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Alt Ref NoMS 2451
Extentv + 387 ff.
TitleFRANCIS CLERKE'S 'PRAXIS' ('Praxis in curiis ecclesiasticis' and 'Praxis curiae admiralitatis Angliae')
DescriptionLegal treatises and notes [by Francis Clerke] on the practice of the Court of Arches, the Court of Audience, the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, and the Court of Admiralty:

'Index dierum juridicorum in curiis de Archubus Londoniensis, Audientiae, et Prerogativae Cantuariensis, Admiralitatis, &c.' (ff. 6-11).

'Juramentum generate aduocatorum, procuratorum, registrorum et omnium aliorum ministrorum almae curiae consistorialis Cantuariensis de Archubus Londoniensis' (f. 11v).

Treatise without a title [the 'Praxis in curiis ecclesiasticis' by Clerke] on the practice of the courts of Arches, of Audience, and the Prerogative court of Canterbury, [1596] (ff. 13-318). Interleaved with notes written early in the 17th century. Rubricated headings, and an index of chapters (ff. 324-41).

'An abstract of divers things out of the Statutes of this Lande touching ecclesiasticall Courts and the suits and Jurisdiction thereof' (ff. 348-58v).

'An order sett downe by Dr. Bing, Dr. Lewin, Dr. Hussey, Dr. Hone, Dr. Swale, Dr. Steward and diuers other Doctors to the number of 13 assembled togeather in their common dyninge hall att the Doctors' Commons in London touching a course to be observed by the assessors in their taxation for the reparations of the walls of the churchyard of Northam in Kent and to be applied generally uppon occasions of like reparations to all places whatsoever' (f. 359r-v).

Oath of an executor (f. 360).

Licence to pronounce a divorce (f. 360r-v).

Treatise [by Francis Clerke] on the High Court of Admiralty, entitled 'Inchoatio sive institutio actionis in suprema curia Admiralitatis Angliae ac tenor warranti sive mandati originalis in causis civilibus et marittimis' (ff. 361-85v).

At ff. 1-2v are 'Reasons that the marriage between Sir Giles Allington and his halfe sister's daughter is lawfull', 11 May 1610. See Reports of Sir John Vaughan, 1677, 323.

A few notes on matters of ecclesiastical law appear on f. iii, and the partially obliterated inscription '. . . to Mr.[Thomas] Eden Jan: 12 1644' on f. i.
PhysicalDescriptionBound in leather stamped on back and front with a device of the printer Stephanus (also used by the English family of booksellers named Norton). The pastedowns are leaves from Nicolaus de Tudeschis (Panormitanus), 'Lectura super iii-v Decretalium', Nuremberg, Anton Koberger, 1485-6 (Hain* 12314. Proctor 2047. BMC. II. 428).
CustodialHistoryThe MS. was probably at one time in the possession of Doctors' Commons; in 1900 it belonged to Sir Lewis Tonna Dibdin.
AcquisitionFor information see LR/L/12 ff. 136-137.
RelatedMaterialMS 4731: a slightly earlier copy containing only the first 36 tituli of the Praxis in curiis ecclesiasticis. See also Arches N 3.
Other manuscript copies of the Praxis can be found in the Huntington Library (San Marino, California, U.S.A.) and the Library of Congress (Washington, U.S.A.). See also Appendix 1 in R. H. Helmholz, Roman Canon Law in Reformation England (Cambridge University Press, 1990), and J. D. M. Derrett, ‘The works of Francis Clerke, proctor’, Studia et Documenta Historiae et Iuris, 40 (1974), 52–66.
See additional information on this manuscript in LR/L/13A
PublnNoteThe first treatise was printed from a slightly later manuscript under the title 'Praxis Francisci Clarke, tam jus dicentibus quam aliis omnibus qui in foro ecclesiastico versantur . . .', 1666 (a second edition in 1684), and was used extensively by Thomas Oughton in 'Ordo judiciorum', 1728 (ff. 348-358v). See Lambeth H5154.(C5) for two copies of the 1684 printed edition.
The second, on the court of Admiralty, was printed under the title 'Praxis curiae Admiralitatis' in 1667.

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