take the oath of abjuration. 2 ff.
53 Letter from John Robinson, Bishop of London, to Tenison, from Hernden in Tenterden, Kent, 3 November 1715, returning the Declaration [of abhorrence of the Jacobite rebellion] which he has subscribed. 2 ff.
54 Petition from the Mayor, Jurats, Common Council men and principal inhabitants of Deal, Kent, to Tenison, from Deal, 8 November 1715, on behalf of John Benson, curate of the parish, praising his sermons, noting his loyalty to the crown, and his avoidance of meddling in parties and elections, and requesting his appointment as minister of the chapel at Deal. 60 signatures. See items 47, 55. 1 f.
55 Letter from Thomas Brothers, Mayor of Deal, Tob. Bowles, J.P., and Thomas Horne, J.P., to Tenison, from London, 9 November 1715, certifying the good character and loyalty of John Benson and requesting his appointment as minister of Deal chapel. 2 ff.
56 Certificate by William Stanley, Dean of St. Asaph, that John Benson, who was his curate at Much Hadham, Herts., left at his own desire on being offered the curacy of Deal by Archdeacon Greene, from Amen Corner, Berks., 8 November 1715. 1 f.
57 Letter from John Benson, curate at Deal, to Tenison, from Deal, 10 November 1715, vindicating himself from charges, including his alleged acceptance of a papist as his curate, and declaring his loyalty to the crown. 2 ff.
58 Letter [from Francis Bacon, Viscount St. Alban, to James I, c.August 1622]. Incomplete fair copy of 936/143. Printed Works, XIV, 382-6. 2 ff.
59 Letter from John Digby, emissary in Spain, and (1622) 1st Earl of Bristol, [to Charles, Prince of Wales], from Madrid, 30 June 1615, concerning the prevalence of piracy off the Spanish coast. Incomplete. 2 ff.
60 Terms proposed by an Irish rebel in Connaught for submission, c.1593. Refers to a lease of the island of Arran to Sir Thomas L'Estrange of which eight or more years have expired. [Sir Morrough O'Flaherty laid claim to the island]. Copy. Endorsed, 'certaine demandes of a Traitor'. 1 f.
61-62 'The Greivances of the Workmen Printers', complaining about unlicensed printers, and including 'A List of the Master Printers besides his Majesties Printers Mr. Bill and Mr. Barker', before August 1663. In the hand of G. Wake, who has written on the back 'Dr. Berkenhead pray remember the licence for Val: Chadwicke'. 8 ff.
63 Memorandum concerning the claim by Nicholas Tufton, 3rd Earl of Thanet, to the Barony of Clifford, entitled 'Touching the subsistance of a Barony by Writ descending to Coheirs', [1691]. Endorsed, 'Earl of Thanet'. See also item 103. 2 ff.
64 'List for the Distribution of Her Majesties Bounty for the Relief and support of such Poor distressed French Ministers as are now residing within this Kingdom of England of £3000'. Alphabetical list of clergy, stating age, whether married, number of children, church served if any. Also a list of widows and orphans of ministers, and of ministers ordained since the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. Included with this item, but not an integral part of it, is a sheet endorsed, 'Liste des Min. François pour l'Armée 1706/7'. 5 ff.
65 'A Forme of Prayer and Thanksgiving upon the offring of our Tythe to ye Priest', probably late 17th cent. 4 ff.
66 Letter from Queen Anne to Tenison, n.d., asking to see alterations to the Prayer Book which he is to lay before the Privy Council on Friday. Probably written after the Act of Succession, 1702. Prayers for the Electress Sophia first appeared in the Book of Common Prayer in 1703. 2 ff.
67 'A prayer used in ye Court and ye Army in Flanders', temp. William III. 2 ff.
68 Revocation of the presentation by the crown of Samuel Norris to the rectory and vicarage of Tilehurst, Berks., 30 September 1679. Concerns accusations of simony. Latin copy. 1 f.
69 Peace of Utrecht. Prayer for the conduct of peace negotiations addressed to Tenison, c.1712. In the hand of Sir William Dawes, 3rd Bart., Bishop of Chester, and subsequently (1714) Archbishop of York, with the seal of Dawes as Bishop of Chester. 2 ff.
70 Proposals for a new version of the Psalms, 18th cent. 1 f.
71 Copy of 'The Memorial of Thomas Bray, D.D., Relating to ye Libraries sent into America', petitioning William III for a grant of certain debts to the crown for the completion of his scheme to establish libraries in America, with a note of the subsequent grant of funds, endorsed '1704'. 2 ff.
72 'A Draught of a Bill for Converting the Negroes &c. in the Plantations', c.1711. Inscribed by Tenison, '1st draught'. 2 ff.
73 Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. 'The Missionaries Library Reviewed & Corrected & Enlarged (according to Order) by the Committee on the 13th Instant', and 'Catalogue of the small Tracts Allowed the Missionaries to Distribute among &c'. Endorsed in the hand of John Chamberlayne, 'Missionary's Library &c Approved by the Society 15 March 1705'. 2 ff.
74 Letter from William Sacheverell, Governor of the Isle of Man, to Tenison, from Oxford, 1 September [1695], describing the state of religion in the Isle of Man, and appealing for funds for the poor clergy and for the completion of the design of Isaac Barrow, Bishop of St. Asaph, to build a library. Seal. 2 ff.
75 Anonymous letter to Sir John Trenchard, Secretary of State (1692-95), advocating an act for the maintenance of curates, especially in peculiars, and complaining of the conduct of [William] Watkinson, 'minister and official in chief of ye peculiar jurisdiction of Sturminster Marshall [Stourmister Marshall] in ye County of Dorsett'. Addressed to Tenison. 2 ff.
76 Anonymous legal opinion on the interpretation of the Oath of Allegiance to William and Mary, c.1691. Copy. 15 ff.
77 'Très humble Remonstrance des Catholiques d'Angleterre à Monseigneur Spada Internonce de Sa Sanctité en la Cour de Bruxelles', [September 1697]. Seeks protection for English Catholics in the forthcoming treaty [of Ryswyk]. French copy. Endorsed by Tenison. 4 ff.
78 An account of the duties of churchwardens, late 17th cent. 2 ff.
79 'A bill for the discharge of poor prisoners for debts, damidges and costs', proposing the release from prison of debtors to serve in person or, if sick or female, by proxy in the army or navy, [1690]. 1 f.
80 Paper entitled 'Attractio magnetis'. Begins: 'Cartesiana hypothesis ita se habet'. Latin. 1 f.
81 Proposals by James I for establishing the 'Royal Exchanger' for regulating the exchange of foreign currencies and controlling usury, [1617]. Copy. 2 ff.
82 Letter from Lady Anne Wyndham, widow of Sir Francis Wyndham, 1st Bart., to an unnamed peer, 24 November [1696], seeking arrears of a pension of £400 a year granted to her by Charles II for sheltering him at Trent after the battle of Worcester. Endorsed by Tenison. 1 f.
83 Question whether it is a breach of the oath of canonical obedience to a bishop for a clergyman to hold divine service in opposition to the bishop's authority and to refuse communion because of prayers for those in authority, c.1690. 1 f.
84 'De Installatione Episcoporum', concerning the right of the Archdeacon of Canterbury to instal and enthrone all bishops in the Province of Canterbury, c.1691. Latin. See also item 120. 1 f.
85 Paper entitled, 'Of the Laws of England since her first Inhabitation', 17th cent. Mainly concerns the holding of Parliament. 6 ff.
86 'A Bill to annex the Parsonage of Whitborne in Herefordshire to the Bishoprick of Hereford', [1697-8]. Enacted as 9 Will.III cap.xxiv. 3 ff.
87 'Memoire pour le Committé françois', [1699], consisting of a defence of the French committee appointed to administer the royal bounty to distressed French ministers against charges and proposals in Memoires envoiés de Londres à M. *par M. *au sujet de l'etablissement d'un conseil pour veiller sur la conduite des Protestans françois refugiés en Angleterre, 1699. Addressed to Tenison. French. 13 ff.
88 Account of the removal of Bernard McKenzie, minister of Rosse, and Alexander Alexandre, minister of Glasse in the diocese of Murray, in order to allow the restoration of Presbyterian ministers, [1692]. 1 f.
89 'An Act [Bill] for the better recovery of small Tythes', [1660-70]. Corrected draft. 2 ff.
90 Petition from Henry Hurt, Rector of St. Mary, Romney Marsh, Kent, to Tenison, concerning arrears of a pension withheld because the parish has no inhabitants, 1695. 2 ff.
91 Memorandum entitled, 'The Usefullness of and Reasons for a Publick Register for Registring of Seamen, Servants, and Idle, Disorderly and Suspicious Persons', perhaps by George Everett, [1695]. It is noted that 'The Profitt ariseing by this Act are Humbly proposed to Endow the Royal Hospitall at Greenwich for the Releife of Sick, Wounded, and Aged Seamen'. 2 ff.
92 Letter from Charles Goodall, physician, to Tenison, [August 1702], giving a detailed account of the death of Anthony Grey, 11th Earl of Kent. 2 ff.
93 A copy of 933/22. 3 ff.
94 Account by Henry Compton, Bishop of London, of a conversation with William Sheridan, former Bishop of Kilmore, who described Henry Sacheverell as a knave and a vain worthless fellow, [1709]. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
95 Recommendations concerning the pay and privileges of chaplains in the East India Company, after 1693. 2 ff.
96 Letter from George Thomson, Curate of Darlington, [to Tenison, 1708], complaining about a bill in the Exchequer against him by Christopher Vane, Lord Barnard, because he has sought to prevent a case of bigamy, and suggesting that Parliament settle Easter offerings and surplice fees on the clergy. See also items 111-112. 2 ff.
97 List of the principal officials of the Spanish court, [1624]. 6 ff.
98 Return apparently to Archbishop Whitgift of non-resident clergy in the diocese of Bangor, temp. Hugh Bellot, Bishop of Bangor (1586-95). Inscribed, 'concordat. cum registro Thomas Fletcher registrarius'. Latin. 5 ff.
99 Memorandum [to Thomas Murray] consisting of two articles, the first of which concerns the approval by James I of the Duke of Savoy's ambition to become King of the Romans, and the second the King's covert support of a new company for the West Indies, to both of which the Spanish take exception, [1619]. Endorsed, 'The Spaniards exception agains his M.'. 2 ff.
100 Commentary on Revelations I.20 perhaps by William Lloyd, Bishop of Worcester, c.1700. Endorsed by Tenison, 'B.W.'. 2 ff.
101 Letter from James II to his daughter Mary, Princess of Orange, 4 November 1687, giving an account of his religious convictions, with her reply. These letters are printed in Burnet's History of his own time, 1723-34, 720-5, from his own transcript of the originals. The copy in the Gibson Papers appears to have been written in the late 17th century and to antedate the publication of Burnet's History. 2 ff.
102 Despatch from France reporting Louis XIII's intended invasion of Béarn and the aftermath of the rising of the Princes, [1620]. 1 f.
103 Same as item 63. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
104 Advertisement of the sale of the manuscript in over 5,400 ff. of Thomas Harding's ecclesiastical history to the end of the reign of James I. It may be seen at Euclid Speidell's house in Angel Alley near Whitechapel church. The sale will not be advertised in print to prevent Romanists purchasing the MS., [1695]. Endorsed, 'For His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury'. 2 ff.
105 Proceedings in the Ecclesiastical Commission concerning the refusal of the Vice-Chancellor and Senate of Cambridge University to admit Alban Francis, O.S.B., to the degree of M.A. according to the King's mandate under the sign manual, [1687]. Copy.
Endorsed by Tenison. Printed State trials, ed. F. Hargrave, 1776, IV, 255-61. 2 ff.
106 Form of a plenary indulgence, 17th cent. Latin. 2 ff.
107 'Severall reasons against the Readmission of Daniell Scargill, Bachelor of Arts, late Fellow of Corpus Christi College in Cambridge, humbly render'd to His Majestie's consideration by the Master and Fellows of ye said College', [1669]. See Somers Tracts, I, 41-3. 2 ff.
108 'Severall Scandalous Opinions and Practices attested by the Master and Fellows of Corpus Christi College in Cambridg against Daniel Scargill, Bachelor of Arts, late Fellow of the said College', [1669]. Includes evidence by Tenison, who was formerly Scargill's tutor. 2 ff.
109 Unsigned letter [to William III], c.1695, concerning the settlement in Ireland of French Protestant refugees obliged to leave Switzerland. Copy. 3 ff.
110 Summons to Convocation, 10 February 1701. Latin. 2 ff.
111 Petition from J. Cuthbert on behalf of Christopher Vane, Lord Barnard, to Sidney Godolphin, 1st Earl of Godolphin, Lord High Treasurer, John Smith, Chancellor and undertreasurer of the Exchequer, Sir Edward Ward, Chief Baron of the Exchequer, and the Barons of the Exchequer, for a writ to compel George Thomson, Curate of Darlington, to account for surplice fees, [1708]. Endorsed by Tenison. See also items 96, 112. 2 ff.
112 'Some grounds for an answer to a Bill exhibited in the Exchequer by the Right Honorable Christopher, Lord Barnard &c., Impropriator of the Deanary or Rectory of Darlington in the County Palatine of Durham, Plaintiff, in behalf of George Thomson, D.D., Vicar and Curate there, Defendant', defending his right to surplice fees, [1708]. See also items 96, 111. 2 ff.
113 Questions and memoranda in the hand of Sir Francis Bacon concerning the trial of Robert Carr, Earl of Somerset, [1616]. Printed Works, XII, 295-6. 2 ff.
114 Plan of arable land at Rugworth Marsh, Foulness, Essex, by John Coffyn, 1688. 1 f.
115 Verses by John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester, entitled 'Tunbridg waters'. 2 ff.
116 Verses by John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester, entitled 'Upon Nothing'. 2 ff.
117 Hymn entitled, 'A Hymn. On the Passion of our Blessed Lord & Redeemer'.
Begins: Behold vile Man, with weeping Eyes.
Ends: And Reign with Him for Evermore. 1 f.
118 Anthem entitled, 'An Anthem. On the Passion of our Blessed Lord and Saviour'.
Begins: The joyfull Morning now appears.
Ends: While Time shall cease and be no more! 1 f.
119 Letter from Henry Cason, Rector of Eythorne, to Tenison, 6 March [after 1709], stating that, being in a part of the diocese where there are many Anabaptists and Antipaedobaptists, he has made a female convert. 2 ff.
120 Forms observed at the installation of John Tillotson, Archbishop of Canterbury, [1691]. See also item 729-742/941/84. 1 f.
121 Letter from Andrew Paschall, Chancellor of Wells, to Tenison, [July 1696], seeking preferment to the vacant Deanery of St. Asaph, and referring to his sufferings during the troubles in Somerset. Seal. 1 f.
122 Legal notes by one Combes concerning the parsonage of Ebony, Kent, 16th cent. Endorsed, 'Combes notes touching the conveyance of the Parsonage of Ebney'. 2 ff.
123 Account of a Conference between the House of Lords and the House of Commons concerning a Bill for levying impositions on foreign merchandise, and the claim of the Commons 'that there is a fundamental right in that House alone in Bills of rates and impositions on merchandise as to the matter, the measure, and the time', [1671]. 6 ff.
124 'The Case of St. Thomas's Hospital. In relation to the petition of Dr. Richard Torlesse and Mr. Thomas Elton to her Majesty in Council'. A petition by the Governors of St. Thomas's Hospital to the Privy Council for suspension of an order by the Council staying the election by the Governors of a physician and surgeon in place of Torlesse and Elton who were removed for mis-using funds for sick and wounded seamen, [17 April 1703]. 2 ff.
125 Verses entitled, 'A Pig'.
Begin: A man of Westner Town.
End: For I was never brought up to lye.
Endorsed, 'The Pig. Writ by my Sister Farr out of a copy of mine'. 2 ff.
126 List of the Archbishop of Canterbury's peculiars in London with statistics apparently of population, after 1696. 2 ff.
127-128 Lists, with corrections, of the incumbents of livings in the Archbishop of Canterbury's peculiars in the city of London, [1696-1702]. 2 + 1 ff
129 List of benefices of which the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's are patrons or ordinaries, late 17th cent. Endorsed, '14 books: de[livered] to the officer in Essex', and a further endorsement in the hand of Edmund Gibson. 1 f.
130 Answers by Thomas Fisher to questions concerning the Church, 17th cent. Latin. 1 f.
131 'Quaestiones mandato Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis ad doctos in Germania missae pro edenda historia Declarationis sic dictae Helmstadiensis', c.1708. Latin. Endorsed, 'Copie des Articles en Latin envoiez par le Duc de Wolfenbuttel à Monsieur Howe [Emanuel Scrope Howe, Envoy Extraordinary to Hanover 1705-9]'. See item 21. 2 ff. Cf. MS. 943 items 88-90.
132 Draft of a Toleration Act for Dissenters, [November 1680]. Endorsed, '... pass'd in the House of Commons but noe further'. 11 ff.
133 'Memoire de quelques Manuscrits très Importans qui sont dans le Cabinet du Sr [Jean] Aymon, Ministre François à la Haye Lesquels il consignera volontiers dans la Bibliotèque de quelque Grand Seigneur ou autre Personne Illustre pour la Satisfaction des Sçavans et des Curieux à fin qu'ils puissent être conservés à la Posterité qui en aura obligation à celui qui aura la Generosité de les aquerir à un Prix Raisonable', c.1710. French. 8 ff.
134 'A Memoriall of the Affairs of ye Church of Scotland since the Revolution', [1694]. 2 ff.
135 Procedure in a congé d'élire, late 17th cent. Endorsed by Tenison. 1 f.
136 Petition from the East India Company to the House of Lords, offering to provide a loan of £2,000,000 and asking to be heard at the Bar of the House before further proceedings taken on a Bill passed by the House of Commons, [1698]. Copy. 2 ff.
137 'A View of the Case of St. Gregory's Parish with respect to the Equivalent Desired for their Ancient Church and Burying-Ground. Humbly Offer'd to the Lords Commissioners appointed by Act of Parliament to adjust it', c.1696. Consists of plans of St. Gregory's parish church in 1636, the church rebuilt by Inigo Jones in 1647, a plan of the vaults under the west steps of St. Paul's and the plan of vaults proposed to be built at the south east churchyard. 2 ff.
138 Letter from E. Gee perhaps to Tenison, c.1690, concerning the printing of 'Beth[len] Gabor's Memorial'. Endorsed by Tenison, 'Plantavicii [i.e. Jean de Plantavit de la Pause] Bibliotheca Rabbinica, Paris'. 1 f.
139 Substance of a letter composed by Francis Bacon for Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, to send to Queen Elizabeth I, [1598], making his peace with her. Endorsed by Bacon, 'A letter framed for my L. of Essex to ye Q.'. Printed T. Birch, Letters of Francis Bacon, 1763, 19-21. 2 ff.
140 An alphabetical list of celebrated painters, mostly Italian but including Rubens, 17th cent. Italian. 2 ff.
141 Despatch concerning affairs in Italy, giving an account of a dispute about a company of Milanese horse passing over Venetian territory, [1621]. Italian. 2 ff.
142 Reply by the Venetian Republic to proposals made by an agent for the King of Bohemia, [January 1620]. Italian copy. 2 ff.
143 Abstract of a letter written from the camp of the Marquis of Spinola on affairs in Germany, n.d. Spanish. 2 ff.
144 Sixteen articles of the Grisons League for settling disputes with Venice, c.1620. Italian. 2 ff.
145 Copy of a printed account of a victory won by the Spanish over the Grisons and other Protestants in 1620. Italian. 2 ff.
146 Letter from Juan d'Idiaquez, Spanish Secretary of State, to -, c.1596, concerning Spanish and English affairs, Scotland and Ireland. Spanish copy. 1 f.
147 Letter [from Charles Emanuel, Duke of Savoy, to Carlo Fresia, agent of Savoy in France, 31 August 1617], on the Treaty of Asti and other affairs. Incomplete Italian copy. 2 ff.
148 Letter from the Grisons, c.1617. Italian incomplete. 2 ff.
149 Letters to [Philippe] de Bethune, French ambassador in Italy, [1618], concerning affairs of the Grisons. Italian copies. 2 ff.
150 Memorandum concerning the Grisons, [1618]. Italian. 1 f.
151 Memorandum concerning the Grisons and the Valtelline, [1618]. Italian. 1 f.
152 Account [by Cardinal Alessandro Lodovisio for Scipio Caffarelli, Cardinal Borghese], c.1617, concerning negotiations in Milan. Italian. 1 f.
153 Account of negotiations between Don Pedro de Toledo, Governor of Milan, and Philippe de Bethune, French ambassador in Italy, in the presence of Cardinal Alessandro Lodovisio, [1617]. Italian incomplete. 2 ff.
154 Account of a dispute between Zuarie Pesaro, Venetian ambassador in Savoy, and Luigi Osorio, gentleman of Filiberto, Prince of Savoy, [1620]. Italian. 2 ff.
155 News from Italy concerning Pope Paul V and the Palatinate, c.1620. Italian. 2 ff.
156 Account of a dispute between Milan and Brescia over a chain placed across the river Oglio to prevent contraband of corn, [1621]. Italian. 1 f.
157 An imperfect account (beginning at chapter 14) of fortifications in Italy, 17th cent. Italian. 8 ff.
158 Account of a dispute among the Swiss Cantons concerning the passage of foreign troops, c.1620. French. Endorsed, 'Abstract of a letter from Berne to Sir Isaac Wake'. 2 ff.
159 Description, apparently by a Scot, of a monstrous beast found in Paris, c.1620. French. 1 f.
160 Sonnets addressed to the States General, early 17th cent. French. 2 ff.
161 'Raisons du soudain Parlement de Prague', apparently shortly before the battle of the White Hill, [1620]. French. 2 ff.
162 Declaration of the Princes assembled at Soissons, [1616]. French. 2 ff.
163 A meditation on his condition or soliloquy on the part of Charles d'Albert, Duc de Luynes, [1620]. French. Endorsed, 'La prosopopeie de Monsieur de Luines, 1620'. 1 f.
164 Address by Guillaume de Montholon, Sieur de Pluviers, French ambassador to the Grisons, to the thirteen Swiss Cantons, concerning the Treaty of Madrid, [1621]. French. 2 ff.
165 Letter from Baron d'Espier to Sir Isaac Wake, agent in Savoy, [1621], concerning relations between the Swiss Cantons and the Grisons. French copy. 5 ff.
166 Articles proposed by the Princes of the Protestant Union to the Marquis of Spinola, [1621]. French. 2 ff.
167 Agreement between the Count of Nassau and others with the Marquis of Spinola concerning the Palatinate, [1621]. French. 2 ff.
168 Terms for an agreement between the Marquis of Spinola and the Protestant Union, [1621]. French. 2 ff.
169 Memorandum for James I [by Wolrad von Plessen, Councillor to the Elector Palatine] concerning his intervention in the Palatinate, [1619]. French. 2 ff.
170 Proposals by Benjamin de Rohan, Seigneur de Soubise, for raising troops in England, [1622]. French. 2 ff.
171 Assembly of Estates. 'Premier article du Cahier des Estatz tenue en la ville de Paris', [October 1614], consisting of the Third Estate's declaration of fundamental law that the king cannot be deprived or his subjects absolved from their allegiance. French. 1 f.
172 Letter from Geneva to the Marquis de Lanz, ambassador of Savoy in France, [June 1618], on rumours of the latter's involvement apparently in a plot in Geneva. French copy. 2 ff.
173 News from France, containing an account of Louis XIII's campaign in Béarn, September-October 1620. French. 1 f.
174 News from Germany concerning a crusade against the Turks, c.1615. French. 2 ff.
175 Reasons by the Protestant Union justifying invasion of the Archbishopric of Mainz, [August 1620]. French. 2 ff.
176 Account of a dispute between George William, Elector of Brandenburg, and the King of Poland concerning the former's investiture with the Duchy of Prussia, [November 1620]. French. 2 ff.
177 Appeal by an assembly of the Reformed Churches in France and Béarn at La Rochelle to James I for assistance, [December 1620]. French. 2 ff.
178 Account of a dispute between Henri II d'Orléans, Duc de Longueville, and the Canton of Berne, [1615-20]. French. 2 ff.
179 Letter from Prince Christian of Anhalt to Ferdinand, King of Hungary, c.1619. Latin copy. 2 ff.
180 Request by the Protestant Union, on the invasion of the Palatinate, for the payment of credits promised by the King of France, [August 1620]. French copy. 2 ff.
181 Abstract of instructions to - Brederode, Dutch ambassador to the Protestant Union, c.1620. Latin. 2 ff.
182 Unsigned letter addressed 'My Lord', early 17th cent., concerning the contents of an intercepted letter by the King of Spain, Cardinal Albert, and others. Latin and cypher. 1 f.
183 Account of military engagements between Savoy and Don Pedro de Toledo, [1617]. French. 2 ff.
184 Memoir from French Protestants to James I, urging him in making a treaty with France to oppose the re-establishment of the Jesuits in France, [1603]. French. 1 f.
185 Account of relations between Geneva and Savoy and the treaty of Saint-Julien, [July 1603]. French. 1 f.
FindingAidsItems 4, 9, 16, 24, 39, 71-73 also noted in Charles M. Andrews and Frances G. Davenport, 'Guide to the Manuscript Materials for the History of the United States to 1783, in the British Museum, in Minor London Archives, and in the Libraries of Oxford and Cambridge' (Washington, 1908), p. 289:
941. 4. Minutes of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. June 19, 1704.
941. 9. Letter to Archbishop Tenison from James Blair, President of the College of Williamsburgh, concerning the affairs of that college. Williamsburgh in Virginia, September 2, 1706.
Printed in Bishop Perry's 'Historical Collections relating to the American Colonial Church' (4 vols.), treating the colonies of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maryland and Delaware.
941. 16. Address to the Bishop of London from the Episcopalians of Stratford, Connecticut, complaining of the ill-treatment received from the Dissenters. April 1, 1707.
941. 24. Letter from Col. Francis Nicholson to Archbishop Tenison. May 22, 1710.
(Relates chiefly to the need of a bishop for the colonies and the sending of some missionaries among the Indians.)
Transcribed by Dr. Francis L. Hawks, historiographer to the American Episcopal Church, during his visit to England in 1836.
941. 39. Letter from Queen Anne to Archbishop Tenison requiring a collection in the city of London, and elsewhere, for the Society for Propagating the Gospel in Foreign Parts. May 18, 1714.
941. 71. "The Memorial of Thomas Bray, D. D., Relating to the Libraries sent into America". 1704.
(Begins: "First there are 30 Parochial Libraries already sent into His Majties Plantations in America.")
941. 72. " A Draught of a Bill For Converting the Negros, etc., In the Plantations." n. d.
941. 73. " The Missionaries Library Reviewed and Corrected and Enlarged (according to Order) by the Committee on the 13th Instant etc." (Endorsed: Missionary's Library etc. Approved by the Society, 15 March 1705.)
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 199

MS. 941/4, MS 941/9, MS. 941/16, MS. 941/24, MS. 941/39, and MS. 941/71-73 [American material]:
Microfilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 772

Available from World Microfilms Publications:
Lambeth Palace Library: Miscellaneous American Material. Reel 1 (with other MSS.)
Copies of the microfilm may be available in other libraries.

Copies are available from the British Library Microform Research Collections:
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PublnNoteGwynn, Robin, 'The Huguenots in later Stuart Britain, vol. 1' (Brighton, 2015) [KA125.H84]

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GB/109/14655Bacon; Francis (1561-1626); Viscount St. Albans; Lord Chancellor1561-1626
GB/109/7056Diocese of Bangor
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GB/109/18199Berkenhead; Sir; John (1617-1679)1617-1679
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DS/UK/3305Diocese of Carlisle
GB/109/18235Carr; Robert (c. 1585-1645); Earl of Somersetc. 1585-1645
NA2943Charles II (1630-1685); King of Great Britain and Ireland1630-1685
GB/109/18244Churchill; John (1650-1722); 1st Duke of Marlborough; army officer and politician1650-1722
145Church of England; 1534-1534-
77Compton; Henry (1632-1713); Bishop of London1632-1713
NA1602Province of Canterbury; Convocation
GB/109/18254Dawes; Sir; William (1671-1724); 3rd Baronet; Archbishop of York1671-1724
GB/109/15143Devereux; Robert (1565-1601); 2nd Earl of Essex; soldier and politician1565-1601
GB/109/14039East India Company; 1600-18581600-1858
GB/109/6770England and Wales; Parliament; House of Commons; 1536-17071536-1707
GB/109/6769England and Wales; Parliament; House of Lords; 1536-17071536-1707
GB/109/17157Evans; John (c 1652-1724); Bishop of Meathc 1652-1724
GB/109/18289Gagnier; John (c. 1670-1740); Professor of Arabicc. 1670-1740
75Gibson; Edmund (1669-1748); Bishop of London1669-1748
GB/109/18296Grabe; John Ernest (1666-1711); Divine1666-1711
GB/109/18301Henri II (1519-1559); King of France1519-1559
GB/109/7295Diocese of Hereford
GB/109/18307Hopkins; Ezekiel (1634-1690); Bishop of Derry1634-1690
NA2506James I (1566-1625); King of England, Scotland and Ireland1566-1625
GB/109/13906James II (1633-1701); King of Great Britain and Ireland1633-1701
GB/109/16232Stuart; James Francis Edward (1688-1766); The Old Pretender1688-1766
GB/109/17592Legge; Lord; William (1672-1750); 1st Earl of Dartmouth1672-1750
GB/109/10935Lloyd; William (1627-1717); Bishop of Worcester1627-1717
137Diocese of London
GB/109/15465Manningham; Thomas (-1722); Bishop of Chichester-1722
GB/109/18338Mary II (1662-1694); Queen of England, Scotland, and Ireland1662-1694
GB/109/10725Nicholson; Sir; Francis (1660-1728); Knight; colonial governor1660-1728
GB/109/8163Oxford University Press
180University of Oxford
GB/109/18356Paschall; Andrew (c. 1631-1696); Chancellor of Wellsc. 1631-1696
GB/109/15589Patrick; Simon (1626-1707); Bishop of Ely1626-1707
GB/109/16832Paul V (17 September 1550-28 January 1621); Pope (1605-1621)17 September 1550-28 January 1621
28Potter; John (?1674-1747); Archbishop of Canterbury?1674-1747
NA1475Queen Anne's Bounty; 1704-19481704-1948
76Robinson; John (1650-1723); Bishop of London1650-1723
DS/UK/6028Sacheverell; Henry (c. 1674-1724); clergyman and religious controversialistc. 1674-1724
GB/109/9239Diocese of St. David's
DS/UK/4980Sharp; John (1645-1714); Archbishop of York1645-1714
GB/109/15738Smalridge; George (1662-1719); Bishop of Bristol1662-1719
GB/109/18393Snape (1675-1742); Provost of King's College, Cambridge (1719)1675-1742
226Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts; 1701-19651701-1965
GB/109/18400Tenison; Edward (c. 1673-1735); Bishop of Ossory (1731)c. 1673-1735
30Tenison; Thomas (1636-1715); Archbishop of Canterbury1636-1715
31Tillotson; John (1630-1694); Archbishop of Canterbury1630-1694
GB/109/18405Trenchard; Sir; John (1649-1695); Secretary of State1649-1695
GB/109/15861Wake; Sir; Isaac (1580-1632); knight; diplomat1580-1632
GB/109/18409Wharton; Thomas (1648-1715); 1st Marquess of Wharton; 1st Marquess of Malmesbury; 1st Marquess of Catherlough1648-1715
38Whitgift; John (?1530-1604); Archbishop of Canterbury?1530-1604
NA2489William III (1650-1702); King of Great Britain and Ireland, Prince of Orange1650-1702
NA1874Diocese of Winchester
DS/UK/3476Bray; Thomas (1656-1730); clergyman1656-1730
GB/109/21802Ziegenbalg; Bartholomaus (1682-1719); Missionary to India1682-1719
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