RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
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TitleMiscellaneous Papers
DescriptionConsist of:
1 Petition from 38 tenants to Peter Mews, Bishop of Winchester, against the destruction of wood and timber in his manors of Bishops Waltham, Droxford, East Meon, Bishopstoke, and Bitterne, Hants., [1701]. Copy. Endorsed by Tenison. 1 f.
3 'Schedula omnium et singularum rectoriarum, vicariarum, et aliarum dignitatum et promotionum spiritualium infra Archidiaconatum Bedford et Huntingdon, Lincoln dioceseos authoritate brevis regii ... pro non solutione decimarum separalium suarum domino regi debitarum per nos sequestratarum', 1660-84. Parchment. 1 f.
3 Table of customary fees and dues payable to the commissary and official of the archdeaconry of Bedford, the registrar and other officers of the court, confirmed by Archbishop Laud, 2 March 1640. Copy. 4 ff.
4 Letter from Louis XIV, King of France, to Jean Dusson de Bonnac, Marquis d'Usson, from Versailles, 5 April 1702, concerning military and political events in Germany. French copy partly in cypher. Endorsed by Tenison, 'Decy[phered] by Mr. Blinco' [William Blencowe]. 4 ff.
5 Unsigned letter to Monsieur de Rogon, at Guelders, from Rheinberg, 20 November 1702, conveying instructions to a commander of dragoons. Two letters of which the first is in cypher and has been decyphered apparently by Blencowe, and the second is a copy of the decyphering. 2 ff.
6 Table of cypher numbers for a code in French partially decyphered [by Blencowe], c.1701.
7 Letter signed 'L.M.' to Tenison, 'at his howse neere St. Martin's church in St. Martin's Lane', from Cheapside, 17 January [1689], questioning the legality of alterations in the collects in the Book of Common Prayer concerning James II reported to have been made by the Bishop of London on Tenison's advice. Annotated by Tenison, 'I found that this was Sir Tho. Clarges's Ir.'. 2 ff.
8 Decyphered letter [from John Blencowe, judge, to Henry Hyde, 2nd Earl of Clarendon, February 1702], attacking the Lord Keeper [Sir Nathan Wright], and naming seventeen persons to be called next term as Serjeants at Law. Endorsed by Tenison, 'Judge Blencowe the cypherer of Ld. Clarendon decyphered by his sonn'. 2 ff.
9-10 Decyphered letter, from Versailles, 4 April 1702, discussing the renewal of hostilities and the movement of troops. French. Endorsed by Tenison. 4 + 8 ff.
11 Brief for the plaintiff in the Attorney-General by relation of Joseph Weld, Vicar of Haydor, Lincs., v. Thomas Newton, of Yardley, Northants., Esq., and Richard Caryer, prebendary of Haydor in Lincoln cathedral, concerning endowments of the vicarage of Haydor, [1696]. A few marginal notes by Tenison. Endorsed by Edmund Gibson, 'Papers etc relating to particular Dioceses'. 3 ff.
12 Letter from Gilbert Burnet, Bishop of Salisbury, to Tenison, from Salisbury, 15 June 1706, sending a copy of an address he will present himself. Wishes White Kennett may become Canon of Salisbury; reasons against answering Matthew Tindal's Rights of the Christian Church asserted; hopes for union between the two kingdoms. Seal. 2 ff.
13 Letter from John Somers, Baron Somers, Lord Chancellor, to Tenison, [1699], stating that the Earl of Kent seeks the appointment of Charles Hickman as Rector of St. James, Piccadilly, vacant by Wake's [intended] appointment as Bishop of Oxford. 1 f.
14 Letter from William Cave, Vicar of Isleworth, to Tenison, [October 1697], strenuously denying the claim by Henry Wharton to be part author of his Scriptorum ecclesiasticorum historia literaria, and detailing Wharton's contribution as his amanuensis. 2 ff.
15 Letter from Sidney Godolphin, 1st Earl of Godolphin (1706), to Tenison, from Windsor, 29 July 1705, apologising for his omission to inform Wake that the warrant for his congé d'élire for the bishopric of Lincoln had been signed a fortnight ago. The Queen has commanded Richard Willis, Dean of Lincoln, to preach at St. Paul's on the thanksgiving day. 2 ff.
16 Letter from James Cressett, Envoy Extraordinary to the Court of Hanover, to Tenison, from Hanover, 31 January 1702 N.S., informing him that his letter to the Dowager Electress was well received. Endeavours to inspire in the Court esteem for the Established Church. Intends to set up a decent worship in his house in Hanover and asks Tenison's assistance to borrow communion plate from the Jewel Office and ornaments for the pulpit from the Wardrobe. Asks for a dozen or two prayer books and a bible. 2 ff.
17 Letter from Edmund Wharton, father of Henry Wharton, to Tenison, 29 November 1697, concerning the payment by Richard Chiswell, publisher, of £100 for 'copies' of papers relating to Archbishop Laud which his son by his will 'left in charge with me, to have them carefully transcribed, and gett them forthwith printed'. Will then execute his son's will, which includes a bequest to the church at Worstead, Norfolk, where he was born. Broken seal. 2 ff.
18 Letter from John Locke to Tenison, from Oates, 28 February 1696. Printed Correspondence of John Locke, ed. E.S. de Beer, 1979, no.2023 (and also in Bourne, Life, vol. 2:339-340). 2 ff.
19 Letter from William Payne, Prebendary of Westminster, to Tenison, 27 January [1697], concerning a sermon on the Trinity preached by him which has incurred Tenison's anger. Will publish nothing further without Tenison's consent. 1 f.
20 Letter signed 'C.N.' [i.e. Charles Trimnell, Bishop of Norwich] to Tenison, 18 February 1715, stating that the Elector of Hanover was not given a vote in the Diet until he undertook in 1690 to build Roman Catholic churches at Zell and Hanover. The Protestant interest gained more than it suffered by this permission, having previously lost two Protestant Electors. The Electress Sophia at the same time increased the privileges of the Reformed Churches. Endorsed by Tenison, 'B[ishop of] N[orwich]'. 2 ff.
21 Anonymous letter [to Tenison], 30 October [1696], stating that Charles I stated on the scaffold that he recognised one of his executioners as Lord Grey of Groby by his hand. Questions whether his son the Earl of Stamford should be preferred by the King. Endorsed by Tenison. 1 f.
22 Letter from John Mandevile, Chancellor of Lincoln, and (1722) Dean of Peterborough, to Tenison, 5 June 1698, giving an account of the burial of Thomas White, the deprived Bishop of Peterborough, in St. Gregory's churchyard within the precincts of St. Paul's. 2 ff.
23 Letter from John Locke to Tenison, from Oates, 27 February 1696. Printed Correspondence of John Locke, ed. E.S. de Beer, 1979, no.2021. (Draft in Bodleian Library, MS. Locke c. 24, f. 268.) 2 ff.
24 Letter from John Somers, Baron Somers, Lord Chancellor, to Tenison, 30 May [1698], informing him that Colonel Francis Nicholson is to be Governor of Virginia. Mentions Tenison's first attack of gout. 2 ff.
25 Letter from Sir Robert Harley, 1st Earl of Oxford (1711), to Tenison, 8 January 1702, commenting on the draft of a Bill, which he returns, to make printers and authors answerable for everything which they publish, and suggesting Tenison introduce it in the House of Lords. 2 ff.
26 Letter from Nicholas Stratford, Bishop of Chester, to Tenison, from Chester, 28 March 1696, defending Zachary Taylor, Rector of Croxton, from the charge of describing Sir John Fenwick's plot as a sham, but admitting that he criticised the Association unwisely. 2 ff.
27 Letter from John Holme, Vicar of Blackburn, to Tenison, from Blackburn, 3 November 1709, reporting the confirmation of a large number of papists by [James] Smith [Bishop of Callipolis in partibus] at Samlesbury within his parish, Smith having also confirmed five years previously. Notes the danger of meddling with papists because of their power and interest. Seal. 2 ff.
28 Letter from Anthony Marie de La Croze, Vicar of Old Windsor, to Tenison, from Old Windsor, 8 March 1715, about the building and benefits of an Anglican church in Geneva. 2 ff.
29 Letter from William Payne, Prebendary of Westminster, to Tenison, 26 December [1695], concerning a sermon preached by him on the Trinity and urging the importance of preaching against Socinianism. 2 ff.
30 Letter from John Chamberlayne, Secretary of the S.P.G., to Tenison, from Petty France, Westminster, 13 June 1713, enclosing a memorial from the Archbishop of Thebes [929/51], who denies that the Patriarch of Alexandria wishes to be reconciled with Rome, and seeking protection for him. 2 ff.
31 Letter from Gilbert Burnet, Bishop of Salisbury, to Tenison, 15 August 1702, sending the draft of a new liturgy being prepared in Switzerland and in use in Neuchâtel; mentions a proposal by [Jean-Alphonse] Turretin [professor in Geneva] for uniting Lutherans and Calvinists; mentions arrangements for the forthcoming session of Parliament. 1 f. The draft liturgy is probably MS. 740.
32 Letter from Thomas Barlow, Bishop of Lincoln, to Tenison, Chaplain in Ordinary, from London, 6 June 1678, discussing the idolatry of the Roman Church and asking Tenison's opinion on his letter. 4 ff.
33 Letter from an anonymous clergyman to Tenison, from the county of Glamorgan, 23 October 1703, advocating the appointment of Welshmen only to Welsh dioceses, and especially the need for resident bishops able to preach in Welsh. 1 f.
34 Letter signed 'T.E.' to Tenison, from Paris, 2 May 1698, describing a journey from Genoa to Marseilles, Avignon, Orange, Vienne, Lyons, and Paris. 2 ff.
35 Letter from Edward Stephens to Tenison, 21 February 1695, describing the celebration of weekly communion in private and later in the Bishop of Gloucester's church in Cripplegate, and various alterations to the order of service in order to follow the example of the ancient Church. Greatly approves of the prayer book published at Edinburgh for the use of the Church of Scotland in 1637. Encloses a paper (missing). Seal. 2 ff.
36 Letter from Edmund Gibson, Bishop of London (1723), [to Tenison], from Chichester, 24 July 1713, reporting the Dean of Chichester's recovery from gout and the marriage of the Bishop's son. Reports a conversation with [Anthony] Warton, Vicar of Godalming, concerning the birth of the Old Pretender and the reported 'loss of a fine boy'. 1 f.
37 Letter from Sidney Godolphin, 1st Earl of Godolphin (1706), [to Tenison], from Windsor, 24 September 1705, desiring him in case of the death of Sir Richard Raines, judge of the P.C.C., not to promise the office until he has seen the Queen owing to an application by Sir Charles Hedges. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
38 Letter from Henry Dodwell, divine, to Tenison, from Shottes-brook, 29 August 1700, referring to past intimacy 'before this present unhappy Schism', and exhorting Tenison to appoint bishops in the Plantations. 2 ff.
39 Letter from Henry Dodwell, divine, to Tenison, from Shottes-brook, 25 November 1700, concerning the Schism 'occasioned by the invalid lay deprivations of our late common Fathers' and the need for an honourable composition. With draft reply by Tenison, 5 December 1700. Seal. 2 ff.
40 Letter from Henry Dodwell, divine, to Tenison, from Shottesbrook, 15 February 1701, inquiring whether Tenison has received his proposals for healing the Schism. 2 ff.
41 Letter from Henry Dodwell, divine, to Tenison, from Shottesbrook, 29 December 1700, proposing terms for settlement of the Nonjuror Schism. 2 ff.
Also a second letter from Henry Dodwell, divine, to Tenison, from Shottesbrook, 20 May 1701, reiterating the need to settle the Nonjuror Schism. 2 ff.
42 Letter from William Lloyd, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, and (1699) Worcester, to Tenison, 17 October 1696, sending his proxy. The probable destruction of the Vaudois would break his 'whole Scheme of Interpretation of the Prophecies of Scripture'. Reports delay in sending the king's charity for relief of their ministers and schoolmasters. 2 ff.
43 Letter from William Lloyd, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, and (1699) Worcester, to Tenison, 7 August 1697, asking that [Francis] Skrimsher, who desires a faculty to hold Chetwin and Forton, be excused travelling to London. Recommends a book by [Edward] Chandler on Philo the Jew, which was designed to make way for a work by [Peter] Allix on Jewish tradition and interpretation of Scripture. Wishes Chandler had written in Latin 'for it is a peece onely for learned men'. Seal. 2 ff.
44 Letter from William Lloyd, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, and (1699) Worcester, to Tenison, from Eccleshall, 22 August 1698, stating that he will show a letter from Tenison about Convocation to the Bishop of Bangor. Mentions a case of simony concerning the sinecure rectory of Llansantfraid [held by John Edwards] tried at Shrewsbury assizes. Seal. See also 942/139. 2 ff.
45 Letter from William Lloyd, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, and (1699) Worcester, to Tenison, from Eccleshall, 31 May 1697, concerning the timing of the forthcoming visitation to avoid the harvest. Criticises the manner of granting letters testimonial by St. John's College, Cambridge. Seal. 2 ff.
46 Letter from William Lloyd, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, and (1699) Worcester, to Tenison, from Eccleshall, 3 July 1697, describing the circumstances in a case of simony concerning the rector of Llansantfraid, Montgom. Mentions Captain [John] Jones' charity for Shropshire churches. See also 931/41. 2 ff.
47 Letter from William Lloyd, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, and (1699) Worcester, to Tenison, from Eccleshall, n.d., on the prophecies of Daniel. 2 ff.
48 Letter from William Lloyd, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, and (1699) Worcester, to Tenison, from Eccleshall, 7 September 1698, stating that [John] Edwards has lost his suit concerning Llansantfraid on a technicality harmful to the Church. A poor harvest expected. 2 ff.
49 Letter from William Beaw, Bishop of Llandaff, to Tenison, from Adderbury, 21 August 1699, giving an account of his life, including his education, his military service during the Civil War and later abroad, his appointment to Llandaff, and broken promises by Archbishop Tillotson, with a statement of the poverty of the diocese. 2 ff.
50 Letter from John Wallis, mathematician, to Tenison, from Oxford, 3 August 1702, informing him of the contents of a paper from the Earl of Nottingham's office decyphered by him and apparently concerning an intended assassination. Seal. 2 ff.
51 Letter from John Wallis, mathematician, to Tenison, from Oxford, 22 May 1699, approving of a circular letter from Tenison to the bishops. Comments on changes in ecclesiastical dress and contrasts current and former styles of preaching, and the reduction in 'occasional and affectionate prayers' before and after sermons. 2 ff.
52 Letter from John Wallis, mathematician, to Tenison, from Oxford, 22 December 1702, thanking him for appointing Wallis' grandson William Blencowe Fellow of All Souls. Blencowe has had more intercepted letters from the Prussian ambassador to decypher. Is not sorry that the Occasional Conformity Bill has had some rubs in the House of Lords for the common interest is to compose and not widen differences. Seal. 2 ff.
53 Letter from John Wallis, mathematician, to Tenison, from Oxford, 10 September 1702, complaining that the letter sent to him for decyphering from the Earl of Nottingham was intended to test his skill and discover an 'uncyfrable cypher'. Seal. 2 ff.
54 Letter from John Wallis, mathematician, to Tenison, from Oxford, 4 September 1702, stating that the letter sent to him for decyphering was a sham sent by [William] Aglionby [Under-Secretary of State] unknown to Nottingham. Seal. 2 ff.
55 Letter from John Wallis, mathematician, to Tenison at the Bishop of St. Asaph's house in Leicester Fields, from Oxford, 30 November 1680, criticising the writings of Hobbes, particularly on mathematics. Relates anecdotes of Hobbes and 'the old Countess of Devonshire', the Earl of Rochester's atheism, Hobbes and Selden, the character of Hobbes. 2 ff.
56 Letter from Humphrey Prideaux, Archdeacon of Suffolk, and (1702) Dean of Norwich, to Tenison, from Norwich, 2 October 1696, describing the distribution in Suffolk by Thomas Firmin of Socinian pamphlets by Stephen Nye and others. Encloses a catalogue of conventicles in the diocese. Mentions a sect of Universalists, who believe in universal redemption, separated from other Dissenters at King's Lynn. 2 ff.
57 Letter from Humphrey Prideaux, Archdeacon of Suffolk, and (1702) Dean of Norwich, to Tenison, from Norwich, 13 July 1698, recounting the arrest by Sir Henry Felton in about 1670 and the imprisonment in Ipswich gaol of a Quaker said to be one of the Queen Mother's chapel. A recent meeting of Quakers in Suffolk described. 2 ff.
58 Letter from Humphrey Prideaux, Archdeacon of Suffolk, and (1702) Dean of Norwich, to Tenison, from Norwich, 17 March 1710, containing an account of an incestuous marriage by Peter Prideaux, son of Sir Edmund Prideaux, in Devonshire. Bishop Blackhall took no action because the Prideaux family was deep in the Tory interest, but drew up a case of conscience on the same. 2 ff.
59 Order by the Privy Council to Lords Lieutenants for the disarming of recusants, from Salisbury, 2 October 1625. Copy authenticated by William Cecil, 2nd Earl of Exeter. 2 ff.
60 Letter from William Cecil, 2nd Earl of Exeter, to an unnamed peer [perhaps Francis Fane, 1st Earl of Westmorland], from Newark-on-Trent, 20 November 1625, repeating the Privy Council's instructions for disarming recusants, and requiring obedience to previous instructions for exercising trained bands. Copy. Inscribed in the same hand, 'Rec: at Apethorpe on Tuesday night late 22o Nov. 1625' and endorsed, 'Kepe these for me because I haue noe other'. 1 f.
61 Order by the Privy Council for disarming recusants, 31 October 1625. Copy endorsed perhaps by Francis Fane, 1st Earl of Westmorland, 'The Lords second letter for the disarming Recusants'. Printed Acts of the Privy Council 1625-1626, 1934, 226-7. 2 ff.
62 Letter from the Earl of Exeter to Mildmay Fane, Lord Burghersh and (1629) 2nd Earl of Westmorland, and to Deputy-Lieutenants of eastern Northants., from Newark-on-Trent, 24 October 1625, enclosing a letter from the Privy Council on disarming recusants. Copy inscribed, 'Receaued 25o Octob. at 4 aclock by the hands of Francis Earl of Westmorland at Morehaylaund lodge'. 1 f.
63 Address by Roman Catholics to Charles II for repeal of penal laws against recusancy, [1672]. Copy. 4 ff.
64 A Proclamation for the due execution of all former lawes against recusants, 2 June 1610. STC 8447. 4 ff.
65 Intended Remonstrance by the House of Commons to Charles I, 1626. Printed J. Rushworth, Historical collections, 1659, I, 400-6. 4 ff.
66 Table of annual fines payable by a convicted recusant with one manservant, one maidservant, and one child, temp. Jas.I. Fines total £1,435:4:0. 1 f.
67 Letters patent dispensing recusants from the penal laws for five years in view of the approaching Spanish marriage of the Prince of Wales, 8 September 1623. Copy. 2 ff.
68 Letters patent renewing the High Commission in Ecclesiastical Causes, 29 August 1611. Copy. Printed G.W. Prothero, Select statutes and other constitutional documents, 2nd ed. 1898, 424-34. 6 ff.
69 Letter signed 'J.M.' and 'G.J.' addressed 'Father Rector', [1625], concerning their plotting against the Duke of Buckingham and attempts to prepare for an invasion by Tilly and Spinola. (Copy). Entitled, 'A coppie of a letter which was found amongst some Jesuits that were latlie taken at London and addressed to the father Rector at Bruxell'. Printed Camden Miscellany, 1853, II, 32-40. See also Records of the English Province of the Society of Jesus, ed. H. Foley, 1877, I, 116-21. 2 ff.
70 Opinion of Azor concerning dispensation from oaths, with notes thereon, early 17th cent. 2 ff.
71 Letter from Sir John Digby, 1st Earl of Bristol (1622), to Charles, Prince of Wales, c.1617, urging him to marry a Protestant but if no suitable match can be made he suggests a Spanish marriage. Copy. 1 f.
72 Address by James Hay, Viscount Doncaster, and (1622) 1st Earl of Carlisle, to the Estates of the Low Countries concerning Bohemia, [18/28 December 1619]. French copy. Printed Letters illustrating the relations between England and Germany, ed. S.R. Gardiner (Camden Society), 1868, 107-9. 2 ff.
73 Paper concerning the Palatinate entitled, 'Les Princes et Estats Unis demandent le secours de Sa Majesté en vertu de l'alliance', [1619]. French. 2 ff.
74 Letter from - Ballam, a messenger, [April 1622], describing the campaign in the Palatinate and the lack of money to pay Sir Horace Vere's troops. Copy. 2 ff.
75 Petition by Joseph Wilkinson, Vicar of Halifax, for the return of tithes alienated from the vicarage by Charles II, with a statement of the value of the living, c.1691. Endorsement perhaps in the hand of Archbishop Sharp. 2 ff.
76 Endowment of the vicarage of Leake, Lincs., 9 July 1363. Certified copy dated 23 May 1688. Latin. 2 ff.
77, 102 Warrant from James I to Alexander Seton, 1st Earl of Dunfermline, Lord Chancellor of Scotland, authorising him to use the privy seal for business of the Prince of Wales in Scotland, [August 1619]. Two copies. 1 + 2 ff.
78 Letter from Robert Clinton to Tenison, 11 June 1695, stating that about twenty years since, [Herbert] Thorndike of Scamblesby, Lincs., bequeathed an estate to trustees, of whom the Archbishop of Canterbury was one, for augmenting the curacy of Scamblesby, which might then become a vicarage by Act of Parliament. The charity has not been made. The present curate, Mr. Smith, is chaplain on a man-of-war. Seal. 1 f.
79 Answer by the Dean and Chapter of Westminster to the Privy Council defending against the Lord Chamberlain their right to the mausoleum [i.e. catafalque], pall, black cloth and other items used at the funeral of Queen Mary, [1694]. 1 f.
80 Account of Norwich cathedral [by Humphrey Prideaux, Canon and (1702) Dean of Norwich], stating the income and expenditure of the Dean and Chapter, the extent of their jurisdiction, and the need to repair the cathedral and make terriers of the estates, [1697]. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
81 Speech by James I in the House of Lords on the Spanish match, 19 February 1624. Differs from the version printed in J. Rushworth, Historical collections, 1659, I, 115-17. 2 ff.
82 Protestation of allegiance made by thirteen missionary priests to Elizabeth I, [31 January 1603]. Copy without signatures. Printed Dodd's church history of England, ed. M.A. Tierney, 1840, III, 2 ff.
83 Order by the Privy Council to Tenison requiring a return of papists and of patronage held by papists in the province of Canterbury, 4 April 1706. 2 ff.
84 Despatch concerning the affairs of the Duchy of Savoy, the peace mission of John Digby, 1st Earl of Bristol and other matters. n.d. [1621]. Copy, in the hand of a secretary of Sir Isaac Wake. 4 ff.
85 Verses in French on the state of France in the minority of Louis XIII, c.1614. Begin: Quel malheur a l'estat d'auoir ung Roy mineur. 1 f.
86 Draft or translation in the hand of Anthony Standen, an agent of Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, of a newsletter reporting events in Italy, Spain, and France, [1591]. Endorsed, 'Advises of Sir Ant. Standen'. 7 ff.
87 Letter from the Prince of Wales' Council in Scotland to Charles, Prince of Wales, c.1622, concerning the grant of offices and preferment. Copy. 2 ff.
88 Letter to the High Sheriff and J.P.s of Somerset, [1626], concerning opposition to a benevolence. Copy. 2 ff.
89, 93 Letter from George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham, to Diego Sarmiento di Acuñas, Conde de Gondomar, Spanish ambassador, [1619], explaining James I's policy of neutrality in Bohemia, and his desire to mediate between the parties. Two French copies. 2 + 2 ff.
90-92 Contemporary copies of three letters from James I [to Robert Carr, Earl of Somerset, 1615-16], complaining of the latter's treatment of him which may forfeit the royal favour unless amended, and apparently referring to his forthcoming trial for the murder of Sir Thomas Overbury. Endorsed, 'Adrian Moore, Jhone Holland. These three letters weare in the Black boxe signed with that seale which Sir Tho. Maye brought'. 4 ff.
93 See 89
94 List of the retinue of the French Ambassador [Honoré d'Albert, Marquis de Cadenet, December 1620]. 2 ff.
95 Letter from a person of quality in Germany to another at The Hague, c.1620, concerning affairs in Germany and the Palatinate. Contemporary French extract. 4 ff.
96 Henri de Bourbon, Prince de Condé. 'Apologie pour monsieur le Prince de Condé sur son depart de la Cour', [1614]. French. 2 ff.
97 Letter from 'Jo. Monteth' [John Graham, 6th Earl of Menteith (d. 1598)] to James VI of Scotland, n.d., containing an account of the descent of the House of Stuart from Banchus [? Banquo] a descendant of Kenneth II, King of Scotland, extracted from the archives of three German monasteries. Latin. 2 ff.
98 List of the composition of Committees for Irish affairs, with the days and times of meeting, c.1620. 1 f.
99 Appointment by Charles, Prince of Wales, of a council for his affairs in Scotland, [August 1619]. Draft. See also 932/5. 2 ff.
100 James I. 'Anagramme trouué sur le nom et qualités du serenissime Roy de la Grande Bretaigne', by M. Gally. French. 1 f.
101 Despatch, perhaps by Sir Isaac Wake, Ambassador to the Duke of Savoy, concerning the aftermath of the Treaty of Pavia, [1617]. 4 ff.
102 See 77
103 Note of measures to be taken for implementing the Treaty of Pavia between the Duke of Savoy, France, and Venice, [1617]. French. Endorsed, 'Memoire envoyée à Mr. de Bethune de la part de S.A. de Savoy'. 2 ff.
104 Notes on estates in the county of Durham, early 17th cent. Endorsed, 'Notes for the Duke's Lordshippes in the Bishopricke' [? Charles, Duke of York, afterwards Charles I]. 1 f.
105 France. 'Harangue du premier president au Roy en son parlement', that the king be delivered from evil counsellors, c.1614. Also satirical verses beginning:
Le Roy donne tout.
Mr. de Luynes ruine tout.
Also verses addressed 'A monsieur le Prince de Condé'. 2 ff.
106 Speech by George Lewis, Count of Schwartzenburg, Ambassador from the Emperor, to James I, [1622]. Copy. 2 ff.
107 Letter perhaps from Sir Henry Wotton, from Heidelberg, [1618], acknowledging a letter to Her Highness. The Prince [Elector] is willing to make a journey [to England], but wishes to establish the precedency of himself, as an Elector, and the Prince of Wales. News of insurrection at Venice and the execution of one Tournon, 'who taught our Prince Charles to tosse the pike', and of the defenestration of Prague. Copy. 2 ff.
108 List of troops under the command of Ambrogio Spinola, Marquis of Spinola, c.1621. 1 f.
109 'Divers prerogatives belonging to the Prince [of Wales] within the Countie palantine of Chester', c. November 1616. 2 ff.
110 Letter perhaps from Sir Henry Wotton to Sir George Calvert, Secretary of State, 1st Baron Baltimore (1625), [1621], concerning Venetian affairs, mentioning Dionisio Lazzari and Piero Raimondo di Roquelaure, and the importance of French influence. Copy. 2 ff.
111 Report of election results in Yorkshire, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire, and Cheshire, c.1620. 1 f.
112 Memorandum concerning terms of a loan by an unnamed clergyman to one John Wood, early 17th cent. Written in a commonplace book (p.166), one side of which is headed 'Utrum Diuinitas tempore mortis Christi fuerit seperata ab eiusdem anima et corpore', and the reverse 'Christus solus mediator et intercessor'. 1 f.
113 Letter [from Sir Henry Savile, Provost of Eton] to 'my very good Lorde' [perhaps William Barlow, Bishop of Lincoln and Visitor of Eton, 1611], concerning the Headmaster of Eton Richard Langley. Draft. 2 ff.
114 The Grisons Leagues. Terms of the Milan Articles, January 1622, entitled, 'Capitulation traittée a Milan par le Gouuerneur dudit lieu et les Deputez de la ligue Grisée', with considerations on the same by 'un bon Grison et Patriot'. French. 2 ff.
115 Lists of Gentlemen and Grooms of the Privy Chamber in ordinary and in extraordinary [of Prince Henry], c.1610. The names of Sir George Ramsey and Captain Thomas Button have been added later. 2 ff.
116 Undertaking by Queen Anne of Denmark, Queen of James I, to limit her annual expenditure to £15,200, [1616]. Copy. 2 ff.
117 Despatch from Sir Albertus Morton addressed 'Right honorable my verie good Lord', giving an account of his negotiations 'in the Court of Lorraine and this towne of Strasbourg'. Can see little hope of help from the Duke in the Palatinate, and mentions uncertainty about the intentions of James I, c.1620. Copy. 2 ff.
118 Despatch from Sir Albertus Morton addressed 'Right honorable my verie good Lord', stating that he has arrived at Worms and has arranged payment for the English troops. Mentions the rate of exchange. Negotiations with the Protestant Union, c.1620. Copy. 2 ff.
119 'The truth of the intentions of Sr Charles Cornwallis in the motion hee ment to haue made in this last Parlament concerninge his maties beinge pleased to admitt into his Chamber an equall number of English to that of the Scottish and the restraininge of future comers of Scottishmen ..., [1614]. See CSP Dom. 1611-1618, 238. 2 ff.
120 Letter from Sir Charles Cornwallis to James I, 22 June 1614, asking pardon for statements made by him in Parliament concerning Scots. Copy. See CSP Dom. 1611-1618, 237. 4 ff.
121 Letter from John Maitland, 1st Baron Maitland of Thirlestane, Lord Chancellor of Scotland, to James VI of Scotland, c.1592, concerning his absence from Court and the malice of his enemies. Copy. 2 ff.
122 Memorandum concerning the administration of the Prince of Wales's Council in Scotland, entitled, 'The cheife points wch are to be signified by his Highnesse's Letter to the Lords and others of his Counsell for his Scottish affaires', c.1619. Endorsed, '38'. 2 ff.
123 List of recusants indicted in the county of Durham, c.1615. Inscribed old number '432'. 1 f.
124 Act of repudiation of the papacy (j'ay quitté la papauté) by Theodore Gaultier, a Capuchin monk, 25 June 1612. French. 1 f.
125 Letter [from Benjamin de Rohan, Seigneur de Soubise, to Monsieur Rochefort, eldest son of the Duc de Montbazon], c.1621, rejecting overtures. French copy. 2 ff.
126 Letter from Louis XIII to François de Bonne, Duc de Lesdiguières, Governor of Dauphiné, 2 December 1616, requiring him not to enter Piedmont, with a reply by Lesdiguières defending his intervention in Savoy. French copy. 4 ff.
127 Letter from Benjamin de Rohan, Seigneur de Soubise, to the General Assembly at La Rochelle, 2 June 1621, describing the assault on 'nostre fauxbourg de Taillebourg'. French copy. 1 f.
128 Protestation of affection to the Parlement by Jean-Louis de Nogaret, Duc d'Epernon, c.1620. French copy. 1 f.
129 Account of the annual cost of a navy of 20 ships, c.1620. 2 ff.
130 Account of military preparations in Bohemia and a list of articles of alliance proposed by Bethlen Gabor, Prince of Transylvania, to the States of Bohemia, [1620]. Inscribed, 'Translated out of nether dutche'. 2 ff.
131 Petition by Sir Richard Young, Bart., Sir Richard Darley, Henry Murrey, Esq., Gentlemen of the King's Bedchamber; John Williams, gent. [Sergeant-at-Arms], and Capt. Robert Russell, to Charles I for the renewal of a lease granted by James I to Williams and Thomas Dixon, deceased, to build an amphitheatre in or near the city of London for 'heroique and maiestick recreations', c.1634. The lease was granted in Lincoln's Inn Fields (CSP Dom. 1625-1626, 371). 2 ff.
132 Unsigned letter from Anthony Sandal [Standen] probably to Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, c.1591, concerning his release from prison in France. 2 ff.
133 Letter from Sir John Armitage, Deputy-Lieutenant of the West Riding of Yorkshire, [to Robert Holt, of Castleton, Deputy-Lieutenant of Lancashire], from Kirklees, [5 October 1663], stating M that a rebellion by Fifth Monarchists, Anabaptists, Independents, Presbyterians and many old soldiers is planned for 12 October. Letter from William Brereton, 2nd Baron Brereton, to [William] Sneade, from Brereton, 9 October 1663, referring to a plot. Copies. See CSP Dom. 1663-1664, 291-2. 1 f.
134 Letter [from Henri de Lorraine, Duc de Mayenne, to Louis XIII, 1614], explaining his precipitate departure from Court. French copy. Another copy is item 155. 2 ff.
135 Unsigned letter to an unnamed nobleman, seeking pardon for offences during the last session of Parliament, temp. James I. Copy. 1 f.
136 Letter from James I to Christian IV, King of Denmark, c.1618, concerning the Greenland fisheries. Latin copy. 2 ff.
137 Unsigned letter to James I, from Edinburgh, 23 August [? 1618], concerning foreign coinage in Scotland. Copy. 2 ff.
138 Letter from Paris describing the murder of Concino Concini, Marquis d'Ancre, and the end of the minority of Louis XIII, 27 April [1617]. Copy. 2 ff.
139 'Les demandes de l'Electeur de Brandebourg au Duc de Neubourg', [1617]. French. See 931/31. 2 ff.
140 Letter to James I, c.1618, asking him to mediate on behalf of the Protestants in Bohemia, and attacking the Jesuits. French copy. 1 f.
141 Account of the origins of the troubles in Bohemia, c.1620. 5 ff.
142 Extract from a letter written from Heidelberg, 9 July [1619], describing mobilisation by the Emperor against Bohemia. French. 2 ff.
143 'The ordinarie fees allowed by the Prince's Commissioners for Leases and Patents', c.1617. Refers to the Prince of Wales's estates in Scotland and the Duchy of Cornwall. 2 ff.
144 List of the contents of a library in the hand of Edward Selwyn, a correspondent of Anthony Bacon, c.1581. Endorsed, 'Selwin. Rolle des liures'. 2 ff.
145 'Memoire des Seigneurs et gentilshommes qui accompagnent Monsieur le Maréchal de Cadenet [Honoré d'Albert, Marquis de Cadenet, French Ambassador], [1620]. 2 ff.
146 Reasons by the Directors of the Company of Low Country merchants trading in the Indies against proposals for union with the English merchants trading in the Indies. [1616]. 7 ff.
147 Terms of an agreement between Louis XIII and his mother Marie di Medici at Angoulême, [1619]. In the hand of P. Drummond. French. 1 f.
148 Report of French affairs entitled, 'The occurrences of most importance from forrane imparts which haue bene wrettin since his Maiestie's progresse did begine from London', [1617]. 2 ff.
149 Report of French affairs, c.1620. 2 ff.
150 Account of the escape of Marie di Medici, Queen Mother, from Blois, [1619]. 1 f.
151 'A Remembrance of Mr. Skiner's case. The offence for seruing the Cardinall Allen, and accepting a pension from the King of Spayne, as appeareth by the Dockett to the Pardon subscrybed by Mr. Atturney', [October 1599]. Perhaps in the hand of James Combes, agent to Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex. 1 f.
152 Prince of Wales. 'A true relation of the State of his highnes Parkes at Barnardcastle, howe they have bene used in former times and how they are used at this day', after 1617. 2 ff.
153 Letter [from Sir Edward Herbert, 1st Baron Herbert of Cherbury (1629), Ambassador at Paris], 8 November [1620], reporting that Louis XIII had forbidden an assembly of Protestants at La Rochelle and had quartered troops nearby. Incomplete. 1 f.
154 'Pasquini censura in [papam] Clementem VIII', and a note on troops levided in Toledo and Castile, late 16th cent. 1 f.
155 See 134
156 Prayer by Oliver Cromwell. 'His Highness Prayer Thursday in the Afternoone being 3rd Sept. 1658'. The document is said to be 'Transcrib'd from an Original Paper of Major General Butler [William Boteler], who is said to have taken the words at the Beds feet of Oliver Cromwell'. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
157 Letter from Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, to James Colville, of Easter Wemyss, 1st Lord Colville of Culross (1604), 10 May n.y., acknowledging receipt of a message through Anthony Bacon (d. 1601). Copy. 1 f.
158 Letter from Edmund Hickeringill to his uncle Dr. [John] Troutbeck, surgeon, from Westminster, 8 May [1683], asking forgiveness for offences caused by his ungovernable temper, and disowning all scandalous principles in his books. 2 ff. Item 184 is a copy by Tenison. The cover is reproduced in The Great Britain Philatelist, 1961, 55.
159 Petition by Agnes Nairne, relict of William Murray, for payment of the sum of 500 pounds Scots, early 17th cent. 1 f.
160 Letter from the Prince of Wales' Council in Scotland to Charles, Prince of Wales, c.1619, concerning the implementation of his instructions about estates given in a letter dated January 15th. 2 ff.
161 Letter from the Prince of Wales' Council in Scotland to Charles, Prince of Wales, c.1619, concerning four articles relating to him to be considered in the forthcoming Parliament. 2 ff.
162 Letter and verses addressed to 'Madame' on her departure from Bordeaux by Monsieur de Br[-], c.1590. French. 2 ff.
163 Extracts from a memorandum containing complaints by Marie di Medici to Louis XIII during her imprisonment at Blois, [1619]. French. 4 ff.
164 Letter from Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Whalley to Henry Ireton, from St. Albans, 5 November 1648, desiring him to attend a general meeting of officers of the army on the following day without fail. 2 ff.
165 Bill entitled, 'An Act for Uniting his Maiesty's Protestant Subiects', [July 1696]. Concerns the oaths to be taken by ecclesiastical persons. Endorsed by Tenison, 'For Mr. Humfreys Oct. 96'. 2 ff.
166 Letter from John Gauden, Bishop of Exeter, and (1662) Worcester, to George Digby, 2nd Earl of Bristol, 27 March [1662], referring to 'my most signall service, which I well know is to bee kept secret as only fit for royall and noble brests', and his services during the Civil War. Suggests his suitability for the vacant see of Winchester. Printed C. Wordsworth, Documentary supplement to 'Who wrote Eikon Basilike', 1825, 34-6. 2 ff.
167 Letter from John Gauden, Bishop of Exeter, and (1662) Worcester, to George Digby, 2nd Earl of Bristol, 20 March 1662, expressing surprise that the Earl had knowledge of 'that great Arcanum'. Seal. Printed C. Wordsworth, op.cit., 33. 2 ff.
168 Letter from John Gauden, Bishop of Exeter, and (1662) Worcester, to George Digby, 2nd Earl of Bristol, [31 March 1662], thanking him for his favour but fearing he may not get Winchester, Worcester, or the Lord Almonry. Printed C. Wordsworth, op.cit., 36-7. 1 f.
169 Letter from John Gauden, Bishop of Exeter, and (1662) Worcester, to George Digby, 2nd Earl of Bristol, from Gresham College, 26 March 1662, seeking his interest to obtain the see of Winchester vacant by the death of the bishop that morning. Seal. Printed C. Wordsworth, op.cit., 34. 2 ff.
170 Letter from John Gauden, Bishop of Exeter, and (1662) Worcester, to George Digby, 2nd Earl of Bristol, from Gresham College, 9 July 1662, presenting his duty. Seal. Printed C. Wordsworth, op.cit., 39-40. 2 ff.
171 Letter from John Gauden, Bishop of Exeter, and (1662) Worcester, to George Digby, 2nd Earl of Bristol, from Gresham College, 9 July 1662, recommending to him Dr. Lionel Gatford, who has been indefatigable in the relief of poor cavaliers. Printed C. Wordsworth, op.cit., 39. 2 ff.
172 Letter from Charles Trimnell, Bishop of Winchester (1721), to Tenison, 15 March [1699], mentioning publications by Francis Gastrell and Bishop Burnet. Refers to old letters relating to a secret history canvassed of late confirming 'the Essex Drs account'. 2 ff.
173 Letter from Elizabeth Gauden, widow of John Gauden, Bishop of Worcester, to George Digby, 2nd Earl of Bristol, [1662], informing him of her husband's death. Seal. 2 ff.
174 Letter from Robert Saltmarsh, Roman Catholic priest, to John Torbet alias Simpson, priest and teacher at Quousque in the parish of Carlton-juxta-Snaith, 13 February 1696. Copy in Tenison's hand. 2 ff.
175 Notes of a speech in Parliament by Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury, Lord Treasurer, [1610]. The speech is printed in Parliamentary debates in 1610, ed. S.R. Gardiner (Camden Society), 1862, 1-9. 2 ff.
176 'Sommaire du discours que le Sr Resident d'Angleterre fit à Messieurs les deputez du Conseil le iour qu'il leur presenta la 3me proposition de M. le cheualier [Giovanni Battista] Gabaleoni', [1618]. French. Gabaleoni was Savoy Ambassador in England. 2 ff.
177 Letter from John Gauden, Bishop of Exeter, and (1662) Worcester, to George Digby, 2nd Earl of Bristol, 1 May 1662, concerning charity to Quakers and indulgence to all sober Dissenters. Printed C. Wordsworth, op.cit., 37-8. 2 ff.
178 Algerian Corsairs. 'The list of Shipps to be ymployed against the Pirats under command of Sir Robert Mansell', [1620]. 2 ff.
179, 180 List of the cargo of 'the great carrack taken by her Majesties shipp', [1592]. 'The whole somme of goodes and tresor amounteth to ii millions and 350,000li'. 1 f.
181, 185 Letter from Tenison to the Electress Sophia, 30 July 1705, assuring her of support by the body of the people for the Protestant succession. Sends the letter by Dr. [John] Hutton, a physician, but hopes she will not need his professional services. Drafts. 2 + 1 ff.
182 Letter from Robert Spencer, 2nd Earl of Sunderland, to a friend, [1689], defending his conduct in the reign of James II. Printed Somers Tracts, 1748, III, 602. Wing S 6177. 4 ff.
183 Letter from 'U.M.' to John Tillotson, Dean and (1691) Archbishop of Canterbury, 5 October 1689, proposing revisions to the Book of Common Prayer. Seal. 2 ff.
184 See 158
185 See 181
186, 189 Letter from Tenison to the Electress Sophia, from Lambeth, 9 November 1705, acknowledging letters from her. The 'experiment', which some have offered to her out of zeal and others have insinuated from ill-design, is full of danger. He has not suggested it, and the Queen has not been consulted about it. Advises no step be taken without the Queen's knowledge, and believes his view is that of other friends of the Protestant succession. Apologises for the 'plainess of an uncourtlie, but well intention'd, old man'. Draft and copy. 2 + 2 ff.
187 Letter from Charles Spencer, 3rd Earl of Sunderland, to his chaplain Charles Trimnell, later (1721) Bishop of Winchester, from Astrop, 11 March n.y., desiring him to inform the Archbishop 'that the busenesse abroade shall be carryed on with Vigour and that at home with Moderation, which after our misfortune is all wee can wish'. 2 ff.
188 Letter from Tenison to Sidney Godolphin, 1st Earl of Godolphin, Lord Treasurer, [26 September 1705], concerning Secretary Hedges' desire to succeed Sir Richard Raines as judge of the P.C.C. His ill-health has prevented him from attending the Queen and from discussing with Godolphin matters about livings. Draft. 2 ff.
189 See 186
190 Letter from Tenison to Mr. Seton 'and the rest of the Episcopal Clergy who have latelie taken the oathes etc. in Scotland', 28 November 1695, promising his good offices, having been notified of their Declaration of Allegiance and Loyal Address. Copy. 1 f.
191 Letter from Tenison to Queen Anne, from Lambeth, 25 June 1711, regretting that ill-health prevents him paying his respects. Draft.
Letter from the same to Mr. Ballard, 25 June 1711, asking him to desire the Lord Treasurer to deliver his letter to the Queen. Copy. 2 ff.
192 Letter from Tenison [to Princess Anne], 23 August 1697, stating in reply to her letter concerning the appointment of Dr. [Samuel] Pratt [Chaplain to the Duke of Gloucester] to a prebend at Windsor, that the King had promised it to Mr. Hill. Sir William Trumbull says the King later promised the next prebend to Trumbull's brother. Matters must be referred by the Commissioners to the King. Draft. 1 f.
193 Letter from Tenison to [-, August 1697], asking him to inform the King of the 'earnest desire' of Princess Anne that Dr. [Samuel] Pratt should have the prebend at Windsor vacant by the death of John Saumares. Draft. 1 f.
194 Letter from Tenison perhaps to Daniel Finch, 2nd Earl of Nottingham, 25 June 1703, referring to the frequency of meetings of the Irish Convocation. Draft. See 929/45. 1 f.
195 Letter from Tenison to Queen Anne, from Lambeth, 12 June 1707, expressing concern over the see of Norwich, and exhorting the Queen to continue the course of moderation which is the cause episcopacy is held in esteem. Draft. 2 ff.
196 Letter from Tenison to Charles Townshend, 2nd Viscount Townshend, from Lambeth, 5 October 1714, referring to the undesirability of Dr. [Humphrey] Henchman becoming Bishop of Ely. Mentions sermons by London clergy on 'the danger of the church', and 'a 2nd Sacheveral coming from Oxford'. Copy. 2 ff.
197 Letter from Tenison to the Electress Sophia, 17 December 1701, acknowledging a letter from her sent by the late Earl of Macclesfield. Refers to his endeavours and those of his brethren to obtain the passage of the Act of Succession, and expresses loyalty to the Elector and the Protestant succession. Draft. 2 ff.
198 Letter from Tenison to William III, 6 January 1695, enclosing a prayer for private use before morning or afternoon public worship. Refers to an audience with Princess Anne. Draft. 2 ff.
199 Address by Tenison on behalf of himself and the bishops to the Electress Sophia, with the consent of the King, assuring her of their wish to maintain the Protestant succession, [1701]. Draft. 1 f.
200 Letter from Tenison to William III, [June 1698], referring to a sermon by John Macbridge, minister at Belfast, entitled Sermon before the provincial synod of Antrim, asserting the power of the Church to call national and provincial Synods, and proposing that it should be inquired into. Draft. 2 ff.
201 Letter from Tenison to William III, [1697], stating that St. Paul's cathedral will be ready to be opened at Michaelmas. Draft. Written on the back of a petition by E. Wardour seeking recommendation for a post in the customs, [1697]. 1 f
202 Letter from Tenison to [William Blathwayt], 28 September 1697, acknowledging a letter, and repeating on behalf of all the Commissioners the claim of Samuel Pratt, who is very deserving, to the vacant prebend at Windsor. Draft. 2 ff.
203 Letter from Tenison to [Joseph] Addison, from Lambeth, 6 September 1714, expressing a desire to attend the King at Greenwich despite ill-health. Draft. 2 ff.
204 Second memorial from Tenison, Bishop of Lincoln, to [William and Mary], 15 March 1694, stating that since the Act concerning Forfeited Estates in Ireland will not pass this session, and that since the restoration of forfeited impropriations to the Church was the 'mainspring' of his removal to Ireland, he wishes to remain in England. Copy. 2 ff.
205 Letter from Tenison to James Johnstone, Secretary of State in Scotland, 20 August 1695, expressing concern that the Scottish Episcopal clergy should demonstrate their loyalty, for the King does not wish to inflict hardship on them. Copy. 1 f.
206 Appointment by Charles, Prince of Wales, of Sir Richard Cockburn of Clerkington keeper of his privy seal in Scotland, [27 November 1619]. Copy. Registers of the Privy Council of Scotland, XII, 138-9. 1 f.
207 Complimentary letter from the States General of the United Provinces to Tenison, from The Hague, 11 November 1701. French. The cover is bound between items 217 and 218. 1 f.
208 Letter from Louise, 'Raugrave Palatine' [2nd daughter of Charles Louis, Elector Palatine], to [Tenison], from Hanover, 22 April 1712, enclosing a letter from the Council of the Reformed Church of the Palatinate for the Queen, and hoping that the interests of the Protestant Church will not be forgotten in the Treaty [of Utrecht]. French. 2 ff.
209 Duplicate of a letter [to Tenison] sent by an alternative route, 6 November 1705, concerning the intentions of the Electress Sophia. French. 1 f.
210 Letter from Princess Anne to Tenison, [September 1697], pressing Dr. Samuel Pratt's claim to the prebend at Windsor. Seal.
Endorsed by Tenison, 'Princess Anne 2d letter'. 2 ff.
211 Letter from Princess Anne to Tenison, 1 September [1697], urging Pratt's claim. Seal. 2 ff.
212 Letter from the Electress Sophia (la trés affectionée amie) to Tenison, c.1703, stating that she was born and brought up in the Church of England; Lord Stamford has given her several Books of Common Prayer with her name inserted [in the state prayers]. French. 2 ff.
213 Letter from the Electress Sophia (la trés affectionée amie) to Tenison, from Hanover, 10 December 1701, expressing her obligations. Seal. French. 2 ff.
214 Letter from the Electress Sophia (votre trés affectionée amie) to Tenison, from Herenhausen, 3 November 1705, seeking his views whether she should submit to the wishes of her friends 'en cas que la nation iuge bon de m'apeller', and supposes that it will depend on the Queen's pleasure. French. A second original by the Electress but without date is item 215. See also 209. 2 + 2 ff.
216 Letter from the Electress Sophia (votre trés affectionée amie) to Tenison, from Hanover, 16 August 1701, thanking him for his and the bishops' support for the Act of Succession. French. 2 ff.
217 Letter from the Electress Sophia (votre trés affectionée amie) to Tenison, from Herenhausen, 26 August 1701, recommending an emissary to him. French. 1 f.
218 A letter from her royal highness the Princess Sophia, Electress of Brunswic and Luneburg, to his grace the Archbishop of Canterbury, 1706. 4 ff.
219 Letter from Dr. John Hutton to Tenison, from Hanover, 14/25 September 1705, reporting that he has delivered Tenison's letter to the Electress, who believes that she and the Archbishop should soon meet in England. The Elector inquires kindly about him. Death of the Duke of Zell. Lord Hertford has arrived. Seal. 2 ff.
220 Letter from Charles Spencer, 3rd Earl of Sunderland, to the same, from Astrop, 26 March n.y., thanking him for a letter.
Supports moderation 'for this divided countrey', and will call at Lambeth. 1 f.
221 Letter from the King of the Tartars [Chamus Tartarorum] to Sigismund III, King of Poland, [1619]. Latin copy. 1 f.
222 Letter from Sir Rowland Gwynne to Tenison, from Hanover, 6 October 1705, reporting the arrival of Dr. Hutton sent by the Earl of Rochester and his party to invite the Electress to England. Advises that the invitation must be left to the Queen, and that the Electress should only then by invited. Suggests Tenison propose that the Elector learn English, the English constitution, and the doctrine of the Church of England. The Protestant education of the children of Lady Bellomont; the Jesuits at Hildesheim and elsewhere; plotting of Lord Drummond; desires to become resident at Hamburg. 8 ff.
223 Letter from Sir Rowland Gwynne to Tenison, from Hanover, 6 November 1705, stating that the Electress wishes Tenison to discuss her letters to him with Lord Stamford, Lord Haversham, and Sir Richard Onslow. 'No man in England knowes any thing of this matter but you four'. Importance of secrecy: he is to send nothing by Schutz. 2 ff.
224 Letter from the Electress Sophia to Tenison, from Hanover, 1 October 1705, accepting his advice. Seal. French. 2 ff.
225 Description of a system of cypher entitled 'A method of writing that I count the safest and most expeditious that was euer yet practised when well understood', c.1700. Perhaps by William Blencowe. 5 ff.
226 Sentence of dissolution of the Hospital of the Savoy near the Strand, Middlesex, by Sir Nathan Wright, Lord Keeper, 31 July 1702. Latin. Endorsed by Tenison, 'Mr. Tayler's paper received July 20 1715'. 2 ff.
227 'The case of the Hospital of the Savoy', stating that the tenants do not know where to apply to renew their leases and are advised that the dissolution is illegal. A Bill to confirm the dissolution was thrown out, [1715]. 2 ff.
228 Extract from the will of George Fox, proved 30 December 1697. Endorsed by Tenison. 2 ff.
229 Letter from John Toland, deist, to Tenison, from Westminster, 2 May 1707, denying that he had discussed 'my own person or affairs' with Dissenters. It was his intention to reduce the doctrine of toleration to a clear and positive system. Complains of inaccuracies in The Dissenters vindicated [by Defoe]. Sends a copy of his letter to the Dissenters (missing). 2 ff.
FindingAidsItems 24 and 28 also noted in Charles M. Andrews and Frances G. Davenport, 'Guide to the Manuscript Materials for the History of the United States to 1783, in the British Museum, in Minor London Archives, and in the Libraries of Oxford and Cambridge' (Washington, 1908), p. 288:
930. 24. Letter from Lord Somers to Archbishop Tenison. May 30, 1698.
(Begins: "The king was pleased last night to determine that Coll. .Nicholson should be Governour of Virginia, and gave mee leave to acquaint your Grace with it wch I said I was sure would please you very much . . . . )
930. 38. Letter from Mr. Henry Dodwell to Archbishop Tenison. August 29, 1700.
(Urges that the plantations should have bishops of their own.)
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 193

MS. 930/24 and MS 930/38 [American material] :
Microfilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 772

Available from World Microfilms Publications:
Lambeth Palace Library: Miscellaneous American Material. Reel 1 (with other MSS.)
Copies of the microfilm may be available in other libraries.

Copies are available from the British Library Microform Research Collections:
PublnNoteGwynn, Robin, 'The Huguenots in later Stuart Britain, vol. 1' (Brighton, 2015) [KA125.H84]
Melanie Barber, 'Tales of the unexpected: glimpses of Friends in the archives of Lambeth Palace Library', pp.87-123, The Journal of the Friends Historical Society, vol 61, no 2, 2007 [Lambeth Palace Library H7601]
MS 930, fol. 35: P. M. Doll (ed.), 'Anglicanism and Orthodoxy: 300 Years after the "Greek College" in Oxford', 2006 [Lambeth Palace Library H27.D6]
Stephen Lalor, "Matthew Tindal, Freethinker: an eighteenth-century assault on religion" 2006 [Lambeth Palace Library I1391.Z7L2]
McCall, Fiona, 'Baal's Priests: The Loyalist Clergy and the English Revolution'. (Farnham, Ashgate, 2013) [Lambeth Palace Library H5073.M2]
Referred to in Arnold Hunt, 'The Art of Hearing: English Preachers and their Audiences' (Cambridge, 2010) [Lambeth Palace Library G4208.E6H8]

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GB/109/17465Aglionby; William (-1705); Under Secretary of State-1705
GB/109/17466d'Albert; Charles (1578-1621); duc de Luynes; French statesman1578-1621
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GB/109/18206Blathwayt; William (c. 1650-1717); Government Officialc. 1650-1717
GB/109/18208Blencowe; William (1683-1712); Decypherer1683-1712
GB/109/18210Blencowe; John (1642-1726); Judge1642-1726
GB/109/18213Bonnac; Jean Louis D'Usson de (1672-1738); Marquis d'Usson1672-1738
GB/109/16064de Bonne; François (1543-1626); Duke de Lesdiguières; Constable of France1543-1626
GB/109/17343Bourbon-Condé; Henry (September 1, 1588 - December 26, 1646); Henry II, Prince of Bourbon-CondéSeptember 1, 1588 - December 26, 1646
GB/109/18223Brereton; William (1611-1664); 2nd Baron Brereton1611-1664
GB/109/6779Burnet; Gilbert (1643-1715); Bishop of Salisbury; historian1643-1715
GB/109/18230Butler; Thomas (c. 1575-1634); Captainc. 1575-1634
GB/109/17552Calvert; Sir; George (c 1579-1632); 1st Baron Baltimorec 1579-1632
GB/109/9268University of Cambridge; St. John's College; 1511-1511-
GB/109/8351Province of Canterbury
GB/109/18235Carr; Robert (c. 1585-1645); Earl of Somersetc. 1585-1645
NA2373Cecil; Lord; Robert (1563-1612); 1st Earl of Salisbury1563-1612
DS/UK/6012Chandler; Edward (1668?-1750); Bishop of Durham1668?-1750
NA2179Charles I (1600-1649); King of England, Scotland and Ireland1600-1649
NA2943Charles II (1630-1685); King of Great Britain and Ireland1630-1685
GB/109/18241Chiswell; Richard (1640-1711); the elder1640-1711
GB/109/16073Christian IV (1577-1648); King of Denmark1577-1648
GB/109/15072Clement VIII (1536-1605); Pope (1592-1605)1536-1605
145Church of England; 1534-1534-
GB/109/16074Colville; James (c.1551-1629); 1st Lord Colville of Culross; soldier and diplomatc.1551-1629
GB/109/18249Cornwallis; Charles (c. 1555-1629); diplomatc. 1555-1629
NA2386Cromwell; Oliver (1599-1658); Lord Protector1599-1658
GB/109/18255Defoe; Daniel (?1660-1731); Journalist?1660-1731
GB/109/15143Devereux; Robert (1565-1601); 2nd Earl of Essex; soldier and politician1565-1601
GB/109/18256Digby; George (1612-1677); 2nd Earl of Bristol1612-1677
NA3013Dodwell; Henry (1641-1711); scholar and theologian; nonjuror1641-1711
GB/109/18263Drummond; James (1674-1720); styled fifth earl of Perth and Jacobite second duke of Perth1674-1720
GB/109/14039East India Company; 1600-18581600-1858
NA2926Province of Canterbury; Prerogative Court of Canterbury; -1858-1858
NA2488Elizabeth I (1533-1603); Queen of England and Ireland1533-1603
DS/UK/6296England and Wales; Parliament; 1536-17071536-1707
GB/109/10678Court of High Commission; c.1535-1641c.1535-1641
DS/UK/5192England and Wales; Privy Council; 1536-17071536-1707
GB/109/6770England and Wales; Parliament; House of Commons; 1536-17071536-1707
GB/109/18275Fane; Francis (c. 1583-1629); Landownerc. 1583-1629
GB/109/18276Fane; Mildmay (1602-1666); 2nd Earl of Westmorland; politician and writer1602-1666
GB/109/18279Finch; Daniel (1647-1730); 2nd Earl of Nottingham & 7th Earl of Winchilsea1647-1730
GB/109/18281Firmin; Thomas (1632-1697); Philanthropist1632-1697
GB/109/18291Gatford; Lionel (d. 1665); Divined. 1665
NA2431Gauden; John (1605-1662); Bishop of Worcester1605-1662
DS/UK/5963George I (1660-1727); King of Great Britain and Ireland1660-1727
GB/109/18294Godolphin; Sidney (1645-1712); 1st Earl of Godolphin1645-1712
GB/109/18297Grey; Thomas (c. 1653-1720); 2nd Earl of Stamford; conspirator and politicianc. 1653-1720
GB/109/18298Grey; Thomas (1622-1657); Baron Grey of Groby; Regicide1622-1657
GB/109/17940Henrietta Maria (1609-1669); Queen Consort of Charles I1609-1669
GB/109/18302Henry Frederick (1594-1612); Prince of Wales1594-1612
GB/109/18303Herbert; Sir; Edward (1582?-1648); 1st Baron Herbert of Cherbury; 1st Baron Herbert of Castle Island.; diplomat and philosopher1582?-1648
GB/109/18304Hickeringill; Edmund (c. 1631-1708); Divinec. 1631-1708
GB/109/18305Hickman; Charles (1648-1713); Bishop of Derry1648-1713
GB/109/8936Humphreys; Humphrey (1648-1712); Bishop of Hereford1648-1712
GB/109/18310Hutton; John (d. 1712); Physiciand. 1712
GB/109/18312Hyde; Henry (1683-1709); 2nd Earl of Clarendon1683-1709
GB/109/18313Hyde; Laurence (c. 1642-1711); 1st Earl of Rochesterc. 1642-1711
GB/109/18317Ireton; Henry (c. 1611-1651); parliamentarian army officer and regicidec. 1611-1651
NA2506James I (1566-1625); King of England, Scotland and Ireland1566-1625
GB/109/16232Stuart; James Francis Edward (1688-1766); The Old Pretender1688-1766
GB/109/15394Johnston; James (1655-1737); politician, government official1655-1737
GB/109/16254Kennett; White (1660-1728); Bishop of Peterborough; historian and philologist1660-1728
GB/109/18325Langley; Richard (fl. 1594-1611); Headmaster of Eton (1594-1611)fl. 1594-1611
35Laud; William (1573-1645); Archbishop of Canterbury1573-1645
NA1252Diocese of Lincoln
DS/UK/6478Diocese of Llandaff
GB/109/10935Lloyd; William (1627-1717); Bishop of Worcester1627-1717
137Diocese of London
GB/109/18334Louis XIII (1601-1643); King of France1601-1643
DS/UK/5950Louis XIV (1638-1715); King of France1638-1715
GB/109/16121Maitland; John (1543-1595); 1st Lord Maitland of Thirlestane; lord chancellor of Scotland1543-1595
GB/109/15465Manningham; Thomas (-1722); Bishop of Chichester-1722
GB/109/18338Mary II (1662-1694); Queen of England, Scotland, and Ireland1662-1694
GB/109/17472de' Medici; Marie (1573-1642); Queen Consort of Henri IV of France1573-1642
GB/109/9115Mew; Peter (1619-1706); Bishop of Winchester1619-1706
GB/109/18349Morton; Sir; Albertus (c. 1584-1625); Diplomatc. 1584-1625
GB/109/10725Nicholson; Sir; Francis (1660-1728); Knight; colonial governor1660-1728
NA2970Diocese of Norwich
GB/109/18353Onslow; Sir; Richard (1654-1717); 1st Baron Onslow; Speaker of the House of Commons1654-1717
179Diocese of Oxford; 1545-1545-
180University of Oxford
DS/UK/5109University of Oxford; All Souls College; 1438-1438-
GB/109/18361Pratt; Samuel (1658-1723); Dean of Rochester1658-1723
GB/109/18363Prideaux; Humphrey (1648-1724); Dean of Norwich1648-1724
GB/109/12789Selden; John (1584-1654); jurist, MP and antiquary1584-1654
GB/109/18379Seton; Alexander (1556-1622); 1st Earl of Dunfermline; Lord Chancellor of Scotland1556-1622
GB/109/18380Seymour; Algernon (1684-1750); 7th Duke of Somerset1684-1750
DS/UK/4980Sharp; John (1645-1714); Archbishop of York1645-1714
GB/109/15756Somers; John (1651-1716); 1st Baron Somers; Lord Chancellor1651-1716
GB/109/18394Spencer; Charles (1675-1722); 3rd Earl of Sunderland; Politician1675-1722
GB/109/18396Spencer; Robert (1641-1702); 2nd Earl of Sunderland1641-1702
GB/109/8975Stratford; Nicholas (-1707); Bishop of Chester-1707
30Tenison; Thomas (1636-1715); Archbishop of Canterbury1636-1715
GB/109/18402Thompson; John (1648-1710); 1st Baron Haversham1648-1710
GB/109/18403Thorndike; Herbert (c. 1597-1672); Divinec. 1597-1672
31Tillotson; John (1630-1694); Archbishop of Canterbury1630-1694
GB/109/15832Trimnell; Charles (1663-1723); Bishop of Winchester1663-1723
GB/109/18406Trumbell; Sir; William (c. 1576-1635); Secretary of Statec. 1576-1635
GB/109/18000Villiers; George (1592-1628); 1st Duke of Buckingham; royal favourite1592-1628
GB/109/15861Wake; Sir; Isaac (1580-1632); knight; diplomat1580-1632
29Wake; William (1657-1737); Archbishop of Canterbury1657-1737
GB/109/18411White; Thomas (1628-1698); Bishop of Peterborough1628-1698
GB/109/15919Willis; Richard (1664-1734); Bishop of Winchester1664-1734
NA2489William III (1650-1702); King of Great Britain and Ireland, Prince of Orange1650-1702
GB/109/17722Digby; John (1580-1653); 1st Earl of Bristol; diplomat and politician1580-1653
971Diocese of London; Cathedral Church of St. Paul
GB/109/21366Harley; Robert (1661-1724); 1st Earl of Oxford; statesman1661-1724
GB/109/24031Locke; John (1632-1704); philosopher1632-1704
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