RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 663
Extent218 ff.
DateEarly 17th century
DescriptionCorrespondence and papers of Thomas Murray (1564-1623), Tutor (from 1605) and Secretary (1617-1621) to Charles, Prince of Wales, afterwards Charles I. The bulk of the Murray papers (MSS. 663-669) are concerned with European politics, especially the acceptance by Frederick V, Elector Palatine and son-in-law of James I, of the crown of Bohemia in 1619, and the subsequent conflict which marked the opening of the Thirty Years War. Many of the papers were sent to Murray for the attention and political education of Prince Charles. Also included are papers relating to the Prince's finances and the affairs of his Council (Murray was appointed keeper of the Prince's privy seal and of the seal of his Council in 1615, see MS. 940 item 36). Included too are original papers of Sir Henry Savile (1549-1622) as Provost of Eton College and of Murray as his successor as Provost of Eton from 1622.
[Volume one, of seven volumes].

ff. 1r-8v. 'Relatione della stato, forze et governo della Serenissima Republica di Venetia fatta al Cattolico Re Fillippo'. A relazione on Venice, addressed to Philip II, King of Spain. In Italian. Written between the accession of Philip II in 1556 and the Venetian loss of Cyprus in 1573.
Begins: 'Se ad alcuno Ambasciatore, Catolico Re, che torni da qualche Principe o Republica manca alle volte degna materia da referire...'. Another copy is in MS. 490, ff. 13v-31r.
ff. 9r-18v. 'Relatione della Corte d'Inghilterra'. A version of the relazione on the England of Edward VI written by Petruccio Ubaldini in 1551 or 1552. Imperfect. Begins in a section on the royal palaces: 'La dispositione di quella et delli palazzi e tale che tutti sono disposti ad un medesimo modo...' (corresponding to the Pellegrini edition of the relazione p. 80). See Giuliano Pellegrini, 'Un fiorentino alla corte d'Inghilterra nel Cinquecento: Petruccio Ubaldini' (Turin, 1967).
ff. 19r-32v. 'Relatione fatta dal Signor Tomaso Contarini nel ritorno della sua Ambasciaria de Spagna fatta l'anno 1593 mensis April'. The relazione given by Tommaso Contarini, Venetian Ambassador to Spain, on his return to Venice in 1593. In Italian.
ff. 33r-35v. Copy of a treaty between Great Britain and the Dutch Republic. Endorsed: '26 June 1608. A defensive league between his Majesty [James I] and the States of the United Provinces'. In French. See Thomas Rymer, 'Foedera...', 20 vols (London, 1704-1735), vol. 16, pp. 667-673.
ff. 36r-38v. Endorsed: 'Conditiones induciarum et pacis inter Caesarem et Hungariae Regem'. Terms of peace between the Holy Roman Emperor and the King of Hungary. n.d. In Latin.
ff. 39r-40v. 'Summa articulorum instructionis quae dabitur ad convent. particulares pro 22 Septembris anno 1620'. Articles of the peace between Poland and the Turks, September 1620. In Latin.
f. 41r-v. Copy of a letter from James I to his son-in-law, Frederick V, King of Bohemia. 14 June 1620. In French.
ff. 42r-43v. A response by the ambassador of the princes of the Protestant Union [Benjamin Bouwinghausen von Walmerode] to the objections of James I against giving support to the Union and to his children Frederick V and Elizabeth, King and Queen of Bohemia, in the face of the threat from the Catholic League. Endorsed: 'Les demandes de Benckhausen Amb. de Princes Unis et les responses du Roy de la Grande Bretagne'. n.d. [March 1620]. In French. Another copy is MS. 930 item 73.
ff. 44r-45v. Reply of the Republic of Venice to Francois Annibal d'Estrees, Marquis de Coeuvres and afterwards Duc d'Estrees (1573-1670), refusing the possibility of readmitting the Jesuits to Venice (whence they had been ejected during the Interdict, 1606). The final sentence is addressed to 'Monsr. Villiers' [Rene Courtin de Villiers, French Ambassador to Venice]. n.d. Possibly written during the embassy of the Marquis de Coeuvres to Rome 1619-22. In French.
ff. 46r-49v. 'Inconveniences of the merchandisinge exchange and their remedies'. 1602. A treatise on trade and currency exchange. Followed by a further paragraph in another hand dated 1605. In English. An endorsement is dated 1608, possibly the date when this copy was made.
f. 50r-v. A list of recusants among the gentry of the county of Durham with recommendations for proceedings against them. In English. Endorsed: 'Duresm 1608. Touchinge recusants'. Cf. MS. 930/123.
ff. 51r-53v. An act of confirmation of the jointure of Anne of Denmark, Queen of James I. Concludes: 'xvii Julii 1609. Ext. per R.E.'. In English. The private act for the confirmation of Queen Anne's jointure was passed in 1603 (1 James I cap. 1); the date 1609, also found in an endorsement, is possibly the date when this copy was made.
ff. 55r-56v. Letter (original) from William Barlow (d.1613), Bishop of Lincoln and Visitor of Eton College, to Sir Henry Savile, Provost of Eton, concerning Barlow's objections to William Charke (d.1617), religious controversialist, and to Richard Langley, headmaster of Eton, and other matters. 5 December 1610. In English.
ff. 57r-58v. Letter (original) from William Barlow (d.1613), Bishop of Lincoln and Visitor of Eton College, to Sir Henry Savile, Provost of Eton, about his concerns regarding William Charke and Richard Langley and other matters. 9 December 1610. In English.
ff. 59r-60v. Copy of a report commissioned by James I concerning a rumour that Arabella Stuart (1575-1615) gave birth to a child while confined at Lambeth in 1610 following her marriage to Thomas Seymour. Includes testimony from Ann Bradshawe dated 21 January 1616 [ie. 1616/17]. Followed by the names of George Abbot, Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Howard, 1st Earl of Suffolk, Edward Somerset, 4th Earl of Worcester, Ralph Winwood and Francis Bacon. In English.
f. 61r-v. Letter (original) from 'Lingelshem' [?Ludwig Lingelshem] to Thomas Murray, concerning the outbreak of war in the bishopric of Strasbourg and other matters. Heidelberg, 16 March 1611. In French.
ff. 62r-63v. Letter (original) from William Barlow, Bishop of Lincoln and Visitor of Eton College, to Sir Henry Savile, Provost of Eton, concerning his objections to Richard Langley as headmaster. 16 July 1611. In English.
ff. 64r-67v. 'The instrument of the States General [of the Netherlands] for th'acknowledgment of his Majesty's debtte, and for the payment of the same to him by 40 thousand pound the yeare, during the truce, to begin the 29 of September 1611.' Concerning payments due to James I from the Dutch Republic. Text (other than title) in French.
ff. 68r-71v. Three letters (autograph drafts) from Sir Henry Savile, Provost of Eton, to William Barlow, Bishop of Lincoln and Visitor of Eton, concerning the dismissal of Richard Langley as headmaster and other matters. 27 Sept. 1611 and n.d. In English.
ff. 72r-74v. Two letters (originals) from William Barlow, Bishop of Lincoln and Visitor of Eton College, to Sir Henry Savile, Provost of Eton, concerning the dismissal of Richard Langley as headmaster and the appointment of a successor. August 1611 and 16 Sept. 1611. In English.
f. 75r-v. A draft letter in the hand of Thomas Murray, 8 October 1611. Endorsed by him 'Copie d'un escrite a Monsieur B'. In French.
ff. 76r-77v. Letter (original) from William Barlow, Bishop of Lincoln and Visitor of Eton College, to Sir Henry Savile, Provost of Eton, concerning the choice of Richard Wright (formerly the usher) as headmaster, and the appointment of a new usher. 1 October 1611. In English.
ff. 77v-78v. Letters (autograph draft) from Sir Henry Savile, Provost of Eton, to William Barlow, Bishop of Lincoln and Visitor of Eton, concerning the appointment of Matthew Bust as headmaster. n.d. [c. November 1611]. In English.
f. 79r-v. Lease for 21 years of a messuage, land and two gunpowder mills on Hounslow Heath in the parish of East Bedfont with Hatton, Middlesex. The lease was granted by Sir Michael Stanhope (d. 1621) of Sudbury, Suffolk, to Edward Fisher, merchant, of London. 24 Feb 9 James I [1612]. Incomplete (first page only). In English. Cf. MS. 669, f. 157.
ff. 80r-86v. Five letters (originals) from Volrad von Plessen (1560-1631), Minister of Frederick V, Elector Palatine (and later governor of his children), to Thomas Murray, concerning European affairs and relations between England and the Palatinate at the time of the marriage of Frederick V to Elizabeth, daughter of James I. Heidelberg, July 1612-Aug 1613. In French.
f. 87. Commission from Henry Marten (c.1561-1641), civil lawyer and judge, appointing an unnnamed person (the document is left blank for the insertion of a name) to act in his absence as surrogate official of the peculiar jurisdiction of Eton. 4 April 1613. In Latin. On vellum, without seal.
ff. 88r-92v. Four letters (originals) from Volrad von Plessen (1560-1631), Minister of Frederick V, Elector Palatine, to Thomas Murray, concerning the arrival in Heidelberg of Elizabeth, daughter of James I and wife of the Elector Fredrick V, and European affairs in the light of their marriage alliance. Heidelberg, June-Nov. 1613. In French.
ff. 93r-94v. Dispensation from James I to Thomas Murray, Secretary to Charles, Prince of Wales, to exercise the office of Provost of Eton College. n.d. [1622]. In Latin. 2 copies.
ff. 95v-96r. Letter (original) from Sir Henry Wotton (1568-1639) to Thomas Murray, introducing John Pierce, his former Secretary in the Netherlands [1615], who would take charge of Wotton's affairs in his absence. n.d. [possibly written after Wotton's appointment in 1615 as Ambassador in Venice]. In English.
ff. 97r-98v. Letter (original) from Richard Murray to his relative and friend Thomas Murray. 21 August, no year. In English.
ff. 99r-100v. Letter (original) from Edward Cecil (1572-1638), afterwards Viscount Wimbledon, to Thomas Murray, concerning Murray's role as tutor to Prince Charles and referring to the virtues of the late Prince Henry (d. 1612). A section of the letter, concerning a set of models of military engines and artillery which he recommends for Prince Charles' study, is summarised in 'Calendar of State Papers ... James I, 1611-1618' (London, 1858), p. 153, where dated 21 Oct. 1612. 21 October, no year. In English. Cf. ff. 192-3.
ff. 101r-102v. Letter (original) from Thomas Weaver (d. 1651) Fellow and Vice Provost of Eton, to Thomas Murray, urging his intervention with the King concerning an appointment to the College living of Petworth, Sussex. n.d. [refers to Mr. Montague and probably relates to the institution of Richard Montagu as Rector of Petworth in 1623. Richard Montagu, or Richard Montague, was afterwards Bishop of Norwich]. In English.
ff. 103r-104v. Petition to James I concerning the superfluous number of maltsters, a matter remitted to the Lord Chancellor pursuant to an earlier petition of February 1614/15. Endorsed 'Mr Tho. Murray peticion'. n.d. In English.
ff. 105r-106v. Letter (original) from George Hay, afterwards 1st Earl of Kinnoull (1570-1634) to Thomas Murray, addressed as Secretary to Prince Charles, concerning the office as 'Clerk of his H[ighness'] Register and Exchequer'. n.d. Hay was Lord Clerk Register in Scotland from 1616. In English. Cf. MS. 665, ff. 21-2.
ff. 107r-108v. Letter (original) from Thomas Hamilton, 1st Earl of Melrose and afterwards 1st Earl of Haddington (1563-1637) to Thomas Murray concerning a commission of Prince Charles appointing Counsellors for his affairs in Scotland. n.d. [1619]. Cf. MSS. 665, ff. 23-4, 930 item 99 and 932 item 5. In English.
ff. 109r-112v. 'A note of the manors to be passed ffrom the King's Majesty to the Prince's Highnes in ffee simple'. A list of manors passed from James I to Prince Charles in counties throughout England with their annual income. n.d. Cf. ff. 209-216.
ff. 113r-124v. Six letters (originals) from Volrad von Plessen (1560-1631), Minister of Frederick V, Elector Palatine, to Thomas Murray, concerning affairs at the court of Frederick V and the European political situation. January-June 1614. In French.
ff. 125r-126v. An unsigned letter [from Sir Edward Phelips (c.1555-1614), Master of the Rolls] concerning his career, detractors and rumours that he is out of the King's favour; asking advice as to whether he should attend the King at Wanstead. June 1614. In English.
ff. 127r-131v. Five letters (originals) from Volrad von Plessen (1560-1631), Minister of Frederick V, Elector Palatine, to Thomas Murray, concerning affairs at the court of Frederick V and the European political situation. Sept-Dec 1614. In French.
ff. 132r-133v. Copy of the speech of James I in Parliament, 12 April 1614. In English.
ff. 134r-138v. 'Lettre de Monseigneur le Prince a la Reyne'. Letter to Marie de Medici, Queen dowager of Henry IV and Regent of France, concerning the disorders which have arisen during the minority of the King, Louis XIII, and demanding the summoning of the Estates General. The letter is probably from Henri II de Bourbon, Prince de Conde (1588-1646), heir to the throne. Mesiere, 18 Feb. 1614. In French.
ff. 139r-143v. Two letters from 'Forboyst' concerning the political situation in France. The letters are addressed, in English, possibly in another hand, to 'the honourable Mr. Newton' [Sir Adam Newton (d. 1630), Receiver-General to Prince Charles]. Paris, 25 May and 2 June 1614. In French.
ff. 144r-146v. Letter from John Woodford, British diplomat in Paris, to Sir Adam Newton (d. 1630) concerning the political situation in France. Paris, 4 March 1614. In English.
ff. 147r-148v. Copy of a letter from Sir Edward Phelips (c.1555-1614), Master of the Rolls to an unnamed Lord, replying to accusations against him. 19 March 1614. In English.
ff. 149r-151v. 'Sur aucunnes particularites concernant les officiers de Madame la Princesse Electrice...' . About complaints concerning English/Scottish gentlemen in the service of Elizabeth, Electress Palatine. Heidelberg, 21 June 1614. In French.
f. 152r-v. Newsletter from Paris, 6 Jan. 1615. In French.
f. 153r-v. Copy of a letter from Elisabeth Sophie, daughter of the Elector of Brandenburg and wife of Prince Janusz Radziwill, to Anne of Denmark, Queen of James I, asking her to be godmother to Elisabeth Sophie's daughter. Danzig, May 1615. In French.
f. 154r. Draft letter of compliments and greetings from Prince Charles to Prince Vandemont ('Monsieur mon cousin Monsieur le Prince de Vandemont'). Whitehall, 27 Sept. 1615. In Murray's hand. In French.
ff. 155r-156v. Letter from Sir Thomas Edmondes (d. 1639), Ambassador to France to 'Yor Highnes' [Prince Charles] concerning his diplomatic mission and events in France, including the proposal for the marriage of Prince Charles to Princess Christina, sister of Louis XIII. 10 Sept. 1615. In English.
ff. 157r-158v. Letter (original) from Sir Isaac Wake (1581-1632), Ambassador to Savoy, [to Thomas Murray] concerning the Treaty of Asti and Italian political affairs. Turin, 17/27 September 1615. In English.
ff. 159r-159a verso. Letter (original) from Volrad von Plessen (1560-1631), Minister of Frederick V, Elector Palatine, to Thomas Murray. 9 March 1615 old style. In French.
ff. 160r-160a verso. Copy of a letter from the lords of the Estates General of the Netherlands responding to the proposals of the Kings of France and Great Britain about fulfilling the Treaty of Xanten of 1614. 27 March 1615 new style.
ff. 161r-162v. Letter (original) from Sir Isaac Wake, Ambassador to Savoy [to Thomas Murray] on the progress towards peace and on diplomatic affairs. Turin, 15/25 October 1615. In English.
ff. 163r-163a verso. Draft letter from Thomas Murray to John Walter (1565-1630) Attorney-General to Prince Charles, requesting him to prepare a grant to John Dackombe (1570-1618), Master of Requests, of various offices in the service of Prince Charles. 21 October 1615. In English.
f. 164r-v. Draft letter of compliments from Thomas Murray [to Anne of Denmark, Queen of James I]. 23 Oct. 1615. In English.
f. 165r-v. Draft, in the hand of Thomas Murray, of an order from Prince Charles that all seals and stamps granted for his use by the King's warrant should be handed over to Sir James Fullarton. 13 Oct. 1615. In English.
ff. 166r-169v. 'Articles arrestes entre Monseigneur le Prince et les Deputes de l'Assemblee Generale de Nismes'. Articles of agreement between Henri II de Bourbon, Prince de Conde, and the Assemblee Generale at Nimes of the Eglises Reformees de France. 27 November 1615. In French. ff. 168-9 are blank. The Articles were printed in 1616.
ff. 170r-171v. Another copy of the same, in another hand.
ff. 172r-176v. Copy of a letter from the Assemblee Generale at Nimes of the Eglises Reformees de France to their collegues in the provinces, concerning their discussions with the Prince de Conde. 28 Sept. 1615. In French.
f. 177r-v. Final portion only of a letter (original) from Sir Isaac Wake, Ambassador to Savoy, [to Thomas Murray]. Turin, 12/22 Dec. 1615. In English.
ff. 178r-179v. Letter (original) from the eight senior fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge, to James I. 4 Nonas Junii [2 June] 1615. In Latin. With remains of seal.
ff. 180r-181v. Report on proceedings against Richard Weston for the murder of Sir Thomas Overbury (d. 1613). October 1615. Implicated in the case, and condemned, were James I's favourite Robert Carr, Earl of Somerset (d.1645), and his wife Frances (1590-1632), formerly the wife of Robert Devereux, 3rd Earl of Essex (1591-1646).
ff. 182r-183v. Copy of a letter from George Abbot, Archbishop of Canterbury, to James I concerning the case for the annullment of the marriage of Robert Devereux, 3rd Earl of Essex, and his wife Frances. With the King's reply. 1613. In English. In his letter Abbot cast doubt on the argument that 'maleficium' (witchcraft) was responsible for the impotence of Essex with regard to his wife.
ff. 184r-185v. Another copy of the Overbury murder proceedings as in ff. 180-181.
f. 186r-v. Draft letter from Prince Charles to Henri de La Tour d'Auvergne, Duke of Bouillon (1555-1623). 8 Jan. 1616 [ie. 1616/17?]. In Murray's hand. In French.
ff. 187r-188v. Letter (original) from Sir Isaac Wake, Ambassador to Savoy, [to Thomas Murray], on the war in Italy between Savoy and Spain and the Duke of Savoy's siege of Monferrat. Turin, 7 Feb. 1616 new style. In English.
f. 189r-v. Receipt given by Richard Yonge to Thomas Murray for £200, representing 'severall perpetuities' granted by James I to the Earl of Mar. 30 April 1616. In English.
ff. 191r-192v. Letter (original) from Sir Isaac Wake, Ambassador to Savoy, to Thomas Murray, expressing pleasure that Prince Charles is reading his despatches. Turin, 5/15 May 1616. In English.
ff. 192r-193v. Letter (original) from Sir Dudley Carleton, afterwards Viscount Dorchester (1574-1632), Ambassador to the Netherlands, [to Thomas Murray], concerning the purchase for Prince Charles of a set of models of artillery and necessaries of war recommended by General Edward Cecil. 7/17 May, 1616. Cf. ff. 99-100.
ff. 194r-195v. Copy of a warrant from Prince Charles to his Attorney General and Solicitor General, requiring them to prepare a grant of the office of Keeper of his Great Seal. September 1616. In English.
ff. 196r-199v. Two reports on the progress of the campaigns of Charles Emmanuel, Duke of Savoy, against the Spanish in Italy. 28 Sept. and 7 Oct. 1616. In Italian.
ff. 200r-201v. Letter (original) from Sir Isaac Wake, Ambassador to Savoy, to Thomas Murray, on the war in Northern Italy and negotiations. Turin, 4/14 December 1616. In English.
f. 202r-v. Copy of a letter from Henri de La Tour d'Auvergne, Duke of Bouillon, to the 'Estats'[?Estates General of the Netherlands] seeking help for the defence of his principality of Sedan. 28 Dec 1616. In French.
ff. 203r-204v. Orders given by James I for the University of Cambridge, 3 December 1616:
'His Majesties direction to ye Vicecan: and Heads of Houses in the University of Cambridge; given by the himself to Dr. Hilles, Vicecan; to Dr. Richardson, Mr. of Trinity Colledge; Dr. Cary, Deane of Paules; Dr. Davenant, Mr. of Queenes College; Dr. Gwin, Mr. of St. Johns on the 3rd December 1616. Ffirst his Majestie signifies his pleasure that he wolde have all, that take anye degree in Schooles, to subscribe to the three Articles. Secondly, that no preacher be allowed to preach in the towne, but such as are every way conformable both by subscription and every other way. Thirdly, that all Students doe resort to ye sermons at St. Maries, and be restrained from goeing to any other Church in the tyme of St. Maries sermons, and that provision be made that ye sermons in St. Maries be diligently performed both before noone and after noone. Ffourthly, that ye newe seates be removed, and that the Doctors sitt in that Church as they were wont anciently to doe, and that provision be made for some convenient place for the sonnes of noblemen. Ffifthly, that ye Ordinary Divinity Act be constantly kept with 3 Repliers. Sixthly, that there be a greate restraint of scholers haunting of towne-houses, especially in ye night. Seaventhly, that all the schollers both at Chappell and at ye Schooles doe keep their scholasticall habitts. Eightly, that younge students in Divinity be directed to study such books as be most agreeable in doctrine and discipline to the Church of England, and excited to bestow their tyme in the Fathers and Counsells, Schoolemen, Histories and Controversies; and not to insist too long upon Compendiums and Abbreviations, making them the groundes of their studye in Divinitye. Ninthly, that no man either in pulpitt or in Schooles be suffered to mayntaine dogmatically any point of doctrine that is not allowed by the Church of England. Lastly, that Mr. Vicecan: and the two Professors, or two of ye Heads of Howses, doe every Michellmas Terme, when his Majestie resorts into these partes, wayte upon his Majestie and give his Majestie a just account how these his Majesties instructions are observed.'
ff. 205r-208v. Copy of an address by Guillen de Monthon, Ambassador of the Duke of Savoy, to the Estates General of the United Provinces of the Netherlands and the united princes of Germany, describing the pursuit by Spain of a universal monarchy and calling on them to assist the Duke of Savoy. 14 March 1617 new style. With a copy of a letter of credence from Charles Emmanuel, Duke of Savoy, dated the last day of the year 1616. In French.
ff. 209r-214v. A list of manors passed from James I to Prince Charles in counties throughout England with their annual income: 'The Honors, Lordships, Mannors and other lands which are to passe unto the Princes Highness, being already rated and allowed by the Lords Commissioners for his Majesties revenewe'; followed by 'The Mannors which were left out of the Princes Booke of £5000 which is nowe to passe, being an overplus'; followed by '...Mannors which remayne yet undisposed of, late the Queenes Joyneture'. n.d. Cf. ff. 109-112.
ff. 215r-216v. 'An Assignation made to Prince Charles Prince of Wales of the some of forty and five thousand pounds per annum in lands finable, fee farme and dry rents, and in ready money out of the Exchequer'. Endorsed with the date 1616.
ff. 217r-218v. 'Articles for the peace of France 1616'. In French.
LanguageEnglish, Italian, French, Latin
FindingAidsNew description by Richard Palmer, 2012
PhysicalDescriptionQuarter leather binding, 390 x 280 mm., late 20th century. Spine lettered: 'Papers of Thomas Murray'.
Paper leaves (except f. 87, vellum), being loose papers bound together.
CustodialHistoryRecorded amongst the manuscripts of Archbishop Thomas Tenison in David Wilkins' catalogue of the Lambeth manuscripts dated 1720 (LR/F/40).
The papers appear to have been loose on acquisition. They were bound in their present order,and each item numbered, by David Wilkins. The present catalogue refers to the more recent foliation rather than to the item numbers.
CopiesPositive Microfilm: Lambeth Palace Library Box 665
RelatedMaterialStrays from the main body of the Thomas Murray papers (MSS. 663-669) are found in the Gibson papers and Bacon papers. Most, and possibly all, of the following are stray Thomas Murray papers, often identifiable by endorsements in Murray's hand.:
Gibson Papers:
MS. 930, items 71-74, 77, 84, 85, 87, 89-111, 113-120, 122-130, 134, 136-143, 145-150, 152-153, 155, 159-161, 163, 176, 178, 206, 221.
MS. 931, items 26-31, 34-35, 43.
MS. 932, items 5, 12-16, 18-19, 21-23, 25-28, 31, 40-43, 46-47, 51.
MS. 933, items 3, 5, 7, 17-18, 119, 125.
MS. 934, item 51.
MS. 936, items 263-264.
MS. 940, items 36-43
MS. 941, items 59, 81, 99, 102, 141-145, 147-183.
Bacon papers:
MS. 661, items 176-182 (relating to Eton College).

Extensive related papers are in the National Archives, State Papers, Foreign.
PublnNoteH. C. Maxwell Lyte, 'A history of Eton College', new edition (London, 1889) quotes from the letters to Sir Henry Savile.

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GB/109/16166Savile; Sir; Henry (1549-1622); mathematician and classical scholar1549-1622
GB/109/14511Murray; Thomas (1564-1623); royal tutor and college head1564-1623
NA2179Charles I (1600-1649); King of England, Scotland and Ireland1600-1649
NA2506James I (1566-1625); King of England, Scotland and Ireland1566-1625
NA1529Eton College; 1440-1440-
GB/109/19062Frederick V (1596-1632); Elector Palatine1596-1632
GB/109/19613Elizabeth (1596-1662); Queen Consort of Frederick V, King of Bohemia and Elector Palatine1596-1662
GB/109/17198Anne of Denmark (1574-1619); Queen Consort of James I1574-1619
GB/109/8910Barlow; William (-1613); Bishop of Lincoln-1613
GB/109/18346Montagu; Richard (c. 1575-1641); Bishop of Norwichc. 1575-1641
GB/109/17216Cecil; Edward (1572-1638); Viscount Wimbledon1572-1638
GB/109/19657Hamilton; Thomas (1563-1637); Earl of Melrose and 1st Earl of Haddington; lawyer and politician1563-1637
GB/109/19656Phelips; Sir; Edward (c.1555-1614); Speaker of the House of Commonsc.1555-1614
GB/109/19658Newton; Sir; Adam (-1630); 1st Baronet; royal official-1630
GB/109/18151Carleton; Dudley (1574-1632); Viscount Dorchester1574-1632
GB/109/21677Charke; William (d.1617); religious controversialistd.1617
GB/109/18325Langley; Richard (fl. 1594-1611); Headmaster of Eton (1594-1611)fl. 1594-1611
GB/109/21680Von Plessen; Volrad (1560-1631); Minister of Frederick V, Elector Palatine1560-1631
GB/109/18001Wotton; Sir; Henry (1568-1639); knight; diplomat and writer1568-1639
GB/109/21681Weaver; Thomas (d.1651); Vice Provost Eton Colleged.1651
GB/109/16089Edmondes; Sir; Thomas (-1639); diplomat-1639
GB/109/15861Wake; Sir; Isaac (1580-1632); knight; diplomat1580-1632
GB/109/17343Bourbon-Condé; Henry (September 1, 1588 - December 26, 1646); Henry II, Prince of Bourbon-CondéSeptember 1, 1588 - December 26, 1646
DS/UK/3482University of Cambridge; Trinity College; 1546-1546-
GB/109/19661Overbury; Sir; Thomas (c.1581-1613); courtier and authorc.1581-1613
GB/109/15499Devereux; Robert (1591-1646); 3rd Earl of Essex; parliamentarian army officer1591-1646
GB/109/19662Howard; Frances (1590-1632); Countess of Somerset; courtier1590-1632
GB/109/18235Carr; Robert (c. 1585-1645); Earl of Somersetc. 1585-1645
36Abbot; George (1562-1633); Archbishop of Canterbury1562-1633
GB/109/16214Tour d'Auvergne; Henri de la (1555-1623); Vicomte de Turenne, duc de Bouillon1555-1623
NA1682University of Cambridge
GB/109/19676Charles Emmanuel I (1562-1630); Duke of Savoy1562-1630
GB/109/16216Society of Jesus; 1540-1540-
GB/109/17317Seymour; Lady; Arabella (1575-1615); née Stuart; noblewoman and royal kinswoman1575-1615
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