RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoMS 1634
Extent311 ff.
DescriptionGeneral correspondence of Claude Jenkins.

Includes correspondence with Revd. J. F. BETHUNE-BAKER, Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity, Cambridge (ff. 1-2), R.E. Balfour, Fellow of King's College, Cambridge (1937) (ff. 3-5), Herbert Newell BATE, Dean of York (1937) (f. 6), correspondence between Herbert Newell BATE and the Bishop of Pontefract (1936) (f. 7), Norman Hepburn BAYNES, barrister and historian (1925) (ff. 8-11v), Revd. George Kennedy Allen BELL, Bishop of Chichester (ff. 12, 18v), Basil Henry BLACKWELL, bookseller and publisher (ff. 19-20v); Sir Edward BOYLE, 3rd Baronet (1953) (f. 21); C.W BRODERICK, lawyer (1920) (f. 22), Robert W. BURCHFIELD, philologist (1952-6) (ff. 23-4); Henry Handley Vally de CANDOLE, Suffragan Bishop of Knaresborough (1923-5) (ff. 25, 30); Revd. John CARTER of Pusey House, Oxford (1906) (ff. 31-32v), Revd. Andrew Curtis CLARK, historian (ff. 33-34v); Sir Herbert Henry Edmund CRASTER, Librarian of the Bodleian Library, Oxford (1929) (ff. 35-36v); Henry Alfred CRONNE, Lecturer in Medieval History, King's College London; Professor of Medieval History, Birmingham (1946) (1928-31) (ff. 39-45); Charles George CRUMP, formerly Assistant Keeper of the Public Record Office (1930-1931) (ff. 46-8); Randall Thomas DAVIDSON, Archbishop of Canterbury (1928) (ff. 50-51v); Margaret DEANESLY (1957) (ff. 52-54v); Sir Lewis Tonna DIBDIN, ecclesiastical lawyer (1912-1931) (ff. 55-72v); Francis Carolus EELES, liturgical scholar (1945) (f. 73); Godfrey ELTON, 1st Baron Elton (1956) (ff. 74-6); Maurice Henry FITZGERALD, Canon of Bristol (1945) (ff. 77-79v); Dorothy GARDINER, historian (1936) (f. 80); Edgar George Sumner GIBSON, Bishop of Gloucester (1910) (ff. 81-2); Strickland GIBSON, historian (1941) (f. 83); Henry Neville GLADSTONE, 1st Baron Gladstone of Hawarden (1932) (1930) (ff. 85); William Ewart GLADSTONE; Statesman (1930) (ff. 86-104); Charles GORE, Bishop of Oxford (1924) (ff. 105-106v); Alec GRANT, President of the Oxford Union Society (1956) (f. 107); George GREENAWAY, historian (1953) (f. 108); John Victor MACMILLAN, Chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Bishop of Guildford (1934) (f. 109); John Michael WALLACE-HADRILL, historian, 1955 (f. 110); Stanley Alexander HANDFORD, reader in Classics, King's College, London (1928) (ff. 111-112); correspondence between Randall Thomas DAVIDSON, Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of Uppsala (1928) (draft) (ff. 113-21); Revd. Herbert H. Henson, Bishop of Durham (1930) (ff. 125-128v); Percy HORTON, Ruskin Master of Drawing, Oxford (1956) (ff. 129-131v); Sire Gerald Berkeley HURST, Judge, 1926 (ff. 132-4); William Holden HUTTON, historian, Dean of Winchester, 1910 (ff. 136-137v); Richard C. JACKSON, Chairman of the Committee of London's National Memorial to Shakespeare, 1910 (f. 138); Ernest Fraser JACOB, Chichele Professor of Modern History, Oxford (1950), 1926 (f. 153); Paul Ferdinand JACOBSTHAL, classical scholar, 1951 (f. 154); Revd. H. H. KELLY, Director of the Society of the Sacred Mission, 1906 (ff. 155-8); Revd. John Norman Davidson KELLY, Principal of St. Edmund's Hall, Oxford, 1954-1956 (ff. 159-60); Cosmo Gordon LANG, 1918-1937 (ff. 161-74); Leopold George Wickham LEGG, fellow of New College, Oxford, 1935-1944 (ff. 175-7); Andrew George LITTLE, historian, 1921 (f. 179); Sir Henry Churchill Maxwell LYTE, Deputy Keeper of the Records, 1923 (ff. 180-1); Walter Robert Matthews, Dean of St. Pauls, 1918-1927 (ff. 182-3); Sir Edward MAUFE, architect, 1922 (f. 184); Sir John MURRAY, publisher, 1909-1924 (ff. 185-7): Sir Robert Aubrey Baskerville MYNORS, fellow of Balliol College, Corpus Professor of Latin, Oxford (1953) 1935 (f. 188); John Nowell Linton MYRES, student of Christ Church, Bodley's Librarian, Oxford (1948) 1937 (f. 189); Sir Charles William Chadwick OMAN, historian, 1935 (f. 190); Henry Bickersteth OTTLEY, Hon. Canon of Canterbury, 20th century (ff. 191-2); Reginald Barry JUPP, Provost of Mombasa, 1955 (ff. 193-194v); Gerald Robert OWST, historian, 1926-1931(ff. 195-199v); Sydney R. PETERS, Rector of St. John, Ashton, Rhode Island, 1935 (ff. 200-3); Reginald Lane POOLE, historian, 1904-1910 (ff. 204-207v); Sir Frederick Maurice POWICKE, Regius Professor of Modern History, Oxford, 1922-1946 (ff. 208-9); a letter from Miss D.M. Barratt, assistant in the Bodleian Library, Oxford (1946) (f. 210); Sir Robert Sangster RAIT, historian, 1929 (f. 211); Eleanor RATHBONE, scholar, 1935 (ff. 212-214v); John Stewart REYNOLDS, Curate of St. Martin and All Souls, Oxford, 1949 (ff. 215-216v); Jasper ROOTHAM, [secretary to the Prime Minister] 1939 (ff. 217-18); Hugh Redwald TREVOR-ROPER, Regius Professor of Modern History, Oxford, 1957 (f. 219); Frank O. SALISBURY, painter, 1929 (f. 220); Elsie SHELDON, of Chelmsford, 1928-1940 (ff. 221-225v); Thomas Banks STRONG, Bishop of Ripon, and Oxford (1925), 1922 (ff. 226-9); Norman SYKES, Dixie Professor of Ecclesiastical History, Cambridge; Dean of Winchester (1958) 1929-1956 (ff. 230-57); Lawrence Edward TANNER, Keeper of the Muniments at Westminster Abbey, 1930 (f. 258); Richard Henry TAWNEY, historian, 1916-1917 (ff. 259-262v); Alexander Hamilton THOMPSON, historian, 1928, 1943 (ff. 263-6, 271); a letter from Arthur Worthington GOODMAN, Hon. Canon of Winchester (1928) (ff. 267-8); a letter from Aubrey Trevor LAWRENCE, Chancellor of Winchester, 1928 (ff. 269-70); correspondence between Professor A. H. Thompson and Aubrey T. Lawrence, 1928 (ff. 263-6); Iyemasa TOKUGAWA, First Secretary of the Japanese Embassy, 1925 (f. 272); John Ronald Reuel TOLKIEN, Professor of English Language and Literature, Oxford, 1947 (ff. 273-274v); Thomas Frederick TOUT, historian, 1924 (ff. 275-6); Sir George Macaulay TREVELYAN, Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, 1944 (f. 277); Mark Napier TROLLOPE, Bishop of Korea, 1916 (f. 278); Cuthbert Hamilton TURNER, historian, 1903-1921 (ff. 279-285v); Revd Edward William WATSON, Regius Professor of Ecclesiastical History, Oxford, 1912-1928 (ff. 286-294v); Henry Julian WHITE, Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, 1904-1922 (ff. 295-303v); Revd. James Pounder WHITNEY, Dixie Professor of Ecclesiastical History, Cambridge, 1918-1935 (ff. 304-7); Alwyn Terrell Petre WILLIAMS, Bishop of Durham and Winchester (1952), 1939 (ff. 308-309v); Revd. James WIRASINHA, hon. secretary of the Ceylon Liturgy Committee, 1931 (ff. 310-11).

Includes memorandum on copyright of the Prayer Book [1923] (ff. 26-9); a report by A. Spender on 'Gladstone als christlicher staatsmann' (1930) (ff. 86-104).
PublnNoteSunderland, E.S.S. "Dibdin and the English establishment: the public life of Sir Lewis Didbin, Dean of the Arches 1903-1934" 1995

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253Bethune-Baker; James Franklin (1861-1951); Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity, Cambridge1861-1951
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GB/109/15533Maufe; Sir; Edward Brantwood (1882-1974); architect1882-1974
GB/109/8663Mynors; Roger Aubrey Baskerville (1903-1989); Knight; classical scholar1903-1989
GB/109/15542Myres; (John) Nowell Linton (1902-1989); archaeologist and librarian1902-1989
GB/109/15595Oman; Sir; Charles William Chadwick (1860-1946); historian1860-1946
GB/109/15678Poole; Reginald Lane (1857-1939); historian1857-1939
GB/109/14440Powicke; Sir; Frederick Maurice (1879-1963); Knight; historian1879-1963
GB/109/15692Rait; Sir; Robert Sangster (1874-1936); historian and university principal1874-1936
DS/UK/6127Rathbone; Eleanor Florence (1872-1946); social reformer, independent MP1872-1946
556Sykes; Norman (1897-1961); Dean of Winchester1897-1961
GB/109/7903Thompson; Alexander Hamilton (1873-1952); Historian1873-1952
GB/109/15897Tout; Thomas Frederick (1855-1929); historian1855-1929
GB/109/10947Trevelyan; George Macaulay (1876-1962); Historian1876-1962
GB/109/15903Trevor-Roper; Lord; Hugh Redwald (1914-2003); Baron Dacre of Glanton; historian1914-2003
DS/UK/3339Trollope; Mark Napier (1879-1930); Bishop of Korea1879-1930
88Williams; Alwyn Terrell Petre (1888-1968); Bishop of Winchester1888-1968
DS/UK/3266Kelly; Herbert Hamilton (1860-1950); Director of the Society of the Sacred Mission1860-1950
GB/109/16344Lawrence; Aubrey Trevor (1875-1930); barrister1875-1930
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