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Alt Ref NoMS 931
TitleMiscellaneous Papers
DescriptionConsists of:
1 Letter from Sir Samuel Morland, 1st Bart., to Tenison, [1689], containing an account of his life. See also items 3 and 9. 5 ff.
2 Letter from Sir Samuel Morland, 1st Bart., to Tenison, from Hammersmith, 23 May 1695, about an inquiry by Sir William Trumbull concerning an invention shown to Major [John] Wildman. Perhaps relates to item 11. 2 ff.
3 Note by Morland supplementary to item 1 above, 3 May 1689, describing his refusal to give evidence against Sir Harry Vane and others. 2 ff.
4 Letter from Morland to [Tenison], from Hammersmith, 25 October 1694, asking his opinion on some family prayers he intended to include in a treatise he had written. 1 f.
5 Letter from Morland to [Tenison], from Hammersmith, 26 May 1695, concerning the inquiry by Sir William Trumbull (see item 2 above). 2 ff.
6 Letter from Morland to [Tenison], from Hammersmith, 11 June 1695, concerning the publication of a book, Hobbes' Leviathan, and Cromwell's dealings with Hobbes. 2 ff.
7 Letter from Morland to [Tenison], 20 July 1688, mentioning Tenison's intention to found two free schools; the possibility that he might issue a new edition of Euclid for schools and universities; the divorce of his wife for adultery, and further biographical details. 4 ff.
Encloses item 8.
8 The London gazette, number 1643, 15-18 August 1681. An account is marked of the grant of a gold medal to Morland for his new water-engine, and his creation as Master of the Mechanicks.
Enclosed with item 7. 1 f.
9 Order of the Committee for Piedmont commending Morland's negotiations in Savoy and Geneva concerning the Protestants of Piedmont (the Vaudois), 21 January 1657. Copy by Morland.
Endorsed 'A' and thus enclosed with item 1 above. 1 f.
10 Letter from Morland to Tenison, from Hammersmith, 11 May 1694, praying for the continuance of his civil pension. 2 ff.
11 'The Proposals Sir Samuel Morland gaue in to Major [John] Wildman for the King's Secret Service', concerning the interception and copying of papers, c.1695. 1 f.
12 A reversed copy of the previous item, endorsed 'Sir S. Morland's proposall copied in a minute'. 1 f.
13 A very faded paper endorsed by Morland 'An old writing pale & almost worn out copyed in a minute from both sides'. Endorsed by Tenison. 1 f.
14 Letter from William Lloyd, Bishop of Worcester, to Tenison, 19 November 1712, sending a report of a recent conference on scriptural prophecies. Bishop Fell desired him to study those yet to be fulfilled. Hopes of a prebend for his son. Seal. 1 f.
15 Memorandum [by the same], on the residence of the Dean and Canons of Worcester, particularly since 1667, c.1705. 2 ff.
16 Letter from William Lloyd, Bishop of Worcester, to Tenison, 2 June 1705, concerning dispensations and pluralities in the diocese of Worcester, and stating that those who support Sir John Pakington against him will be prosecuted in the consistory court. 2 ff.
17 Letter from William Lloyd, Bishop of Worcester, to Tenison, [1711], on his intention to suspend the Revd. [John] Laughton. 2 ff.
18 Letter from William Lloyd, Bishop of Worcester, to Tenison, 9 October 1706, referring to a 'scheme' by Tenison, a copy of which he had once seen in Dr. Chandler's hands, who at the same time asked his opinion of a book by Matthew Tindal [probably The rights of the Christian Church asserted]. Seal. 2 ff.
19 Letter from William Lloyd, Bishop of Worcester, to Tenison, 15 October 1707, apparently about proceedings in the Court of Arches against Richard Synge, Rector of Stratford-on-Avon, [for simony]. Seal. 2 ff.
20 Letter from William Lloyd, Bishop of Worcester, to Tenison, 20 October 1711, containing an account of his conflict with the Dean of Arches over the suspension of the Revd. John Laughton. Seal. 2 ff.
21 Account of a dispute concerning the legality of a conventicle at Horsham, Sussex, in the diocese of Chichester, c.1701. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
22 Letter from Josiah Woodward, East India Company's minister at Poplar, to the same, from Poplar, 11 March 1710, giving an account of a conference with Mr. [John] Moult and his assistant Dutton, formerly a lawyer in the Temple, concerning prophecies apparently of some sect. 2 ff.
23 An incomplete theological discourse, early 17th cent. Latin. 4 ff.
24 Challenge to a duel by John Borough to John Gilbert, with the latter's reply, [1594], The endorsement identifies Borough as 'Sir John Burrowes'. Printed CSP Dom. 1591-1594, 477. 2 ff.
25 Brief extract from Walter Map's De Nugis Curialium, early 17th cent. 1 f.
26 Account of political intrigues in France, including mention of the Marquis d'Ancre, the proposed Spanish marriage of Louis XIII, and the declaration of fundamental law by the Parlement, [1615]. Endorsed, 'Sir Tho. Edm[ondes]'. 4 ff.
27 List of correspondence concerning Bohemian affairs, 1618-19. 2 ff.
28 Articles 25-26 and 43 (part) of the Capitulation of the Emperor Ferdinand II, [August 1619]. Latin. 2 ff.
29 Despatch from Spain reporting the death of Philip III, 31 March 1621. French. An English version of this account addressed to Count Gondomar is printed in Scrinia sacra, 1654, 125-7. 2 ff.
30 Despatch from Turin concerning delay in the restitution of Vercelli to Savoy, 10 May [1618]. 2 ff.
31 'Response du Duc de Neubourg [William Wolfgang] sur les Articles du Prince Electeur de Brandebourg', [1617]. French. See 930/139. 2 ff.
32 Clause from the commission to the Lords Justices of Ireland concerning the exercise of the ecclesiastical patronage of the crown, c.1690. Latin. See 929/6. 2 ff.
33 Letters from William Crichton, Jesuit, to James Tyrie and Gabriel Rimer, and a letter or letters from George Durie to Claudio Aquaviva General of the Jesuits. For another copy of the letter, dated 9 Feb. 1595, see MS. 577, pp. 83-84.
34 Letter to 'Your Highness' [perhaps Charles, Prince of Wales], [1618], referring to an earlier letter from Heidelberg, where the writer was received almost as if he was an ambassador. Travelled to Italy, visiting the Marquis of Baden on the way. At Fribourg encountered troops of the Archduke Leopold going to Bohemia. Incomplete. 2 ff.
35 Letter of greetings from Osman I, Sultan of Turkey, to James I, from Constantinople, February-March 1618 (month of Rebia I 1027 AH), referring to the death of Achmet I. Translation. 2 ff.
36 'Some Proposals for ye good of ye Church, & Church-men, and at the same time for ye Honour of God & ye Credit & Support of Religion', late 17th cent. Proposals for legislation to increase the stipends of the clergy mainly by the restoration of impropriate tithes and glebe. Perhaps by Humphrey Prideaux. Incomplete. 6 ff.
37 Warrant by Queen Elizabeth I to the Archbishops and Bishops, Commissioners for Ecclesiastical Causes, and others, ordering them to forbear proceedings for recusancy against Richard Godfrey, of Hindringham, Norfolk, lawyer, and Anne his wife, being assured of their loyalty by Robert, Earl of Essex, and others of the Privy Council, [1592]. Unsigned. 1 f.
38-39 'An Extract of the Deeds, Charters, and other Evidences of Land given & belonging to the Hospital of St. John the Baptist in the City of Bath', late 17th cent. In the hand of William Griffith (matric. Christ's College, Cambridge 1652). See also MS. 940. 14 ff.
40 Correspondence between John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough, and the States General of the United Provinces, 1710, concerning the revision of an agreement in 1706 for raising subsidies in the Province of Flanders. French copies. See 932/7. 23 ff.
41 Will of John Jones, of Hampton, Middx., Esq., 26 March 1692. Incomplete copy. Endorsed, 'A copy of Capt: Jones his Will'. 21 ff. An earlier will, dated 21 Oct 1691, is MS. 951/1 ff. 25-33.
42 'The Plea betweene the Aduocate and the Antaduocate concerninge the Bathe and Bacheler Knightes, wherin are shewed manye Antiquityes towchinge knighthoode by Francis Thynne Esquier, Lancaster Herrolde', 13 May 1605. Dedication to James I. Signed by Thynne. Damaged. 75 ff.
43 Letter from 'W.B.' to his friend 'H.C.' at his lodging near Bishopsgate, enclosing a letter from 'T.F.' (Fedringham), from Vienna, enclosing in turn a translation of a letter from Pope Paul V to Ferdinand II, and also a letter from Frederick, King-elect of Bohemia, to John George, Duke of Saxony, [1619]. Copies; damaged. 30 ff.
44 Latin notes on imperial Rome perhaps by Tenison when an undergraduate, [1653]. Inscribed in another hand, '7 Stars in Fleet Street'. 8 ff.
45 Oxford University. 'Oratio habita in domo convocationis ad principem Etruscum'. Inscribed, 'Dr. Sth'. It is an address by Robert South, Public Orator, when Cosimo di Medici, Prince of Tuscany, visited Oxford University, 4 May 1669.
Also in the same hand advice on a course of study in civil and canon law suitable for a divine. 10 ff.
46 'Theatrum Naturae perpetuis tabulis adornatum', 17th cent. A tabulated analysis of the human and natural creation. 13 ff.
47 History of the bishops of Gap, France, by Arthur de Lionne, Bishop of Gap (1639-1662).
An inscription reads, 'Reverendissimo in Christo Patri Thomae Archiepiscopo Cantuariensi hanc Historiam ab Arthuro de Lyonne, Episcopo Vapincensi, de episcopis istius sedis scriptam, et in bibliotheca palatii episcopalis repertam cum Vapincum foederatorum armis 27 die Augusti 1692 expugnatum fuit, Johannes [Dubourdieu] Duci Schonbergio eodem tempore a sacris castrensibus humillime offert'. French. 61 ff. [Presented to Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury by Jean Dubourdieu (c.1643-?1720), together with MSS. 741 and 762. Recorded in the catalogue of the personal library of Archbishop Tenison of c.1715-16 (LR/F/16, f. 70r)].
48 Notes by Tenison as Visitor of All Souls College, Oxford, on the case of Jonas Proast who was restored to his chaplaincy at All Souls from which he had been removed by the Warden, Leopold Finch. Mentions James II's intended appointment of John Dryden as Warden. Written after 1694. 2 ff. Cf. MS. 688 ff. 1-151.
49 Letter from Bernard Gardiner, Warden of All Souls College, Oxford, to Tenison, from All Souls, 8 November 1710, sending the devolution of two vacant Fellowships, and complaining of the conduct of the Dean of Arts in elections. 2 ff.
50 Letter from Bernard Gardiner, Warden of All Souls College, Oxford, to Tenison, from All Souls, 15 July 1709, concerning medical Fellowships in the college. 2 ff.
51 Letter from Bernard Gardiner, Warden of All Souls College, Oxford, to Tenison, from All Souls, 1 May 1712, notifying him of the death of John Caswell, Savilian Professor of Astronomy. 2 ff.
52 Letter from Bernard Gardiner, Warden of All Souls College, Oxford, to Tenison, from All Souls, 7 May 1715, concerning the length of time a Fellow may keep his Fellowship after appointment to a living. Mentions a papist chapel at Pyrton, Oxon. Seal. 2 ff.
53 Compliments from the Warden and Fellows of All Souls to Tenison, [1695]. Latin. 1 f.
54 Memorandum of reasons why the Warden of Merton College, Oxford, ought to be a divine. It refers to the appointment of Richard Lydall as Warden in November 1693. The appointment was referred to Tenison. The memorandum lacks pp.1-4. 13 ff.
55 'Reasons upon which Dr. [Thomas] Bouchier [Regius Professor of Civil Law, Oxford] seems to found his opinion that the office of Chancelour is consistent with a Fellowship of All-Souls Colledge'. Concerns the appointment of Peter Mews as Chancellor of Winchester in 1698. 2 ff.
56 An answer to the previous item by Leopold William Finch, Warden of All Souls, [1698]. 2 ff.
57 Letter to Queen Elizabeth I, [August 1587], warning of the danger of making peace with Spain in the Low Countries. Copy. 3 ff.
58 Letter from Tenison to John Evelyn, from Buckden, 3 October 1692, mentioning an earthquake in Lincolnshire and the Fens, and speculating that earthquakes were caused by nitre and sulphur in the earth and atmosphere. Copy. 2 ff.
59 Letter from John Evelyn to Tenison, from Sayes Court, Deptford, 8 October 1692, speculating on earthquakes and agreeing with Tenison that they are caused by nitre and sulphur. Describes earthquake tremors at Deptford. Seal. 2 ff.
60 Report of a conference of both Houses of Parliament concerning the fundamental right claimed by the Commons alone in Bills of rates and impositions on merchandise, [20 April 1671]. Printed Commons Journal, IX, 239-×41. 4 ff.
61 'The Arraignement of the earles of Essex and Southampton in Westminster hall on Thursday the 19 of February 1600'. Differs from the account in State Trials, 1776, I, cols.198-210. Not in Spedding, and thus probably not by Bacon. 9 ff.
62 'Spoken by Doctor Barloe at Powles Crosse to haue byn confessed by the Earle of Essex in his hearinge'. Notes from a sermon preached by William Barlow on 1 March 1601. See MS.2872, ff.51-6. 1 f.
63 Speech in Parliament by Charles Howard, Viscount Andover, and (1669) 2nd Earl of Berkshire, proposing the abolition of the Star Chamber, 20 March 1641. Printed J. Rushworth, Historical collections. The third part, 1692, I, 204. 4 ff.
64 'A Discourse of the 13 Cantons of the Helueticall League written by Sir Isaac Wake Kt.', [1617]. 35 ff.
65 'Advise of Mr. Thomas Ross (one of the Grooms of the Privy-Chamber unto His Majesty King Charles the Second) unto his Grace James Scot, Duke of Monmouth and Bucclaugh (His said Majestie's Natural Son by Mrs. ... Barnham). Being in Imitation of the beginning of the First Book of Mark Tukky Cicero concerning Offices or Humane Duties unto his son Mark. Together with Theodosius the Emperor's Advise to his Son; Translated by the said Mr. Ross out of the Panegyrick of Claudian upon the Fourth Consulate of Honorius [this item incomplete]. Both of Mr. Rosse's own Handwriting'. The imitation of Cicero is dated 'Aboard the R. Charles Apr: 1665'. Inscribed, 'This MSt. belongs unto me William Griffith M.A. 1693', who has written the title page. 13 ff.
66 'A Paralell Betweene Robert Deuorax, Earle of Essex, and George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham', [by Edward Hyde, 1st Earl of Clarendon].
Another copy is in British Library, Harleian MS. 3778, item 116; the Harleian catalogue attributes it to Henry Wotton.
Printed Henry Wotton, Reliquiae Wottonianae, 1672, 161-83. 27 ff.
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 194
PublnNoteCited in Mary Morrissey, 'Politics and the Paul's Cross sermons, 1558-1642', OUP 2011 [Lambeth Palace Library G4208.E6M6]

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