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TitleMiscellaneous Papers
DescriptionConsist of:
1 Letter from Humphrey Prideaux, Canon and (1702) Dean of Norwich, to Tenison, from Norwich, 27 March 1695, sending a paper [item 2] on the factories and plantations in the East Indies. The Bishop of Salisbury acted for [Robert] Boyle in this pious design. One Bantoft, a former dissenting minister admitted to the Church of England, reports that some dissenting ministers led by [Richard] Mead [subsequently the physician] educated at Leyden wish to end separation and join the Church of England. 1 f.
2 Report by the same enclosed with the previous item on the state of factories and plantations in the East Indies with proposals for improving provision for the spread of religion, 27 March 1695. The text differs from that printed in The life of the Reverend Humphrey Prideaux, 1748, 161-73. 3 ff.
3 Proposals contained in 25 articles for co-operation between the English and Dutch East India Companies, with a few marginal annotations, [1616]. Endorsed, 'Propositions of the Eng. Commiss.'. Item 5 is a contemporary copy. See also 930/146. 2 ff.
4 'Ane Apologie of the Erle of Essex against those which falsley and malitiouslie take him to be the only hinderer of the peace and quiet of his cuntree', c.1603. 7 ff.
5 See item 3
6 Letter from Tenison to the Electress Sophia, 10 April 1706, on the Protestant succession and moves in Parliament of which the bearer will give an account. Endorsed, 'Copy of my Lr to the Princess Sophia ... given to ye Ld Halyfax'. Draft. 3 ff.
7 Verses entitled, 'A Conference held in the Castle St. Angele betwene the Pope, the Emperour, and the King of Spaine', [1618]. Crum W.213. 4 ff.
8 Letter from John Toland, deist, to -, [1707], advocating religious toleration of Dissenters. Endorsed by Tenison, 'Copy of Mr. Toland's Lr. mentioned in Dan: de Foe's [Daniel Defoe] book called ye dissenters vindication p.34'. Also a note referring to a letter by Toland, of which he has the original, to the leading Dissenters asking them to declare their opinion on religious toleration but to which they made no answer. 4 ff.
9 Letter from Edward Bowerman, Vicar of Caddington, to the same, from Caddington, Beds., 17 December 1692, describing the irreligious state of the parish, his attempts at reform, and disputes with the parishioners. 13 ff.
10 Memorandum on Convocation and canon law [by Thomas Bouchier, Regius Professor of Civil Law, Oxford], entitled, 'Of wt Canons were submitted by ye Statute 25.H.8.c.19. and wt not', [February 1702]. Endorsed by Tenison. 14 ff.
11 'An Essay toward the Reformation of Newgate and the other Prisons in and about London', c.1700. 7 ff.
12 Letters patent of William and Mary appointing commissioners for reforming the liturgy, 17 September 1689. Endorsed by Tenison, 'A Copy of the Ecclesiastical Commission A. 1689 taken from ye Original by Thomas Tenison D.D.'. The original is Lambeth Palace Library Carte Antique et Miscellanee XI no.92. 4 ff.
13 Transcript perhaps by Henry Compton, Bishop of London, of his examination by the High Commission and of related papers concerning his refusal to suspend John Sharp, Rector of St. Giles-in-the-Fields, London, and (1691) Archbishop of York, 3 August - 6 September 1686. 15 ff.
14 Injunctions by William III to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York for protecting and maintaining the Church of England, from Kensington, 15 February 1695. Signed: William R. Remains of seal. Printed Wilkins Concilia, IV, 624-5. 6 ff.
15 Corrected draft of the previous item endorsed by Tenison 'K's Lr to Archps & Bps. by D. Tillotson'. 6 ff.
16 'Directions [by George I] to our Archbishops and Bishops for the preserving of Unity in the Church, and the purity of the Christian Faith concerning the Holy Trinity, and also for preserving the Peace and Quiet of the State', from St. James's, 11 December 1714. Signed: George R. Endorsed by Tenison. Printed Wilkins Concilia, IV, 666-7. 2 ff.
17 'The principall Articles wch were debated and concluded in the Assemblie of the Notables holden latelie at Roane', [1615]. 2 ff.
18 'Les Anagrammes françoises du Roy. Dédiées à sa Majesté Jacques Stevard Roy [James I] by Jacques Vaissière, aduocat au Parlement de Bourdeaux', c.1616-19. French. 8 ff.
19 Notes on the legal requirements for ordination, institution, dispensation, plurality, apparently referring to Tenison's practice, after 1711. 2 ff.
20 Petition by Nicholas Stratford, Bishop of Chester, and clergy of the Archdeaconry of Chester, to Tenison and to the Corporation of Clergymen's Sons, proposing a local branch of the Corporation, from Warrington, 6 June 1699. 28 signatures. Endorsed by Tenison. See 942/147. 2 ff.
21 Confirmation by Charles II of alterations in the liturgy, 24 February 1662. Copy. 2 ff.
22 Letter from William Baker, Vicar of St. Mary, Lichfield, to 'Mr. Secretary' Francis Evans, at the Lord Almoner's lodgings at Whitehall, [December 1695], informing him of a statement by a condemned murderer named Richard Cromwell, who had fled to Spain after Monmouth's rebellion with one Ferguson [? Robert Ferguson] and another, that Ferguson had assumed the habit of an English Dominican priest and Cromwell that of a novitiate. Endorsed by Tenison. A copy is 941/93. 2 ff.
23 Supplication by silenced and deprived ministers evicted from their livings to James I, [1605]. Copy. 4 ff.
24 'A Christian and modest offer of a most indifferent conference or disputation about the maine and principall controversies betwixt the prelates and the late silenced and deprived ministers in England tendered by some of the said ministers to the Archbishops and Bishops and all their adherents', [1605]. Copy. 8 ff.
25 Legal opinion pronouncing against right of entry by virtue of a warrant from the Court of High Commission, citing instances one of which concerned Anthony Munday, c.1610. 1 f.
26 Defence of the Church of England. A synopsis of 'Apologia sive defensio ecclesiae Anglicanae contra criminationes sectariorum [calumnias schismaticorum crossed out]', late 17th cent. Begins with 'Praefatio ad Reformatae fidei Theologos in Dania, Suecia, Hollandia &c'. Endorsed, 'ad Theologos exteros Relig. Refor.'. 2 ff.
27 Letter from Pope Clement XI to Augustus II, King of Poland, from Rome, 30 July 1701, advising him to take his infant son out of the hands of heretics. Latin copy. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
28 Extract from the Memoriale of Walter of Coventry (Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, MS.175) concerning the deprivation of Godfrey, Bishop of St. Asaph, in 1175, certified by Charles Kidman and Elias Sydall, Fellows of Corpus Christi College. The document probably relates to the deprivation of Edward Jones, Bishop of St. Asaph, in 1701. See also items 31, 35. 2 ff.
29 Legal opinion by Sir Thomas Pinfold, with copies of opinions by Sir William Jones and Serjeant Francis Pemberton, given c.1675-79, on the question, 'If a clerk be Presented, Instituted, and Inducted to a Rectory with Cure, which said Rectory hath a Vicaridge Endowed, and afterwards doth accept another Benefice with Cure without a Dispensation. Qu: Whether the first Benefice is not Voyd or Voydable (although it hath a Vicaridge Endowed) upon the accepting another Benefice with Cure without a Dispensation, seeing the Rector hath Presentation, Institution, and Induction', 18 March 1691. Endorsed by Tenison. 1 f.
30 Legal opinion by Stephen Waller, civilian, and John Cooke (Kt. 1701) on whether a clergyman ordained after conviction for bigamy, felony, and burglary can be prosecuted in the ecclesiastical courts, from Doctors' Commons, 31 October 1700. Copy. Endorsed by Edmund Gibson, 'Lawyers opinions abt. Lincolnshire Living'. 1 f.
31 Legal opinion concerning the right of an Archbishop to deprive a Bishop, [1701]. Probably concerns the deprivation of Edward Jones, Bishop of St. Asaph. See also items 28, 35. Annotated and endorsed by Tenison. 6 ff.
32 List of papers of Jeremiah Stephens (d. 1665) in the possession of [Philip] Stubbs [Archdeacon of St. Albans, 1715], 19 March 1707. 3 ff.
33 Letter from John Hough, President of Magdalen College, Oxford, and (1717) Bishop of Worcester, to his 'dear cosen', 9 October [1687], reporting an interview with William Penn concerning Magdalen College. Copy. Printed J. Wilmot, Life of Hough, 1812, 25-30. 2 ff.
34 'Reasons to induce the Queen's Majesty to intrust some of ye Clergy in ye several Parts of this Kingdom with Commissions for ye Peace', temp. Queen Anne. Endorsed 'Mr. Frank's Paper for his Grace the Ld Abp &c' [? Thomas Frank, Archdeacon of Bedford (1704)]. 2 ff.
35 'The Bishop of St. Asaph's Case fairly stated. Occasion'd by a late scandalous Pamphlet entituled a Letter to a Member of Parliamt. &c', 1701. It concerns Edward Jones, Bishop of St. Asaph, who was deprived for simony and maladministration. Endorsed by Tenison 'I know not who wrote this neither have I read it over: but by ye little I did read I think it favours ye Bps ill cause too much'. 16 ff.
36 Memorandum, perhaps by Thomas Bray, entitled 'Means for Raising a Fund for purchasing of the foresaid Generall and Parochiall Librarys', c.1697. Apparently incomplete. 2 ff.
37 Queries [by Edward Fowler, Bishop of Gloucester] for a defence of the Church of England against Socinianism, [June 1695]. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
38 'A Method humbly proposed to the Governors of her Maties most Gracious Bounty to the poor clergy, for the more certain & effectual bringing in of the Revenues of First-Fruits & Tenths to Answer such Appointments duely as shall be made to them', by - Butler, a collector of taxes, [1705-7]. 2 ff.
39 Letter from Sir Thomas Exton, Master of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, to - Gilbert, secretary to Thomas Barlow, Bishop of Lincoln, from Trinity Hall, 17 September 1681, giving his opinion that the bishop may refuse to accept a resignation without giving a reason. Seal. 2 ff.
40 'An Information to Princes of the politick subtleties wherewith the Rd Fathers the Jesuits do manage their affairs. Written in Italian by an Ecclesiastical person totally unbiassed. Translated out of the Originall from a Manuscript Copy', late 17th cent. 19 ff.
41 Biographical notes on the translators of the Authorised Version of the Bible, late 17th cent. The rest of this document is 939/18. 2 ff.
42 Letter from William Worth, Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, to John Potter, Chaplain to Tenison and (1737) Archbishop of Canterbury, from Oxford, 23 June 1707, giving an account of the death of John Mill, Principal of St. Edmund Hall. 2 ff.
43 Table of lessons for the Lords Days and holy days, late 17th cent. 2 ff.
44 Account of Roman Catholic school at Silkstead, Hants., founded by Philip Taylor, and of schools at Twyford and Owslebury, Hants., [7 January 1696]. 2 ff.
45-46 Notes headed 'De Clero et eorum Privilegiis', and a copy of an opinion by Henry Swinburne concerning simony, c.1701. 2 ff.
47 'A Prayer to be publickly used at the going forth of the fleet this present year 1628. Commanded by Authority'. Endorsed by Tenison. STC 16546 and 16546.5. 2 ff.
48 Table of Archbishop and Bishops between 1066 and the synod of Winchester in 1072, late 17th cent. Perhaps by William Lloyd, Bishop of Worcester. 2 ff.
49-50 Letter from Jeremia Xantheus, secretary or registrar of the Greek Orthodox Church, by order of the Patriarch of Constantinople, to Stephanus, a Greek priest in London, 2 March 1705, commending him for his conduct of affairs and informing him of the despatch of recent books against the Church of Rome by the hands of George of Smyrna, who would communicate the Patriarch's instructions. Greek copy. Item 50 is a Latin translation. 1 + 1 ff.
51 'A Proposal of a Method of Restoring to the Clergy the long alienated Impropriations made to his Grace the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury', by Charles Gildon, c.1700. Proposes a lottery. 4 ff.
52 'The use of the Kalendar for finding the Lord's day & the moveable feasts', 17th cent. 1 f.
53 Theological preamble to the will of Humphry Nendick, of the parish of St. Gregory, London, surgeon, c.1677. 2 ff.
54 Letter from George Oxenden, Master of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, to Archbishop Tillotson, 15 March 1694, sending details of a case in Archbishop Grindal's register similar to that depending in the House of Lords between the Bishop of Exeter and Francis Hodder [whom the Bishop refused to institute to South Pool, Devon, because of ignorance]. 2 ff.
55 Letter signed 'Apistodemon' to John Toland, deist, from London, 1 June 1697, giving an account of Sir Robert Clayton's prejudice against him. Endorsed by Tenison, 'Letter to Toland seized in Ireland'. 1 f.
56 Letter from John Dryden to his son, 3 September [1697], remarking that Tonson had represented Aeneas like King William with a hooked nose. Intends to alter a play by Sir Robert Howard called 'The Conquest of China by the Tartars'. Is writing 'a song for St. Cecilia's feast'. Postscript by Mrs. Dryden. Endorsed by Tenison. Damaged. 1 f.
57 'A Proposall for Regulating of the Stage & Stage-Plays' [by Nahum Tate, February 1698]. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
58 'Positions concerning the English Liturgie' [by Edward Stephens, 1695], complaining that the liturgy is not agreeable to that of the Primitive Church. Endorsed by Tenison. 1 f.
59 'Concerning the use of some portions of other parts of our Liturgy in the Communion Service upon just occasion' [by Edward Stephens, 1695]. 2 ff.
60 'A Scheme for dividing the Bishoprick of Lincoln and erecting a new Bishoprick at St. Albans', [June 1701]. Endorsed by Tenison, 'I can by no means approve of this scheme'. 2 ff.
61 'A Form of the Reconciliation of a Penitent composed by the A.B. of Canterbury, & used at ye Reconciliation of ye Ld. Dumbarton in ye chapel of Lambeth house. January 24 1709'. Written in Tenison's hand for George Douglas, 2nd Earl of Dunbarton. A similar Form is printed in Wilkins Concilia, IV, 660-2. 10 ff.
62-63 Declaration in Lambeth Palace chapel by Charles Lennox, 1st Duke of Richmond and Lennox, abjuring Catholicism, 15 May 1692. Witnessed by Sir Stephen Fox, James Chadwicke, George Royse, Ralph Barker, Abraham Hill, Raphe Snowe. Endorsed by Archbishop Tillotson. 2 + 2 ff.
64 'A conceipt of that wch is requisite to be done to satisfie ye desire of such divines in Germanie as sue for the edition of a perfect Bodie of practiall [sic] divinitie gathered out of English Bookes', by J.D. [? John Dury], c.1633. 8 ff.
65 Memorial by ministers of the united French churches established in Buckingham House, Hungerford Market, Swallow Street in Piccadilly, and Berwick Street in Soho, for relief of poverty, [18 December 1694]. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
66 Letter [from William Lloyd, Bishop of St. Asaph] to Tenison, 17 August 1696, sending his observations on confirmation and especially on the divine institution of the orders of ministers and on baptism. Incomplete. 2 ff.
66A Sermons or commentaries on Old Testament texts, late 17th cent. One is endorsed 'Kidder' [? Richard Kidder, Bishop of Bath and Wells]. 24 ff.
67 Account perhaps by a French minister in exile of thirteen articles condemning Socinianism drawn up by an assembly of French ministers and others, and protesting against subscription to them, [1693]. Endorsed by Tenison. See also 932/1. 6 ff.
68 Letter from 'Heron's Brother' to 'deare Robin', from Knottingley, Yorks., 6 November 1648, defending the intervention of Scottish Presbyterians in England as the will of God. Inscribed 'This is Will. Rowe's letter by a feigned name'. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
[Cf. letter from Oliver Cromwell to his cousin Robert Hammond, published in Wilbur Cortez Abbott (ed.), 'The Writings and Speeches of Oliver Cromwell' (4 vols., Cambridge, Mass., 1937), I, 676-8.]
69 Unsigned letter to Tenison, 26 April 1698, containing proposals for the relief and better maintenance of the parish clergy, and proposing in particular the recovery of church property and the establishment of fees. 2 ff.
70 An inaccurate list of the Canons of Christ Church, Oxford, in the hand of Edmund Gibson, late 17th cent. 2 ff.
71 Unsigned letter to Tenison 'at his house in St. Martin's in the Fields', c.1680-90, asking his opinion on a matrimonial case. Seal. 2 ff.
72 Warrant in the name of the Protector 'to all Constables, Headborroughes and other officers of the peace' in Middlesex and Westminster for Lady Heale [probably Elizabeth, wife of Sir Thomas Hele, 1st Bart.] to use her coach 'this present Lord's Day', 6 December 1657. Signed: E. Grosvenor [Colonel Edward Grosvenor]. 1 f.
73 Extracts from the diary of Thomas Creech, Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, concerning the profits of the see of Canterbury at the deprivation of Archbishop Sancroft. Notes that [Alexander] Cunningham, tutor to the Marquess of Lorne, said that 'nothing was done in ye Scotch change of Ecclesiastical Government but by Dr. Tillotson's advice', 1695. 1 f.
74 Letter from William Simpson to John Toland, from London, 20 April 1697, censuring him for his conduct in Ireland and his non-payment of debts. Also includes a copy of item 55 above. 2 ff.
75-76 Letter from Edward Montagu, 2nd Earl of Manchester, Major-general of the Associated Counties, to Sir John Hobart, 2nd Bart., and others, 1 March 1644, requiring them to examine scandalous ministers in Norfolk and to administer the Covenant. Also a commission to the same to effect a religious reformation in the associated counties. Copies. Printed Harleian miscellany, 1810, V, 329-30. 2 ff.
77 Extracts from the will of Robert Nelson, Esq., of the parish of St. Andrew, Holborn [author of Companion to the festivals and fasts of the Church of England], 18 December 1714. 2 ff.
78 Preamble to letters patent creating Charles Montague Baron Halifax of Halifax, 6 December 1700. Latin. 2 ff.
79 Letter of compliment from Cosimo III, Grand Duke of Tuscany, to William III, from Florence, 5 October 1694. Italian. 2 ff.
80 Articles of complaint from parishes in Surrey to the trustees of a charity charged on the estate of Henry Smith, Esq., at Warbleton, Sussex, 1703. Copy. Endorsed by Edmund Gibson. 2 ff.
81 'A true Narrative of Mr. Heskith's Imprisonment in France', [1708]. The author was a naval and military chaplain who was captured by Dunkirk pirates and imprisoned by the civil power in France. Endorsed by Tenison. 9 ff.
82-83 Account of the kingdom of Angola and adjacent lands by Joad de Mesquita 'who lived there several years', 1682. 2 ff.
84 Letter from Henry Johnston, Prior of the English Benedictines in Paris, to 'the President', 15 November 1697, vindicating himself from the charge of plotting to assassinate William III. 2 ff.
85 Letter from the Princess Rákóczy to the Lord Marshal Caprara [Albert, Count of Caprara], from Monpackaz [Munkács, Hungary; cf. 17th-century English usage Mongatz], 21 November 1685, defending her husband against crimes imputed to him. Latin copy. Note by Tenison 'He was falsly sd. to be strangled in Dec. 85 at Belgrade'. 2 ff.
86 Precedents for the descent of baronies by writ to co-heirs and eventually to a single heir female, apparently drawn up when the Barony of Ogle fell into abeyance on the death of Henry Cavendish, 2nd Duke of Newcastle-on-Tyne, [1691]. 2 ff.
87 Speech by Sir Francis Winnington attacking the grant of a pardon to Thomas Osborne, Earl of Danby, 22 March 1679. Heading partly in Tenison's hand. 2 ff.
88 Letter from Andrew Marvell, poet, to William [Popple, his nephew, a merchant at Bordeaux], 17 July 1676, referring to The naked truth by Herbert Croft and a dispute with Peter Gunning, Bishop of Ely. 2 ff.
89 Letter from Sir George Downing, 1st Bart., to Henry Coventry, envoy to Sweden, from The Hague, 22-23 June 1665, mentioning disputes between Admiral Cornelius Tromp and the States General, discontent in the Dutch fleet, the movements of Admiral Michael de Ruyter, and the Prince of Orange. 2 ff.
90 Letter from Anthony Corbiere to -, from Genoa, 8 February 1708, giving an account of his unofficial embassy to the Emperor of Morocco. 2 ff.
91-92 Proposals for seising Spanish possessions in the West Indies, particularly Portobello, Panama, and the isthmus of Darien, war having been declared against France and Spain. With 'The Method propos'd for the Execution of the aforesaid Design', [1701]. 2 + 2 ff.
93 Draft of a letter without addressee attacking James Drake's edition of the Secret memoirs of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, and defending the ministry of Marlborough and Godolphin, [1706]. 4 ff.
94 Letter from James Pound, astronomer, from Chusan [Chushan], 19 November 1701, containing an account of China. Copy. 2 ff.
95 Letter from [Lambert] Blackwell, Consul at Leghorn, from Leghorn, 12 August 1695, giving an account of the deposition of the Dey of Algiers. Copy. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
96 Letter from 'W', a clergyman, to an unnamed lady, [December 1697], proposing the examination of one Holiday under sentence of death concerning Lady Inchiquin. Endorsed by Tenison.
Elizabeth, widow of William O'Brien, 2nd Earl of Inchiquin, married Charles Howard, 4th Baron Howard of Escrick, against whom she brought proceedings for bigamy. 2 ff.
97-98 Notes in the hand of William Griffith [cf. 931/38-39] of the following grants:
Edmund Roydon, gent., appointed Keeper of the King's Stables at St. Albans, 12 August 1661.
Thomas Felton, esq., appointed page of honour to the King in place of Rupert Dillon, 26 April 1666.
Andrew Lawrence, gent., appointed Guide and Surveyor of Ways, Bridges etc., 27 November 1660.
Letters patent to George Villiers, 2nd Duke of Buckingham, granting the office of Master of the Horse, 6 July 1668.
1 + 2 ff.
99 Plan of Greenwich Hospital [by Nicholas Hawksmoor, 1698]. Endorsed by Tenison. 1 f.
100 Brief account by [Avery] Wagstaffe, Vicar of Stukeley, of damage to his house at Great Stukeley, Hunts., caused by a storm, June 1693. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
101-102 List of mainly sixteenth and early seventeenth century ecclesiastical records being 'The Contents of one of ye Smaller Volumes of MSS' marked 'C', and (102) a similar list of papers not bound.
The originals are now Petyt MSS 538/38, 54, and are described in Catalogue of manuscripts in the library of the Inner Temple, 1972, 817-33, 900-2. 4 + 2 ff.
103 Letter from Andrew Paschall, Prebendary of Wells, to Tenison, 20 February 1696, concerning the financing of the war against France on credit provided by 'the Dr. and his co-managers'. Refers to his account of Monmouth's rebellion [942/34]. 2 ff.
104 Alterations proposed to the Form of Ordaining or Consecrating of an Archbishop or Bishop apparently designed to permit the ordination of bishops from members of other Protestant Churches, c.1689. 1 f.
105, 117 Opinion by Italian divines on whether Roman Catholics might take the Oath of Allegiance to William and Mary, [1691]. Latin copies. Item 105 is partly in Tenison's hand, and item 117 is endorsed by him. 4 + 5 ff.
106 Letter from Peter Allix, Treasurer of Salisbury, to Tenison, from Salisbury, 4 January 1693, on his projected edition of the Councils. Latin. See also 932/84. 6 ff.
107 Letter from P. de la Fontaine, a Roman Catholic missionary in Carnate [the Carnatic], East Indies, addressed to 'Mon Révérend Père', 28 September 1702, giving an account of the mission. French copy. Endorsed perhaps by John Chamberlayne, Secretary of the S.P.G. 2 ff.
108-109 Letter of credence and commission for Basil Kennett on his appointment as chaplain to the English factory at Leghorn, addressed to Nathanael Taubman, chaplain at Leghorn, [1706]. Latin copy and translation. 2 ff.
110 Account of the Danish mission at Tranquebar, India, 20 June 1712. Latin. 2 ff.
111 Letter from Bartholomaeus Ziegenbalg and Johann Ernest Gründler to Henry Newman, Secretary to the S.P.G., from Tranquebar, 11 January 1714, mentioning a printing press, observations 'on Patrick's Thermometer', requesting books. Translated from High Dutch. 2 ff.
112 Engraving of fort at Tranquebar, [1714]. 1 f.
113 Letter from Bartholomaeus Ziegenbalg and Johann Ernest Gründler to the joint presidents of the S.P.G., from Tranquebar, 9 January 1714, giving an account of the Protestant Church at Tranquebar. Latin copy. 2 ff.
114 Letter from Bartholomaeus Ziegenbalg and Johann Ernest Gründler to Henry Newman, Secretary to the S.P.G., from Tranquebar, 23 September 1712, on the same subject. Latin copy. 4 ff.
115 Letter from George Lewis to Henry Newman, from Fort St. George, 1 February 1713, acknowledging the receipt of books, and advocating measures for spreading religion in India. Copy. Also a covering letter from William Jennings to Newman, from Fort St. George, 10 January 1713, enclosing a large packet of letter for him from missionaries in Tranquebar. 2 ff.
116 Letter from a sea captain to the Revd. [Anton Wilhelm] Boehm, 10 January 1713, urging the teaching of Christianity in China, and describing the conduct of Jesuit missionaries in China. Copy. 2 ff.
117 See 105
118 Speeches to Queen Elizabeth I in the Tiltyard by the Squire, the Hermit, the Soldier, the Statesman, and the reply of the Squire when entertained by the Earl of Essex in 1595 (J. Nichols, Progresses of Queen Elizabeth, 1823, III, 372-9). 4 ff.
119 Royal pardon for Robert Brunskell for killing Geoffrey Hickman in an affray in Fleet Street, 18 July 1615. Signed: James R. Latin. With an explanatory note on the affair by Henry Montagu, King's Serjeant, and later (1626) 1st Earl of Manchester. 1 f.
120 Letter from Thomas Lane, civilian, to Tenison, from Doctors' Commons, 13 April 1703, protesting his loyalty and denying charges of Jacobitism, though present at the Battle of the Boyne. Gives an account of his teaching when a Fellow of Merton College, Oxford. 14 ff.
121 Measures for suppressing and preventing counterfeit coinage [by Ambrose Warren, 1695]. Endorsed by Tenison. 4 ff.
122 Letter from John Dowsing to Tenison 'at his house in Holywell', from Cottenham, 21 December 1677, enclosing a copy of some letters from Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn. Endorsed by Tenison 'Copy of some Letters of Henry 8th transcribed from ye Originalls in ye Vatican'. 2 ff.
123 Certified copy of the account of the birth of the Old Pretender by Elizabeth, wife of William Herbert, 1st Marquess of Powis, 24 February 1704. 2 ff.
124 Lists of papers concerning sixteenth and early seventeenth century ecclesiastical history belonging to 'W.P' [i.e. William Petyt]. Endorsed by Tenison.
The originals are now Petyt MS.538/46-7, and are described in Catalogue of manuscripts in the library of the Inner Temple, 1972, 847-82. 9 ff.
125 Summary by Francis Bacon, but not in his hand, for James I of evidence against Robert Carr, Earl of Somerset, accused of the murder of Sir Thomas Overbury, with marginal comments in the King's hand, [1615]. Printed Works of Francis Bacon, ed. J. Spedding etc., 1869, XII, 286-9. 4 ff.
126 Letter from Cardinal [Michal Stefan] Radziejowski, Primate of Poland, to Charles XII, King of Sweden, [1701], on affairs in Poland and Lithuania. Latin copy. 4 ff.
127 'An Abstract of what hath been and in likelyhood may be raised for Excise of Beere and Ale in the Counties and the best way (probably) of mannageing the same for the future Propounded', [1660]. 6 ff.
FindingAidsItems 91 and 92 also noted in Charles M. Andrews and Frances G. Davenport, 'Guide to the Manuscript Materials for the History of the United States to 1783, in the British Museum, in Minor London Archives, and in the Libraries of Oxford and Cambridge' (Washington, 1908), p. 288:
933. 91. Proposals for "attempting some Advantageous Acquisition from the Spaniards in the West Indies: particularly .... the Isthmus of Darien." n. d.
933. 92. "The method propos'd for the Execution of the aforesaid (see 933. 91) Design." n. d.
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PublnNoteMS 933/58, fol. 49: P. M. Doll (ed.), 'Anglicanism and Orthodoxy: 300 Years after the "Greek College" in Oxford', 2006 [H27.D6]
Used in Kenneth Fincham and Nicholas Tyacke, 'Altars Restored: the Changing Face of English Religious Worship, 1547-c1700' (Oxford University Press, 2007) [Lambeth Palace Library H5070.F5]
Gwynn, Robin, 'The Huguenots in later Stuart Britain, vol. 1' (Brighton, 2015) [KA125.H84]
B.D. Spinks, 'Liturgy in the Age of Reason: Worship and Sacraments in England and Scotland 1662-c.1800' (Farnham: Ashgate, 2008) [Lambeth Palace Library ref. H5081.S6]
Vivienne Larminie, Huguenot networks, 1560-1780: The interactions and impact of a Protestant minority in Europe (Routledge, London, 2018) [Lambeth Palace Library ref. H9458.G7L2]

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GB/109/6779Burnet; Gilbert (1643-1715); Bishop of Salisbury; historian1643-1715
NA2929Diocese of Canterbury
GB/109/8351Province of Canterbury
GB/109/18235Carr; Robert (c. 1585-1645); Earl of Somersetc. 1585-1645
NA2943Charles II (1630-1685); King of Great Britain and Ireland1630-1685
GB/109/18243Clement XI (1649-1721); Pope1649-1721
GB/109/18244Churchill; John (1650-1722); 1st Duke of Marlborough; army officer and politician1650-1722
145Church of England; 1534-1534-
77Compton; Henry (1632-1713); Bishop of London1632-1713
NA1602Province of Canterbury; Convocation
1082Corporation of the Sons of the Clergy; 1655-1655-
GB/109/18250Creech; Thomas (1659-1700); Fellow of All Souls College Oxford1659-1700
GB/109/18251Croft; Herbert (1603-1691); Bishop of Hereford1603-1691
GB/109/18255Defoe; Daniel (?1660-1731); Journalist?1660-1731
GB/109/15143Devereux; Robert (1565-1601); 2nd Earl of Essex; soldier and politician1565-1601
GB/109/18260Downing; George (1623-1684); 1st Bart.1623-1684
GB/109/18261Drake; James (c. 1666-1707); Political Writerc. 1666-1707
GB/109/18264Dryden; John (1631-1700); poet, playwright, and critic1631-1700
GB/109/15593Dury; John (1596-1680); Protestant theologian1596-1680
GB/109/14039East India Company; 1600-18581600-1858
NA2488Elizabeth I (1533-1603); Queen of England and Ireland1533-1603
GB/109/10678Court of High Commission; c.1535-1641c.1535-1641
GB/109/6769England and Wales; Parliament; House of Lords; 1536-17071536-1707
GB/109/18273Exton; Sir; Thomas (c. 1631-1688); Master of Trinity Hall, Cambridgec. 1631-1688
GB/109/18286Fox; Sir; Stephen (1627-1716); Statesman1627-1716
DS/UK/5963George I (1660-1727); King of Great Britain and Ireland1660-1727
75Gibson; Edmund (1669-1748); Bishop of London1669-1748
GB/109/18294Godolphin; Sidney (1645-1712); 1st Earl of Godolphin1645-1712
GB/109/15116Gunning; Peter (1614-1684); Bishop of Ely; theologian1614-1684
DS/UK/3131Henry VIII (1491-1547); King of England and Ireland1491-1547
DS/UK/5961Hough; John (1651-1743); College head and bishop of Worcester1651-1743
GB/109/17945Howard; Sir; Robert (1626-1698); Auditor of the Exchequer; politician and playwright1626-1698
NA2506James I (1566-1625); King of England, Scotland and Ireland1566-1625
GB/109/16232Stuart; James Francis Edward (1688-1766); The Old Pretender1688-1766
GB/109/18318Jones; Edward (1641-1703); Bishop of St. Asaph1641-1703
GB/109/15302Kidder; Richard (c. 1634-1703); Bishop of Bath and Wellsc. 1634-1703
GB/109/18320Kidman; Charles (fl. 1691-1701); Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Cambridgefl. 1691-1701
GB/109/18327Lennox; Charles (1672-1723); 1st Duke of Lennox & Richmond and Duc d'Aubigny1672-1723
NA1252Diocese of Lincoln
GB/109/10935Lloyd; William (1627-1717); Bishop of Worcester1627-1717
GB/109/18337Marvell; Andrew (1621-1678); Poet1621-1678
GB/109/18340Mead; Richard (1673-1754); Physician and bibliophile1673-1754
GB/109/18343Mill; John (c. 1644-1707); Head of St. Edmund Hall, Oxfordc. 1644-1707
GB/109/11025Montagu; Edward (1602-1671); 2nd Earl of Manchester1602-1671
GB/109/18344Montagu; Henry (c. 1564-1642); 1st Earl of Manchester (1626)c. 1564-1642
GB/109/18347Montagu; Charles (1661-1715); Earl of Halifax1661-1715
GB/109/18350Munday; Anthony (c. 1560-1633); Poetc. 1560-1633
GB/109/11035Osborne; Sir; Thomas (1631-1712); 1st Duke of Leeds (1694); statesman1631-1712
GB/109/18354Oxenden; George (c. 1651-1703); lawyerc. 1651-1703
DS/UK/5111University of Oxford; Merton College; 1264-1264-
DS/UK/4314University of Oxford; Christ Church
GB/109/18356Paschall; Andrew (c. 1631-1696); Chancellor of Wellsc. 1631-1696
GB/109/18358Petyt; William (c. 1640-1707); lawyer and political propagandistc. 1640-1707
GB/109/18360Pound; James (1669-1724); Astronomer1669-1724
GB/109/18363Prideaux; Humphrey (1648-1724); Dean of Norwich1648-1724
NA1475Queen Anne's Bounty; 1704-19481704-1948
GB/109/18367Radziejowski; Michal Stefan (1645-1705); Cardinal Primate of Poland1645-1705
GB/109/7298Diocese of St. Albans; 1877-1877-
32Sancroft; William (1617-1693); Archbishop of Canterbury1617-1693
DS/UK/4980Sharp; John (1645-1714); Archbishop of York1645-1714
226Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts; 1701-19651701-1965
GB/109/8975Stratford; Nicholas (-1707); Bishop of Chester-1707
DS/UK/5686Sydall; Elias (c1671-1733); Bishop of Gloucesterc1671-1733
31Tillotson; John (1630-1694); Archbishop of Canterbury1630-1694
GB/109/11913Trelawney; Sir; Jonathan (1650-1721); 3rd Baronet; Bishop of Winchester1650-1721
GB/109/17329Villiers; George (1628-1687); 2nd Duke of Buckingham; politician and wit1628-1687
NA2489William III (1650-1702); King of Great Britain and Ireland, Prince of Orange1650-1702
GB/109/15059Chamberlayne; John (1666-1723); Secretary of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel1666-1723
DS/UK/3476Bray; Thomas (1656-1730); clergyman1656-1730
30Tenison; Thomas (1636-1715); Archbishop of Canterbury1636-1715
NA2386Cromwell; Oliver (1599-1658); Lord Protector1599-1658
GB/109/20576Hammond; Robert (c1620-1654); parliamentarian army officerc1620-1654
GB/109/16251Newman; Henry (1670-1743); Secretary to the SPG1670-1743
GB/109/21802Ziegenbalg; Bartholomaus (1682-1719); Missionary to India1682-1719
680Snow; Ralph (-1707); Receiver General, Treasurer of the Archbishop's Estate and Gamekeeper of the manors of Lambeth, Croydon and Waddon-1707
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