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Alt Ref NoMS 4956
Extent363 ff
TitleSynodical Government
DescriptionCorrespondence and other papers recording George Goyder's work with the Church Assembly Legislative Committee to establish a synodical government within the Church of England. Subjects covered and their respective date ranges are as follows:

1947-1953: Contains correspondence received by Goyder and copies of his replies concerning his speeches to the Church Assembly in for the years 1947, 1949, 1951 to 1953 during his campaign to reform the relationship between church and state, as well as correspondence on debates on ecclesiastical courts and their jurisdictions.

1957-1958: Correspondence on the relationship between the church and the laity, the progress of the Ecclesiastical Courts Commission (July 1957), the outcomes of assembly and synod debates and reactions to Goyder's statements and opinions from other assembly members.

1959-1960: Correspondence with the Archbishop of Canterbury and Goyder regarding the relationship between the Church Information Office and Council for Broadcasting and Television. Includes a copy of Goyder's memo 'Foreword by the Chairman of the Church Information Office'.

1963-1968: Subjects covered include relations between the Anglican Church and other Christian denominations, proposals regarding the structure of the General Synod, and suggested functions of the Parochial Church Council.

1969-1973: Papers and correspondence relating to proposals for reunion between the Church of England and the Methodist Church, the drafting of rules for the provisional standing orders of the General Synod, reference to petitions to bring discussion of the Abortion Act 1967 to the Synod, and Goyder's thoughts on the revised Catechism (1972).

File also includes copies of reports on the church and state debate, including The State and the Church (multiple drafts); a copy of the 'Composition of the Final Court of Appeal in Ecclesiastical Causes: an alternative proposal'; a letter to Goyder from Archbishop Fisher inviting him to service as one of the fourteen lay members of the Commission to consider the relationship between the clergy and the laity (18th May 1954); drafts of Goyder's 'Commission on Synodical Government' dated 17th July 1955; minutes of a meeting at Ripon Hall, Oxford on the subject of 'Spritual Authority' 7-8th Jan 1958, which Goyder attended; drafts of a report by Goyder titled: 'Why Synodical Government (for the Church of England)?' (Oct 1958); a statement of 'Arguments for the General Synod' by Goyder (1969); Goyder's response to a questionnaire on homosexuality sent by Bristol University (1969).

Correspondents include: Bishop Mervyn Armstrong, Dr. Joseph H. Oldham, Bishop Charles Claxton, Norman Sykes (Dean of Winchester), Canon George Addleshaw, Cpt. Dougal Doig, Bishop Christopher Chavasse, Bishop Eric Treacy, Sir Spencer Summers, Archbishop Fisher, Archdeacon Geoffrey Hilder, Rev. Michael Bruce, Sir Kenneth Grubb, Archbishop Ramsey, Canon T.G. Mohan, Rev. Frederick Coleman, Archbishop Coggan, the Board of Social Responsibility, Gervase Duffield, Rev. Robert Dell and Bishop Say (Bishop of Rochester).

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