RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 307
Extent225 ff.
DescriptionAn armorial containing coats of arms in trick (pen and ink) of European noble families, owned by George Carew, 1st Earl of Totnes (1555-1629).
In four books, originally separate, bound together for Carew, with his index.

f. 1. A blank flyleaf.

ff. 2-50. 'The fyrste Booke'. Original foliation [i], 1-49.
Arms, mainly of the nobility of the Empire, primarily of Germany. Neatly drawn, five to a page, with captions in an unidentified hand.
At f. 2r. Carew has written: 'Syr I have perused the Armes you lefte with me and have collected the names of all suche as I had nott, which in tow papers enclosed in this booke you may see. This booke is full of coates. I pray you to noate uppon every escuchon whatt country they are of, yf you wyll extract out of them such coates as you have nott I shall be glad that I had them to pleasure you'.
The recipient of this message has corrected the captions and added further notes in Latin (lapsing into German at f. 10v).
The shields drawn in outline at ff. 45v-50r remain blank.

ff. 51-90. 'The Second Booke'. Original foliation [i], 1-39.
Miscellaneous arms, including:
ff. 52r-71r. Arms of Emperors, Kings, Dukes etc, including supposed arms of Alexander the Great, Hector of Troy and Hannibal of Carthage.
ff. 71r-83r. Arms, mainly of kings and noblemen of France.
ff. 83r-87v. Coats of arms of families of Naples.
ff. 88r-90r. Miscellaneous arms, including the Lusignan family.

ff. 91-135. 'Third Booke'. Original foliation [i], 1-43.
Arms of the following:
ff. 92r-97r. Knights of the Order of the Toison d' Or.
ff. 97v-98r. blank.
ff. 98v-101v. Constables of France 610-1465.
ff. 102r-104v. Chancellors of France 562-1545.
f. 105r. blank.
ff. 105v-107v. Grand Masters of France. 7th century-1519.
f. 108r. blank.
ff. 108v-109v. Admirals of France. 1284 -1552.
f. 110r. blank.
ff. 110r-114r. Marshals of France 653-1554.
ff. 114v-117v. Provosts of Paris. 13th century-1547.
ff. 117v-125v. Miscellaneous arms, mainly of the Empire.
ff. 126r-131v. An index of the contents of MS. 1067, in the same hand as the text of MS. 1067, an armorial of the French nobility.

ff. 136-168. 'The Fourth Booke'. Original foliation [i], 1-10, 12 unnumbered leaves, 10-18, 1 unnumbered leaf.
f. 136r. A note in Carew's hand: 'Syr, I lefte this day at your house an old booke of German coates in the which is described at the foot of every escuchon the countrye or province where the noblemen do inhabyte. I did send it unto you as well thatt you myght collect some which it may be you want as allso to geve you some ease in perfectinge my Bookes. I have perused your booke of coates yf you dare trust me with it I pray you to send it me by this bearer. I wyll carefully retourne itt unto you agayne and in the meane wyll rest your debtour'.
ff. 137r-157v. Miscellaneous arms, mainly Flemish, German and French. A number are dated by the reigns of contemporary Kings of England, from Henry I to Henry VI. Also included are the arms of Stephen, King of England and his father Geoffrey Plantagenet (f. 140r-v). Several Italian coats of arms at f. 156r are dated 1580.
f. 158. blank.
ff. 159r-167v. A series of arms of German noble families, 20 or 25 to the page, each with a caption in the hand of Carew's [?German] correspondent who corrected the captions and added notes to the first book.
f. 168r. blank.
f. 168v. A note in Carew's hand (relating especially to ff. 159-167): 'Syr, in this booke I have copied out all the coates you lent me, but I do forbeare to wryte the names least I shoulld erre as allso because I do nott go in whatt province of germanie to place them in which I leave unto you to consyder of. You shall allso find in this booke sundry other coates of other countries. I pray you to peruse and att your leasure to correct them. You shall command my love and service in matters of more importance'.

ff. 169r-224r. Indexes to the first three booke. In a number of hands, including that of Carew.

ff. 224v-225v. blank.
FindingAidsNew description by Richard Palmer, 2011.
PhysicalDescriptionOriginally in four separate books or fascicules, bound together for George Carew, Earl of Totnes, with his index.
Limp vellum binding, 306 x 220 mm.
Spine title 'Armes in trick'
CustodialHistoryFrom the 'Carew-Sheldon' manuscripts. Recorded [as item 125] in the 'Carew-Sheldon' catalogue dated 1664: 'Sundry armes in trick, forraigne and English, miscellan., folio' (Bodleian Library, Tanner MS. 275a, f. 9v ). These manuscripts were acquired by Gilbert Sheldon (1598-1677), Archbishop of Canterbury. All, or nearly all, were previously owned by George Carew, 1st Earl of Totnes (1555-1629). See M. R. James, 'The Carew manuscripts', English Historical Review, vol 42, 1927, pp. 261-267, and M. R. James, 'A Descriptive Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of Lambeth Palace: The Mediaeval Manuscripts' (Cambridge, 1932), p. 401.
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 1447 (positive)

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GB/109/14535Carew; George (1555-1629); Earl of Totnes; statesman1555-1629
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