RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 269
Extentiv, 499 pp.
Dateearly 17th century
DescriptionAn anonymous and untitled work on the Decalogue (the Ten Commandments), identifiable as the lectures given by Lancelot Andrewes (1555-1626), afterwards Bishop of Winchester, as College Catechist at Pembroke College, Cambridge. Andrewes was appointed College Catechist in 1578. His lectures were given on Saturday and Sunday afternoons in Pembroke chapel to townspeople as well as members of Cambridge Colleges.
At p. 27 providence is instanced in numerous events datable between 1568 and 1578, the last being a reference to the death of Thomas Stukley in 1578 ('In Portugall the Lord overthrew Stuckley made K[ing] of Ireland by the Pope'). The death [in 1574] of Charles IX of France, described as 'the last king of Fraunce save this', is also instanced, indicating a date of composition in the reign of his successor Henry III (1574-89).
The lectures are written in sections in a number of different hands of the early 17th century.
Andrewes' lectures circulated widely in manuscript before first appearing in print (without naming Andrewes as author) as 'A patterne of catechisticall doctrine' (London, 1630). Another version based on lecture notes was published as 'The morall law expounded ... that is, the long expected and the much-desired work of Bishop Andrewes upon the Ten Commandments: being his lectures many years since in Pembroch-Hall chappell, in Cambridge, which have ever since passed from hand to hand in manuscripts, and beene accounted one of the greatest treasures of private libraries, but never before this published in print...' (London, 1642).
MS. 269 is closer to the 1642 edition than that of 1630, but represents a different and fuller version than either of these.

pp.i-iv. Blank flyleaves.
pp. 1-51. Praefatio in Catechismum. Begins (after headings and references to biblical texts) 'Clemens Alexandrinus writing his paidagogos in 3 bookes bookes contayning a catechisme...'
pp. 52-69. Praeparatio legis.
pp. 70-89. Prolegomena in Decalogum.
pp. 90-208. Praeceptum primum.
pp. 209-234. Secundum.
pp. 235-254. Tertium.
pp. 255-297. Quartum.
pp. 297-391. Quintum.
pp. 392-407. Sextum.
pp. 408-431. Septimum.
pp. 432-462. Octavum.
pp. 463-484. Nonum.
pp. 485-493. Decimum. Ends: 'Aug[ustine] either amor male inflammans, or timor male humilians'.
FindingAidsNew description by Richard Palmer, 2011
PhysicalDescriptionBinding of reversed calf, 300 x 200 mm., 17th century.
Paper leaves
CustodialHistoryIncluded in the catalogue by Edmund Gibson, Lambeth Librarian from 1696 (LR/F/39, f. 93r).
PublnNoteLancelot Andrewes, 'Works', 11 vols (Oxford 1841-54), vol VI, 'A pattern of catechistical doctrine and other minor works' (Oxford, 1846), based on an edition of 1641.

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NA2317Andrewes; Lancelot (1555-1625); Bishop of Winchester1555-1625
GB/109/9267University of Cambridge; Pembroke College; 1347-1347-
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