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Extent223 ff.
TitleLetters and papers on relations with France
DescriptionAs follows:
'Estat des Seigneurs et gentilhommes qui accompaignent Monseigneur le Duc de Chevreuse [Claude de Lorraine] au voyage', early 17th cent. (ff.1-4v).
Letter from Sir Robert Cecil to Johan van Oldenbarneveldt, August 1600, expressing the queen's concern at public discord in the Estates General (French draft) (f.7).
Passport for Sir Thomas Henryson, Westminster, April 1604 (French copy) (f.9).
Edict of the Council of Venice forbidding communication with the Jesuits, 18 August 1606 (Italian copy) (f.11).
Endorsed, '342'.
'Articles que l'on a accordé au gouverneur, cappitaine et officiers, magistrats, bourgeois, habittants, et soldats de la garnison de Juilliers', [1609] (French) (f.13r-v).
'Récit véritable de ce qui s'est passé en la dispute publique du Chapitre Général des religieux de l'ordre St. Dominique à Paris le Vendredy 27me jour de May 1611' (ff.14-16).
Decree of Parlement concerning the Jesuits, 22 December 1611, and (f.20) an extract from the same (French copies) (ff.18-20).
News from Spain, including a list of councillors newly appointed, Madrid, 26 September n.y. (French) (f.21).
Report from Spain of negotiations between Spain and the Low Countries, 2 February 1612 (French) (f.23).
Plenary indulgence by Antoine Rose, Bishop of Clermont, July 1612 (French copy) (f.24r-v).
Order by Louis XIII, King of France, for the election of a syndic in the Faculty of Theology, University of Paris, in the place of Edmond Richer [censured for a book on papal claims], 27 August 1612 (French copy) (f.26r-v).
Warrant by Philip III, King of Spain, appointing Francisco de Sandoval y Rojas, Duke of Lerma, his chief adviser, 23 October 1612 (Spanish copy) (f.28).
Valuation of the West Indies fleet, 1612 (f.29).
Letter from Sigismond d'Este to the government of Geneva, 27 June/1 July 1613, informing them of an agreement with the Duke of Mantua (French copy) (f.30).
'A Relation of what passed from the Duke of Mayne's entrance into Madrid till his departure', [1614] (ff.31-4).
'Relation de ce qui s'est passé à l'entrechange des Princesses', 1615. The exchange of the Princesses Anne of Austria and Elizabeth of Bourbon took place on the river between Fuenterrabia and Irun on 9 November (ff.35-8).
'Mémoire sur la formalité d'escrire entre le Roy & l'Archiduc' and 'Mémoire de la résolution qui se peut prendre sur la formalité d'escrire', 1616 (ff.39-43v).
Endorsed, 'Mémoire pour la formalité d'escrire entre le Roy Tres Chr. & l'Archiduchesse'.
Reasons why the English crown claims precedence over the Spanish, n.d. (French) (ff.45-46v).
'Estat général des finances d'espaigne', n.d. (French) (ff.47-52).
French satirical verses, c.1617 (f.53r-v).
Order by Louis XIII for re-establishing the Jesuits in the Collège de Clermont, 15 February 1618 (French). Two copies (ff.55-56v).
Reasons why the French should not openly assist the recovery of the Palatinate, c.1618 (French) (ff.58-59v).
List of French nobility, marshals of France, officers of state, and provincial governors, c.1620 (ff.60-3).
Endorsed, '148'.
Passport for Lucy, wife of James Hay, Viscount Doncaster, Greenwich, May 1621 (French copy) (f.64).
Sentence of death on Roderigo Calderon, Marquis de Siete Iglesias, July 1621 (Spanish) (f.65r-v).
Passport for James Hay, Viscount Doncaster, and (1622) 1st Earl of Carlisle, ambassador extraordinary to France, Theobalds, July 1621 (French copy) (f.67).
Passport issued by James I for ships and merchandise sent from Bordeaux by James Holdipp and Louis Rigault, factors, Hampton Court, September 1622 (French copy) (f.68).
'Instruttione mandata d'Inghilterra alli Ministri Regii in Italia', c.1622 (Italian) (ff.69-70).
Account apparently in his own hand by Henri de Rohan, Duc de Rohan, of his arrest at Montpellier, 26 February 1623. Also (ff.73-4) a copy. Both badly damaged (ff.71-4).
Instructions by the Duc de Rohan, to an emissary going to court, stating reasons why he should not be imprisoned, 27 February 1623 (French copy) (f.75r-v).
Order by Louis XIII for the release of the Duc de Rohan, 5 March 1623 (copy) (f.77).
Letter from the Duc de Rohan to Louis XIII, from Nîmes, 15 March 1623, defending his conduct at Montpellier (French copy) (f.78).
News from La Rochell and Paris, March 1623 (French) (f.79r-v).
Letter from Isabella Clara Eugenia, Infanta of Spain and governor of the Netherlands, to James I, from Brussels, 29 May 1623, agreeing to a peace conference [for the Palatinate] at Cologne (French copy) (f.82).
Letter from Sir Edward Conway, Secretary of State and subsequently (1627) 1st Viscount Conway, to [Frans van] Aerssen, from Andover, 25 July 1623, concerning Dutch attacks on shipping in English and Scottish ports (French copy) (f.83).
Passport for Van Male, agent of the Infanta in Flanders, Westminster, July 1623 (French copy) (f.87).
'Récit et aduis véritable de la prise de la baye de Todos los Santos, ville de St. Saluador et Chasteaux au Brasil', The Hague, 31 August 1623 [by a fleet sent by the Dutch West India Company] (ff.88-91).
Speech by the Sieur Maniald, Deputy-General of the French Reformed Church, to Louis XIII, 12 September 1623 (French copy). Two copies (ff.92-5).
Form of safe conduct from James I, October 1623 (Latin) (f.96).
Letters from the Sieur de Joli, minister at Montauban, to Monsieur de Valançay and others, December 1623, concerning the activities of Soubise and the Duc de Rohan. Also a letter to his brother in Milan (French copies partly decyphered) (f.97).
Letter from the Deputies of the French Reformed Church, 1623, describing their appeal to Louis XIII concerning naval movements by the Duc de Guise (French copy) (f.98).
Endorsed, 'A Monsieur de Beaulieu, à Londres'.
Passport for Father Diego Lafuente, ambassador from Spain, Hampton Court, 9 March 1624 (French copy) (f.100).
Passport for [James] Beaulieu, secretary in the French language to James I, May 1624 (French copy) (f.101).
Endorsed, 'Passeport pour moy allant à Donges'.
Letter from the Deputies of the French Reformed Church, from Compiègne, 15 May 1624, about 'nos craintes pour Pamiers', and the arrest of the minister at Pons (French extract) (f.102).
Articles agreed between Louis XIII and the United Provinces at Compiègne, [10] June 1624 (French). Two copies (ff.103-105v).
Letter from Monsieur de Couvrelles, from Cognac, 13 November 1624, describing persecution of the Huguenots at La Rochelle and elsewhere (French copy) (f.107).
Letter from Frans van Aerssen to Sir Noel Caron, from The Hague, 11 December 1624, describing Dutch and French military preparations after the fall of Breda, an inquiry into the Amboina massacre, and affairs in Greenland (French) (f.109).
Letter from François de Bonne, Duc de Lesdiguieres, Constable, 15 December 1624, expressing his wish to assist in the defeat of the Spaniards (French extract) (f.111).
Letter from Benjamin de Rohan, Baron de Soubise, to the inhabitants of La Rochelle, from St. Martin de Ré, 13 January 1625, concerning the recent treaty and the need to fortify La Rochelle (French copy) (f.112).
Declaration by the Deputies of the French Reformed Church, having assurance of the continued exercise of their religion, disavowing Soubise and others in arms, 21 January 1625 (French copy). Three copies (ff.113-115v).
List of 17 grievances of the Huguenots, February 1625 (French) (f.116r-v).
Letter, without author or addressee, from the camp at Oléron, 8/18 March 1625, defending military action by the Huguenots at La Rochelle (French extract) (f.118).
Letter from the Deputies of the French Reformed Church to the inhabitants of La Rochelle, April 1625, urging them to give the king no grounds for revoking the edict of pacification (French copy) (f.122).
News from Castres expressing hope for peace according to the recent treaty, 18 April 1625 (French) (f.124).
Intercepted letter to Monsieur de Villiers, 19 April 1625, giving an account of a meeting with the English and Venetian ambassadors at Compiègne (French) (f.125).
Appointment of a proxy for the marriage of Charles I and Henrietta Maria, [May 1625] (Latin copy). Two copies (ff.126-128v).
Acquittance for 400,000 French crowns being half the dowry of Henrietta Maria, 3 July 1625 (French copy) (f.130).
Endorsed, 'The coppy of ye acquittance out of Sr. Robt. Pye's office'; '346'.
List of the household of Henrietta Maria as Princess, 1625 (French) (f.132r-v).
'Mémoire des personnes qui logent dans le corps du logis de la Reyne', [1625] (French) (f.134r-v).
Account of a naval engagement between Soubise and Flemish ships, 20 July 1625 (French) (f.136).
Report of naval engagements between Soubise and Flemish ships, 29 July 1625 (French) (f.137).
'Ce qui s'est passé entre les Armées Nauales en La Coste de l'Isle de Ré et de L'Aiguillon', July 1625 (ff.138-140v).
Endorsed, 'Relation du combat naual arriué le 19. Juillet entre l'Armée de M. de Soubize et celle des Flamands'.
'Discours de ce qui s'est passé entre les Armées Naualles en la coste de l'Isle de Ré et de l'Aiguillon', 26 July 1625 (ff.142-3). Endorsed, 'Relation du combat naual arriué le 19 Juillet entre l'Armée de M. de Soubize et celle des Flamands'. Not identical with the previous item.
Account of events after the naval engagement between Soubise and the Flemings, 1625 (French) (ff.144-146v).
Letter from Soubise to Count Rochefort, c.1625, stating that his duty compels him to defend his religion and also serve the king (French copy) (f.148).
Account of the naval defeat of Soubise off La Rochelle, September 1625 (French) (f.149r-v).
Reply by the Privy Council to Jean de Varinières, Marquis de Blainville, ambassador extraordinary from France, from the Court at Salisbury, 14 October 1625, concerning the demand for the return of French ships. Has refused to see Soubise and promises hearing of the case of The Marchant Royall (captain Roger Oliver) in the court of admiralty. See Acts of the Privy Council 1625-1626, 199 (French translation) (f.151).
Letter from Charles I to John Digby, 1st Earl of Bristol, from Westminster, 20 January 1626, rebuking him for his conduct during the Prince of Wales' visit to Spain, and especially attempts to convert him to Roman Catholicism (copy) (f.153).
Articles of peace proposed by Louis XIII to the town of La Rochelle, 5 February 1626 (French copy) (f.154r-v).
Declaration by Henry Rich, 1st Earl of Holland, and Sir Dudley Carleton, ambassadors extraordinary to France, to the Deputies of the French Reformed Church, referring to the peace treaty, which the king of England has encouraged them to accept, and under-taking to support the demolition of Fort St. Louis, from Paris, 11 February 1626 (French copy) (ff.156-7).
Letter from Charles I to John Digby, 1st Earl of Bristol, from Paris, 11 February 1626, assuring them of the king of England's protection in the peace treaty with Louis XIII (French copy) (f.158).
Condemnation by the General Assembly of the clergy of libels against Louis XIII entitled Admonitio ad Regem and Mysteria Politica, 27 February 1626 (French copy). Two copies (ff.160-3).
Acceptance by the town of La Rochelle of peace terms, 6 March 1626 (French copy) (f.164).
'Raisons pour lesquelles Monsieur de Soubize veut servir le Roy de la Grande Bretagne', March 1626 (copy) (f.165).
Petition from Baron de Soubise to Charles I, to protect the French Reformed Church and to provide funds for providing a new fleet (French copy) (f.166r-v).
Papers concerning the capture by ships from La Rochelle of a ship named the Don de Dieu containing a cargo of wine belonging to David Alexander of Dieppe bound for Boulogne, which was seized while sheltering in an English port, 1625-6 (French) (ff.167-169v).
Summary of propositions in Antonio Santarelli, Tractatus de heresi et de potestate summi pontifici, 13 March 1626 (French) (f.170).
Notes on a book by Santarelli (see f.170), with four articles put by Parlement to the Jesuits, March 1626 (French) (f.171).
'Considerationes circa Librum P. Sanctarelli', 1626 (Latin) (f.172r-v).
Anagram on Antonius Sanctarellus, S.J., 1626 (Latin) (f.173A).
'Articles des Demandes de Messieurs du Parlement aux Jesuites avec leurs responces', 14 March 1626 (French) (ff.173-4).
Account of the proceedings of Parlement against the Jesuits, 1626 (French) (ff.175-8).
Account of the opposition by [Michael] Mauclerc to the censure of Antonio Santarelli's book by the Sorbonne, May 1626 (Latin) (f.179). Endorsed, 'Touching Jesuits' and old number '157'.
Letter from Charles I to Louis XIII, [September 1626], notifying him of the recall of Dudley Carleton, Viscount Dorchester, ambassador extraordinary (French copy) (f.180).
Account of the proceedings of the Synode National of the French Reformed Church at Castres, 15-18 September 1626 (French) (ff.181-2).
'Propositions du Sieur Galaird au Synode Nationnal tenu à Castres en l'an. 1626' (f.183r-v).
Reply by the Synode National at Castres to the proposals by the Sieur Galaird, 1626 (French) (ff.185-6).
'Coppie de la lettre escripte au Roy par le Synode Nationnal des Eglises Réformées de France tenu à Castres sur la nomination des députtéz généraux & autres affaires du 3me Novembre 1626' (f.187).
Petition by captains of named ships to George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham, for the release of their ships from English ports, 7 January 1627 (French copy) (f.188r-v).
Letter from the Procureur Général to the Procureur of La Rochelle, 12 August 1627, requiring him to publish a declaration by the king against the attack on the island of Ré by the English and Huguenots (French copy) (f.190).
Letter from the Duke of Buckingham to Jean de St. Bonnet, Sieur de Toyras, Governor of Ré and Oléron, 30 August 1627, calling on him to surrender (French copy) (f.191).
Letter from Jean de St. Bonnet, Sieur de Toyras, to the Duke of Buckingham, from the citadel at Ré, 31 August 1627, declining to surrender (French copy) (f.192).
List of English officers killed and captured at the Isle of Ré, 1627 (f.193r-v).
List of English casualties at the Isle of Ré, 1627 (f.195).
Passport from Charles I for [Hugh] Rosse [of Ballamouchy], to exchange prisoners held by the Spanish and the Infanta of Flanders, 1627 (French copy) (f.196).
News from the camp before La Rochelle, 20 January 1628 (French copy) (f.197).
News from Paris and from the camp before La Rochelle, 18 and 26 February 1628 (French) (f.198r-v).
Letter from the Mayor and citizens of La Rochelle to Charles I, from La Rochelle, 21 May 1628, begging him to send reinforcements (French copies) (ff.199-202).
One copy endorsed, 'Lettre de ceux de La Rochelle ... sur le retour de My Lo. Denbeigh [William Feilding, 1st Earl of Denbigh]'.
'Tres humble Remonstrance des Députés de la ville de la Rochelle au Sereniss'e Roy de la Grande Bretagne, présentée le 23/13 Juillet 1628' (copy) (ff.203-4).
Report 'De la flotte à Chef de Baye le 3/13 d'Octobre 1628' (f.205).
Correspondence between Henri II de Bourbon Condé, Prince de Condé, and the Duc de Rohan, November 1628, in which the latter defends his actions (French copy) (ff.206-7).
Epitaph for the Duke of Buckingham, [1628] (ff.208-9).
List of Huguenot towns remaining in Languedoc, March 1629 (f.210).
Intercepted letter from Nîmes, 13 May 1629, describing an engagement between the forces of the Duc de Rohan and François Hannibal d'Estrées, Marquis de Coeuvres (French copy) (f.211).
Articles of peace between Louis XIII and the French Reformed Church, 27 June 1629 (French copy) (ff.212-213v).
Endorsed, 'Articles accordés par le Roy pour la Paix de Languedoc'.
Terms of capitulation of the town of Alais, June 1629 (French) (f.216).
Letter from Louis XIII to the City of Paris, 29 June 1629, informing them of the submission of the Duc de Rohan and of rebel towns in Languedoc (French copy) (f.217).
Form of licence from Armand Jean du Plessis, Cardinal Richelieu, authorising a ship for the suppression of piracy, December 1629 (French) (f.218r-v).
Negotiations for the reconciliation of Marie de Medici, the Queen Mother, with Cardinal Richelieu, [1630] (French) (ff.220-1).
Letter from Vladislaus IV, King of Poland, to the Sultan Amurath of Constantinople, [1634], agreeing to the restoration of the peace treaty between them violated by Abasha Pasha in Wallachia (Latin copy) (f.222).
Endorsed, '335'.
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library Box 888
PublnNoteSee Lambeth Palace Library Z664.L2 5.24 [These consist of notes made by Simon Keynes regarding the dispersal of the Fairhurst Collection. (unpublished)]

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GB/109/17472de' Medici; Marie (1573-1642); Queen Consort of Henri IV of France1573-1642
GB/109/18202Oldenbarneveldt; Johan van (1547-1619); Dutch statesman1547-1619
GB/109/17497Philip III (1578-1621); King of Spain and King of Portugal and the Algarves1578-1621
GB/109/18204Plessis; Armand Jean du (1585-1642); Cardinal Richelieu1585-1642
GB/109/18207Rohan; Benjamin de (1580?-1642); Baron de Soubise; French Huguenot leader1580?-1642
GB/109/18209Rohan; Henri de (1579-1638); Duke of Rohan; writer and leader of the Huguenots1579-1638
GB/109/18211Rojas; Francisco de Sandoval y (c.1553-1625); Duke of Lerma; favourite of Philip III of Spain and ministerc.1553-1625
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