RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 245
Extentxii + 288 ff.
Date17th century
DescriptionA copy made in the first half of the seventeenth century of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey's diplomatic correspondence with ambassadors and envoys to the Emperor and the Papacy, 1517-25. The documents, which are not in chronological order, are as follows:

ff. i-xii: blank, except for a list of contents (19th century) in the hand of Samuel Wayland Kershaw, Lambeth Librarian, at ff.i verso-ii recto.
ff. 1r-13r. Wolsey to John Clerk, Bishop of Bath and Wells, Richard Pace, Dean of St. Paul's, and Thomas Hannibal, Master of the Rolls, 25 March [1524]. C.S.P.For. & Dom.IV (1), no.185.
ff. 13v-18v. Henry VIII to Cardinal Hadrian de Corneto [Adriano Castellesi (c.1461-1521], Bishop of Bath and Wells, [4 Feb. 1517]. Fiddes, 'Life of Cardinal Wolsey', 1726, app.4 book II c.2; C.S.P.For. & Dom.II (2), no.2871 where it is conjecturally addressed to the Bishop of Worcester.
ff. 19r-26r. Wolsey to Richard Sampson, Dean of Windsor and the Chapel Royal, and Sir Richard Jerningham, 6 Nov. [1523]. Fiddes, op.cit., app. 68 book II c.27; C.S.P.For. & Dom.III (2), no.MSS/3513.
f. 26v. blank.
ff. 27r-41v. Wolsey to the Bishop of Bath and Wells [John Clerk], Richard Pace, and Thomas Hannibal, [22 Dec. 1523]. Fiddes, op.cit., app.51 book II c.25; C.S.P.For. & Dom.III (2), no.3659.
ff. 42r- 60v. Wolsey to the Bishop of Bath and Wells [John Clerk], [16 Jan. 1525]. C.S.P.For. & Dom.IV (1), no.1017.
ff. 61r-82r. Wolsey to Sampson, [13 Feb. 1525]. C.S.P.For. & Dom.IV (1), no.1083.
ff. 82v-91v. Wolsey to the Bishop of Bath and Wells [John Clerk] and Hannibal, [28 May 1524]. C.S.P.For. & Dom.IV (1), no.375.
ff. 92r- 99v. Jerningham and Sampson to Wolsey, [3 July 1523]. C.S.P.For. & Dom.III (2), no.3150.
ff. 100r-101v. Richard Pace to Henry VIII, [26 Jan. 1525]. C.S.P.For. & Dom.IV (1), no.1036.
ff. 102r-130v. Henry VIII to Cuthbert Tunstal, Bishop of London, and Sir Richard Wingfield, [26 March 1525]. C.S.P.For. & Dom.IV (1), no.1212.
ff. 131r-147r. Henry VIII to Cuthbert Tunstal, Bishop of London, and Sir Richard Wingfield, 8 Sept. [1525]. C.S.P.For. & Dom.IV (1), no.1628.
ff. 147v-154r. Wolsey to Sampson and Jerningham, 30 August [1523]. Fiddes, op.cit., app.69 book II c.27; C.S.P.For. & Dom.III (2), no.3281.
ff. 154v-163r. Wolsey to Sampson and Jerningham, 15 [recte 14] Jan. [1524]. Fiddes, op.cit., app.70 book II c.27; C.S.P.For. & Dom.IV (1), no.26.
ff. 163v-175r. Wolsey to Sampson and Sir Thomas Boleyn, [10 Jan. 1523]. C.S.P.For. & Dom.III (2), no.2764.
ff. 175r- 177v. Instructions to Sampson and Boleyn, [25 Sept. 1522]. C.S.P.For. & Dom.III (2), no.2567.
ff. 178r-192v. Henry VIII to William Knight, LL.D., [June 1523]. C.S.P.For. & Dom.III (2), no.3123.
ff. 193r-208r. Wolsey to Pace, 31 August 1524. C.S.P.For. & Dom.IV (1), no.605.
ff. 208v-216r. Wolsey to Pace, 7 August [1524]. C.S.P.For. & Dom.IV (1), no.567.
ff. 216v-226v. Wolsey to Pace, 28 May [1524]. C.P.S.For. & Dom.IV (1), no.374.
ff. 226v-230r. Wolsey to Pace, 5 March 1524. Fiddes, op.cit., app.73 book II c.29; C.S.P.For. & Dom.IV (1), no.1152.
ff. 230v-234r. Wolsey to Pace and Sir John Russell, [August 1524]. Fiddes, op.cit., app.72 book II c.29; C.S.P.For. & Dom.IV (1), no.590.
ff. 234r-239r. Wolsey to Pace, [Dec. 1524]. C.S.P.For. & Dom.IV (1), no.911.
f. 239v-241r. Wolsey to Pace, 28 Feb. [1524]. Fiddes, op.cit., app.53 book II c.25; C.S.P.For. & Dom.IV (1), no.126.
ff. 241v-250v. Wolsey to Pace, 28 June 1524. C.S.P.For. & Dom.IV (1), no.456.
ff. 251r-260r. Instructions to Pace for treating with Venice, [Sept. 1522]. C.S.P.For. & Dom.III (2), no.2497.
ff. 260v-271r. Instructions to Pace for his mission to the Swiss, [19 March 1523]. C.S.P.For. & Dom.III (2), no.2901 (quoting this manuscript only).
ff. 271v-273r. Wolsey to Pace, [March 1523]. C.S.P.For. & Dom.III (2), no.2863. Written in a different hand. William Sancroft, Archbishop of Canterbury 1678-91, has written (f. 273r) against this item 'This Last Letter was transcrib'd from Sir Wm Boreman's copies of these negotiations & was ye only one wanting here'. Sir William Boreman, who was knighted in 1661, was chief clerk of the kitchen in 1660, clerk comptroller in 1661, and junior clerk of the Green Cloth in 1680.
ff. 273v-288. blank.
FindingAidsCatalogue description based on revision to Todd catalogue (MSS. 113...283) by E. G. W. Bill (typescript, 1981), revised by Richard Palmer, 2011.
PhysicalDescriptionBinding of reversed calf, 17th century, rebacked. 382 x 230 mm.
Paper leaves.
Original foliation 1-271only. Modern foliation 272-288.The letter at ff. 271v-273r appears to be an addition made in the time of Archbishop Sancroft.
CustodialHistoryIn the Library at the time of William Sancroft (Archbishop 1678-91); see his note at f. 273r.
Catalogued by Edmund Gibson, Lambeth Librarian from 1696 (LR/F/39, f. 87r).
On the inside cover 'Bibliotheca MS. Lambethana No.245' in the hand of Andrew Coltee Ducarel, Lambeth Librarian.
CopiesNegative microfilm: Lambeth Palace Library Box 898

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GB/109/8504Wolsey; Thomas (1470-1530); Cardinal; Archbishop of York and royal minister1470-1530
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GB/109/18100Pace; Richard (c. 1483-1536); Diplomat, humanist, and administratorc. 1483-1536
GB/109/18101Hannibal; Thomas (d. 1530); diplomatd. 1530
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GB/109/17509Russell; John (c 1485-1555); Earl of Bedfordc 1485-1555
32Sancroft; William (1617-1693); Archbishop of Canterbury1617-1693
GB/109/18107Boreman; Sir; William (fl. 1661-1684)fl. 1661-1684
NA2381Ducarel; Andrew Coltée (1713-1785); Lambeth Librarian1713-1785
DS/UK/4243Kershaw; Samuel Wayland (1836-1914); Librarian of Lambeth Palace; antiquary1836-1914
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